[RDM] Why We Need UFO History More Than Ever

By | July 10, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I have a small amount of administrative info to go over but the main content here is twofold: (a) a discussion and series of predictions of the fallout around the war in Ukraine and how that is likely to affect western society for the remainder of the year, and (b) a lot to say about UFOs.

The UFO piece breaks down to several themes. First, I give a bit of review of the recent USO information I’ve been preparing on this site. Then I discuss the implications of all that activity (which includes an OBVIOUS concealment/coverup of that information by the US military). Then, I discuss the serious problems that the UFO community continues to have in organizing the mass of data that exists and getting that information out to the rest of the world. To me, this is the greatest failing of contemporary ufology. I don’t exclude myself here, although I have to say I feel as though I am one of the only people who even acknowledges this problem and is trying to do something about it. 

That brings me to the two main subjects I discuss, both of which are really at the end. First is the definite change in attitude I notice in myself and many others between 2018 (when we started this website) and 2022 in terms of issues relating to UFO disclosure. It’s not that I was a cock-eyed optimist in 2018 — in reviewing my posts of that year, I wasn’t. But I WAS clearly a bit more hopeful that the recent media attitude about the subject (and the large number of leaks and acknowledgements) could lead to genuine momentum. Back then, I thought, “yeah, it’s possible something can be jarred loose.” Today I think much of that feeling has eroded, certainly for myself and I think for many others. 

The final point I make is how I truly believe that we’ve never been at a point in which preserving and communicating the history of UFOs is more important than it is today. I believe that the fallout of the war in Ukraine will have repressive outcomes in western society — beyond what we already experience, and this can definitely affect the more dangerous elements of UFO research. Those dangerous elements being the focus on a coverup/conspiracy, and also most likely anything to do with abductions of the unpleasant kind. 

I would like to be wrong but I think we are heading toward a period of greater repression. I don’t see liberalization in sight. Greater social unrest for sure, and that will likely justify truly evil measures from the ever-more-centralized structure of power that’s already got its tentacles everywhere. Please God let me be wrong. 

Even so, I believe in our community, and I continue to believe in the value of us sticking together to understand our world and to communicate that understanding to others as best we can. 




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  1. Craig Champion

    The geopolitical analysis is much-appreciated. Agreed – utterly reckless, entitled thinking regarding our foreign policy.

    You are certainly to be credited with highlighting the frequency of ufo/uso sightings; it’s so easy to lose cognizance of these long-standing, world-wide occurrences. Additionally, your objective, clear thinking on the topic stands-out. I doubt that there’s much more that can be done with respect to “getting the word out.” Wasn’t it Friedman who once quipped something to the effect that a ufo could land, sit there, then leave with blinding speed and folks would STILL remain incredulous!😆

    Agreed – TRUTH matters. The restrictive internet search algorithms = a straightforward sign of the attempt to maintain control over the establishment narrative.

    Thanks, Richard!

    1. Thomas Sinisi

      I would agree TRUTH MATTERS. It is very important for the truth to come out. But I have been in the UFO world most of my life. No matter what I said I was always called crazy until 1996. I joined with Sargel18 for six years we filmed more UFO’s then anyone else in the US during that time. We lectured for six years with Global Sciences during that time all over the US. Seems most people did not want much of the truth at that time. But we were the top speakers for it. The other cool speakers are now dead for only a few reasons which I will not get into. But the top speakers are all gone that were the main speakers on the lecture wave. But what is happening no one wants to talk about the serious TRUTH. They all want to attack the GOV. Sorry they have a responsibility to the rich people. Keeping them safe. One – underground cities. But the weapons the US has cannot go public. Nor can they talk about what had to be traded off for it. People need to realize war events cannot be public – only after it happens. We did not go to world war three yet. After you will understand what was really going on with the weapons the US has that other countries do not have. Russia is very close – but China is more concerned about creating physical armies thinking they will be able to just move into a country and take it over like they did Tibet.
      But the US and Russia have been dealing with many races. Even Putin admitted that on National TV. But people want to believe aliens are good. They are here to help us. Sorry they have never been here for that reason . Just as any rich person knows – sell something for much more then it is worth. Make money. It was never about saving people – never mind poor or even middle class people. The constitution was half stolen and created for the rich people. So the whole UFO program truth cannot come out what the GOB has been doing and why. They are paid by the rich. Who do you think pays 732 Billion dollars to the space and (war ) program. You and me? Not sure this will be put up but if it is – lets talk truth not stories. What is really going on that no one wants to deal with.

  2. Ted2

    Can you put UFO-related website links on your website? Also, are you prohibited from accessing the Mufon data? What hoops would you have to jump through to access that material?
    If I hadn’t retired at such an ancient age, I would be interested in participating in gathering UFO information. Maybe some of the many emerging retirees can be enlisted in such an effort.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      UFO links is a very good idea. I’ll try. As for the MUFON data, one has to be an official MUFON investigator, and I am not. I have some friends in the system who can get information to me, but it’s a favor each time they do it. So it’s difficult for me.

    2. Thomas Sinisi

      I would say the MUFON info is not very important. I can explain anytime. realize how long they have been created and what they actual did or gave back to people. I dropped out. They truly sold info years ago.

  3. Pyroxide_Martini

    OTC – Freemasons – Looking forward to it. My Father is a multi-appointed Master of a couple of Chapters, on my Mother’s side my Grandfather was a Grand Master, my Uncles Masons and on Dad’s side, His father was also a Master Mason. My Godfather is also a Mason.

    Currently I am not. I’ve asked Dad multiple times about it and whether there is any secret worth learning that would entice me to join and he just tells me it helps you become a better version of yourself. They have a non-denominational belief system that allows anyone from any background to join but that’s pretty much all I know about it. I doubt I’ll ever join but I can see how being a member can boost the profile of certain people into positions of power – they are influential.

    Ultimately though, I’d say only 1% of Mason’s actually know anything of esoteric knowledge / practices worth knowing. Just a guess tbh but that would be the ONLY reason why I’d be interested in joining, to further increase my knowledge.

    1. Thomas Sinisi

      Well a friend right now is high in it. I cannot debate him . We do not agree on anything . I am talking about things I have actually experienced.

  4. SunPower

    Richard, I think your intention to organize knowledge about Alien bases on Earth (and the Earth’s moon, don’t forget) is fantastic! It seems as though the land bases are usually in mountains but a lot are under water as well. I recall there is supposed to be a big base in lake Michigan. If you want to speculate which race operates a given base or what it’s purpose is (A lot of under sea bases are in fact just cities it seems), You could ask Tracey to pull cards to answer such questions. We, in the peanut gallery, could debate your results.

    Remember, in my first year on your site, before my intermission, I suggested you interview Freeman Fly, he is out spoken about Free Masons and satanic imagery in modern corporations. I used to like to listen to his discussion about the OTO and such. My interest in the Masons was less keen but I was tolerant. I don’t know if he still (or ever) allows interviews but your talk of Masons brought him to mind for some reason.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I met Freeman years ago and do like him. Very smart and interesting person. Sure, I’m not opposed. It’s just a matter of setting it all up. Who knows? It could happen.

  5. Mark Schmitz

    Great podcast…funny the 2 people I subscribe to are you and Jimmy Dore. I always try to recommend both you and Jimmy to anyone I can talk to. As Jimmy always says, he is just a dumb comedian, certainly not an intellectual, but his political instincts are spot on. Your Ukraine analysis was exactly like my own understanding. I wish it was possible to connect you to Jimmy Dore but I am unsure if his mind is open in your UFO direction yet. As for repression, I was learning a lot from watching 22 yr old Jackson Hinckle The Dive regarding Ukraine and he was also spot on. As his audience has expanded he has become an example of the intensifying of repression as he was totally suddenly demonitized by YouTube and banned for 8 days. Another example of repression (as 60% of polled public wants neither Biden nor Trump so time is ripe for Third Party)…is the keeping of the Green Party (Hoh for Senate) off the ballot in North Carolina, illegally…. I always say the Republican/Democrats are really the UniWarParty….I always appreciate your historical analysis and the coverage of the JFK assassination which to me was when the CIA coup occurred in this country and it feels like the nazis have been in charge discreetly ever since. As for your most recent USO segment I was fascinated by the submarine entering that giant cave on the California coast and going far inland. I hope you do the maps. Also after talking to a girlfriend in China about UFOs/nature of this Universe/Consciousness , she recommended a good sci-fi Chinese novel which is very interesting by author Cixin Liu>>The 3 Body Problem. Great writer.
    Thanks again! Free Julian Assange!


      The 3 Body Problem trilogy is awesome in spite of the fact that it’s from a different cultural and historical viewpoint, namely that of the Chinese writer. The translation and events at the beginning may give western readers some difficulty. It’s important literature to read because of the concepts in it, especially the second book, The Dark Forest.

      I encourage everyone to read these books.

  6. William May

    I think you are right about all of it. We need to seek out and educate individual police officers because when it comes down they will be the tools used to repress. They are all the time having to attend classes with homeland security about domestic terrorism.

  7. William May

    I don’t understand why I get directed to create an account at WordPress. com. To read reply’s or whatever. If you want to improve the site eliminate that and just stick with email. All those so called secure sites have been hacked anyway. I have posted several times and have no idea what comments were made.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Bill. Not sure what that problem is. I was not aware of this. So you are saying that when you try to comment you are directed to create an account at WordPress? I’m glad you CAN comment, but are you saying you have to jump through these hoops every time?

      1. William May

        Not this time. This is the first reply I have ever seen. Maybe it’s the only one I’ve ever received. I have commented on other peoples post and never knew if there was a reply or not. When I look for comments to things I have written I get directed to WordPress. I have not set up an account there. Anyway glad you and Tracy are doing fine. I was all set to go to Oklahoma for a car show. Was going to leave Wednesday. My throat was a little scratchy Tuesday so I did a home Covid test. Just got over it yesterday. Thanks to the shots I just had a sore throat and snotty nose. The world is getting weird. I think you are right on about all this stuff. It is just so weird that people like Doty and many others with real credibility are Willing to say what they know and instead of asking them questions they ask people who are just trying to figure out gun camera footage. We’ve had that as long as we’ve had gun cameras. It crazy. Peace brother

  8. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    I think the failure in the Ukraine will cement other surrounding states to mobilize their military-industrial complex to oppose any idea of Soviet invasion. So it was probably thought out before the conflict started that its best to lose a small piece on the chess board for other gains politically, even more so than any financial gain. And at home (yours and mine), there will be an increase in military spending, stockpiling etc. Do you see any ongoing resistance fighting by the Ukraine population if and when they lose the war? What do you think the Ukraine will look like after they lose the war?

    I argued recently with an x Air force pilot who said that he didn’t see any splash from the USO entering the water in the video so it was obviously CGI. I tried to explain that a vehicle that exhibits no sonic boom and therefore no compression of the air in front of the vehicle would not necessarily leave much of a splash at all. Do any of the witnesses descriptions of USOs entering or going the water, to your knowledge, describe any significant effect on the body of water, or has that significant bit of data been overlooked because it’s obviously lacking?

    Love the fireside chat!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Mark. Regarding Ukraine, I think it’s entirely possible that it won’t exist by the end of the year, at least not as a functional state. There will be a Ukrainian rump state, but the east and south will be gone forever, while the west is likely to be under tremendous influence of Poland and NATO in general. It will be landlocked and even more poor than before the war started. And yes, I agree with you that a major result of this war will be greater lockdown of pretty much everything, and a deepening of the MIC. As far as USOs and non-disturbance of water, this has been reported many times. Objects ARE often reported as disturbing the water, yes. But also many times they have been reported as NOT doing so. Carl Feindt had a lot to say about these types of effects in his book. That Air Force pilot offered an objection that would seem reasonable to conventional wisdom, but in fact he is simply not aware of the long history of this type of phenomenon.

      1. Thomas Sinisi

        Well I can tell you this- aliens do not care about our problems the way we do. They only look for people to abduct and take. They have always been around every war. They never stopped one. But we are never able to prove where the missing went. People from Vietnam are coming out now talking about ships as well. I lost to many of my friends there. My ex-girlfriend was on the front line for two years. She went back in 1994.She proved – they had 240 US prisoners then. She came back with the name tags. Oh they never did anything about that, Yes , Sylvester Stallone. came out with a movie about going back to get prisoners out. But still that did account for the actual number of missing people. Ships have always been around . The Gov always new as well. Remember the year I was born 1952 a fleet of UFO were over the white house twice in one week. Everyone knew that. I have the actual recording from the Edwards air force base Encounter 1965. I think it can be found on line. It was kind of like 911. They knew what was happening but could do nothing and when they did it was to late.


    >>>”Why We Need UFO History More Than Ever”<<<

    Because the wrong sorts of people are even now engaged in rewriting UFO history, based on leaving large parts out completely and lionizing the military and intelligence agencies rather than holding them accountable.

    In some ways the attempts to control the narrative are similar for UFOs and Ukraine. The biggest thing is to make history before a certain time go away.


    Here is Luis Elizondo’s latest. He asks for a military and intelligence program with cooperation between Brazil and the US. Not academic. Not diplomatic. The emphasis on warfighters and spooks tends to favor a nuts-and-bolts explanation in the public’s mind, but Elizondo and others keep pushing the “higher on the food chain” thing, too.


  10. 6EQUJ5

    Sorry you can not get out of your Biden hate, For now I will just have to skip over the crap. I am about 140° from your position. I will stay with you for now however my Blood Pressure might not be able to do it for long.
    UFO / UAP / USO and more is why I am here, Wish you had two sites one for the politics and one for why we all joined (most of us).
    The Hate Stone: A stone that for more than 50 years of my life, I lived with love & hate. The rock changed with my career and location and yet always did the same for me. Each morning I would leave my home with home on the mind, good and bad thoughts as they might be. At my work place I have always had a stone that I would look at and drop home into it and pickup work, the good and the bad. All day I could immerse myself in the task at hand and then at the end of the day I would drop work at my stone and pick up home. Now did they cross over, of course at times and yet with time I could turn one off and on at will. I send this to you as a help.

    1. Andrew Nowakowski

      I don’t think you can adequately understand the UFO landscape and associated info dissemination / secrecy without considering the broader geopolitical landscape. And it’s not democrat / republicans. That’s surface level. It’s the apparatus behind the kabuki theater known as politics that determines what we know and how.

  11. itsmeRitaC

    Hi, i saw this on the forum. Rep. Gallagher is the person behind this. And, not surprising to me, it appears to actually militarize it all even more. But if i am reading it wrong, i am sure i will be corrected by someone. I assumed it would relate to this chat, and i apologize if it is not on topic.


    “The reporting system shall be administered by “designated and widely known, easily accessible, and appropriately cleared Department of Defense and intelligence community employees or contractors” as part of AOIMSG, which is a much enhanced and more deeply mandated effort that replaced the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

    Any information would first be screened “to prevent unauthorized public reporting or compromise of properly classified military and intelligence systems, programs, and related activity, including all categories and levels of special access and compartmented access programs, current, historical, and future.””


      As I understand it, this is more about giving permission to the military and spooks to communicate on a new channel. It’s a data-collection op on their own people.

  12. Andrew Nowakowski

    Great analysis, as always, Richard. And I agree with your predictions (unfortunately). You mentioned Joseph Farrell. It would be awesome to have him on your show to discuss the current political milieu and its relation to all things UFO. Anyway, great stuff. It’s much appreciated!

  13. PressToDigitate

    This blunt but accurate analysis tells us more by what he doesn’t come right out and say, than by what he does:


    The gist of it is that NASA’s new UFO Study will be bogus, to suit the criticism of it from within “Science”, which is also bogus, and all of it – including the background of NASA’s Principal Investigator for the study, as I’ve highlighted to you privately – just reeks of it being nothing but a premeditated Con Job. The unavoidable overall conclusion is that the Deep State is indeed going to “put the toothpaste back in the tube”, and make Ufology ‘go away’ in the public mind for another decade or so. Under ordinary circumstances, prior to 2020, this would be unimaginable.

    But, consider the phenomenal success the Deep State/Intelligence Community has had over the last 30 months, in its Infowar against the American public. They have *provably* covered up the domestic (and global) deployment of a U.S. developed and financed Bioweapon, farmed out offshore to a cheap Chinese sweatshop to skirt domestic biological safety regulations on Genetically-Modified Organisms, which was developed to sterilize the male population, and blamed it – successfully, apparently – on “some dodgy Bat Soup at a farmer’s market”. They have succeeded in releasing on that same public – under false pretenses – experimental and provably untested mRNA genetic “therapies”, which the only data they had showed massive harm across the population and unpredictable consequences if released (except for reproductive complications for females, which was a certainty). And the claimed “Vaccines” were provably created long before the synthetic viral pathogen had ever claimed its first known public victim. They got away with all of this, through Propaganda, Censorship, Suppression and Social Engineering.

    Then, the same techniques were used to cover up and silence discussion of provable, massive, Election, Ballot and Voter Fraud, in many states (not just PA, MI, WI, AZ & GA), which occurred through Fake Voters, Illegal Votes, Fake Ballots, and Rigged Machines, all on a massive scale, and each proven by thousands of examples in each of multiple states. And yet, all of the public discussion is about a handful of rambunctious tourists taking selfies of themselves in the Capitol Rotunda, after busloads of paid Antifa/BLM, FBI Confidential Informants and CIA “Assets”, as provocateurs, “breached” the U.S. Capitol, with the active assistance of the Capitol Police, after the Speaker and Mayor both repeatedly turned down Pres. Trump’s offer of 20,000 National Guard troops to improve security, ahead of time and as the problem was occurring. And yet, the national discussion is laughably about some fictional “Insurrection” by Trump supporters. Its all patently absurd; given that the President had between 500,000 and 1,000,000 hard core supporters on the Mall that day, HAD HE ACTUALLY WANTED them to “Storm the Capitol”, there wouldn’t have been a single Member of Congress not dangling from Gallows that afternoon. Only a handful entered the building – waved in by the Capitol Police – because he told his crowd not to.

    My point is that the Government Fraud over both the Plandemic and the Election/Insurrection is so factually thoroughly proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, by multiple independent strains of evidence, that we have to soberly recognize that since the ODNI Report, over a year ago, we’ve been being “Gaslighted” by the corrupt, degenerate National Security State, *ALL OVER AGAIN*. The people *near* the “Inside”, including Lue Elizondo, Christopher Mellon, and, we now know, Travis Taylor, are THEMSELVES being Gaslighted by those *actually* on the “Inside”. Just as Hal Puthoff, Kit Greene, Gary Nolan and ALL the others we know about were always “swimming around the perimeter”, but *Not Quite Given Entry*, the same applies to the current crop. AATIP, like the UAPTF, and like the new office, was *ALWAYS* a Diversion. $22 Million – over Years – just like this $100,000 NASA “study”, is just a minor coverup expense. And, now, they will spend far more than all that on bribes and extortion to bury it all under a cloud of confusion for another decade.

    This repeated Coverup M.O. always works, decade after decade, because it is implemented by Alien Hybrid Operatives, who can employ ‘Mental Suasion’ on coworkers in Government and Media personally, where bribes and extortion are “inappropriate” to the circumstances. Without their perceptual acuity and ability to “push” regular Humans psychically, the ETUFO Coverup would have collapsed about 60 years ago. The same techniques, by the same cadre of inhuman Operatives, also account for the success of the Coverup on the Kennedy Assassinations, Watergate, 9/11, the 2009 Financial “Collapse”, and, as now know, both the stolen Presidential Election and the contrived Depopulation Plandemic. 75 Years after Roswell, the continued ETUFO Coverup is, at this point, an IQ Test for Mankind as a whole. With the perpetual ignorance of most people on the Alien Presence, We’re Failing It.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I must have an IQ of negative one hundred. I think humans are actually responsible for their own mess. But then, i am too driven by my political ideology to have an objective perspective such as you have. 🙂 (Sorry about that reference, Richard).

      ” 75 Years after Roswell, the continued ETUFO Coverup is, at this point, an IQ Test for Mankind as a whole. With the perpetual ignorance of most people on the Alien Presence, We’re Failing It.”

    2. Greg

      Hi PTD,
      I’ll watch the you tube you recommended. I think that “disclosure” has been too identified with official government acknowledgement. But as you’ve pointed out, there are compelling arguments for believing that governments have been involved in massive crimes against humanity. The UFO-related cover ups are among those crimes and interrelated with others. So, that makes the government more like a criminal defendant in a trial, even if the “trial” is not in a courtroom but in the arena of the informed.

      Continuing the trial analogy, it would be nice if defendants were to admit their guilt in the course of mounting evidence against them. But–and here’s my key point–it’s not necessary for defendants to admit their guilt in order to be found guilty. (At least in America, defendants don’t even have to testify on their behalf.) What establishes guilt is the logic, evidence and testimony that emerges in spite of the defendants’ efforts to suppress them.

      Similarly, disclosure should depend on the quality of evidence that discloses the existence of UFOs, their nature and their interactions with individuals and organizations. Our attitude toward officialdom should be, “We know you robbed the bank and murdered the bank teller. Now tell us where you hid the money and buried the body, and it may go easier with you when it comes to the sentencing.”

  14. Andromeda107

    Richard I can honestly say without any doubt,that I don’t know of any other ufo researchers that have taken the massive amount amount of ufo data out there organized it and reintroduced it back out to the public, besides you. The only researcher that comes in behind you is Linda Moulton Howe. I have tried following other researchers ,but they definitely don’t compare to you. Not to mention the added benefit of following you, is that I have so learned so much incredible history,such history on the Arab Spring, Gaddafi,Ukraine and Russia, etc. And can’t leave out the beautiful ❤️ and wonderful Tracey; I have learned a lot about remote viewing and how it works. I am always in awe!! of her experiences that she has had ; the one experienced she shared with us ,about having an outer body experience and hearing whispers around her,but not being able see anyone,and the weird sensation that started at her feet and travel upward , really stuck with me. Although I have never experienced anything like that,but it sounds amazing!! ,maybe with exception of the part of her feeling like she was being mounted lol. I always look forward each week to see what y’all are going to talk about . And I also love the new look of the website 😊.

  15. HappyCup

    You are correct in regard to geopolits. Things look bleak, especially not knowing if there are any forces engaged opossing this wicked globalist nightmare. But I assure you sir, there are.

  16. Harry Harris

    As Billy Cox just pointed out, the AOIMSG is mum about the objects interfering with our nuke bases in the late 60’s, 70,s and 80’s. The two persons in charge of the office at the UAP congressional hearing were asked, but responded that they did not have the data or were not aware of these events. What does that say about the office as whole? Now Wisconsin’s own Rep. Michael Gallagher’s (R-WI) has submitted an amendment to the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act that may help change that response if the amendment survives. However I think there will be a huge pushback on this and amendment will go down in flames. To me the AOIMSG was set up to quash the original 2022 amendment that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and others set in motion and was passed. The office of AOIMSG does not seem interested in the history of the subject or its surviving witnesses. They only seem interested in giving earthly explanations to encounters that Project Blue Book was so famous for. I am totally perplexed about how that office even meets that Gillibrand amendment proposals. Somehow the Senators involved were finally ok with the office set up by the military as a counter to the one in the amendment.

      1. Harry Harris

        I think a show/podcast detailing what was in the original Gillibrand amendment that passed and what we actually got would be revealing and useful in light of the new amendment proposed by Rep. Michael Gallagher. It is obvious that he and others think we got shafted or out maneuvered. While history is important and a pillar of support for investigating all things about the phenomenon including what the military/government knows, the current efforts by some in government to bring this out into the open(?) should be the focus. That is if you really want what some call ‘disclosure’. But it has become apparent to me that a few in what may be called Ufology are content with the status quo. The fact that it is still a mystery is their bread and butter.

  17. RonDavis

    You and Tracey discussed a conversation Tracey had with an unidentified witness of a UFO sighting at an air force base severely damaged by a weather event. The reference to the weather event makes me think that base is in my hometown, which Hurricane Michael ravaged in 2018. The air force base was ground zero of that hurricane. In the spirit of getting more information “out there,” what is the status of that investigation? FYI. There was a UFO sighting reported at that same base in the 60s.

  18. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, So i am watching Tucker Carlson right now. Because i keep seeing him mentioned so often on this site, although i have known him for a long time, since CNN pundits arguing show. Snark is tough for me as a style. I will just say that in general i find that the style i don’t bother with in general. His analysis is not good as far as i am concerned and he is talking Ukraine/Russia then gets fast to China fear mongering. And. He never goes into the military spending of course.

    The supposition is that your tax dollars are being ‘burned’ by going to Ukraine. Just that. The cash. And of course no corporate involvement with him ever. Just not deep discourse, although he knows exactly who his demographic is and it is working for him. I find him manipulative and stealthy. He only says certain things msm, fox big time also of course, are not saying about Ukraine itself. Does he talk about why the ptb want to move all that cash and ‘weapons’ which he doesn’t talk about, into Ukraine? So far he doesn’t go there. He is just talking Republicans vs Dems and which Repubs are too friendly with the Dems. And of course, he frames it as all about that issue. After fifteen minutes it is now about Biden’s poll numbers somehow.

    People who count on this guy would not have any real context at all. Sorry, but i am stating this here. Oh, he is doing a mocking laugh now. Oh, now it is about ‘fake’ rape stories since Tucker is an activist against abortion

    I guess it goes to show. Oh, the ‘rapist’ was an illegal alien i now hear as i am typing. Two birds with one Tucker stone. And he is lauded all over the place here?

    I don’t give a darn if he does or doesn’t care about uaps. Considering everything else, i find that minor interest to be very low on my list of feeling any connection to this man.

    I think i can’t say it enough “the enemy of my enemy is *not* my friend”. Oh, i just heard something else he is getting into now. Somehow it is all about “disarming you”. Darn, i need my semi auto. Being a woman and all. 🙂

    And don’t get me started on the bogus second amendment ala the eighties during the also highly regarded Ronnie Reagan. He warned the world about possible alien invasion and all and how that could make us humans have a gigantic enemy so it will make a better world. No one finds that a bit disturbing and primitive? I just realized that i never said that and thought it for years.
    Thank you, rita

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, I’m only going comment on your last statement, regarding Reagan. If you study all of reagan’s statements on that scenario, it seems to me that none of them actually discussed aliens, even though most people seem to think so. That is certainly the case relating to his famous speech at the United Nations in 1987. For him the “alien” presence was the threat of war and war itself. It is true Reagan had ufo experiences and was deeply interested in the subject. But as far as I know he actually never directly connected a genuine alien invasion to any of those statements.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        “Reagan spoke about his first summit with General Secretary Gorbachev at Fallston High School in Maryland.

        He mentioned to the Russian leader during one of his 5-hour private discussions, “…how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We’d forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries…”

        Gorbachev’s Response on February 17, 1987

        The Russian leader said to the Central Committee of USSR’s Communist Party at the Kremblin, “At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the éarth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it’s early yet to worry about such an intrusion…”

        That is one of a few i found now. It turns out his ‘people’ around him while president would try to prevent him from bringing up these kinds of topics. When asked about his belief in ufos he said he was an ‘agnostic’. 🙂

        Of course, he was not someone i was not a fan of, or , of whom i wasn’t a fan. I met people who told me what a horrible governor he was as well. And i will never forget “I am a contra”.

        Thanks Richard, i know he is beloved by many folks. But a bad actor on many levels.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Richard, i am just now watching, for the first time, during the Reagan administration btw, Roger and Me by michael moore. All i can say is that if you haven’t seen it or it has been many years…………………Check it out. It is america, straight out and more relevant now than ever.

  19. ColonelBleep


    A few comments.

    Within the Department of Defense, I believe that the counterintelligence people have a near monopoly on the subject of UFOs and officers not read in are very loath to involve themselves in anything to do with the subject. They are busy enough as it is and don’t want their careers destroyed. My small, but growing UFO library probably has more info than most people in government have access to.

    False flags: Recently New York City put out a PSA about a nuclear emergency. So why did this PSA not come from the DHS? Is it just posturing by the City? I’m not sure. But I know that the expected outcome of this false flag is justify a war. My money says that Iran will be accused of either plotting an attack, which will ‘be foiled” by our security apparatus or “they” (the infamous “they”) will actually explode a small nuke in an urban area. Israel is holding exercises to attack Iran and our air refueling assets might be supporting it. There is also the possibility that Hezbollah will be accused of plotting an attack as they are high up on Israel’s hit list and we might possibly intend to send in troops into Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah and need a pretext to do so. I don’t think that will go well.

    ET bases: Don’t forget about the Pleiadian base in the Andes! Also, Australia is supposed to have ET bases within it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you so much for this post. I’m going to save this for my own files, particularly your 1st paragraph which strikes me as extremely relevant. But all of this is, thank you.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      Your geopolitical take makes sense to me here Colonel. And Biden is in Israel right now i believe, making deals that Trump would be drooling over. And finger pointing at Iran is going on there by all concerned, including the Saudis. This may try to link Russia into the Iran is evil loop as well, so all the boxes may be checked off sooner than later.

      The new york nuclear drill is something i meant to look into and now i will.

  20. Scott Santa

    Another killer show Richard! – BOOKSTORES! Boy you hit a nerve there with me. You and I have had the exact same experience as far as UFO books in major stores – exact same! I even went so far as to query one of the associates at our local “Borders” about why are the UFO books in the “occult” or “new age” section and the response I got was not verbal – it was the zombie eye stare and a shrug. She didn’t want to be confronted with the subject and walked away. Okay – lesson learned for that store. When there were still used bookstores around (and there are still a few around me) THAT was where one could find a gem now and then. Goodwill and Salvation Army stores throw away their books now – they don’t even put them out – yeah, am I the only reader left? … Sure seems that way.

    I support your work Richard (and alway have) because of your abilities as a thinker AND a Doer. There isn’t anyone out there that can translate the massive amount of history into a coherent picture like you. No one. Yeah, there are other people doing good works – but no one, imo – comes close to what you are able to present. In fact, I think a LOT of us would be lost without you. I’m proud and ardent in my support of your efforts!

    As for UFO bases – you might want to consider ITALY as a potential area of probable bases. Look no further than the “Friendship” case with regard to that possibility. It is talked about in the “history” of that case.

    As for the state of the geo-political world – all I can and want to say – is that I’m glad I’m in the twilight of my existence here. After 36 years of my life – 20 in the military and 16 as a civil servant – to end up with this shit in the palm of my hand ….well … seems I wasted my time to be left holding a fist full of political turds…in other words, nothing to show for it. Can’t say I didn’t try.

    Love to you and Tracey – and my fellow “Dolanites”.

  21. Juan Lee

    Hey Richard,
    Enjoyed your thoughts on this edition of the show it’s giving me a lot to think about, but your phrase “Those who are challenging the dominate establishment narrative” immediately brought to mind 2 congressional primaries on the Democratic side this year. Nina Turner in the primary for Ohio’s 11th district and Jessica Cisneros in the Texas 28th district primary, both were dyed in the wool progressives and ran on very populist issues and both refused to accept corporate donations or pac money and both were basically pro-worker & anti-corporate. The DNC brought out the guns and money to defeat them, in Nina Turner’s case they trotted out Hilary Clinton (and all the donor money she brings), Richard Clyburn among other to campaign against her and in the Cisneros race all the top Congressional demos campaigned for her opponent (Henry Cuellar….amazingly corrupt demo) as Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and again Clyburn all turned out for Cuellar. So the DNC is definitely working to keep the establishment intact…..sigh. Full disclosure I donated to both the Turner & Cisneros campaigns.
    Btw, I attended the presentation on Transhumanism at the 2019 Aliencon event in LA and that was wonderful and fascinating I still discuss that presentation with family members…..usually with a bottle of wine or 2, lol.
    Keep Fighting the Good Fight 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Juan.. Thanks for this comment, and it’s always important to remind everyone that the global revolution goes against dissenters on the right and the left.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I applaud you for donating to those two women in the primaries. Nina has been so screwed over by everyone that i am amazed and impressed that she is still out there. I even think Bernie threw her under the bus, which really was one of my problems with him. She is so authentic. I must admit i am not familiar with the Texas political scene.

      1. Juan Lee

        Yes Nina’s congressional race was a microcosm of whats wrong with politics nowadays, clearly Nina’s authenticity made her a 3rd rail in the DNC, betrayals all around the worst one for me was Pramila Jayapal and the Progressive Congressional Caucus endorsing her opponent, so sad. Jessica Cisneros a great progressive Immigrants & Human Rights lawyer who worked on the Henry Cuellar campaign in 2018 saw how absolutely corrupt he was and ran against him in 2020 (lost by 2%) and again this year and lost by less than 300 votes, thanks to Pelosi & company 🙁

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Don’t usually jump in, but in my view this is entirely reflective of how the DNC has lost the working class, and frankly increasingly non-white working class. People may not think the Republicans are genuine here, but they have clearly won over much of that part of society. And it’s not hard to see why when you pander to rich white educated elites, which is what has happened. A pox on both houses, sure, but the Dems have made their choice and it’s not difficult to see the results.

          1. Juan Lee

            I have no argument against that Richard, but I gotta keep fighting even if it leaves me with that Don Quixote feeling many times :-\

  22. Jim Pearson

    I’m not sure anyone will read this being so far at the end of the comments board. I would like to recommend a discussion Jeffery Mishlove had with Nick Cook on “New Thinking Allowed”. The name of the interview is “High Strangeness, UFOs & the Afterlife”. They talk in depth about, UFOs, disclosure, consciousness, & remote viewing, among other things.
    Most of what Nick Cook has to say is in perfect agreement with the Richard Dolan point of view. I think anyone who is a member here would find it worth their time to check it out..

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