RDS Part 1. The Flatwoods Monster: Best Evidence, with Frank Feschino.

By | March 29, 2019

I am excited about this interview. Amazing information on one of the most misunderstood UFO cases in history. Frank Feschino provides a complete background to what was really going on in Flatwoods, West Virginia on Sept. 12, 1952. I added many visuals to this interview to help you follow along, including several maps that are invaluable. Frank is a breath of fresh air and someone who has truly dedicated his life to this case.

Part Two will be available on this site in the next day or two. It will be exclusively here for members of this site until it becomes public on April 8, 2019. There is also a third hour with Frank, a fascinating in-depth discussion of many other aspects of his research on this case that is a don’t-miss. That will be posted also in the next few days.

Meanwhile, enjoy this first hour! It will not be public on Youtube until Monday, April 1, 2019, so members get first dibs. 🙂

9 thoughts on “RDS Part 1. The Flatwoods Monster: Best Evidence, with Frank Feschino.

  1. MarkH

    Thank you, Mr. Dolan, for this, and Frank Feschino for all the great work and effort to bring this story into the light, the most amazing and intriguing chronical of events.
    So ET not as invulnerable and evasive to our defences as we have been led to believe?
    These stories suggest that around the 1950s the word got out, “look come see this planet they call earth it’s inhabited with a higher form of life”. And they did!
    Seems like ET actively interacting causing pilots to crash, but were the planes engaging the ufos or were the ufos just experimenting with the jets or was the loss of pilots a retaliation by ET?
    So my question is when in the time line during the loss of all those pilots were the jets told to”, shoot them down”?
    I wonder if the Braxton area has any significant or unique mineral or geographic features or what drew them to the area in the first place?
    Thank god people like Frank Feschino have been around to find out the truth for humanity. Thank you.

    1. Richard Dolan

      Hi Mark, thank you for this feedback. One of the things Frank mentioned is the lack of military installations in the immediate vicinity of Flatwoods. Implying it was a relatively safe temporary place to land and presumably repair the craft. And yes, I’m really happy with this interview. You’ll find the next one to be equally riveting.

  2. rshaw2525

    Mr. Dolan when Frank refers to military and/or government documents as being heavily “edited” I assume he means redacted…would you kindly confirm that’s what he means?

    I know you’ve already done the interview…but I assume you understood what he meant at the time.

    Thank you.

  3. MarkH

    Theodore Roosevelt, ‘if its worth having its worth waiting for’. (paraphrasing)
    Well, while poised, awaiting some new shocking revelation after the first installment of, “The Flatwoods Monster Case”. With its cliffhanger device perfectly indentured in my psyche I did not realize in fact I was fast becoming a bit of a monster myself around the family, and the suspense, well it was nearly killing me.
    I subsequently became aware that the History channel had decided to do my story with some subtle changes to the plot making it more mainstream, akin to a “Sex in the City” episode. Only then did I realize that mainstream media perhaps were not being as forthright with the truth and investigative reporting on the Flatwoods Monster episode they had done earlier this year as they should have been.

  4. James, Hitt

    This is great. The context of a not-so-behind-the-scenes war on these objects by the military–all the way back in 1952!– is a mind-bending surprise. They definitely succeeded in wiping it from history and the public conscious–almost.
    What strikes me also is the small gap between the technologies of our military and their unidentified adversaries. I would venture to guess that the objects seem to be maybe only decades ahead of ours. Only 400 mph (if I heard that correctly)? Taken down by 1950s era rockets? Whatever that may mean about who/what they are (a contentious subject that I won’t get into), it makes this all that much more weird.

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