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By | July 15, 2020

Michael Schratt, one of ufology’s best researchers, has just published a new book, and I wanted you to know about it. It’s called “Dark Files: A Pictorial History of Lost Forgotten and Obscure UFO Encounters.” If you have seen any of my interviews with Michael, you will recall they are illustrated with beautiful renditions of the cases we discussed. Those illustrations, done under Michael’s direction by an artist named Tom Bogan, are now in this nice collection.

I am pretty sure a paperback or hardback version of the book will be available soon. 

After talking on the phone with Michael today, I think we can expect another publication of a previous book he made for a very limited distribution on crash retrievals. I have a copy of that one and it’s great. 

22 thoughts on “New Book by Michael Schratt

  1. StuartEvanDavis

    Love Michael Schratt. Bought the book immediately. Was sent on a digital odyssey which – although the payment cleared – twice – has left me utterly clueless as to how I can access the book. Only one option to buy, via Kindle. I have a Kindle subscription. But after buying, spent 45 minutes trying to discern how I can read it, not a single clue. Gave up. I have read many books via Kindle. Hope other readers have a better experience. Update. Bought it again (third time). Under my wife’s account. Same scenario. Have spent over an hour having purchased this book three times with no avenue to read it. I make my living in digital medial, and cannot navigate the pathways to support Mr Schratt. Not some Troglodyte. This is sad. – S

    1. Don.B

      Hi Stuart,

      I’m not sure if you are able to tell what the extension of the eBook is that you downloaded (I suspect it’s a .mobi if it’s kindle), but I’d highly recommend trying an open source eBook reader called “Calibre”. It’s free, and can be installed on Windows, Windows 64bit, MacOS, Linux, on a portable USB stick, Android and iOS devices.

      This is by far one of the best programs that I’ve seen and has been in developement since late October, 2006. It gives you the ability to open pretty much any eBook file, and gives you the ability to change it’s format. So, say you have a Kindle eReader and it reads files with the extension of .mobi – well, you can easily convert it to a .epub or .pdf or .txt or .doc format (I think there are a slew of other formats you can convert to as well), and load it to a different brand of eReader like a Sony or Barns & Noble, etc. To me, this is worth it’s weight in gold.

      Also, it’s a fantastic way to organize your digital library, and allows you to download book covers and other metadata associated with the particular book you have. One of the cool features I liked about it was how you can open the main program and drag a new eBook file directly into the main window and it adds it to your library.. No need to use a convoluted context menu to do this. Granted, the kindle has some cool features – but this is like a “one program to read them all”, similar to how VLC Media player can open any audio file, video file and doesn’t require you to download specific CODECS to get certain types of files to play. Give it a shot – the worst thing would be that you wasted a few minutes of your time trying it out.


      1. StuartEvanDavis

        Thank you Don, I’m going to try that now. Very excited for Michael’s new book, one way or another I’ll get it ! Much appreciation,

      2. StuartEvanDavis

        I downloaded Calibre but that didn’t work either. Takes me to a link in Amazon. When I try to access my purchased copy it takes me to a blank Safari page. My kindle shows the book in my library but won’t allow me to open it or deliver it to any devices. Gives me a message that “this item is not deliverable”. Weird. Guess I’ll wait a few weeks and try again later.

        1. StuartEvanDavis

          Happy to say I reached out to Michael after all this and he personally solved my issue and sent me the book directly. I am a very happy reader. So excited to dive into his new tome. All good-

  2. Stephen Early

    I ordered the book a month ago. I’m looking forward to reading the book and looking at those fantastic pictures.Thank you for reminding me.

  3. PressToDigitate

    I’d love to see them do a good illustration of all the MJ-12 Members sitting around a console at the Naval Research Lab, circa 1954, with the 50′ Radiotelescope on the roof pointed at the Moon – with Flying Saucers en route from there to Earth – engaged in heated debate over the text of a message from ET on a paper in the hand of Allen Dulles, with Dr. Donald Menzel frantically working the buttons and dials on the console. Titled & Captioned “First Contact”.

    Doug Auldt or Mark McCandlish – if you’re on here, “Hint, Hint”…

  4. Scott Santa

    I want a book to hold in my hands and display! I’ll wait for the hard copy. Soon I hope!!

  5. Schuyler

    Just FYI I just purchased the book a few seconds ago, ran up my Kindle Reader, and there it is. No problems downloading. The whole transaction was almost instantaneous.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good. the version he created initially was essentially a PDF for a reader. That can work fine but it can make reading the text a bit of a pain if you are using your phone or a small size reader. I just spent today reformatting Michael’s book — I have lots of experience doing that. I really wanted to help on this one.

  6. Trish

    It looks as if some Amazon employee took a quick look at the illustrations and thought of graphic novels for teens – the site lists it as “Age Level 7-18”! I wonder if Michael might want to try to get that changed…

  7. TomTort

    When a hard cover edition is available, I would appreciate knowing where to obtain a copy. Thank you.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Just letting everyone know I helped Michael today to REFORMAT his Kindle. I feel bad if some of you already purchased the initial version, which doesn’t properly scale as an ebook should. It was something he didn’t know but I offered to help out. The new proper version is uploading now so I imagine it will be good to go very soon. Again, sorry to those who dropped $8. I wonder if it’s possible to get the new version from Amazon?

      1. StuartEvanDavis

        Thanks Richard, appreciate this. I don’t mind having purchased the book repeatedly (glad to support Michael’s great work) – the only frustration is my eagerness to get the new material from him. He does such great work. Thanks for helping correct this.

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