UFO Crash Retrievals. An Interview with Michael Schratt. The Richard Dolan Show.

By | August 19, 2019

It’s been a while, but here is a new Richard Dolan Show, and yet another in my ongoing series with military/UFO historian Michael Schratt. Once again, we had a fantastic conversation. Once again, he provided us with many beautiful rendered illustrations of the subject matter. This time of UFO crash retrieval accounts. Another can’t-miss.


21 thoughts on “UFO Crash Retrievals. An Interview with Michael Schratt. The Richard Dolan Show.

  1. Ed Coffman

    I would love to find out what a Baptist Minister says to a dead Alien! My guess is that the National Baptist Convention didn’t have a provision for such a circumstance! Holy Crow!

    And when the Minister tells the whole story to his congregation, what does he say in conclusion?!…That the Aliens become Christians in “their next life”?! My, Goodness!

    1. Kosh

      I’m a Christian and have been a member of a Southern Baptist Church. In addition, I’ve attended a number of other churches including Pentacostal, Methodist, Nazarene, and others. I can tell you for a fact that most Christians will be extremely perplexed when full disclosure happens and they learn that ET craft along with bodies have been recovered. However, there will be a minority that accept it. I think a big issue for many Christians will be whether or not ETs have souls like we do, and if so, how do they fit into God’s universe. My hope is that upon disclosure the different ET species will present themselves and share their beliefs on God and the afterlife. My guess is that they know much more than we do!

  2. jimirod

    I can’t help it but everytime I see you and Tracy I think you married up. way up and I
    bet you must agree.
    I hope she gets back home soon.

  3. MarkH

    Hi Richard
    Fantastic interview with Michael Schratt only made more impressive by the amazing graphics that would be a great addition to any coffee book I think. But more impressive was the accuracy of them. I noticed the 30. Cal M1 carbine in one of the photos, the right weapon for the time period. And to top it all off the stories had lots of detail especially the Aztec case , loved every minute. At one stage I stepped out of the room only to return and think you were channeling “Tricky Dicky” himself ! That is until I realised you were up to your old tricks again!
    Regarding the Kingman Arizona case and the mention of Groom Lake the Atomic Energy commission acquired the land in 50 I believe not such a stretch when you think a great place to hide a UFO would be where the threat of radioactivity looms. My question is when was Papoose Lake developed ? That’s where they house the UFOs supposedly.
    Thanks again !

  4. Deno Gettas

    Such a great interesting show graphics were awesome easy to understand good interview one of the best Thanks

  5. Scott Santa

    A certain researcher friend of mine still buys the old and tired “debunk” about Aztec, and we argue now and then about it – I’ve never been on the fence with this case – even without hard evidence. There’s that intangible kernel of truth that surrounds the entire story as being factual. The Ramsey’s book(s) certainly carry the day for me with respect to the case. What a great show! In fact – having Michael Schratt as a semi-regular guest has proven to be a gem! DON’T LET HIM GO!!! Wish he’d put that book out in hardcover or coffee-table …. not a big fan of e-books. Looking forward to your next show with him!!!

  6. michaelschulze

    HI Richard,
    Maybe the Great Lakes Naval “USO” is, in fact, a retrieved ‘tic-tac” (35 feet by 12 feet)?


  7. KrisThom

    Thank you for another great interview with Michael… Followed Michaels work for many years. Have a nice day
    Best regards from UFO Denmark

  8. Dan

    I know it’s off topic, just curious what you make John Greenwald. I kind of feel like he just has a bug up his ass. I feel like the important thing is the main stream is talking about it.

  9. metaintegral

    Just had a chance to listen to this interview – amazing stuff. I looked online for Michael’s ebook that he said was available on the MUFON site – Retrievals of the third kind: cosmic crashes, corpses, and cover ups – and couldn’t find it anywhere? Can anyone provide a link to where to view/download/buy it? Thanks. Sean

  10. Steven Reigstad

    If anyone is interested in looking at the Aztec Landing Site with Google Earth Pro or Maps, the GPS Coordinates for the plaque on the mesa is 36.877651 -107.841343. Zoom in enough and you may recognize the “Face”. Spoiler Alert! Nope, changed my mind. Have a look. Enjoy!

  11. Dennislogan.927

    While Christians maybe upset about ET, how upset will they be if they find out that ET created us. I believe the universe is alive and is aware of everything. That being said, no God has stopped the horror we do to ourselves. We are children that haven’t learned the truth. That is why disclosure will cause them a bit of stress. It’s time to grow up and accept that we are not alone and never have been. We are the future of the galaxy, we must prepare to get ready for our brand adventure. Unless ET doesn’t give a damn about us, but I don’t think so. Someone is helping us build new advance craft for some reason. Tic Tacs aren’t ours alone, someone is helping and there is a reason. Maybe our government is the best to offer and ET is helping us or they’re already running the show.

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