“Back To UFO School” with Richard Dolan – Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine

By | August 4, 2020


Richard discusses the original authors and researchers in ufology in Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine, UK

“BACK TO UFO SCHOOL (or: How To Do Proper UFO Research)”

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“The great thing about taking a year or so off from producing this magazine was that it allowed us to have a clear out of the many books on ufology we had accumulated. 50 Shades of Greys? Gone. Selected by Extraterrestrials? Gone. The Ra Material? Gone, gone, and thankfully gone. And very cathartic it was too. What we were left with were those books by researchers who had been there, and done that, long before the late William S. Thompkins had even conceived of writing about blonde buxom aliens in Mary Quant skirts, whispering sweet nothings into his ear while he was allegedly drawing spaceships for Douglas Aircraft Company.

We’re talking about the boots-on-the ground researchers here. Investigators who meticulously recorded public and military UFO sightings. Authors whose work documented a period in our history and still stands up today as the best investigations into the mysteries of UFOs. We are talking of course about people such as Jacques Vallée, Dr Allen Hynek, Major Donald Keyhoe, and all the other OGs of UFO research. It was while re-reading some of these books that we had a bit of an epiphany. We needed to go back to UFO school! Reading books is all well and good, but we needed to speak to someone who could fill in the gaps. Somebody who is a kindred spirit to the great UFO researchers of the past, a published authority on UFO history and a veritable gold mine of information. We thought for a bit as the light bulb flicker… we needed to speak with Richard Dolan.

“Donald Keyhoe was my entry point, into UFO subject back in the early 90s when I became interested in the subject because I really knew nothing. I was determined early to get as much of a factually-based narrative and chronology as I could. And I thought well how do I do that? I needed to go back to the original researchers, and I didn’t even know who they were initially. I learned about Keyhoe, Captain Edward Ruppelt and some of the others we’ll talk about later. “I think it’s fair to say that without Donald Keyhoe there would not have been Ufology as we understand it. Throughout much of the 1950s; he opened the door. When you think of a classic UFO book of the 50s like Edward Ruppelt’s Report on Unidentified Flying Objects – which is a great book by the way – by the time Ruppelt did that book Keyhoe had already written three books and had opened the entire narrative of flying saucers/UFOs to the public which had gone even further than Ruppelt ever went…”

– To read the full article, follow this link: https://cdn.website-editor.net/bf0f08f8442947ce992d0fcb3a55249c/files/uploaded/ShadowsOfYourMind_ISSUE_7.pdf

10 thoughts on ““Back To UFO School” with Richard Dolan – Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine


    Richard Dolan, second billing to STAR CHILDREN.


    “We threw out all of our old woo-woo and whacky UFO books!”

    Apparently to make room for new ones.

    Oh well! One good apple (Richard) could subvert the barrel!

  2. jcaplan

    Richard’s comments in “Back to UFO School” were very interesting and he referred to a number of the early ufologists who should be read today. He missed out though Charles Bowen and Gordon Creighton from the UK who (with others) edited Flying Saucer magazine from about 1955 to 1990. It was the leading periodical in the world and you should buy individual copies of their books (like “The Humanoids”) or of the magazines if you can. Of course, Aime Michel was also up there with Jacques Vallee in France.

    Hugely important in the US too was Leonard Stringfield who broke the crash retrieval stories. John Keel’s best book though was “UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse” which discussed UFOs and related paranormal events as being the manipulation of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. And a must read is Frank Scully’s book and lecture tour in 1950 “Behind the Flying Saucers” which may have been the first report of Roswell.

  3. PressToDigitate

    I’m afraid its going to be You, Nick, Linda, Grant and ‘the Steves’ that are best remembered from Ufology, rightly or wrongly, for better or worse; that is, unless the MSM concocts (or elevates) a strawman “expert” or two to bless the Rubio Report when its handed to the Senator next Spring.

    So, unless you want “The Grass” or ‘Sleestak’ (or worse) to be delivering the running commentary as Klaatu emerges from the Disc on the Ellipse, please take my previous suggestion on Media Relations under advisement. 🙂

    But this looks like an outstanding article – and magazine – that I can’t wait to read through. Thank you for posting it.


      *** I’m afraid its going to be You, ***

      Afraid? The only thing I’d be afraid of is that Richard wouldn’t be on that list!

      He is the face of responsible research and analysis.

      1. PressToDigitate

        You’re absolutely right, and I didn’t mean it like THAT!
        Richard is the only honest, knowledgeable, responsible and clear-headed Researcher/Analyst in this field with the clout to actually Lead it; everyone else fails on one of those five tests or another.
        I phrased it that way in case Richard believes that there is any alternative to him stepping forth to lead at this point in time. There isn’t….and, a lot more is riding on him doing so than just keeping Ufology, and those devoted to it over all these decades, both “in the game” and “Respectable”, through this thicket of “Disclosure” we’re being presented with.
        If only compromised Insiders and *US* have – or can piece together – the full reality of what is now going on, and has been, since WWII, then it is Ufology that the lay public must rely on to ‘Do The Right Thing’, in full possession of such knowledge.
        Somehow, I don’t think that just waiting for the Official Narrative, and accepting it blindly, is going to be “the Right Thing” for us to do in this situation.

  4. stlthlvis@hotmail.com

    Still reading the article:
    But I wanted to recommend a movie to you and T:
    The VAST of NIGHT – if you havnt seen it yet, I think you two would get a kick out of it. The references to crash retrievals are spot on! If I didnt know any better I would say you were a consultant on the film…🤔hmmm.
    Anyway. Check it out. Good stuff.

  5. Andromeda107

    Good article on you Richard,Coral Lorenzen seemed like the type of person that would fit perfectly with ,you ,Grant, Joe Murgia and the rest of your group.Her and her husband took the matter seriously and without all the politics, which is how the study of the ufo field should be.I will definitely look into some of the books you mentioned in your interview.Richard you should check out the book “Ken’s Moon”,its an interesting book.

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