Who’s Making These Things? | RD FCP

By | December 3, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Tracey recorded me in a more informal mode for this Fireside Chat Podcast and I discussed a bit of our activities this weekend — we hosted a fascinating guest-friend-fellow researcher who is currently below the radar. However, it was very worthwhile and we had some good research to share with each other and several good dives into the UAP/UFO crash retrieval phenomenon.

One topic that came up was, ‘who’s making all the UAP/UFOs?’ It’s true that I can sometimes overlook the certainty that the US and black budget world is certainly involved in developing various flying saucer-type craft. Triangles too. What I wonder, and don’t know how to answer, is how many are made for covert USG purposes, and how many are not. 

Another thing to consider is the potential level of collaboration with human and non-human groups in manufacturing such craft. Keep in mind there is a fairly long history of such claims, including people like Bill Uhouse, Dan Sherman, even Bob Lazar, and others who have either hinted or stated directly that there is a collaboration of some sort going on. I don’t see why this would be impossible. It could be precisely the case. If true, that would complicate the matter of ‘who’s making these things’ considerably. 

Anyway, I am sorry for the extra short FCP (only 25 min) but I was pretty much out of gas. I do look forward to jumping back into USO research and sharing that with you in the coming week. Undoubtedly, more in the UAP/UFO field will come out this week and we will be on top of it.