Lies About UFOs: The Robertson Panel. Livestream Video

By | March 7, 2020

My Saturday livestream on the Robertson Panel, following along with the TV Series Project Blue Book. This panel was not scientific, not ever. It was, however, the final bit of housecleaning of the Truman presidency. 


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  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard,
    If we had a Robertson Panel now, what would its conclusions be in light of all the recent events of the last two decades in ufology and the changes in society’s thinking? Could such a Panel be controlled or managed today as effectively as it was in the past? Do we need the government to participate in such a Panel to legitimize it anymore?
    I don’t think so. I think more than ever we can see that “we the people” or “of the people by the people for the people” concept exist outside the governments’ nurture not within it.
    Great listening to you, Richard, excellent as always.

    1. Scott Santa

      MarkH – I don’t believe it would be possible to even have such a panel these days Mark. If we did – would it contain Puthoff, Eric Davis and the like? They are already invested in the subject and pretty much “outed” so to speak. Who’s left that has any credibility? It’s a great question in light of Richard’s offering on the history of the Robertson panel, but man, I can’t even imagine any administration, let alone 45’s trying to set something like this up in today’s world. Yes – Nice to see you back MarkH !!!

  2. PressToDigitate

    Another great show, thank you! I did not know (or recall) that the Robertson Panel was a secret endeavor – nor that it was hastily organized in the waning days of the Truman Administration, just prior to Ike’s inauguration. I’d always assumed it was an exercise intended for public consumption. Intentionally misleading the incoming POTUS and his staff – over critical national security concerns – is far more sinister and dangerous than a mere PR exercise. But this clearly establishes the enfranchisement of the institutional Coverup in the Truman years, rather than under Eisenhower. It was fully formed before Ike got there.

    The idea that ‘letting the Russians know’ we had Flying Saucers buzzing America was somehow -worse- for national security than, well, you know, *the Flying Saucers that were buzzing America*, had to be just as absurd then as it sounds to us today. There is no direct and obvious explanation as to how the Coverup protects or benefits – or ever has protected or benefited – the national security of the United States. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the official documents we’ve seen anywhere, leaked or declassified, contains any passage with a genuinely convincing, logical rationale for the secrecy of the subject.

    So if the inordinate secrecy and Coverup operations surrounding the ETUFO presence weren’t really to protect *US*, it had to be to protect *THEM* – and the facts you’ve brought forth tonight pushes back THAT motivation to long before the Muroc or Holloman meetings. It suggests one of two possibilities; either Dr. Menzel’s Project Diana (et seq) succeeded in establishing a dialog with the ETs, pursuant to which the discretion regarding their presence here was made to become the government’s principal policy objective in the matter, OR, there was substantial high-level hybrid infiltration of the national security apparatus already, in the late 1940s. For the CIA to bamboozle the public is one thing; but to scam the incoming administration on the issue doesn’t jibe with the otherwise prevailing Cold War ethos of the times, and the seriousness with which the existential threat of nuclear war was then taken.

    So, what I’m saying is that the Robertson Panel doesn’t pass the smell test *in more ways than one*; that the mere fact that it was done like that in the first place tells us more than we’ve yet thought through, about what was really going on in ‘the National Security State’ at the time. I would be very interested in knowing the personal details of those in the CIA in Washington who *organized* the Robertson Panel, and their whereabouts during the July 12-29, 1952 UFO wave over the nation’s capital, just six months prior. The Robertson Panel couldn’t have been about ‘keeping the Russians in the dark’ or ‘bureaucratic turf wars’ over control of the subject; it profoundly disadvantaged both national security and the CIA. Langley needed to be “the go-to shop” on the subject, not “the guys who don’t want to hear about it”.

    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat…”

    PS. Spielberg (or someone) should do a sequel to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, based on the SERPO material, starting as the volunteers board the ET Mothership at the Devil’s Tower rendezvous. It would be great to see you as the consultant (playing Hynek, playing Himself), with the on-screen Cameo Appearance. I mean, you’ve now got the beard for it and everything… 😉


    Very interesting. Your research always seems to get to the truth of what lies hidden to most of us. My question from this presentation is the same question I have today. Even in the foia and other acquired documents and memos why do all the upper CIA and Air Force people even in their secret correspondence act like they have no idea what is going on? I believe you and think the CIA and the Air Force and the Cabal all had crashed UFOS and bodies in their possession long before this panel ever met. Why do all of these acquired documents seem to indicate they are clueless.


    Outstanding break down of the R Panel! It is presentations such as this which makes you a King among men sir.
    – T LaMar

  5. Dennislogan.927

    Great talk Richard, I’m still amazed at how smart you are. Light years above many in the field, very informative. When you at the early fifties you realize how ignorance ruled the day. Making it easy to cool the public about ufos. Harder today and getting better as more people start to pay attention and realise they’ve been sleeping. You are the voice along with Tracy that yell, WAKE UP PAY ATTENTION. That’s why you must rise to the top, tighten your programing. Prepare to be the face and voice for the masses and become the leader of fact based discussion about the topic. Get an intern to direct your shows so that you don’t have to deal with screen shots of other technologies that make your program. So you can do what you do best, research and present on camera.
    By the way with your skin color I would avoid royal blue. Maybe plum or grape, also you like good with black coat with something that is lighter in tone for a shirt that doesn’t clash with you pinkish skin color. Gray, charcoal, green, tan, and naru shirt. Great signature look, unless you like the color going professor that doesn’t care. Your choice but listen to me, you are getting sleepy, listen to Dennis he will help you. Tracy looked great in her black and white striped top. You need to look that good at least. Let your freak flag fly.

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