APRO Insider Speaks Out. Forgotten UFO History | The Richard Dolan Show

By | November 22, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I am proud to announce the interview for tonight’s Richard Dolan Show. This is with Allan Lavigne, who may not be well known in the UFO field today, but Allan was actively involved in APRO from 1974 until 1980, arguably the greatest years of the organization. He wasn’t just with APRO — he was with APRO in Tucson, which meant he was close to Jim and Coral Lorenzen. 

Allan was the first person to speak with Travis Walton after Travis’s harrowing abduction experience in 1975. He was one of the first people to talk to Jesse Marcel Sr. about Roswell. He worked closely on the Charles Moody abduction case of 1975, the Edward Hermann case of 1976, and even with Ray Fowler and Betty Andreasson in the late 1970s. He has a lot to say about ufology in general and the alien phenomenon. 

This is a long interview, just over two hours. I can assure you however that there are no lulls in this conversation. Allan is a great storyteller. By the way, Allan is a member of this website. 

We also recorded a second interview which I will air next week. This is about Allan’s two extraordinary UFO sightings and encounters. I have at least one more interview planned with him, but possibly two. He has just so much information and is willing to share after all these years. 

I know I usually say this, but …. you don’t want to miss this one! 


18 thoughts on “APRO Insider Speaks Out. Forgotten UFO History | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. SunPower

    Thank you for posting this, Richard. I’m glad there is more to come. I’m interested in what he would think about is there Telepathy or not. Thank you.

  2. Warwick Mccormick

    Interesting what he said about David Adair. I must admit I have had him in my doubtful category. Not because of his southern accent, but we’ve all met people who have one extraordinary story another, and after a while you go hmmmm just doesn’t sound right. It if there’s corroboration would like to hear it

  3. Andromeda107

    Great Interview.I wasn’t aware of the Charles Moody abduction case, fascinating abduction case. Now I am very curious to what happened to him . Mr Lavigne is very knowledgeable I see why you interviewed him. The replicas that he made, the drawings of crafts and alien beings were amazing! I am definitely looking forward to hearing about Mr Lavigne ufo sightings in the next interview. Also I was so happy to see Yates , she is so adorable.

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    Wow, good stuff! Loving this. Some thoughts:

    1) Tend to agree that the whole time traveller or “us” from our future narrative is some kind dis-info op. That is NOT what we hear from most credible experiencers who mainly say it is genetic harvesting. I heard the genetic harvesting thing myself from my girlfriend of 1989 before I even knew wtf any of this was, and she told me she was “cooperating” with the Grays and I heard this confirmed by a Gray (1989) when I asked for an interview to confirm and amazingly he consented!

    2) Yes, the whole “Experiencer” area is starting to conflate too many things. Much of it is not Alien or UFO related and is part of “normal”
    human psychic activity. Perhaps not well understood by the conventional western mind, but normal nevertheless. Hence why I am here trying to point out a few of the trees in the forest.

    3) Here to trade. Yes! Heard this a lot too. Dan Sherman seems to confirm this. This could very well be the main reason for suppression to this day because if it comes out we have a genetic harvesting for tech deal, someone is gonna be in hot water. But, in the cold war environment it is pretty easy to see why they would have done it.

    4) His take on CE5 is hilarious.

  5. J-Rod

    Great interview. Allan’s quite engaging. Interesting how the Russians were asked to leave the reverse engineering program. It makes one ponder why they didn’t do some form of disclosure? After all, they just had their butts kicked out so why not tell the world of this? What would they care if the US was pissed about it?

  6. HappyCup

    It is good to look back at the heyday of UFOlogy.
    Today, I think there is a tendency to lump these things together with everything supernatural. I maintain that there are demons running around out there pretending to be ET in hopes they can deceive folks.
    Many of these kids today haven’t heard about these very real physical craft and beings. Orange orbs are all the rage now. These guys may be something else all together. I kinda miss the days where saucers were saucers.
    The spiritual battle raging today makes it easy to blur the lines between the physical and the ethereal.
    Man! It’s a good time to be a student of the paranormal!

  7. Curtis Lightle

    Wow. What a great interview. I would have been ok if it had gone 5 hours!

    He has a great perspective and it is interesting how he considers it all matter of fact.

    Thanks Richard!

  8. Craig Champion

    Wow – that really WAS a great interview! Interviews such as this MUST be preserved for posterity. In fact, everything – the plethora of data on this site is hopefully backed-up, in various places. This site, like the Dolan UFO’s and the National Security State book series will remain a very rich historical repository for future reference.

    A continual sticking-point for me is the fact that ufo groups have been historically surveilled and even infiltrated. Why? Shifty, shady, dangerous characters in these organizations? I’d say, we’re more along the lines of interested, curious nerds.😆 What gives? They (the gov.) don’t want folks out there with more knowledge than they? Were (are) they learning from us? Is our presence a potential security risk for clandestine govt. projects, i.e. they might be concerned about what these rogue groups might know of black-budget programs? It just seems oddly significant to me. My sentiment: since there’s no official statement as to what’s actually occurring, leave these groups alone so that they may to do their own, independent research. Grrrr…

    Got it – pop culture has influenced how some folks recall the appearance of some et’s (as in larger than actual eyes).

    The information about the fuel requirement (perhaps even a feature of a trade-agreement) in order to power a craft is congruent with Lazar’s account indeed, plus a possible description of the gravity amplifiers. That’s funny – gotta’ love it; maybe they didn’t even build their own ships but rather were “subbed-out!”😆

    That’s interesting that some of these craft could recharge their ships near nuclear sites – could indeed explain their presence around such places.

    Perhaps we’re, by analogy the fruit-fly as far as genetic-experimentation by et’s.

    Geez, Richard – Allan’s testimony corroborates your et hypothesis, hands-down! I seem to be increasingly entertaining the possibility of some type of human/et collaboration. By-the-way, what a great mind Allan possesses – thinks like an intelligence officer/scientist and super-knowledgeable about the ufo phenomenon. Wonderful to have him as a resource. Looking forward to his future interviews. Also, nice to meet Yeats!

  9. Sean Graves

    Truly great and thought provoking. Anyone else think he sounds a bit like Steve Carell? Can’t wait for more.

  10. elevator

    Richard, you are truly breaking incredible new ground with your last couple of interviews. It’s almost too much to ingest, but it sure is fun, interesting and rewarding to attempt to grasp what I’ve been watching the last couple of weeks.

    Allan has an amazing range of knowledge about such a diverse field of subjects I would love to get a couple cases of Modello, a bag of my best homegrown and spend a weekend, or a year listening to him and asking questions.

    As someone who has three rescued dogs and one kitty, it was really cool to see how Allan just lit up and enjoyed telling his story of saving and raising his furry buddy. My kind of guy. And seeing your evident love for your little friend creates a bond of trust, that for me is a genuine bonus in in my membership here.

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