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By | February 27, 2024


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a few weeks but I have a new Richard Dolan Show scheduled for tonight at 8 pm EDT. Kind of excited about this one, as it covers a theme that (I feel, at least) is more important now than ever, which are the fundamentals of the UFO (now UAP) phenomenon. 

What’s crazy is that despite being in the home stretch on a very large and consuming book project dealing with USOs, I have received a request (more on this soon) to prepare a small but hopefully useful book that provides “100 Facts” regarding UAP/UFO. I think it’s a nice idea for a book and decided to agree to it, although my initial hope was that it could wait until my USO book is done. After all, that will be the case in just a few months, I think. 

However, I was persuaded that (a) I might be able to do such a book relatively quickly and (b) there may be a sense of urgency about such a project, and (c) it doesn’t have to be extremely lengthy. Hmm, thought I. Should I just dive in? Well, this video speaks to that project to some extent. So yes — I will be burning the candle at both ends for the time being. I do think we can get all this done and I expect the USO book to be done on time nevertheless. It’s just going to be a busy spring! 

What I WOULD be grateful for are any of your thoughts or suggestions on UFO/UAP facts that you think might be useful to consider. I was actually thinking of potentially breaking them down into a kind of Who, What, Where, When, How, Why scenario, although I am sure such categories will have an arbitrary quality to them to some extent. Still, it might be useful. Not sure if I will definitely do it that way, but I am thinking about it. 

Overall, however, this would be a book designed for beginners. Or, let’s say, beginners who can read — because not everyone reads, these days! The main thing is I am just trying to put together facts that are INTERESTING. 

So if you have ideas — especially after seeing this video — please let me know, either in a comment or by email. I’ll definitely be interested in them. 

I hope you enjoy this!


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  1. JimmyBee

    Hi, Richard.
    My suggestion: Show that Roswell was and is a cover-up. I covered this in your recent Fireside Chat Podcast:

    Perhaps a screencap of the “box kite and balloon” from the USAF/Pentagon briefing linked in my response to your post along with a brief explanation of how no one on Earth could possibly mistake some balloons and a box kite, lying on the ground, with an interplanetary space craft…

    Just a suggestion. 🙂

  2. Bjofod

    Hi, just posting a story I think need to be read by more people. It happened in 1955 in Sweden but not told about until the late 70s. It has a few things to it that match modern descriptions. Like the blinding white light when ships disappear into nothing and so does this one. Google translate used for this so errors may occur.

    This story was printed in “UFO” no. 2, 1988. It is reproduced here for the enjoyment of a new generation of UFO enthusiasts.

    Source: UFO-Aspect no. 4/1977
    Trans. : J. O. Sundberg / EKOpress
    To Norwegian by Tove Rasmussen

    At FUFOS’ stand at the Charlottenborg exhibition “Kårlek eller kaos” (in 1977?), hundreds of people gathered every day to hear and watch lectures. One quiet and calm morning, I noticed a modest man in his 60s who listened to a lecture about UFOs several times, and who was particularly noticeable when a series of pictures about so-called UFO’nauts was shown.

    I am of course curious and wanted to talk to him a bit. At first he was very reserved and did not want to go into details, but when he saw that I neither laughed nor shook my head, he began to tell me what he had experienced himself. For an hour he talked about his experience while I took notes. It was a very strange story the man told:

    – Once talked to a man like that they showed in these pictures. In 1955 I worked as a forest worker at the Bothnian Bay in Västernorrland for two brothers who delivered timber to a sawmill in central Sweden.
    It was early one morning in July, the time was approx. 06:00 and we were busy felling trees when v1 heard a cracking sound as from an animal making its way through the forest, or from branches breaking. In the next moment we saw a cigar-shaped object that, completely out of control, flew in a zigzag between the treetops while branches and leaves came swirling down.
    My wildest thought was that it was a small plane that had lost its wings and was now trying to make an emergency landing. There was a river approx. 3-400 meters further away and it was clear that the object was heading towards it. All three of us understood that the object would hit the ground in a few seconds, so we ran in the same direction. 15-20 meters before we came out of the forest, the object crashed 30-40 meters from the river.
    What we had expected, a deafening crash when the petrol tank exploded, did not come. But a gigantic light lit up the whole area like a giant lightning, which was so bright that the sunlight almost disappeared. The light was so bright that we could actually see through the trees. As in an X-ray photograph, I could see the annual rings inside a tree that was over a meter in circumference. A few seconds later a vacuum wave came, sucking everything towards the center of the light.

    All three of us were thrown forward, while branches and leaves swirled past us. It probably only lasted a fraction of a second, and I can still remember how I was thrown against a tree – time stood still and my whole life passed in review. All sound around me no longer existed. When we had calmed down a bit, we went towards the square to see what had happened. There was nothing to see at the crash site, apart from some piles of wood that had been blown down by fins. We were very amazed and decided to go back and continue the work.
    A dwarf in uniform
    When we had reached the edge of the forest, one of the brothers suddenly called out: – There is a dwarf in uniform here! The plane must have crashed into the river and he must have been ejected from it. For a long time we stood speechless and stared at the lifeless figure. He was small in stature, approx. 110-120 cm. long, and around his body a white light vibrated. When one of the brothers wanted to know if the stranger was still alive. he pulled his hand back with a scream. He turned pale and said that it felt as if he had received several hundred volts through his body. In the same instant the stranger opened his eyes and said in perfect Swedish; -Don’t touch me, that’s it
    It’s just uncomfortable for you. – Now you know who I am, he said. He knew in advance what we were going to answer and just noted that his
    questions were perceived correctly.
    At once I became completely calm, and I watched him carefully. He was no dwarf. His body was consistent with broad shoulders and normal shapes. His skin was yellowish, like that of an Asian. The eyes were deep set and completely black. He had two large wounds on his cheekbone and forehead. The wounds did not bleed, but were somehow “watery”. His hair was almost completely white. The ear lobes were fused against the neck, and resembled shark fins. The lips were wrinkled, narrow and colorless.
    When he laughed – and he did so often – he bared a row of small and undersized teeth in both upper jaws. I noticed the canines were flat and as wide as our incisors. His hands were small, with five slender fingers without nails. and when he moved his hand, it looked as if the ring finger had grown together with the little finger.
    His uniform was of reddish metal, and it was close to his body. The head and hands were not covered, but at the feet the costume turned into a kind of shoe. Estimated in size 35-37. The soles of the feet were grooved and they vibrated, and for a moment I thought of the caterpillar feet of a tank. The stranger looked at me and nodded his head slightly. There was no doubt that he knew what I was thinking.
    With his shoes he could roll back and forth without A moving his legs. Around his waist he had a wide. luminous metal belt with an unusually large buckle, which glowed faintly in a pale blue hue, as later, when he was dead. turned dark blue. In the middle of the buckle there was a kind of sign in yellow like the letters UV – and it looked like the V was inside the U. He knew that I was studying him, and he said: – It is thanks to the suit that I am still alive. Inside I am completely broken. His right hand disappeared into the suit at the hip, but I saw no pocket. He took out a rectangular object. It was the size of a matchbox and had 12 small indentations. With a metal fork attached to the object, he poked several times in the various holes. When he had finished, he tried to throw it some distance away. He smiled and said: -Don’t touch it. It’s going to report what’s happened so they can come look for me. Where I come from, there are also people waiting. The stranger lay for a while as if asleep. His hands were bruised, and it was clear that he was in great pain. Suddenly the brothers looked at each other slightly confused, and without further ado they just went back into the forest without a word. Later – several years later – when I reconstructed the action, I became convinced that the stranger had in one way or another asked the brothers to go their way, without saying a word. I sat and chatted with the stranger for two hours before he died.

    Contact with the earth
    The man did not want to elaborate on what was said during the two hours. I only heard a few broken pieces.
    – The stranger came from somewhere near the constellation we call the Eagle. Several intelligences from outer space visit us, and some have progressed so far in their development that we can only see them when they materialize or dematerialize to visit a parallel universe in Earth’s orbit. Some visit Earth to take samples of the Earth, with the intention of settling here later. Some others also have contact with people on Earth, and they have for several hundred years. This information is identical to other witness statements.

    The old man continued: – Just before the stranger died, he gave me a folded sack from his invisible pocket and said:
    – When I die, the light disappears from my body and then you must pull this sack over me, and together with the other two men you must put me in the river. Then I will disappear. Afterwards, you must rinse well with the water so that you do not get sick.
    He was having trouble breathing, and I could see that he didn’t have long left. The light around the body grew weaker and the light blue buckle gradually darkened.

    His last Swedish words
    He looked at me and smiled. Then he said something in a language I have never heard before or since. Then he said something in Swedish, and the last sentence I got was:
    He said a few more words but his voice was so weak that I did not catch what he said. he said. But I am convinced that he prayed to some god before he died. I was touched. With the help of the two brothers, I got him into the bag, and we then put him in the river. The bag smelled of sulfur, and it stung the hands. He was quite heavy, probably between 90 and 100 kilos (?? – ed.). When the bag came into contact with the water, it began to seethe and bubble around it, and we understood that a chemical process was underway. After five minutes it was all gone. He had probably wanted to plunge into the river to a quick death instead of lying in pain by the river bank for two hours. He would probably die alone and think of his home, several light years out in the universe.
    – That was all, said the old man.
    -I worked for a couple of years with the brothers, but we rarely talked about what happened. Both
    two are dead now, but I remember it like it happened yesterday. Although it has been 22 years since it happened, I recognized the stranger in one of the pictures. By the way, I thought I was the only one who knew about this type of UFO’nauts, because I
    have seen many pictures and drawings of visitors from outer space, but never seen anyone who looked like him. The old man took out a piece of metal.
    -See. he said. I glared stupidly. It looked like a big hairpin. “What is it”. He laughed confidently, and said: -A couple of days after the incident, I walked around the crime scene. The small box the stranger threw away was gone, but the metal fork lay there in the grass, shining. I have kept it as proof that I did not dream what happened. He turned and left. and while I stood there gaping, he disappeared into the crowd. An anonymous person, who with his story and his evidence could be on the front page of all the world’s newspapers. I believe that what he told was true because he has carried it with him for so many years.
    A psychologist could probably analyze himself until it was the pictures on the exhibition that were the triggering factor for this well-closed story. The man kept his secret well hidden in fear of being found out. There may be many similar experiences that never come to light – unfortunately . In the name of the truth, it should be mentioned that I myself have written down this story in chronological order, as what was said and written appeared as fragments here and there. In its original form it would otherwise be both confusing and incoherent.

      1. Bjofod

        Great… This story has a few interesting and also some familiar elements.

        I mentioned the blinding white light when the ship disappeared but also want to mention the vacuum wave.

        Vacuum waves are mostly experienced after a big explosion that cause an outward push of the atmosphere. Not here. He experienced only the vacuum wave when the ship disappeared, indicating a hole in the fabric of air that sucked in the ship and left a void in the surounding atmosphere. Maybe a security feature that returned the ship home automatically.

        The normal thing to expect from a liar here is that he also felt the outwards wind push but no….

        I would not dismiss it as fake easily. It has something to it.

      2. Martin Barnes

        Check this out!
        —Martin Barnes

        The British Origins Of The UFO Psyop
        UK Column Podcasts

        Mike Robinson speaks to Matt Ehret about the second part of his “Hidden Hand Behind UFOs” series, where H.G. Wells is introduced as a student Thomas Huxley and the father of modern predictive programming, whose ideas spawned the creation of the Manhattan Project, League of Nations and UN.
        À écouter sur Apple Podcasts : https://podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/uk-column-podcasts/id1008807223?i=1000648917712

  3. Bjofod

    100 facts, that is quite a number…

    It is a fact that they are sometimes seen on radar.

    It is a fact that they sometimes are seen on radar and visually at the same time

    It is a fact that the US military have several reported incidents

    It is a fact that there is reports from military bases where nukes have been shut off and UAP seen visually at the same time

    Facts are strange. With facts you cant say that abductions happens but only that abductions are reported. It is a fact that abductions are reported and that a harvard professor thinks it is real.

  4. D.A.


    I have an idea, if you are interested. Not sure if it follows the theme of 100 facts, per se, but it’s definitely a way to condense the events that have led us to where we are now with respect to the current landscape of UAP enlightenment, which lays down the facts in relatively concise and easy to follow manner. Of course my version of it has an AOA slant, but no matter how I lay the facts down, they keep leading me to the same conclusion.


      1. D.A.


        My suggestion for your book is simple…just connect the dots.

        One way to tackle the project of determining who, what, where, when, why, and how is to look at the events leading up to the current state of government UAP acknowledgment (and public acceptance) as a series of interconnected dots superimposed over a timeline. In order to truly understand a given set of conditions, we need to understand how we arrived at it first. The current timeline of UAP enlightenment is the culmination of a series of seminal events that date all the way back to the beginning of the modern-day UFO era in 1947; however, the fallout from these events never converged in a truly substantive way until the mid 1980’s when a small cadre of scientists and paranormal researchers having military, intelligence community (IC), and academia backgrounds, quietly banded together to form a group of UFO researchers known as the Advanced Theoretical Physics Work Group (ATPWG).

        This group of individuals, which included the likes of Hal Puthoff, Col. John Alexander, Dr. Kit Green, et al, did little to move the needle of UFO disclosure; however, it was very important in that it was first organized group of credible individuals to scientifically investigate allegations into a deep-state UFO Crash Retrieval & Reverse Engineering Program (CR&REP), rumors of which had come to a head in 1984 with the surfacing of the MJ-12 papers. Despite the fact that the ATPWG failed to uncover any hard evidence, or “proof” that the UFO CR&REP existed, the level of credibility that this group gave the allegation ultimately provided a legitimate foundation from which future UFO research could arise; therefore, I consider the ATPWG to be the first dot in a series of interconnected dots that ultimately led us to where we are now at.

        The second, and much larger, dot materialized in 1989 when Bob Lazar came forward about his work at S-4. This event likely led to an internal shake-up of the deep-state faction infrastructure within the USG UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE) by putting the CR&REP squarely on the map in full view of the public. Many believe this event to be a watershed moment having a substantive effect on public UFO awareness and acceptance going forward; however, there is no evidence that this event moved the needle of public UFO perception either. The level of dissent, even within the UFO community (UC) itself, proved to be a detriment to Lazar’s credibility. Instead, the story simply created a big splash that faded away into obscurity…that is until recently. What the Lazar incident did likely do, however, was change how the USE, in particular the deep-state faction of the USE, operated; thus, likely having had a material affect on future events, and how they unfolded over the next 35 years.

        The Lazar incident was followed by an unrelated series of events that started in 1994 when a farmer named Terry Sherman purchased a 500-acre cattle ranch in Utah’s Uinta basin, which would later be known simply as Skinwalker Ranch (SR).

        In 1995, billionaire real-estate mogul, entrepreneur, and avid believer in UFOs and paranormal phenomena, Robert Bigelow forms a privately owned and backed organization known as the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS), which he created to formally investigate UFOs and other paranormal phenomena using scientific methodology to collect and analyze data obtained using the most advanced state-of-the-art scientific equipment and instruments available at the time. This organization employed a venerable who’s who of ufology’s most prominent researchers, including many of those who were part of the ATPWG, as well as the likes of Dr. Eric Davis, Jacques Vallee, Colm Kelleher, and others.

        In 1996, Sherman puts SR up for sale and goes public with his paranormal experiences at the ranch. George Knapp gets wind of the story and writes an article about it, which Robert Bigelow reads, ultimately leading him to purchase the ranch so NIDS could study it along with other known UFO and paranormal hot-spots.

        In 1997, UFO researcher, Dr. Steven Greer; astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchel; and RADM William Miller give a Pentagon briefing on UFOs. Afterwards Miller talks to VADM Thomas Wilson about a Boston Globe article written by Leslie Kean that discusses the alleged CR&REP—the same program that ATPWG had investigated, that Bob Lazar had worked on, and that water-cooler rumors have been circulating around about for years. Wilson takes it upon himself to conduct an investigation of the CR&REP, which if real, was something he believed he should have been read in on given his J-2 position within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Wilson followed the CR&REP’s black money trail all the way to an aerospace contractor. He met with representatives of the company, who acknowledged that the CR&REP was indeed real and had almost been outed once before, but told him little else based on the fact that Wilson didn’t have a need to know, which infuriated him. He took the issue up with his chain of command in the DOD, who promptly ordered him to stand down…or else. Wilson told Miller about some of what he had learned (but not everything).

        In 1999, Navy veteran and special projects manager at Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), Oke Shannon, who was a close acquaintance of both Miller and Wilson, called Wilson to convince him to talk to NIDS researcher, Dr. Eric Davis, about what he had told Miller about with regards to the CR&REP. Wilson declined. That same year, Wilson was promoted to DIA director. In a later interview that took place 2022, Oke Shannon corroborates his part in trying to convince Wilson to meet with Davis.

        In 2001, Dr. Eric Davis writes a memo stating that fellow NIDS member and ATPWG alumnus, Dr. Kit Green, had previously investigated the Roswell incident while working for the CIA. Dr. Green, who was also an associate of Wilson’s and Miller’s, told Davis that during his investigation of the Roswell incident, he was shown official images of an alien autopsy conducted by Army personnel in 1947, which matched what he had later seen in footage from the now-famous Santilli alien autopsy video.

        In 2002, VADM Wilson retires from the DIA, and at the behest of Kit Green finally agreed to meet with Davis about what he had discussed with Miller in 1997 regarding the CR&REP. Wilson ends up telling Davis even more than what he had told Miller. Afterwards, Davis writes everything down, and then gives his notes to his friend and colleague, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who files them in his archives.

        In 2004, NIDS Research at the SR comes to an end, and NIDS is dissolved. During that time, NIDS scientists had witnessed and recorded more than 100 events involving UFOs, paranormal events, cryptids, vortexes/portals, et al; however, they couldn’t scientifically quantify or verify the data they collected given the resources and tech available at the time. Moreover, their efforts to collect any hard, verifiable, and repeatable evidence of paranormal events appeared to have been deliberately thwarted by what they could only describe as an intelligence, or “consciousness”, associated with the phenomena. It should be noted that if it weren’t for the level of credibility subsequently afforded to the NIDS research at SR by high-level USG officials within the DIA, who were part of the shallow-state faction of the USE, the utterly fantastical story of SR would have likely been relegated to nothing more than an obscure chapter in a dusty book buried on a shelf in a local library, or as a footnote on a Wikipedia page about Native American folklore, or as a faded article clipped to the back of George Knapp’s scrap book. Furthermore, as subsequent events will show, this investigation of the UFO phenomenon at SR represents a critical point in the timeline of events leading to official UAP acknowledgment.

        During a routine training mission in 2004, F/A-18 Hornet pilots from the USS NIMITZ carrier group encounter, and capture a FLIR video of a Tic Tac shaped UFO off the coast of Southern CA. The account is forwarded up the chain-of-command to a UFO investigation group within the shallow-state faction of the USE, which resided in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSDI&S). This investigation group, which was run by a decorated intelligence officer named Jay Stratton, would later be identified by the pseudonym: Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

        Also in 2004, Christopher Mellon, who was at one time the Deputy Assistant of Secretary of Defense (SD) and staff director of the “Senate Select Committee on Intelligence”, officially retires from public service. Prior to his retirement, Mellon was in a position to act as an unofficial UFO liaison of sorts between individuals within the DIA and OUSD(I&S), as well as within the Senate, where he interacted with the likes of Sen. Harry Reid (Dem-NV), Sen. Daniel Inouye (Dem-HI), Sen. Ted Stevens (Rep-AK) and possibly Sen. Chuck Schumer (Dem-NY).

        In 2005: ex-NIDS investigator, Colm Kelleher and George Knapp, co-write a book entitled “Hunt for the Skinwalker” based on what Terry Sherman experienced, and what NIDS uncovered, at SR regarding paranormal phenomena and UFOs.

        In 2007, Dr. James Lacatski, a high-level intelligence officer within the DIA, who—given his position—was likely aware of VADM Wilson’s story about the deep-state’s CR&REP, reads Knapp’s Hunt for the Skinwalker, and concludes that if the NIDS findings were in fact true, then the phenomena identified at the ranch could pose a very real threat to national security. He contacts Bigelow and meets him at SR, where he experiences a paranormal event first hand. Afterwards, he and Bigellow meet with Sen. Harry Reid about what he witnessed at the ranch. Reid then works with Senators Inouye and Stevens, who is a documented UFO experiencer, to secure $22,000,000 to create a new Special Access Program (SAP) called the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program, or AAWSAP, with the sole purpose of officially investigating what NIDS observed at SR, as well as at other hot spots around the U.S.

        Lacatski stands up AAWSAP within the DIA with the help of other intelligence officers, including, Jay Stratton, who was brought over from the OUSD(I&S). It should be noted that in addition to heading up AATIP, Stratton had held several other high-level positions within Army, and AF Reserve, and later within the MIC, including Chief of the Air and Space Warfare Defense Warning Office, Director of Intelligence (J2) for the Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWC), Deputy Director of Executive Support within the Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare (N2N6), Director of Air Warfare within the NIMITZ Operational Intelligence Center in the Office of Navy Intelligence (ONI), and eventually Senior Analyst in the ONI. It should also be noted that all of the intelligence positions held by Stratton, with the exception of JWC and DIA, were within the Navy Intelligence Community (NIC). And though the JWC and DIA don’t reside within the NIC, per se, they are manned by those who have served in the NIC, and/or had close ties with the NIC. This is noted because there is a clear distinction between how the Navy Intelligence Community (NIC) and the Air Force Intelligence Community (AFIC) handled the UFO issue, which becomes more prevalent as future events unfold.

        Lacatski sets up a contract with Bigelow and his newly minted company, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), which was for all intents and purposes a for-profit version of NIDS. In order to ensure that BAASS was awarded the contract, Lacatski had to do some creative maneuvering around the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) by writing the solicitation in a manner that eliminated potential unwanted scrutiny, as well as weed out any unwanted bidders. Despite the deliberate vagueness of the solicitation, BAASS submits an oddly specific proposal, which included contract deliverables that weren’t outlined in the solicitation, yet were “accepted” as sufficient justification to award the contract to BAASS by Lacatski, who was the Contracting Offer’s Representative (COR) and, by virtue of his position, the Contracting Offer’s Technical Representative (COTR) for the program. Among other things, the BAASS contract deliverables included a provision that outlined an investigation into allegations about an ultra-secret UFO CR&REP run by an unknown faction within the MIC and its aerospace contractors. This provision, which—by virtue of the fact that it was accepted as a binding deliverable for an awarded contract—validated the credibility of the allegation; thus independently corroborating what the ATPWG was rumored to have looked into in the mid 1980’s, what Lazar whistle-blew about in 1989, and what Wilson stumbled upon in 1997 and told Davis about in 2002. It should be noted that by also setting up the contract as a small business set-aside, Lacatski was able to prevent any large contractors, in particular Lockheed Martin (who was likely the reverse engineering contractor Wilson had met with 10 years earlier), from underbidding BAASS and winning the contract, which would have killed the program as soon as it was let since a major goal of the program was to perform an investigation of any aerospace contractors involved in the CR&REP, which would have meant investigating themselves.

        Luis Elizondo takes over as the head of AATIP after Stratton leaves the OUSD(I&S) for the DIA.

        Mellon, who has maintained his government contacts within the OUSD(I&S) and DIA, leaks the Tic Tac UFO FLIR video that Stratton had investigated under both AATIP and AAWSAP into the public domain. It should be noted that UFOs were not officially classified by the DOD at that time, making such a leak possible.

        In 2008, the AAWSAP contract is officially awarded to BAASS , and the AAWSAP-BAASS program is funded for 2 years. Lacatski, Stratton, and other AAWSAP-BASS team members collaborate with other offices within the shallow-state USE, including AATIP, which was then headed up by Elizondo.

        Between 2009-2010, the AAWSAP-BAASS researchers observed, studied, analyzed, and documented a substantial amount of information, data, and evidence involving UFOs and other paranormal phenomena at the SR, and elsewhere, but like NIDS before them, obtained relatively little hard data with regards to the phenomena that could be substantiated or scientifically verified due in no small part to what the original NIDS researchers perceived as a “consciousness” to the phenomena, which in addition to being characterized by an inherent randomness, had demonstrated an uncanny ability to actively interfere with data collection at will by draining batteries and shutting down electronic equipment, as well as physically destroying equipment and physiologically affecting some of the researchers. It should be noted, however, that despite the documented cattle mutilations and dog killings, outside of some physiological and psychological/PTSD-type effects, which were suffered by some of the researchers; no major physical harm had ever come to any of the researchers at SR, at least not deliberately, which in itself might be of significance, given that the phenomena appeared to have had no qualms about arbitrary harming or killing animals. It should also be noted that Jay Stratton had a profound paranormal experience associated with his research at SR, which also affected his family through what was identified as a “hitch-hiker” effect. During his time with AAWSAP, Stratton also coined a new term, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), to replace the term, UFO.

        In 2011, AAWSAP-BAASS funding ultimately dries up despite researchers observing and documenting numerous UFOs and paranormal activities at SR and elsewhere. The investigation into allegations of a CR&REP also proved fruitless—not unlike VADM Wilson’s investigation 13 years earlier, and the ATPWG’s efforts 12 years before that. The veil of secrecy over the deep-state faction of the USE was simply too strong to penetrate. No one within the deep-state was willing to talk to anyone from AAWSAP or BAASS, if for no other reason than the fear of reprisal. It should be noted that despite the fact that the AAWSAP-BAASS contract had technically expired, the period of performance for the work effort was officially extended several more months in order to tie up loose ends, finish gathering information, and then reduce the overwhelming amount of information that was collected over the course of two years into a manageable form that could be used in the final reports. It should be noted that at one point, AAWSAP had been allowed access to an intact craft of alien origin.

        Sen. Harry Reid tried to obtain more funding to keep AAWSAP-BAASS afloat, but failed. In an attempt to gin up interest within the MIC, he pens a memo about AAWSAP referencing it by the pseudonym AATIP to keep its true identity secret, but the memo gets spilled into an unclassified setting, ultimately killing any chances of the program getting picked up and funded through another organization or agency.

        During this time, Dr. Gary Nolan was visited by two men, one of whom identified himself as a “CIA” agent and the other who identified himself as an “aerospace contractor”. These men asked Nolan to help them evaluate the medical cases of 100 individuals, who were in the military and the intelligence community, and who had been injured when they encountered anomalous objects. Some of the individuals had even died from their exposure to the objects. It should be noted that these cases involved numerous incidents spanning over the course of multiple decades. One such case involved AF service member, Jim Penniston, who had incurred brain and later heart damage after touching a landed UFO during the now famous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. It should also be noted that future whistle-blower, David Grusch, would testify under oath to Congress that people had been injured and even killed in the past while working on craft of non-human origin; thus, corroborating Nolan’s assertion. Moreover, Bob Lazar claimed to have read reports while at S-4 describing two different incidents involving human fatalities, one in which a scientist was killed when working on an alien reactor system, and one in which a scientist and several security personnel were killed during an altercation with an alien being. Though the two incidents Lazar described were not likely related to any of the cases associated with Nolan’s account, they could have been related to one of the incidents Grusch later referenced.

        Though the two individuals, who approached Nolan did not tell him in what context they had come across these injury cases, Nolan surmised, as he would tell Tucker Carlson in an interview 10 years later, that it likely involved the reports being “trickled up the chain (of command) and then being moved across the DOD, and then being put in a bucket…until enough of them had occurred that somebody says ‘this is something that we should be paying attention to’”. With all due respect to Dr. Nolan, who readily admitted that such information was outside his bailiwick; that is NOT how things typically work in the highly compartmentalized, program-driven, and bureaucratic federal government, where classified information is secretly stove-piped within the different organizations in which it originated, and is then secured in GSA-approved vaults that are buried in SCIFs never to be seen again until such time that a specific need arises in which case someone with the appropriate clearance, a need to know, and the appropriate level of authority, jumps through the mandatory hoops to obtain that information. This is important because in order to cobble together such a vast collection of disparate HIPPA protected, and otherwise classified, health information and data about 100 individuals from multiple organizations across the DOD landscape involving multiple unrelated, top-secret and/or “above classified”, UFO related incidents that had occurred over a span of several decades; the two individuals who met with Dr. Nolan would have needed to belong to an organization that was formally conducting an elaborate investigation into these cases, which likely required the help of multiple people across multiple organizations to compile. In other words, these cases didn’t just fall into a bucket, and if the organization that these individuals were truly associated with looked like a duck, walked like a duck, and quacked like a duck…then it was probably AAWSAP-BAASS, which by 2011 was still tying up the loose ends of their 2-year-long investigation, which likely included the medical reports that were brought to Dr. Nolan’s attention. With that said, it would come as no surprise to yours truly if the individual who had identified himself as a member of the CIA, was in fact an ex-CIA operative named Jim Semivan, and/or the other individual, who identified himself as an aerospace contractor, was none other than BAASS’ own lead biochemist, Colm Kelleher.

        Despite the continued efforts by Lacatski and Reid to secretly shop AAWSAP-BAASS around to other agencies and departments, by 2012, the program garnered no interest outside some initial interest by the DHS, which was quickly squashed by someone within the USE. Without further financial backing, the AAWSAP-BAASS program was officially shuttered. Despite this set-back, a group of individuals rose out of the ashes of the program to coalesce around the common goal of becoming agents of UFO disclosure and transparency, agents of truth so to speak…the Agents of AAWSAP (AOA). These individuals, who include the likes of Jay Stratton, James Lacatski, Christopher Mellon, Hal Puthoff, Luis Elizondo, Jim Semivan, Harry Reid, and John Alexander, as well as one or more high-ranking, anonymous, officials within the shallow-state faction of the USE (likely having ties to the NIC); are nothing short of true American heroes—individuals willing to stand-up against ultimate government corruption and power to do what is right…to disclose the greatest story never told—not only to the American public, but to the world.

        Though no formal evidence or documentation exists to support the existent of such a coalition of individuals, the subsequent unfolding of events that directly lead to the modern-day era of UAP disclosure, acknowledgment and incipient public acceptance, clearly points to the very fact that such an unofficial coalition did in fact exist, and still does to this day in one form or another. The AOA also likely maintained close ties with other ufology insiders, like Eric Davis, Kit Green, and Jacques Vallee, to name just a few. Also, it would be a disservice to the history of UFO disclosure to not also recognize George Knapp’s role as an honorary member of the AOA since he had not only been plugged into this group since the very beginning, but he had played a major role in the events leading up to its ultimate formation, as well as the events surrounding the current UAP narrative that it subsequently promulgated. Moreover, it was the deliberately placed trail of breadcrumbs left by Knapp, coupled with the many insights and sage commentary regarding the UFO subject provided by one Richard M. Dolan, that led yours truly down the path of AOA enlightenment. It should be noted that the goal of creating greater government transparency about military UAP encounters and the potential national security threat those encounters potentially represent had always been just a means to an end. The AOA’s ultimate objective, or end goal, had always been about disclosing the truth about the alleged UFO CR&REP within the deep-state faction of the USE, which subsequent events will clearly show to be the case.

        In June of 2014, Dr. Edgar Mitchell sends an email to President Barrack Obama’s counselor, John Pedesta, about sitting down with him and the president to discuss the next steps in extraterrestrial disclosure. It has never been determined if this meeting ever took place, nor has it ever been determined what those previous steps were that Mitchell alluded to. One would have to assume, however, that based on the context of the email, those steps probably involved previous discussions that were held behind closed doors at that time; whether those discussions were part of a conversation that was taking place between the Oval Office and aspects of the shallow-state faction of the USE, or just between individuals within the White House, is unknown.

        In April of 2015, Dr. Mitchel emails John Pedesta’s administrative assistant to schedule an “ASAP” Skype talk with Pedesta to discuss “the difference between celestials in our own solar system and their restraint by those from the nonviolent contiguous universe.” Of course, this not only implies that Mitchell and Pedesta had engaged in at least one previous discussion on the matter, but that Mitchell had credible information about, or at least believed he had credible information about, a group of extraterrestrial beings who had not only set down stakes in our solar system, possibly referring to the moon or closer, but who didn’t have mankind’s best interest at heart, and have been otherwise restrained from interfering with, and/or harming, humans by other “nonviolent” extraterrestrial species, who have been intervening on our behalf. If this ultimately proves to be the case, it would not only go a long way in validating some of the seemingly disparate types of interactions that have been reported between mankind and ET, but it would lend some credence to the rumors about Eisenhower meeting with two different races of extraterrestrial beings. Of course, Mitchell’s comment might be based on nothing more than his own belief in the Eisenhower rumor and the assumption that it was true without having any corroborating information to verify it. It should also be noted that his belief in the existence of a malevolent species of ET, even one who may have forged a tenuous agreement with Eisenhower, contradicted his close friend’s, Dr. Steven Greer’s, viewpoint on the matter.

        In 2015, pilots from USS Theodore Roosevelt record FLIR video of the Gimbal UFO off the east coast of the U.S. along with a “fleet” of other UFOs, which were not captured on video. This UFO incident was likely investigated by Elizondo, while he was still part of AATIP.

        In February of 2016, Dr. Edgar Mitchell passes away, and Davis’ notes about the Wilson meeting get leaked to the public via the internet from his estate’s archives. True to his word, Wilson denies the Davis meeting took place and what was discussed in the notes. Davis is, at best, cagey about it. Dr. Hal Puthoff, however, may not have been so cagey…at least not with everyone.

        During a March appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show, Hillary Clinton stated that if elected President she would open the government files on Area 51 and other areas of interests of the extra-terrestrial advocates, which was likely nothing more than glib campaign speak; however, Clinton did say something that was very interesting. She corrected Kimmel by stating the correct word for UFO was actually “unexplained aerial phenomenon. UAP. That’s the latest nomenclature.” Now at first blush, this doesn’t seem like an important detail, but it’s important for a couple reasons. First, it was the first time that the word “UAP” was disclosed to the public in any formal way, despite her getting the first word wrong; and secondly, it shows that there is at least some form of official communication between the shallow-state faction of the USE and POTUS (and VPOTUS) on UFOs, or more correctly, UAP. Otherwise, Clinton would not have known about an obscure term that was used within the MIC—a term, once again, that was coined by AOA member, Jay Stratton, while he worked on AAWSAP, and likely continued to use in other official capacities within the MIC after he left the DIA.

        During the ensuing months leading up to the 2016 election, hackers break into Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Pedesta’s, emails, disclosing his previous correspondences with Edgar Mitchell. The hackers also find emails he received from Blink-182 lead man, Tom DeLonge, which revealed that Podesta took part in a documentary about extraterrestrials, which DeLonge produced, likely under his new entertainment entity, To The Stars Academy of Art and Science (TTSA). These emails also revealed that DeLonge was interested in introducing Podesta to “people” who shared their UFO obsession.” People he thought Podesta would find very interesting since they were considered “‘…principal leadership’ relating to our sensitive topic.” Without mentioning names, he referenced these individuals in one email by stating “…’both’ (as in two) were in charge of (the) most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics.” Once again, it was never determined if this meeting ever took place, or who DeLonge was specifically talking about; however, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to assume that he may very well have been talking about two of the following three people: James Lacatski, Jay Stratton, and Luis Elizondo, given that all three worked in high-level positions within the shallow-state faction of the USE, with Lacatski having been the head of AAWSAP, Stratton having once been the head of AATIP, and Elizondo being the current head of AATIP. At the very least, we know Elizondo would join TTSA a year later, so he’s a lock to be one of the individuals DeLonge was referring to.

        While the rest of the country was focused on the upcoming presidential election, Robert Bigelow quietly sells Skinwalker Ranch to Brandon Fugal, who shops it to the History Channel as a Reality TV show, similar to the Oak Island Reality TV show. At this time, behind the scenes discussions and negotiations were also likely starting to take place between Fugal and members of AAWSAP-BAASS and NIDS, including AOA members, John Alexander, and possibly Jay Stratton, both of whom would be guest investigators on the SR TV show. At this time, Stratton was still an active employee of the USG; therefore, his “direct” role in these discussions is questionable; however, it should be noted that Stratton would later select Travis Taylor, who Fugal hired to star in the SR TV show, as the lead UAP researcher for the UAPTF, so the connection is indisputable.

        I suspect by now your eyes are starting to glaze over from reading this, so I’ll stop here unless you want me to continue from 2017 to the present day. Either way, I think using a timeline to connect the dots is the best way to put all of this into proper context.

        If you want me to continue, just let me know.


        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          D.A. — yes, by all means, continue. I clipped and saved your 5K word comment! Extremely helpful (although the Mitchell notes of the Davis-Wilson meeting leaked in 2019, not 2016). I found this extremely helpful.

          1. D.A.


            Thanks for the correction. I think I’m seeing some synergy here. Anyhow, I’m sure there will be many errors. A lot of other unrelated UFO events also occurred in between the events I listed, which I would like to add at some point. I tried to keep it to the most salient aspects. I will also need to go back sometime and find all the references on which I base my assertions and suppositions.

            The way I see it, telling the story about how the events of the last 40 yrs led to our current landscape of incipient government UAP acknowledgement and public acceptance is a way to connect the dots from UFOs to UAP. Of course the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE), which is comprised of both the deep-state and shallow-state factions within the MIC and broader IC, is gearing up to counter the next explosive news to come out of Grusch-gate. They already let Kirkpatrick loose on the MSM a few weeks back, and only yesterday held a private news conference with “select” media outlets to—as Coulthart aptly stated—“control the narrative” via their leverage over media. I suspect they’re engaging in preventative damage control; meaning something will likely break sooner than later and they are being pro-active. This further bolsters my assertion that the AOA had a very powerful ally high up in the MIC food chain, or Pentagon, prior to 2018, who gave the nod to the NY Times to print Kean’s article in 2017. I talk more about this later.

            Frankly, I always found Lue Elizondo’s resignation letter to then SD Mattis suspicious especially given the fact that it supposedly protested the lack of concern over UFOs by the military—unless of course there was an existent relationship between the two. Didn’t Grusch make a statement about meeting with a well known, extremely high-level military official as part of his investigation into the CR&REP? Didn’t Mattis step down in 2019, not too long before Grusch started his investigation? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then….


            PS: I’ll make you a believer in the AOA theory yet. You’ll see.

          2. D.A.


            A couple more things regarding the Wilson-Davis notes: I wasn’t sure about the date of the actual leak, just the date of Mitchell’s death, so I took a leap of faith in linking the two together. Again, thanks for the correction. There was another comment in this part of my timeline, however, that I wasn’t quite sure about when I made it, and that was the one about Puthoff, which of course was a tongue-in-cheek reference to something I thought you had once mentioned, or alluded to, but I wasn’t sure where or when it was discussed, so I couldn’t confirm it.

            Since you didn’t correct it, or comment on it, am I to assume that your non-response was in fact a tacit confirmation that Puthoff told you in no uncertain terms that the Wilson notes were real (in or after 2019), or was your non-comment something I shouldn’t read too much into? If the latter is true, and Puthoff never discussed the notes with you, I’ll delete the reference from my timeline. If the former is true, then I will rephrase my statement in the timeline so that it is unequivocal.



            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              Hmmmm…… well, I will just say that we have indeed discussed those notes. Forgive me for not saying more than that.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    Well, i have always liked Gary McKinnon. I think it could start, as you said, 23 years ago, with him. I know he has been a member here. I also believe him. I always have. I did wonder how it was so easy to get into those NASA secret files. Did they ‘allow it’ to happen? I mean, it was around the 911 event, etc. Was someone playing games with him? If not then i think all sightings in the past twenty five years are in question.

    If people in the community believe him, and i have never heard him referenced by the big media faces for the ‘official narrative’ such as J. Corbel or Ross Coulthart. Am i missing that? I would expect that many in the ‘we are famous now’ branch of the topic, lol, have not. If i am wrong, please let me know. Seriously. I mean, has he been interviewed on those two big podcast shows. Since i find them tiresome i honestly don’t know if he has been a guest there. Again, i assume not, but i could be wrong. Sol Foundation gang interested in Gary? Again, i would seriously like to know .

    So, if Gary is sincere and if he wasn’t being screwed with then i stand on my statement. How can anyone know what has been happening uap wise since the nineties?

    I may also say the branch of military that no one will ever mention in the community. If they do, i must miss it. ‘Space Force’. Star Wars weapons too. I know it has been going on for decades. I guess nothing that is reported is connected there? And Gary’s finding can’t be connected to Star Wars , etc? Sorry, but i am tired of this being MIA in UAP land discourse. But we know me,ritac! 🙂

    I am sincere here and i would appreciate some discourse. That is the kind of thing, among others, that i am here for. And i apologize if you get into Gary here or space force, etc in the actual podcast. I have only gotten to the written part of your post. 🙂

    Thank you Richard.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have zero doubts about Gary McKinnon. Tracey and I spent some time with him a few years ago while we were in the UK. He is ABSOLUTELY genuine. A good, good man. As far as how he got his info, keep in mind that it was the late 90s and cyber security measures were in their infancy compared with today. Some of the passwords on those systems he got into were actually “password”. Incredible.

  6. Ewa Boy

    How about some kind of correlation between sightings and country/world events ? Just a thought…wooops, never mind!

  7. Andromeda107

    I curious, with the scuba diving case ,if he had 2 hours of missing time how much air was still in his tank? And was at a certain depth when this happened? or was he at the surface?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I just reviewed my notes for that program and am not sure which scuba case you are talking about. I am aware of several scuba incidents with underwater UAP. Can you fill me in?

  8. Bruce Herrick

    Greetings Richard,
    I have to disagree about your comment about “observers are only along the shoreline and that is why a great proportion are logged there and few from the large percentage of the earths surface that is covered by water”. The ocean is filled with shipping traffic as well as some cruise passenger traffic. Why aren’t we receiving reports from some of these many sources? This seems to be a great untapped resource of observations and associated reports.
    An interesting example of the density of cargo shipping over the earth’s oceans is shown in the following URL:

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      There are indeed a number of decent USO reports from the world’s shipping lanes. I’ve collected a bunch. But yes, there are far more that are clustered along the shorelines of various regions. I don’t know — probably just because despite the shipping traffic, there are probably more eyes out on the shore. Just my guess. But I really appreciate this link. Fascinating! Thank you.

  9. Lazy Mystic

    UFO’S often maneuver @ speed-of-thought.
    Linked to that, they appear to have omni-directional awareness
    (i.e. whatever pilots them, it is not a cheesy, foil-suited 1950’s sci fi guy looking out a glass porthole while toggling a joystick)

    They have been documented on radar, but don’t emit such locational radiation (further puzzling the omnidirectional situational awareness which they exhibit).

    [my hunch is that the time/space differential between beings or A.I. within the intense field and the world without makes ‘us’ Normies appear to movie in relative slow motion]

    A conciousness connection to witnesses is regularly reported.

    Size varies from mere feet to massively tens or even hundreds of meters.

  10. D.A.

    Hi Richard,

    As promised, here is the next installment in the AOA timeline that connects the dots between UFOs and UAP (2017 – 2019).

    It goes without saying that a UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE) has existed within the USG, and in particular within the U.S. military, since the very first craft of non-human intelligence had been recovered on American soil, which likely dates back to pre-WWII with the Cape Girardeau incident, or even earlier. The USE, however, wasn’t formally established within the MIC (and broader IC) until after the National Security Act of 1947 was implemented, which was after the USG had obtained additional wreckage of an intact alien craft from Italy at the end of the war, and coincidentally enough, immediately after Roswell. True to the binary nature of human intellectual processing, two basic factions eventually emerged from within the USE: a deep-state faction, which became the custodian of the ultra secret UFO crash retrieval and reverse engineering program (CR&REP), and a shallow-state faction, which emerged as the gate keepers of everything else UFO related, from military UFO encounters to public sightings and musings. For all intents and purposes, the deep-state faction plays a significant role in much of what the shallow-state does with respect to keeping a tight lid on the public perception of UFOs and the NHI reality.

    Of course, the primary focus of the deep-state faction, which is not restrained by U.S. law or confined to its international borders, is to not only run and maintain the CR&REP, but to keep it—as well as everything else they know about NHI and their interactions with humanity—a secret from all of mankind, including those within the shallow-state faction of the USE, who simply had no need to know and therefore represented a weak link in the chain of secrecy. This level of compartmentalization had to be maintained at all costs in order for the deep-state faction to maintain its control over the truth about UFOs and their origins, which they likely rationalize as being in the best interest of mankind. The potential ontological ramifications associated with divulging such disruptive information can never be left off the table as a possible underlying motive and perhaps to some extent even a justified one despite the level of animus we might have towards the deep-state over it; however, given the abhorrent methods they are alleged to have used to achieve their goals, which if proven true, should never be forgiven under any circumstances—and therein lies the most likely motivation for maintaining their unyielding grip on the UFO secret in perpetuity: the fear of not only being convicted for breaking federal laws, but being convicted in the court of world public opinion for crimes against humanity, which could never be pardoned or commuted.

    On the other hand, the primary objective of the shallow-state faction of the USE was to ensure that civil order and obedience was maintained by projecting a false sense of government power and control over any and all potential national security threats and concerns, which would otherwise evaporate in the presence of advanced craft that can operate at will, and with absolute impunity, within our sovereign airspace and waters. History will no doubt judge whether or not this fostering of public ignorance about the UFO phenomenon, and what it truly represents to humanity, had in fact been in mankind’s best interest or ultimately a detriment to it.

    By and large, AAWSAP and to a lesser extent the Wilson-Davis affair, are now universally accepted as fact—at least within the UFO community. Though seemingly unrelated, both of these events share one very basic and important common factor; they both involved high-level members of the shallow-state faction of the USE, who tried to investigate allegations into a CR&REP, which not only illustrated for the very first time the existence of two clearly defined factions within the USE, but it demonstrated that a true schism had grown between the two factions, indicating that by the mid-1990’s the shallow-state faction had become nearly as oblivious to many aspects of the UFO phenomenon as the general public; hence, making the deep-state faction an enemy of the enemy to both concerns, which was a fact that was later exploited by the AOA in their successful bid to create a coalition of UFO truth seekers within the USG, otherwise known as the UFO Transparency Coalition (UTC), which would eventually expand to include what is recognized today as a bipartisan group of Representatives and Senators within Congress known as the Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC), as well as a newly minted group of deep-state CR&REP whistle blowers, which as of this writing have yet to go public with what they know due to their continued fear of deep-state reprisals.

    By the time 2017 rolled around, those within the AOA, and within the broader UTC, had created a new UAP national security threat and aviation hazard narrative, which was post-dated back to the Tic Tac incident in 2004, ultimately dismissing, or at least ignoring (for the time being), all previous UFO related military encounters and incidents, including the Grand Daddy of them all, Roswell. This narrative, which had yet to go public, was likely initiated by Chris Mellon, James Lacatski, and/or Jay Stratton, the last of whom was not only the first to investigate the seminal Tic Tac UAP encounter, but after AAWSAP was dissolved, had moved on to become a high-level official within the MIC. For these people, repackaging the term UFO as UAP and post-dating its beginnings to 2004 was not a mere happenstance, but a calculated step that was needed to help strip away the long-held public stigma associated with UFO’s that had been carefully cultivated by the USE over the course of several decades with the help of a compliant, albeit unwitting, MSM, and scientific community (SC).

    Truncating the history of UAP to a specific time frame surrounding a particular, well-documented and verifiable military event, allowed the UTC to have greater control over the narrative going forward without destroying their own credibility by exposing the fact that they had been complicit in the cover-up the entire time; thus, allowing the reality of UAP to diffuse more effectively into the prevailing zeitgeist while minimizing the blow-back from those within the shallow-state faction of the USE who are not part of the UTC, as well as minimizing blow back from the MSM, SC, and the general population of UFO skeptics, deniers, and debunkers. Eliminating the stigma associated with UFOs was also essential to the AOA’s, and by extension the UTC’s, next move in what would ultimately become a series of unofficial public UAP disclosures, which led to official UAP acknowledgments by the Pentagon as well as by Congress. Eventually, the term UAP would be changed to mean Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena once evidence of underwater anomalies had also been disclosed to the public. It should be noted that at this point in time, despite the headway that was made in legitimizing the UFO phenomenon for the first time in 55 years, minimal blow-back had occurred from the deep-state faction of the USE, whose primary concern still involved maintaining absolute secrecy over their prized CR&REP and what they knew about NHI, which in 2017 still wasn’t even a blip on the radar screen despite it being at the forefront in the minds of those who had worked on AAWSAP. Only time will tell if the UTC’s current attempt to disclose the CR&REP proves to be an overreach that will eventually end in failure, spelling the end of the current era of UFO enlightenment as we know it; or if it will end up opening the flood gates UFO transparency, ultimately ending the era of official UFO secrecy and denial by the USG.

    In 2017, a Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet records a FLIR video of what would become known as the Go-Fast UAP off the east coast of the U.S. Like the Gimbal UAP encounter, which occurred in 2015, the Go-Fast UAP encounter was likely investigated by Elizondo when he was part of AATIP; whereas the Tic Tac encounter was originally investigated by Stratton when he was with AATIP in 2004, and then later while part of AAWSAP.

    In early October of 2017, Luis Elizondo resigns from the AATIP and retires from government service under protest over the lack of concern for UFO encounters by the military (and cover-ups within the Pentagon)—perhaps in direct response to the lack of cooperation from within the AFIC. His resignation letter was purportedly submitted directly to then SD, James Mattis, which at first blush would appear unusual, if not implausible, given Elizondo’s position; however, if true it could suggest that Mattis, or someone else very high up within the DOD, possibly within the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD), or the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (OCJCS), may have in fact been part of the UTC. It should be noted that SD, Mattis, and CJCS, Joseph Dunford, were both Generals in the Marine Corps, which operates under the Navy; thus, continuing the conspicuous connection between UAP transparency and the NIC.

    Without wasting any time, and seemingly out of nowhere, Elizondo joins Tom Delong’s “To The Stars Academy” (TTSA) entertainment organization with fellow AOA members, Mellon, Puthoff, and Semivan. As part of their work with the TTSA, they go on a multimedia UAP promotion tour blitz, or UAPalooza, which included entering into a CRADA with the US Army to study alleged meta-material from an alien craft that was obtained from Linda Moulten Howe, as well as starring in a television documentary bout UFOs. It should be noted that neither James Lacatski nor Jay Stratton, were actively associated with the TTSA, because they were still employed by the USG. Furthermore, one could speculate that it was Stratton’s connections, and authority, as an active, high-level, official within the MIC that opened the door for DeLonge in the first place, giving him access to the AOA, while allowing the AOA to exploit the TTSA as a viable entertainment vehicle for rapidly promoting the new UAP narrative. Such a scenario would certainly provide sufficient rationale to support DeLonge’s otherwise dubious claim about how a high-ranking general within the Pentagon granted him audience regarding the use of TTSA as a means for disclosing military UFO secrets. Without such a connection, DeLonge’s story simply falls apart.

    In December of 2017, the NY Times prints a watershed article written by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal about the AAWSAP UAP program that officially ended in 2012. In the article, AAWSAP was misidentified as AATIP. The now famous Tic Tac, Gimbal, and Go-Fast UAP videos were released to the public along with the article. Despite the article stating that AATIP was shut down in 2012, the actual UAP investigation group within the OUSD(I&S), which later became known as AATIP, had continued to operate under Elizondo for at least 5 years after AAWSAP had officially shut down in 2012. It should be noted that the decision for the NY Times to print an article about a subject matter as taboo as UFOs in light of the USE’s decades-old narrative of UFO denial and stigma is not something to take lightly, and may very well have come about at the behest of, or at least with the approval of, someone at a very high level within the MIC, who was associated with, and/or a member of, the UTC. The notion that the editorial staff of the NY Times simply relented to the urging of Kean and Blumenthal to publish such a disruptive article, which essentially outed the shallow-state faction of the USE, is highly unlikely, especially in light of MSM’s presumed servility to the National Security State (NSS). The one question that still remains is how two journalists of Kean’s and Blumenthal’s stature and credibility could so wrongly attribute the name AATIP to AAWSAP, leaving the door open to the possibility that the false attribution was—exactly as Harry Reid (and likely other members of the AOA) initially intended it to be—a deliberate artifice to create a source of plausible deniability in case things went sideways.

    In James Fox’s 2020 UAP documentary, The Phenomenon, Christopher Mellon stated that he was the individual, who had leaked the Tic Tac, Gimbal, and Go-Fast UAP videos to the NY Times, and that an unnamed “DOD official” had handed him the package containing the three videos in a Pentagon parking lot several months before the NY Times article was published. It’s anyone’s guess as to who the unknown DOD official was, but the circumstantial evidence suggests that it must have been someone with direct ties to AAWSAP and AATIP, who had studied both incidents; in other words, a member of the AOA, who at the time was still a DOD employee. The only members of the AOA who were still employed by the DOD at this time was Lacatski, who didn’t likely have access to the Gimbal and Go-Fast videos; Stratton, who was a high-level official within the MIC; and Elizondo, who around the time of the parking lot video exchange had sent his letter of resignation to the SD detailing his complaint about the lack of concern by the military over UAP. The odds are that it was Luis Elizondo who gave Mellon the videos, and he did so right around the same time he resigned from the DOD. Perhaps it was his way of flipping the bird to the USE as he walked out the door. It should be noted that the UAP videos were originally provided to AATIP and subsequently AAWSAP by sources within the USN, not the USAF, which despite the latter’s well-documented history of UFO incidents and programs to investigate UFOs (i.e., Projects Grudge, Sign, and Blue Book), has remained suspiciously silent on the matter of UAPs. At this point, a clear pattern has emerged from the circumstances surrounding the nascent UAP narrative with regards to USN cooperation vs USAF cooperation, which doesn’t reflect well on the AFIC with regards to UAP transparency, or their potential complicity in the cover-up, whether that complicity is limited to their role within the shallow-state faction or the deep-state faction, or both.

    In 2018, the “Pentagon” officially denied that Elizondo was the head of AATIP, which was technically correct since AATIP never officially existed; thus affording the Pentagon plausible deniability, and therefore, using the AOA’s own modus operandi against them. Elizondo fought back against the Pentagon’s specious claim, and was ultimately vindicated with the help of Sen. Harry Reid, as well as possibly someone else at a high level within the MIC, or even higher.

    Documentary film producer, and George Knapp protégé, Jeremy Corbell, produces a documentary entitled Hunt for The Skinwalker based on Knapp’s and Kelleher’s book, which was published 13 years earlier. The documentary stars George Knapp, Colm Kelleher, and John Alexander. Production of this documentary is important because it represents a milestone in which Corbell is given a seat at the UTC table as an apprentice under honorary AOA member, George Knapp. Both Corbell and Knapp will go on to play an important role in the era of UAP enlightenment as unofficial liaisons and disclosure conduits for the UTC.

    Meanwhile, AOA charter member, Jay Stratton, accepts a Senior Executive Service (SES) position within the ONI as a Senior Analyst for the Nimitz Operational Intelligence Center, ONI. It should be noted that SES positions are the highest-level civilian positions in the USG, and can hold the equivalent military rank of Admiral (Navy), or General (Army and Air Force), so Stratton is very, very, high up on the DOD food chain, and in particular within the MIC food chain, meaning that he is one of the highest ranking members of the UTC within the MIC and DOD at this time.

    In early 2019, SD, James Mattis, and CJCS, Joseph Dunford, both step down from their respective positions within the DOD. The potential impact that these changes had on the nascent UAP narrative is unknown; however, given the fact that the UAP genie had already been let out the bottle by the AOA, Mattis’ and/ or Dunford’s departure likely had little, if any impact on the UAP enlightenment era going forward even if they were friendly to the UTC cause, or perhaps even benefactors to it.

    Using TTSA as a cover vehicle, members of the AOA collaborate with the History Channel to create a new TV series called “Unidentified” to promote the notion that UAP is a real phenomenon, and that they represent a potential threat to national security, as well as a potential hazard to civilian and military aviation. On the show, Luis Elizondo outlines the five UAP characteristics that define and differentiate UAP from known man-made and natural phenomena, which defy our known understanding of physics and are likely used throughout the MIC as the basis for identifying UAP. He refers to these characteristics as the “5 observables”, which include: 1. antigravity, 2. Sudden/instantaneous acceleration, 3. hypersonic velocities without signatures, 4. Low observability or cloaking, and 5. trans-medium travel. It should be noted that Bob Lazar’s description of the anti-gravitic field propulsion system of the craft he had worked on at S-4 created a gravitational, or anti-gravitational, field or envelope, around the craft, which would go a long way in explaining the 5 observable described by Elizondo, including how the envelope bent electromagnetic radiation, including light, around it; thus affecting its ability to be observed from certain angles, as well as potentially affect radar signatures, as well as electronic devices.

    It should also be noted that by 2019, the AOA were getting considerable push back not only from UFO skeptics, naysayers and deniers, such as Mick West, Seth Shostak, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye, but from well respected individuals within the UFO community (UC), namely Dr. Steven Greer. Despite his considerable contributions to the field of ufology, there is no denying the fact that Dr. Greer’s standing as a UFO insider had become marginalized by the efforts of the AOA to the point of being virtually non-existent—perhaps due to his own personal beliefs about UFOs, which do not comport with the new UAP narrative created by the AOA. To this end, he had openly accused those within the MIC of planting a false flag narrative about UAPs being a national security threat ostensibly to gin up support to increase defense spending. One could certainly argue that the potential national security threat and aviation hazard narratives could be considered false flags in as much as planting such flags may have been a necessary evil to achieve an end that justified the AOA’s means, which in this case meant getting both the public and Congress to take the UFO subject matter seriously enough to open an officially sanctioned investigation into UFOs. Such an end game, however, is something that Dr. Greer should have openly embraced given that it was what he had fought so hard to achieve for so many years. His openly hostile attitude towards the matter suggests his viewpoint may be more of a reflection of his own ego and waning relevance as a UFO insider than it was of some clandestine plot by the USE to demonize UFOs (or NHI) for the sake of some other nefarious purpose. Furthermore, the ongoing anti-disclosure push-back from those within the USE, who are not part of the UTC, clearly shows that the Pentagon is not trying to create a false flag UFO operation to gin up support for additional defense funding to fight imaginary windmills, as Dr. Greer believes. His reasoning simply makes no sense in light of the notion that an organization, which has purportedly gone to such great, and often illegal, lengths to cover-up UFOs at any cost, would also try to promote the existence of the very thing they’ve been trying so desperately to keep under wraps.

    Elizondo goes on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show to promote the UAP narrative, during which he alludes to the existence of alien craft being in the possession of the USG, which represents the first unofficial acknowledgment of such physical evidence by anyone connected with the government. His comment also breaks from previous (and continued) USE efforts to not acknowledge the existence of such hardware, which would ultimately allude to the fact that the ET hypothesis may in fact be a NHI reality, and that the USG had an elicit CR&REP that they have been covering up all along. Was this public comment on Elizondo’s part in fact meant to be a signal to those within the deep-state faction who might be willing to join the UTC? If nothing else, it was the stick that stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest, which Elizondo must have known would come at great risk to himself, as well as the greater cause of UAP enlightenment.

    History Channel goes into production on the new reality TV show “The Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch”, which ostensibly picks up where NIDS and AAWSAP-BAASS left off, albeit under the guise of a commercial entertainment entity, which is outside the control of the USG and therefore cannot be shuttered due to the lack of funding or other reason—as long as it continues to generate revenue for the parent company. Astrophysicist Travis Taylor, who is later shown to have direct ties with Jay Stratton and the soon to be UAP Task Force (UAPTF) is picked to be the show’s lead investigator. It should be noted that both John Alexander and Stratton, both ex-members of NIDS and/or AAWSAP-BAASS, as well as members of the AOA, are brought in on the SR TV show as guest investigators (and consultants) on more than one occasion between 2019 and 2023 (after Stratton’s subsequent retirement from the DOD). Though no longer under the control of the government, investigations of the SR are in fact still ongoing, and being guided, and perhaps to no small extent even directed by those who ran AAWSAP—BAASS.

    In the face of public exposure created by the AOA, as well as the public fallout from the Pentagon’s failed discreditation of Luis Elizondo, which left egg on the DOD’s face, Pentagon spokesperson, Sue Gough, begrudgingly confirms that the released UAP videos were made by naval aviators “as part a larger issue of an increased number of training range incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena in recent years.” It should be noted that despite it being repackaged in a more anodyne form as UAP, this is the first time in more than 55 years that the government openly spoke about, AND acknowledged, the existence of UFOs in a public forum—not since the official closure of Project Blue Book in the aftermath of the Condon investigation in 1969.

    The USN established new UAP reporting requirements for service members, which “attempted” to strip away reporting roadblocks and bottlenecks, as well as any previous stigma that might be associated with such reports, making the reporting process supposedly easier, more transparent, and more acceptable by service members. It should be noted that the USAF once again stood silent on the matter, and based on at least one subsequent whistle-blower’s testimony to congress, continues to actively dissuade any such reporting by its service members to this day. Conversely, David Fravor and Ryan Graves, who were both USN pilots, testified under oath that they never received any kind of retaliation or retribution from Navy superiors over their testimonies about UAP. Could the same statement be made by USAF pilots?

    In September of 2019, Congress approves the FY20 NDAA bill for the DOD in which a provision was inserted to create the UAPTF—possibly as a direct fallout from the AOA’s MSM blitz and NY Time’s article, as well as the result of information that may have been obtained through classified testimony provided by one or more retired Pentagon officials, like Mellon and/or Elizondo, and/or possibly even Lacatski or Stratton, who at the time were both still employees of the DOD and active members of the MIC. The UAPTF was mandated to provide Congress intelligence assessments of the threat posed by UAP, and to report the progress that they made in understanding that threat. It should be noted that Mellon, who was once the staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, had insights into the inner workings of the committee and the processes associated with it. He also likely maintained close ties with those still associated with the committee, and was therefore likely instrumental in the drafting of the bill.

    The UAPTF is set up within the MIC by none other than Jay Stratton PRIOR to the official passing of the FY20 NDAA bill into law. Clearly, the decision by Congress to create the UAPTF was done with Jay Stratton in mind as its head from the get go, which could have only been done via his AOA connections. Not even the most ardent conspiracy theory skeptic could rationalize Stratton’s selection as the head of the UAPTF as mere coincidence. Stratton immediately brings in Travis Taylor, who was, and still is, the lead investigator on the newly minted SR reality TV show, to lead the UAPTF scientific investigations. Clearly, by hiring Taylor, Stratton wanted to continue looking into the Skinwalker Ranch-UAP connection. It should be noted that Stratton would also later recruit Taylor to work for Radiance Technologies in Las Vegas, NV, in the area of “foreign material exploitation”, which is government speak for reverse engineering. This fact begs the question: what “foreign” material was Radiant Technologies attempting to reverse engineer, and why would a military tech development company need an astrophysicist on its staff—one no less that was the chief UAP investigator for the UAPTF and one that is the head of a reality TV show that is investigating the connection between SR and UAP?

    The fact that UAP was a global phenomena that transcended military encounters likely did not go unnoticed by Stratton, and as the head of the UAPTF, he needed to expand the UAP investigation tent beyond the US military and SR. Over the last couple of decades, the commercial space industry had been making significant inroads into developing advanced space based sensing platforms for “detecting and collecting numerous types of data across a broad swath of the EM spectrum. These new technologies have transformed how those in academia and the public sector, as well as in government organizations around the world, can collect and evaluate geo-spatial data related to the atmosphere and the earth’s surface, including both land masses and water bodies”. These technologies can be used to detect, study, and evaluate real-time data about atmospheric and ocean chemistry, temperatures, wind patterns and water current patterns; as well as geological events and features, including vestiges of unknown archaeological sites not otherwise detectable or measurable using land-based sensor and detection platforms. These readily available and affordable technologies are advancing at a pace that is easily outpacing anything that any government sponsored program could achieve due to the excessive oversight, bureaucracy, and funding limitations, associated with government-lead programs. And since these technologies, and their intellectual property rights, are not directly owned by, or under the direct control of, any given country, they can be used by virtually any, and every, nation on earth, including the USG, to “level out the military and intelligence playing fields by providing a readily available and affordable means for collecting and evaluating real-time global data related to national defense, intelligence, surveillance, and security”. To this end, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) had, in concert with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), created joint programs for working with private industry partners to adapt such technologies for use by the U.S. defense and intelligence agencies, as well as to counteract similar use by adversaries of the U.S. Given the NGA’s and NRO’s unique function and position in the global surveillance and reconnaissance space using commercial, state-of-the-art (SOTA), technologies, they were naturally selected by Stratton to support the UAPTF by investigating reports of UAP, and unidentified trans-medium phenomena (UTP) within the geo-spatial domain. Perhaps, just as important to Stratton’s decision to bring the NGA and NRO on board was the fact they were not under the control of the USAF or NORAD, both of whom were active participants in the USE, but not part of the UTC. As part of this effort, a highly decorated, ex-USAF intelligence officer and current high-level civilian intelligence research analyst for the NGA, named David Grusch, was tasked the assignment of co-leading an effort under the NRO to analyze UAP and UTP related incidents that have been detected within the geo-spatial domain.

    In addition to investigating UAP encounters as a potential threat to national security, Stratton resurrects another investigation, which was part of AAWSAP-BAASS, as well as part of NIDS and the ATPWG; that investigation, of course, was the one into allegations of a secret UFO CR&REP. Stratton assigned that investigation to Grusch. It should be noted that the FY20 NDAA did not contain any language mandating such an investigation. Moreover, at this point in time, nothing existed to indicate that Congress was even aware that a CR&REP might exist (outside those within the UTC, like Harry Reid and one or two of his close congressional colleagues, like Chuck Schumer); therefore, any investigations into such a program’s existence by the UAPTF was likely made at the sole discretion of Stratton (with the concurrence of his congressional UTC backers) based on what he had learned during his time working for the DIA and AAWSAP. Furthermore, it should not go unsaid that the man that he had been picked to investigate the deep-state allegations was a career AFIC man, who not only possessed all the requisite clearances, and knowledge about SAPs, but ultimately ended up personally “knowing” many of the individuals who were subsequently alleged to have been read in on the CR&REP.

    To be continued.


  11. D.A.

    Hi Richard,

    Since you’ve been such a good sport so far, I figured why not push the envelope a little more to see how much more you can truly endure. So with that said, here’s the next installment in the AOA timeline connecting the dots between UFOs and UAP (2020-2021).

    On December 20, 2019, the FY20 NDAA was signed into law by POTUS, officially sanctioning the UAPTF, which at this point had already been stood up within the MIC, and more specifically within the Navy Intelligence Community (NIC), by Jay Stratton. The importance surrounding the fact that the UAPTF was established under the NIC prior to the NDAA bill passing into law should not be dismissed, nor should the importance associated with the dots connecting the ATPWG to NIDS to SR to AAWSAP-BAASS, and to the AOA, which ultimately led to the formation of a UFO Transparency Coalition (UTC), which by the beginning of 2020 had expanded to include parts of Congress. No less important was the establishment of a new universally accepted narrative that had replaced the stigmatized UFO narrative—a UAP narrative that was officially, albeit begrudgingly, validated by the USG.

    The fact of the matter is at the start of 2020 no one could have imagined that after decades of UFO denial, stigmatization, and disinformation, that within just two short years of an article being published in the NY Times, the USG would officially acknowledge a new UAP reality, which involved objects of unknown origin zipping around our sovereign skies and restricted military airspace as well as in our territorial waters with absolute impunity for 16 years. Moreover, this new UAP reality was unveiled to the public in such an anodyne way that it could be accepted, or at least rationalized, by that portion of the general population that was not ready to accept such a reality, or was otherwise programmed not to accept such a reality by the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE), which was helped along the way by a servile MSM and Science Community (SC). And no matter how the truth surrounding this new reality might be viewed or scrutinized by even the most ardent of critics on both sides of the believer aisle, no one could in fact deny that the USG had officially acknowledged that unidentifiable phenomena of unknown origin does indeed exist. This acknowledgment is the most important milestone to date regarding government UFO transparency despite the fact that the narrative summarily dismissed the true origin of UFOs as well as the entire history of the UFO phenomenon prior to 2004. One subtle fact that has been overlooked in all of this despite the preponderance of obvious tells is that none of this could have been achieved if not for the efforts of a handful of publicly identified USE insiders, who are affectionately referred to in all my writings as the Agents of AAWSAP (AOA). Though based on supposition, the existence of the AOA and its role in molding the landscape of UAP enlightenment was borne out by the historical events and facts that have lead us to this point.

    On the whole, this gargantuan achievement by the AOA, which involved establishing a new global UAP narrative that the USG was forced to officially acknowledge, only represented the first round in a high-stakes card game between UTC and the USE, and in particular with the deep-state faction of the USE. In 2020, no one outside of the AOA and perhaps a few others within the UTC could have imagined that the game would eventually lead to the doorstep of ultimate UFO disclosure and the coup de gras of UFO secrecy: the official acknowledgment by the USG of a 75+ year-old clandestine CR&REP in which craft and alien bodies have been recovered, and possible relationships with non-human intelligence had been forged. If such an acknowledgment were to ultimately come to pass, it would no doubt usher in a new era, or age, in human enlightenment; an Age of Truth, so to speak, which will lead us towards a true understanding of our world, the universe, and our place in both.

    From the outset, the AOA’s end game was to resurrect AAWSAP-BAASS’ investigation into the alleged UFO CR&REP. This supposition was borne out by the fact that one of the first things (if not the very first thing) that Jay Stratton did as head of the UAPTF was to initiate an investigation of the CR&REP, which he did so on his own accord without any outside mandate directing him. This is not speculation but fact based on historical events. Though no one outside of Stratton can speak for his true motivations, his actions certainly can, and they did; starting with the fact that as an employee of the USG he was part of a UFO and paranormal investigation program called AAWSAP, which between 2008 and 2010 had contracted BAASS to help investigate—among other things—the alleged UFO CR&REP, which they did but never finished due to the lack of funding. By 2020, Stratton had become the head of the congressionally sanctioned UAPTF, where he took it upon himself to officially resurrect a separate investigation into what AAWSAP-BAASS had originally investigated ten years earlier—again, this is not based conjecture, but fact. Even a blind man could connect the dots showing that Stratton simply set out to finish what AAWSAP had started, not only with respect to the CR&REP, but with respect to what they had previously investigated and witnessed at SR, as demonstrated by the fact that he selected Travis Taylor, who was (and still is) the lead scientist on the SR reality TV show, as the chief scientist for the UAPTF. Furthermore, Stratton continued the good fight after the UAPTF was shuttered (and after he had retired from the USG) by becoming a consultant on the SR TV show, as well as becoming an associate of a military tech hardware company that is involved in “foreign material exploitation”, or in other words the reverse engineering of “foreign” technology. To that end, the discovery of something “foreign” on SR within the next few years should not come as a surprise to anyone.

    If ultimately successful, the investigation that was set into motion by Stratton will eventually lead to the official acknowledgment of a 75+ year-old CR&REP by the USG, which will likely lead to the acknowledgment that at least one, if not more, species of non-human intelligence (NHI) have visited, and are likely still visiting, earth. Such a revelation would not only validate the Wilson notes, but would vindicate Bob Lazar, as well as finish what NIDS began in the 1990’s, and what ATPWG started in the mid 1980’s.

    By 2020, the fruits of the AOA’s labors were on the verge of delivering to the American public, as well as the world, what Steve Basset had been lobbying Congress about for over 20 years: Disclosure with a capital “D”, even if such disclosure did not come about in the manner Bassett had envisioned, but rather through incremental acknowledgments that a largely unwilling USG was forced to make due to the efforts of a small group of USE insiders. Moreover, for the first time since the Age of Reason began, the shackles of scientific reasoning and hubris are starting to be shed so that what had been previously viewed as something perched on a ledge that was well beyond the reach of possibility is now starting to be seen as something sitting squarely at the center of it, where it has been all along.

    Of course the UFO-UAP timeline doesn’t end here, and under the FY20 NDAA, the UAPTF was mandated to share its UAP findings with the USD(I&S) and DNI, who were then required to provide both public and classified reports to Congress on the preliminary UAPTF findings. This routing of information through the offices of the USD(I&S) and DNI, which are within the purview of the shallow-state faction of the USE, is an important factor that will end up proving to be an egregious oversight on the part of the UTC as future events will show. It should be noted, however, that since the investigation into the CR&REP was never sanctioned by an NDAA, any information uncovered by that investigation was not required to be shared with anyone above Stratton, and therefore wasn’t likely submitted up the chain of custody at any time—and for good reason.

    During 2020, three more notable UAP military incidents occurred, which were leaked into the public domain: a swarm of Pyramid-like UAPs was recorded by Navy personnel aboard the USS Russel using a night-vision camera; a FLIR video of a USO plunging into the ocean without impact was recorded by Navy personnel aboard the USS Omaha; and vague still images of 2 UAP were taken by Navy pilots on cell phones though the cockpit windows of their fighter jets during training exercises over the Atlantic Ocean. As was the case with the previous Navy incidents, the videos and images were likely submitted up the chain of custody within the NIC for investigation. This time, however, they were forwarded to the UAPTF instead of AATIP, as previously done (at least up until the time Elizondo had retired in 2017). It should be noted that many other UAP reports were likely recorded and forwarded to the UAPTF as well; however, only these videos and images would ultimately get disclosed to the public. It notes repeating that anything UAP related has been officially classified by the DOD since 2018, and yet the Pyramid UAP and USO videos were allowed to be leaked through media liaison, Jeremy Corbell, without any outwardly recognizable push-back from the Pentagon. With that said, the very same UAP videos and images, which were at best ambiguous and therefore potentially “explainable” or “resolvable” as prosaic phenomena, would be used as props by the USD(S&I) and DNI during the public segment of a future congressional briefing on UAP to show how seemingly unidentifiable phenomena can have commonplace explanations. Mere coincidence, or calculated set up?

    In March of 2020, a stipulation was inserted into the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) and government funding bill, which mandated the MIC to provide congressional intelligence committees an unclassified UAP report within 180 days, indicating an increased awareness and concern on the part of Congress, or at least on the part of the Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC) within Congress, regarding UAPs and the potential threat they might pose to national security and aviation, as well as a possible concern over stonewalling by those within the USE, who were not part of the UTC, but were still part of the chain of command within the MIC, and in particular within the OUSD(I&S) and ODNI.

    In 2021, Episode 3, Season 2 of the History Channel TV show, “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch”, starring Travis Taylor, is filmed. This episode, which subsequently airs in 2022, guest stars AOA member, John Alexander, whose presence bolsters the not-so-subtle historical connection between the SR and the ATPWG, NIDS, AAWSAP—BAASS, and AOA.

    On June 25, 2021, the ODNI submits the first report detailing the findings of the UAPTF to Congress, which is entitled: “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. This sparse, 9-page report (including title page and appendices), which was received a full nine months after its mandated due date, provided little, or no, real information about UAP other than the number of military sightings/encounters that had been reported to date since 2004 (i.e., 144). It went on to state that only a limited number of the reported incidents involved craft that exhibited unusual flight characteristics, and that those incidents could possibly be explained by “sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperceptions; thus, requiring additional analysis to determine their potential impact on aviation”. Furthermore, the report classified UAP into 5 catch-all categories: Airborne Clutter, Natural Atmospheric Phenomena, Foreign Adversary Systems, and Other. It should be noted that this nominal 9-page report did not include any information about any recorded encounters, or about an investigation into an alleged CR&REP, which future events would show, had begun in earnest well before the UAP report was submitted to Congress. Whether that omission was made by Stratton in an attempt to keep the unsanctioned investigation to himself (and a few others), or if it was included in the original report (along with other UAP information) but was subsequently scrubbed as it made its way up the chain of custody, may never been known. It should also be noted that in addition to what he knew about the alleged CR&REP, Stratton also likely had intimate knowledge of at least one craft of non-human origin, which—according to fellow AOA member, James Lacatski—was physically inspected by members of AAWSAP ten or more years earlier. Also as a member of AAWSAP, Stratton was likely aware that AAWSAP-BAASS had investigated upwards of 100 cases of injuries suffered by individuals who had come in direct contact with craft of unknown origin. Most of the 15-month-long effort that went into preparing the initial 9-page UAP report was likely spent redacting it. Another thing to consider regarding the UAP report is whether or not it was Stratton who ultimately held back the CR&REP information. If he did, then it would mean he didn’t trust one or more individuals in the report’s chain of custody. On the other hand, if he did include that information in the report only to have it scrubbed out afterwards, then it would indicate that there was one or more individuals in the report’s chain of custody that he shouldn’t have trusted.

    In what can only be interpreted as being in direct response to the white-washed UAP report, Congress inserted a provision into the FY22 NDAA bill that mandated the DNI and SD to ensure that “each” element (meaning all elements) within the MIC (as well as overall IC) having data related to UAP make that data immediately available to the UAPTF (and its eventual successor entity), as well as to the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), which is an office within the AFIC that is housed in the lion’s den of UFO conspiracy theories, Wright-Patterson AFB. This new requirement was clearly made in response to the lack of cooperation on the part of the USAF and AFIC regarding UAP reporting; however, making NASIC a central repository for UAP reports may have been a miscalculation on the part of Congress. Be that as it may, it should be noted that the pseudonymous “Jonathan Grey”, who would later vouch for whistle-blower David Grusch’s credibility in Leslie Kean’s 2023 article in The Debrief, was confirmed by Kean to be a high-ranking NASIC intelligence officer; therefore, indicating that at least one individual in the AFIC, and in particular the NASIC, was in fact part of the UTC.

    In addition to the new reporting directive, Congress mandated that the UAPTF submit quarterly UAP findings “directly” to Congress involving “all” UAP events reported “during the reporting periods, as well as any events not previously reported during any other period”. This new requirement was clearly in response to the delay in receiving the initial report, as well as someone possibly tampering with it between the time that it had left the UAPTF and when it got submitted to Congress. This mandate also introduces a whole new element into the mix—information involving historical accounts; thus, possibly attempting to break through the fourth wall separating UAP from UFOs and their likely origin. The fact that Congress felt compelled to include these new requirements in the NDAA suggests that someone had been in Congress’ ear, briefing at least some members behind closed doors about other UAP encounters as well as possible historical UFO related events. At the very least, Congress was adding oddly specific mandates that were clearly based on more information than what had been provided in the publicly released UAP report. All of the circumstantial evidence surrounding Congress’ sudden, and unprecedented, intervention into government UAP transparency up to this point suggests that one or more members of the AOA, and/or other members of the UTC, had likely been reaching out to members of Congress all along—outside the prying eyes of others within the MIC and IC—to discuss what the shallow-state faction of the USE really knows about UAP, and what they suspected another, deep-state, faction of individuals within the USE likely knows about UFOs and their true origins.

    George Knapp, Colm Kellerher, and now retired MIC official, James Lacatski, publish a follow-up book to “Hunt for the Skinwalker” entitled “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon”, which details the formation of AAWSAP-BAASS, and what AAWSAP-BAASS investigators observed at SR with regards to UFOs and paranormal activities. Jay Stratton was depicted in the book as an AAWSAP investigator, and paranormal experiencer, named Jonathan Axelrod, who had an inexplicable, if not fantastical, life-altering, paranormal experience involving a wolf-like cryptid, who’s existence until now had been relegated to local camp-fire tales, Hollywood fantasies, and unfounded conspiracy stories. Stratton’s desire to expose the truth about UFOs is quite understandable given the ontological implications of what he, as well as members of his family, had witnessed as a result of his experience at SR. Furthermore, Stratton’s position within the ONI and on the UAPTF would certainly explain his desire for anonymity, and the need for Knapp, Kelleher, and Lacatski to use the Axelrod pseudonym in their book. It goes without saying that when fantastical claims about such things as UFOs, portals, and cryptids are made by highly respected and credible government officials and scientists, like Stratton and others, it gives meaningful pause and gravity to the notion of a new reality that threatens the very foundation of our basic understanding of life as we know it. Though most within the ufology community had already come to terms with the possibility of such a reality, or at least some aspect of it, the fact of the matter remains that most people have not; this has been demonstrated time and time again by the general public’s reluctance to accept the new UAP reality, and in particular the ET, or non-human intelligence, component of it despite the overwhelming amount of extraordinary evidence that has come to light over the course of the last 6+ years to support it. Simply put, we are not in Kansas any more, and the sooner Dorothy can come to terms with that reality, the sooner we can set out to find the Emerald city…only there’s no more Kansas to go back home to. UFOs, Cryptids, and Orbs…oh my!

    Over the years, the phrase, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” had become the misplaced mantra, as well as fall back position, of virtually every UFO skeptic, denier, and debunker. The primary failing of Carl Saigon’s overused quote, however, is not so much the lack of acquiring extraordinary evidence that UFOs exist, but rather the lack of acquiring extraordinary, and irrefutable, “proof” that UFOs exist—proof that is compelling enough to convince an otherwise reluctant, if not a denial-conditioned, public to dismiss everything they had ever known and believed to be the truth about their place in the universe in order to embrace an entirely new reality…a reality, mind you, in which we may not even be the masters of our own domain. That is a very hard pill to swallow for anyone. The fact of the matter is the overwhelming amount of extraordinary evidence that has come out over the years substantiating the existence UFOs (as well as their presumed non-human origins) would have been more than enough to have convicted an accused murderer ten times over in a U.S. court of law. Yet in the court of public opinion, the existence of such extraordinary evidence when it comes to such things as UFOs and other paranormal events means little, especially when proof is expressed in terms of reasonable doubt. And when it comes to something as polarizing and upsetting to so many from an ontological standpoint as UFOs and cryptids, which goes against the very doctrines defined by the Age of Reason (not to mention the tenets of most religions), the word “reasonable” loses all context because people simply see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe, irrespective of the truth and regardless of the facts. What needs to change with regards to the UFO narrative are not the facts leading to the truth, which have always been there, but the willingness to see the truth in light of those facts. Seeing such a truth is a slow and arduous process that is better accomplished through nuanced inculcation than sanctimonious dogma, which people simply tune out because it is not what they want to hear. It should be noted that in our new “interim” UAP reality, which is defined by a world filled with anomalous objects of yet-to-be-determined origin, a new, “scientifically” oriented community of UFO skeptics, deniers, and debunkers have emerged, which replaced the term “extraordinary evidence” with that of “verifiable data”, which are different words having essentially the same meaning, only the burden of proof has now increased in lock step with the gravity associated with the potential revelation that such data might reveal, if such data can be obtained in the first place. The indelible red line that was once believed to represent the threshold beyond which the existence of UFOs having non-human origins would be accepted as fact has been shown to be quite delible indeed.

    By November of 2021, the UAPTF was shuttered, and replaced by the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), which was stood up within the DOD under the direction of the OUSD(I&S), the Deputy Secretary of Defense (DSD), and the DNI; thus, pulling the UAP investigation program out from under the Navy, as well as Stratton, and handing it over to another group within the MIC, possibly a group within the shallow-state faction of the USE that was not part of the UTC. A clear explanation was never articulated as to why the UAPTF was officially replaced by the AOIMSG, or if those involved in the UAPTF had been aware that such a group was going to be stood up in their place at some point in the future; though such an eventuality was likely anticipated based on the language in the FY20 NDAA. One could certainly speculate, however, that knowledge of, or even rumors about, a CR&REP investigation that was being secretly conducted by the UAPTF could very well have played a major role in why the plug was pulled on the task force when it was. Just the fact that the UAPTF had been stood up under the Navy from the get-go, and not the AF, may have also played some part in the calculus, as was the fact that the Navy had so far been actively engaged in stirring up the UAP hornet’s nest, so to speak. The fact that Mattis was no longer SD, and/or that Joseph Dunford was no longer the CJCS—assuming that either one had in fact once backed, or at least supported, the initial efforts of the UTC—certainly didn’t help matters much for retaining the UAP investigation group in its present form within the NIC.

    Soon after the AOIMSG was stood up within the Pentagon, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D- NY) and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) inserted a last-minute addendum (Sect 1683) into the FY22 NDAA bill that was supported by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM). This supplement was possibly made in response to what was contained in the classified portion of the 2021 preliminary UAP assessment report, but was more likely in direct response to the DOD standing up the AOIMSG within the MIC, which essentially transferred all oversight and control over UAP investigations to the USE. This new provision bolstered the UAP requirements originally enumerated in the previous version of the bill to increase public UAP transparency, which is something that would have no doubt been decreased under the Pentagon’s newly created AOIMSG—a fact that clearly did not go unnoticed by Congress. To that end, the FY22 NDAA addendum mandated that the DOD create a new UAP organization in the form of a Congressionally sanctioned UAP investigation office to replace the DOD sanctioned AOIMSG. The new UAP office would still be run by the DOD, or by a joint organization run by the DOD and DNI, but by decree would remain under the aegis of Congress, and therefore under Congress’ direct oversight. The NDAA amendment also mandated that the UAP office directly supervise all UAP data collection; create a central UAP repository or database (something that had begun under NIDS and continued under AAWSAP–BAASS a decade earlier); and provide an annual unclassified UAP report to Congress, along with semiannual classified reports to ensure that they (and by extension the public) cannot get cut out of the information loop, as they clearly would have been under the AOIMSG. Moreover, by assigning the job of supervising all data collection to the new office, Congress quietly took NASIC out of the equation, which only begs the question why?

    All in all, the most important aspect about the new provision codifying a mandate to create a new UAP office was that, in theory, it would ensure that Congress would retain supervision and ultimate control over that office and the UAP narrative going forward, clearly indicating that certain individuals in Congress had a reason to not trust the MIC, or a faction within the MIC or AFIC, which included NASIC. Regardless of the circumstances, something clearly happened in the aftermath of the UAPTF’s preliminary report that alerted Congress to some potential wrongdoing on the part of the Pentagon. The USE had been playing a rigged game of Texas Transparency Hold’em with the public since the very first UFO crash retrieval had occurred, but the tables were beginning to turn, and the newly formed UTC had a hole card up its sleeve. Only the USE, and in particular the deep-state faction of the USE, is a much stronger adversary than those in the CDC could have ever imagined, which is something they would soon learn the hard way.

    Other notable events that occurred during 2021 included the filming of John Alexander’s second appearance on the “Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch”, Season 3, Episode 5, which also airs in 2022; the retirement of DIA intelligence officer, AAWSAP-BAASS COR, and AOA member, James Lacatski; and the passing of long-time AOA member and AAWSAP-BAASS benefactor, Harry Reid, who without whose help we wouldn’t be where we are today with respect to UAP disclosure and acknowledgment.

    There’s only two years left, so I’m almost done.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      DA — MANY thanks for this long comment. I have copied and pasted all of your analyses on this and AM indeed keeping it for my later use. I appreciate this.

  12. D.A.

    Hi again, Richard,

    I know given the length of these comments, it might be difficult to read through them, but I do believe they provide some interesting facts, which you might not be aware of, and which might prove very interesting, especially right now–before things start breaking wide open. With that said:

    As the UAP calendar quietly flipped from 2021 to 2022, David Grusch’s investigation into the reverse engineering program, which was initiated in late 2019 under the auspices of the NGA and under the direction of the UAPTF (and Jay Stratton), continued on behind the scenes during the short-lived AOIMSG with the permission of Grusch’s supervisors in the NGA and NRO. During this time, Grusch obtained testimony and uncovered documented evidence from 40 separate whistle-blowers within the MIC about an illegally run CR&REP that was buried within Special Access Programs (SAPs) and Controlled Access Programs (CAPs) using funding that was misappropriated through Independent Research And Development (IRAD) contracts. All of the whistle-blowers that had come forward to Grusch had either worked directly on the programs themselves or had first-hand knowledge of the programs, the craft, hardware from the craft, and the bodies of non-human entities who piloted the craft. As previously mentioned, many of the individuals who had come forward were also colleagues of Grusch’s at one time—some of whom he had known for years—indicating that many of them, if not all of them, likely worked with him in the USAF, further fanning the flames of speculation that the deep-state UFO faction did indeed reside within the AFIC. As part of his investigation, Grusch put together a compendium of names (government and contractor) involved in the reverse engineering program, as well as the locations of craft and bodies; and then provided it to a DOD Inspector General (DOD IG), likely at the behest of his NGA and NRO competency managers/supervisors and in consultation with Stratton, who at this point was already retired from the ONI or still in the planning stages of retirement.

    By early 2022, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, who previously worked as the chief scientist for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), was already in the process of transitioning into his new role within the OUSD(I&S) as the in-coming director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which was still in the process of being set up pursuant to the FY22 NDAA. Aware of Dr. Kirkpatrick’s soon-to-be position, Grusch decides to brief him about the CR&REP and what he had learned about UAP and their non-human origins. If this particular allegation proves true, which is more than likely the case given that it was made by Grusch while under oath, then it would indicate that even prior to officially taking over the reins of AARO, Kirkpatrick was absolutely aware of the existence of documented and verifiable evidence that not only proved some UAPs were of non-human origin, but that the USG was in possession of several craft as well as the bodies of non-human entities, as claimed by Bob Lazar 33 years earlier, and as alleged by many ufologists prior to that, including those individuals who were part of the ATPWG. The fact, however, that Grusch briefed Kirkpatrick prior to AARO being officially set up, only meant that Kirkpatrick was aware of the alleged program, but that it wasn’t officially briefed to AARO—a specious fact that Kirkpatrick would later use as plausible deniability that AARO was made aware of the program. It is this kind of prevarication that makes people like Menzel, Robertson, Condon, Klass, and Kirkpatrick especially despised. Unlike Allen Hynek, who went on to salvage his legacy, history will one day be look back at these men as true pariah.

    In addition to briefing Kirkpatrick, Grusch reports his findings of the illegally run CR&REP to the DOD Inspector General (DOD IG). Soon after, Grusch gets alerted through an NGA back channel to the fact that the IG report got leaked within the MIC, and as a result, he had become rightfully concerned about receiving some form of retaliation from those within the deep-state faction of the USE. He suspected that the leak had come from within the DOD IG’s office, itself, and likely discussed his concerns with Jay Stratton, as well as his supervisors within the NRO and NGA. He took no time in retaining Chuck McCullough, who was an ex-Intelligence Community IG (IC IG), as legal counsel, and filed a formal complaint with the current IC IG, as a whistle-blower using an Urgent Concern filing under the Presidential Policy Directive 19 (PPD-19), which was passed in 2012 under Barack Obama, as well as under the subsequent Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) and the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA). After doing a thorough review of Grusch’s findings, the IC IG concludes that Grusch’s claims are both credible and urgent, and needed to be forwarded, as directed in PPD-19, IAA, and ICWPA, to the permanent U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Intelligence and the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. It should be noted that the IC IG has statutory authority to provide whistle-blower protections to those who report fraud, waste, or abuse, and to that end, found that the allegations presented by Grusch clearly involved fraud, as well as abuse by a group within the MIC.

    It should be noted that by this time, Jay Stratton was retired from government service, and Jeremy Corbell had secured himself a seat at the AOA’s table right next to George Knapp, making them unofficial liaisons for UFO/UAP disclosure between the AOA, the UTC, and the public; which also put them in a position of trust with first-hand UAP witnesses in the military, as well as deep-state whistleblowers,

    On May 4th, George Knapp attends a two-day UAP conference in Huntsville, AL, sponsored by a UAP investigation think-tank, known as the Scientific Coalition of UAP Studies (SCU). Knapp is told by a yet-to-be disclosed source, who was also attending the meeting—most likely friend, colleague, and fellow AOA member, Jay Stratton—that someone important (i.e., David Grusch) would also be attending the meeting—someone who specifically wanted to meet Knapp. The source (Stratton) also thought Knapp would be extremely interested in meeting this person (Grusch). Also attending the meeting with Stratton was fellow AOA alumnus, John Alexander, as well as SR TV host, and former UAPTF lead investigator under Stratton, Travis Taylor. Dr. Gary Nolan also attended the meeting, as did Jeremy Corbel at the behest of Knapp, who by this point only knew he would be meeting somebody of possible consequence at the conference, and wanted his protege, Jeremy Corbell, to be there as well. It should be noted that during a podcast, George Knapp specifically pointed out the fact that Alexander did not know who Grusch was prior to meeting him at the conference. Conversely, he made no such comment regarding Taylor, indicating that Taylor and Grusch may have already known each other prior to the meeting; thus, potentially corroborating the fact that Taylor was a working acquaintance, if not a colleague, of Grusch’s during his time working for the UAPTF under Stratton. If such a relationship did in fact exist, then if Grusch had by chance uncovered any information held by the deep-state faction regarding any known phenomena that might be associated with SR, he would have likely shared such information with Taylor. Conversely, both Taylor and Stratton would have likely shared what they had uncovered about UFOs and UAP at SR with Grusch, as well as any other UAP related information that was uncovered by AAWSAP-BAASS, and by extension NIDS, and the ATPWG. The potential Taylor-Grusch connection could also explain why that on more than one occasion, SR had been buzzed by “unmarked” military helicopters while the TV crew was filming the show, assuming that the helicopters were in fact legitimate, and that someone within the deep-state faction had been alerted to Grusch’s investigation and was aware of his connection with Taylor, which—though a reach—cannot be ruled out as a distinct possibility.

    Grusch shows up at the SCU conference with his NRO and NGA supervisors. While there, he meets Knapp at a bar, and over the course of the next couple days at the conference, as well as over the course of the next few months, tells Knapp (and Corbell) his story. It should be noted that in addition to being a major player in the current era of UAP enlightenment since the very beginning, Knapp was the one who had convinced the very first deep-state whistle-blower, Bob Lazar, to go public as a means of protection against government reprisals more than 30 years earlier. The fact the Grusch sought Knapp out to tell his story (likely at the behest of their mutual colleague, Jay Stratton) suggests that he may have had a very real reason to be afraid, not only for his career, reputation, and credibility, but for his and possibly his family’s safety; it also suggests that he may have believed that Knapp likely knew more than anyone else about what a whistle-blower in his position should do to protect himself—over and above the protections provided under the PPD-19 and ICWPA. Such a meeting was likely inevitable at some point anyway given the connection between Knapp, Stratton, and Grusch; however, the manner in which Grusch reached out to Knapp also lends—in no small way—some credibility to Lazar’s story, and that Knapp’s advice to Lazar to go public was at least believed within some circles to have likely helped protect Lazar from more serious reprisals. All evidence points to the fact that by the time Grusch arrived at the SCU conference, he had already made the decision to go public about the CR&REP investigation with the approval of his supervisors and counsel, as well as the IC IG and the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR). He had also clearly decided that George Knapp would be the first person on the outside that he would seek help from—and that is not an insignificant detail.

    On May 12, military contractor, Radiance Technologies (Radiance), which specializes in “cyber security, systems engineering, prototyping and integration as well as operational and strategic intelligence including scientific and technical intelligence” announces that they hired ex-Pentagon official, Jay Stratton, as a “Subject Matter Expert” (SME), which begs the obvious question: “SME of what? As previously mentioned, Stratton soon brings Travis Taylor into the Radiance fold as well. Stratton also makes an appearance as a guest investigator on the “Secret of the Skinwalker Ranch”, Season 4, Episodes 7, 11 and 14, which air in 2023. Stratton’s presence on the show solidifies his connection with Taylor, as well as the connection between SR, AAWSAP-BAASS, AATIP, AOA, the UAPTF, and soon-to-go-public, whistle-blower, and David Grusch.

    On May 17, the first official public UAP hearing mandated under Section 1683 the FY22 NDAA is jointly given to the U.S. House Intelligence Subcommittee on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation by Pentagon Officials, Ronald Moultrie (USDI&S) and Scott Bray (Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence (DDNI)), who provided information in both a classified and unclassified setting. During the briefing, they publicly stated that the number of recorded military UAP encounters had increased from the original number reported in the preliminary UAP assessment of 144 to over 500 between 2004 and 2022, and that most incidents could be identified using prosaic explanations, meaning a small, but distinct, percentage couldn’t. In the public portion of the hearing, they simply provided the minimum amount of information required to satisfy their NDAA mandate for public disclosure without having to provide any real information about any UAPs that could not be explained using prosaic explanations. This was achieved by hiding behind the tried-and-true government excuse of information classification—the alleged over-classification of which will come into question in later briefings and hearings. Of the 500 plus reported UAP accounts, they provided evidence of only a few UAP, which included the hard-to-see cell phone video of a UAP fly-by and two still shots of other UAP taken by Navy pilots in 2019; as well as the night-vision Pyramid UAP video that was previously leaked to the public by Jeremy Corbell. In other words, minimal substantive information or evidence was presented to the public about UAP during the hearing, and what little evidence was presented had already been released. Furthermore, the evidence that they did provide was qualified as unexplained phenomena due to the “lack of verifiable scientific data”, and not due to the possibility that they may have had non-human origins. The “lack of verifiable scientific data” statement had become a running bureaucratic trope that has not only been continuously promoted by every government official up to this point not named Stratton, but by virtually every UFO skeptic, denier, and debunker as evidence that UAP of non-human origin simply do not exist. To that end, Moultrie and Bray simply swept the ET hypothesis under the rug, while floating the potential “adversary” hypothesis as a distinct possibility, despite the fact that any type of prosaic explanation—including one involving advanced commercial or military technology—would prove to be more implausible than the ET hypothesis when applied to craft that present one or more of the 5 recognized UAP attributes, or “observables”, detailed by Luis Elizondo, which defy mankind’s known understanding of physics.

    All in all, the unclassified portion of the 2022 UAP hearing was carefully couched by Pentagon officials to provide only anodyne facts, so that they could prevaricate around the UAP truth using sophistic word gymnastics, which are still embraced by most in the MSM, and nearly always used as the basis of fact by UFO skeptics, debunkers, deniers, and truth-contortionists, like Mick West, Michael Sherman, Seth Shostak, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Scott Kelley, and Bill Nye. Both the USE and SC have proven to be quite adroit at hiding behind the cover of scientific methodology and lack verifiable data to speciously justify their utterly painful, if not absurd, prosaic rationalizations of UAP, which are more often than not more implausible than the ET hypothesis itself—not to mention the fact such explanations do not answer the fundamental fact that these craft demonstrate characteristics that defy our understanding of physics. The 5 observables represent a well-defined, quantifiable, set of physical characteristics, or parameters, that can be used to differentiate between technology of human origin and that of non-human origin based on the fundamental capabilities of the phenomena; therefore, there is a very strong possibility that the intelligence community had been using these characteristics all along as presumptive indicators to identify the likely origin of UAP so that the potential threat they might pose to national security could be realistically evaluated, which is exactly what those in AATIP had been doing all along, right up until the time AATIP was shuddered (if in fact it ever had been shuddered). Ultimately, the potential threat that these extraordinary machines pose to our national security, however, is not determined by intelligence analysts and officers, but by high-level bureaucrats within the MIC, which according to Elizondo did not take the potential threat seriously enough, and/or perhaps even rejected AATIP’s presumptive determinations of non-human origin based on personal beliefs and biases, or for some other more deliberate, if not nefarious, reason. And it was this inaction on the part of the MIC to properly act on his findings that ostensibly led to Elizondo’s resignation.

    By using the lack of “verifiable scientific data” as a means to explain away, or ignore the ET, or non-human, hypothesis; career bureaucrats, like Moultrie and Bray, were simply exploiting the public’s ignorance by using cleverly worded phrases to hide what they knew was the truth. That truth, of course, was that the ET hypothesis can neither be proven, NOR disproven, in the absence of verifiable data, and yet the ET hypothesis was never mentioned by either of them as being even a remote possibility, never mind being the most likely one in light of the fact that a certain percentage of the reported UAP encounters involved physical craft that demonstrated characteristics and capabilities that defy our known understanding of physics as well as our ability to explain them in prosaic terms.

    Another thing that is not being taken into consideration by those who are engaged in weaving the public tapestry of UAP disinformation is the fact that the confidence level associated with using the “5 observables” as “intelligence” characteristics for making presumptive binary determinations of UAP origin (i.e., human vs. non-human) challenges the confidence level associated with even the best devised analytical method using so called “verifiable scientific data” as parameters, which given the nature of the phenomena, would be impossible to identify and measure in the absence of baseline data. In other words, as definitive as verifiable scientific data might be in proving UAP origin, such data is worthless without having existent craft, and measurable data obtained from such craft, on hand to compare the observed UAP data to. The irony is enough to choke on. So, yes, both Moultrie and Bray absolutely knew with a relatively high degree of confidence that a distinct percentage of those UAP encounters that had been reported up the chain of command to AATIP, UAPTF, and the AOIMSG, which demonstrated traits consistent with one or more of the 5 UAP observables had a high probability of being non-human in origin; they simply prevaricated by saying they had no verifiable data to prove without a doubt they were ET in origin; thus the phrase “we have no verifiable evidence to suggest that UAP are of non-human origin” was born.

    Though not a member of the Subcommittee, Rep. Tim Burchett, who would soon become the public voice of the Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC) on UAP, was in attendance at the hearing. Afterwards, he openly questioned the Pentagon’s transparency and criticized their dismissive, if not intellectually insulting, attitude towards the ET hypothesis, which—by the process of elimination alone—was clearly more plausible than any prosaic explanation Moultrie or Bray could otherwise come up with even if they had tried.

    It’s worth noting once again that all 6 of the UAP videos disclosed to date, as well as the two still shots that have been released to the public through the AOA, Corbell, and/or the UAPTF, were Navy UAP videos. At this point, it is fairly safe to assume that a preponderance of the UAP encounters that were reported to the UAPTF, AOIMSG, and Congress in a classified setting also originated from the Navy, which is something that was not overlooked by AOA member, Chris Mellon, who wrote an article that called out the USAF’s potential motives for their silence on the matter (a sentiment that was later repeated by George Knapp in a Weaponized podcast). There is an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence surrounding the recent UAP disclosures to suggest that a clear and present schism exists within the shallow-state faction of the USE that splits the faction into two sub-factions: one that appears to reside within the Navy Intelligence Community (NIC), which has been willing to disclose UAP related evidence; and another that appears to reside within the Air Force Intelligence Community (AFIC), which has thus far been loath to disclose any UAP evidence, suggesting that the AFIC may very well be in bed with, or perhaps even an apparatus of, the deep-state faction of the USE.

    It is also worth mentioning that during his time at S-4, Bob Lazar had been an employee of the Department of Naval Intelligence, indicating that the NIC (or some portion of it) may have at one time also been part of the deep-state faction of the USE, possibly suggesting that in the aftermath of Lazar’s incident in 1989, the CR&REP, or a portion of it, may have been pulled from the NIC altogether and placed entirely under the aegis of the AFIC. Such a scenario, as speculative as it might be, could certainly explain the apparent schism within the USE.

    On July 15th, 2022, the DOD releases a memo stating that “Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, in coordination with the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), amended her original direction to the USD(I&S) by renaming and expanding the scope of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group (AOIMSG) to the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), due to the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, which included a provision to establish an office, in coordination with DNI, with responsibilities that were broader than those originally assigned to the AOIMSG.” Again, this statement is pure sophistry, in that the AOIMSG was not “renamed” or “expanded”, but shut down and replaced by an official office under the direction of Congress, which had an expanded mandate to be more transparent about their UAP findings in accordance with the FY22 NDAA. It should be noted that in addition to a broader mission function, the term “All-domain” replaced the terms “Aerial” and “Airborne” used in previous reiterations of similar UAP investigation organizations. These changes were likely the direct result of the naval USO video leaked by Jeremy Corbell, possibly coupled with additional evidence of USOs provided to members of Congress behind closed doors by the AOA or other members of the UTC, and/or possibly by Moultrie and Bray in the classified portion of the earlier House Subcommittee briefing. Congress would soon learn that the decision to set up AARO under the OUSD(I&S), and by extension the USE, would end up being a mistake; and the official naming of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick as the Director of AARO only acted to ensure that the decision was a mistake.

    By August, Knapp and Corbell had many unclassified discussions with Grusch about his whistle-blower complaint and his role in investigating the CR&REP, and likely strategized on how and when to best go public. It should be noted that at this point in time Grusch had not yet been formally deposed by Congress on the whistle-blower complaint or the illegal reverse engineering programs; however, some back-channel discussions with certain committee members may have taken place.

    A USAF Reaper drone captures a white-hot FLIR video image of a UAP flying over a conflict zone in Iraq, which is leaked directly to Jeremy Corbell, who names it the Baghdad Phantom UAP. The IR images are of a cigar shaped object that is significantly cooler than its surroundings, and which has no discernible flight control surfaces associated with aerodynamic craft, including those associated with electrically powered drones. The object also had no thermally detectable exhaust signatures that are typically associated with reactionary type propulsion systems, such as solid or liquid-fueled rocket motors, or piston and turbine driven internal combustion engines; however, it clearly left behind a thermal disturbance in its wake that was picked up by the FLIR, which looked not too unlike the optical electromagnetic distortion created by thermal disturbances in air density immediately above a paved highway on a hot day. Such a density disturbance would make sense if the operating temperature of the craft was significantly lower than that of the surrounding air, as shown in the IR images, which in itself defies our understanding of the laws of thermodynamics in how they apply to the loss of heat when converting sources of potential energy into work. Two other important things to take away from this account is that, first and foremost, the FLIR images of the Baghdad Phantom UAP was obtained by the USAF, as opposed to the Navy, and secondly it was leaked directly to Corbell without going through the proper channels for declassification or AARO, indicating that not only did the destigmatization of UAP embolden military personnel from both the USAF (as well as the USN) to come forward about such encounters, but by not going through the proper channels, it indicated a growing distrust for AARO by everyone.

    Prior to formally testifying before Congress, Grusch attends a Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on the weekend of August 25-28 with Knapp and Corbell, with whom he had developed a friendship since meeting at the SCU conference in May. He flies back to Washington D.C. that Sunday night, and upon reporting to work the next morning is promptly met by security guards, who escort him out of the building. He is notified that his security clearance had been suspended because he was under investigation for what ended up being three petty, and clearly trumped up, allegations: one which involved an extremely minor series of time card discrepancies over the course of a five-and-a-half year period; one that he had divulged classified information to people who did not have a clearance (i.e., Knapp, Corbell, et al), and one due to concerns surrounding his mental health and competency based on a past history of documented depression and PTSD (from Afghanistan), which involved two publicly recorded (and therefor FOIA accessible) incidents in which he was kept under voluntary watch for suicide, both of which he had been officially adjudicated and dismissed as non-issues, as corroborated by the fact that he had retained his Top-Secret clearance and positions within the NRO and NGA, and was subsequently assigned the highest-level intelligence functions, including investigating UAP. It should be noted that by 2021, continuous security clearance vetting by the DOD Consolidated Adjudication Facility (CAF) had become standard procedure for all DOD personnel who have a clearance, so his potential mental health concerns and competence were never considered an issue by ANYONE, even outside the UAPTF, NGA, and NRO. Eventually, he would be officially cleared of all three allegations.

    An interesting point to bring up at this time, is the fact that by all accounts Grusch had sought out George Knapp about going public, yet he would ultimately end up going public nearly a year later through Leslie Kean and the DeBrief, and through Ross Coulthard and News Nation; and not through Knapp or Corbell, despite maintaining a close relationship with both to this day. One could certainly speculate that Grusch’s lawyer, Chuck McCullough, and or the IC IG had steered him away from Knapp and Corbell if in fact they were the ones named in the trumped-up charge against Grusch, which is entirely possible given the timing of when Grusch was confronted by the security officers at work, and given the context of some statements made by Knapp and Corbell in a subsequent podcast on the matter. On the other hand, Knapp may have fallen on his own sword, and chose to miss out on the scoop of the millennia by steering Grusch towards Kean and Coulthard, who were well established and respected journalists, simply because they didn’t come with any baggage that could potentially hurt Grusch’s credibility, like Knapp knew he had based not only on Grusch’s trumped up charges, but on Knapp’s association, and ongoing relationship, with Bob Lazar, who’s credibility had been eviscerated by skeptics and ufologists alike over the course of the last 30 years. Notwithstanding the actual reason why Grusch did not go public through Knapp, the decision itself was likely a mutual one by all concerned parties.

    NASA announces that they are commissioning a scientific study of UAP, which would be performed by an all-inclusive who’s who of NASA scientists and bureaucrats. As part of their announcement, and in lockstep with AARO’s lead, NASA changed the acronym for UAP from meaning Unidentified “Aerial” Phenomenon to Unidentified “Anomalous” Phenomenon, ostensibly in response to videos, and testimony given to Congress, regarding the trans-medium capabilities of UAP. It should be noted that NASA’s official acknowledgment of the fact that some of these craft did in fact have such capabilities (prior to performing their so-called “scientific” study of the phenomena) should be an indicator to all that they likely already know much more about the true nature of UAP than what they were willing to admit publicly. Also, given the nature of NASA’s mission function, coupled with their alleged history of covering up past astronaut UFO accounts, and possible scrubbing of lunar images, as well as their preponderance to cut away to blue-screens during live video shots of UAP in space; it seems nothing short of hypocritical for them to stand-up an official study of something that they have always denied, especially when all they needed to do was open a file drawer in order to obtain the very answers they supposedly sought. Simply put, anyone that didsn’t see the proposed NASA study as nothing more than a possible means to score additional congressional dollars by cashing in on the UAP craze, as well as a platform to officially debunk the UAP narrative is fooling no one but themselves. Moreover, NASA has no incentive to seek out the truth about something that would ultimately end in the disclosure of their own complicity in a decades-old cover-up. There was also a distinct connection between AARO, and its underlying agenda, and the NASA UAP dream team that would come to light in a later press conference.

    By the end of 2022, no public announcements had been made about David Grusch, his whistle-blower complaint, or his allegations about uncovering a deep-state reverse engineering program, yet seemingly out of the blue, Congress quietly inserts Section 1673 into the FY23 NDAA, which—like the BAASS contract deliverable some 14 years earlier—mandated that an investigation be conducted into allegations of a secret CR&REP run by the MIC and their contractors. Only this time, it was to be stood up as an officially sanctioned investigation conducted by the OSD in consultation with the DNI, not as part of a covert SAP investigation. It needs to be reiterated once again that at this point in time no announcements had been made regarding Grusch’s congressional testimony of an illicit CR&REP or his PPD-19 whistle-blower complaint against the DOD IG, yet the insertion of Section 1673 into the bill for the upcoming FY23 NDAA clearly indicated that some form of a hearing, or back-channel discussion, had indeed occurred between him and certain members of Congress. Moreover, the NDAA provision included additional whistle-blower protections for any witnesses that came forward to testify about the program. While under oath during a later House Oversight Committee hearing, as well as in a subsequent article written by Leslie Kean, Grusch would divulge that he had actually helped draft the language used in the NDAA provision, clearly demonstrating that not only was Section 1673 introduced into the FY23 NDAA in direct response to his allegations, but indicated that the whistle-blower protection provision was specifically written and inserted into the NDAA to send a message of assurance to the 40 whistle-blowers, who had initially come forward to Grusch about the reverse engineering program, but have been hesitant to go before Congress due to fears of retaliation against them and their families. It should be noted that to date no information has been forthcoming with regards to the CR&REP investigation mandated under the FY2023 NDAA. People need to start bringing this up to their representatives in Congress.

    The year, 2022, was indeed a banner year for the cause of UAP enlightenment because it laid the foundation for an upcoming turning point in the UAP narrative, where the ongoing discussion about UAP would switch from that of a mere investigation into determining whether or not UAP are real, and therefore a possible threat to national security and aviation, to an investigation about determining whether or not UAP are of non-human in origin, as well as an investigation of an illegal, decades-old, clandestine CR&REP within the USG that has both craft and beings of non-human origin in its possession, which would prove that UFOs and extraterrestrials are in fact real, but have been visiting earth for decades, if not centuries, or longer.

    Moreover, if Grusch’s allegations into a CR&REP prove to be true, those in our society who deliberately chose the path of UFO and ET ignorance will no longer have any cover to hide behind, because no physical evidence could be more compelling or verifiable than 15 or more flying saucers parked in a hanger, or dozens of three-foot-tall, frozen, alien cadavers stored in a meat locker. Furthermore, if what Lazar claimed to have read while at S-4 about alien intervention in our evolutionary development also proves to be true—as nearly all of his other claims have proven to be thus far—then having such craft and bodies is only the tip of the iceberg regarding the impact that this news will ultimately have on our species going forward. Such a revelation would not only vindicate an army of card-carrying, tin-foil hat wearing, ufologists regarding the greatest cover-up in the history of mankind, but it would also change the meaning of life, as well as mankind’s understanding of its place in the world, and in the cosmos. The ontological ramifications of such a revelation would be incalculable, and yet here we are, standing at the precipice of a whole new reality as we wait our turn to be unplugged from the matrix. For all our excessive pride and unfounded hubris in the belief that we are an exceptional race, nothing could be more iconoclastic and humbling to us as a sentient species than having the realization thrust upon us that nothing could be further from the truth, and that we are nothing more than the product of another species’ biological experiment—genetically altered gold-fish in a bowl so-to-speak, which are from time to time plucked out of the water by a superior race to be studied and dissected at their whim, and there is nothing we can say…or do…about it. We are about to swallow Morpheus’ red pill, and once we do, there is no antidote in the form of a blue pill to counteract it. Depending on how future events unfold, this particular moment in time may end up being a major turning point in human history, and yet no one was even aware it had happened…at least not yet anyway.

    We’re coming around the back stretch now.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I appreciate these long comments and DO save them. I have a special file for them and they won’t be forgotten, I can promise you. One brief comment of my own — the relationship of these beings with our own development and evolution is of interest to me for sure, and I am planning to have something to say on that matter for this site later today, hopefully.

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