Can a UFO Documentary Be a Game Changer? Richard Dolan Show with James Fox

By | February 1, 2020

My recent interview with filmmaker James Fox. I’m really happy we did this. James’s new documentary, The Phenomenon, won’t be out for a few months — possibly in the latter half of this year, I really don’t know. However, it’s an important film. I know because I was able to watch a full screener of it recently. In this interview, we did a pretty thorough job of covering the important points. I’d say this is worthwhile for you to listen to. James comes across very well, and the subjects he covers are important. 

Be sure not to miss the exclusive Part Two of this interview when I publish it. We get into some freewheeling aspects of the film and I assure you, you will want to hear! 

10 thoughts on “Can a UFO Documentary Be a Game Changer? Richard Dolan Show with James Fox

  1. Lynda

    Great interview. I saw the trailer before watching your interview. Now we have to suffer until September to watch the movie. I’m bad at waiting… just like for The Seeding.

    It is interesting the release date is going to be just before the elections. I’m wondering how candidates are going to use this in their campaigns…. promises promises.

  2. Dennislogan.927

    Well my tweets just disappeared for my message.
    Hello Tracy and Richard how’s your Vacation going I hope you don’t get sunburned as it really sucks Especially if you get a bad sunburn on your first day. You need to find yourself a cool coat and callorless shirts. Don Lemon wore one Friday night that perfect for you, simply spectacular!
    Have fun and best wishes from me and Valerie. She says no dirt green or brown, not you color.
    Best Wishes to You both,
    Dennis and Val

  3. Domi Vallée

    Thanks for the interview Richard!
    Hm. I was super excited about that movie because judging on the trailer, it could be put on a LOT of weight in favor of the UFO subject in the general public… I mean, I still am excited, but… holy hell! If the movie’s already done, why release it so close to the freakin’ elections?

    Unless it’s intentional…
    Richard, you’ve seen it… Do you believe there’s anything in this movie that could tip the electoral scales?

    1. Rosanne Losee

      Heck, that’s a valid point. Everyone is going to be enmeshed in politics This should come out in the summer..perfect time to sit back, watch and make conversation.

      One more point….how do we as a community get those around us who still laugh about UFOs to pay attention? I am saying this because my extended family, still doesn’t know squat about the phenomenon. They still giggle about it, as if there is nothing to it. My attempts to start a serious discussion doesn’t work because they are, frankly, uneducated on this subject.

      The media is the answer. Yes, James Fox is doing a great thing. But we need the mainstream news services to talk about this, and it is still a taboo subject, or it is treated with disrespect. Good’s 2020! This has been my frustration since I started reading about UFOs when I was 17 (and that was a LONG time ago!).

      Why aren’t mainstream astronomers and astrophysicists talking about this openly? if they answer is that there is still a truth embargo then all the information that we collect and catalog will be of no avail if the science community still lacks the wherewithal to pay attention and give it the respect it’s due.

  4. jimirod

    Wow, it’s really opening the door to the world we live in. The curtain is finally going to drop for most people who are skeptics. We might find some of our neighbors moved here a long time ago from very far away.


    “…In this interview, we did a pretty thorough job of covering the important points. I’d say this is worthwhile for you to listen to. James comes across very well… ” YES YOU DID! I’m looking forward to it showing in Mobile, Alabama!

    I just finished your book …”disclosure in the Trump era…” I have thought there was a “Deep State” in action since the 50’s which I will describe in another venue.

    Bill (a recent member)

  6. jimirod

    I don’t think this is a game changer; just food for thought. We are still in the ant farm from my point view.

  7. Peter Squire

    I was listening to Jimmy Church going on about the Polaroid reveal picture on Coast, the Australian UFO sighting and he was saying it’s a spectacular photo. I couldn’t see the pic anywhere on the Coast to Coast site. Outstanding interview as always Richard, Mr Fox is a talented guy.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    I haven’t listened to the interview yet. I am far behind here. But i hope a new film will be better than that documentary about Bob Lazar. I felt sorry for Bob. The awful sound track and the other nonsense that the film maker threw in to fill in about a half hour’s worth of Lazar’s experience was actually depressing. Too bad a serious documentary wasn’t made because it is a story well worth serious discourse.

    Oh, you are in Hawaii……………I highly recommend Kilauea!!!!!!! The Big Island was my favorite.

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