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By | October 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I was asked by good friend of the site James Iandoli (Youtube: Engaging the Phenomenon) if I wanted to participate in a Crash Retrieval panel for his channel and was happy to participate. This included James, Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, Ryan Robbins (aka UFO Jesus), and myself. I have to say it had a good amount of useful information, but mainly was just a good discussion of relevant issues. 

I decided to set up shop in a different part of the house and honestly I think this worked just fine. I have other uses for the venerable Collab Room so am trying new solutions. Eventually I am expecting to move, but until I find that place will figure out a good system. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Two hours. 


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  1. tecnoir

    Richard, Please clear your number one spot on your reading list and read “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insider’s Account of the Secret Government UFO Program”….I would be really surprised if you haven’t read it already….I am really interested to hear your take on the book. So many interesting revelations about AATIP being a cover in the media for AAWSAP, too much to mention here….Hal Puthoff is also prominently mentioned….

  2. ernattard@gmsil.com

    Hi Folks. I believe its time to take this in our own hands, we no longer need the Government to control this issue any longer..
    We the people should invite these off world beings, to come and show themselves, and end this Disclosure , that has lasted too long.
    Its time that the people wake up to this and except this as a very real thing . Otherwise it will take decades, to end this Phenomena… The World should now be ready.

  3. Gal Matheys

    great one!
    almost at the end of it Richard you start touching what i have been thinking for a while now, the connection between whats going on in the last year and half and UFO or UFO disclosure not necessarily both

    will love here more about your take on that


  4. BAS703

    Hello Richard
    Thank you for sharing the excellent panel which was thought provoking on many fronts. And here, I have a question for you. Say, in the (unlikely) event that Disclosure did happen. After the initial furore, surely human beings would have to establish some sort of relation with the Visitors, or have a kind of a normalised relationship with them. Then surely different nations have to have a collective relationship with them. In other words it cannot be one particular country that gets all the loot with regards to technology, science, culture etc. If it’s only one or two countries that would successfully create a relations but not others, then you would have ‘winners & losers’ in the world. Surely it would have to be a planet-wide exercise, and not only for the privileged few, right? And how would that relate to the ‘One Gvt.’ concept?
    The other point I wanted to raise is to say that what I think is the holdup to full Disclosure is mostly the unresponsive/disinterested press. If there was an honest, active and vibrant press that did its job, Disclosure would have happened a long time ago.

  5. TomTort

    A very interesting discussion which I think there should be more.
    There have been several criticisms on the book, ” The day After Roswell.” All of which state there are fabrications of many items mentioned and some of which are totally false. I may be incorrect stating that most of those result from the coauthor, William J. Birnes. I have read the book several times and have wondered if someone will ever write a more accurate account of the “facts” presented giving Col. Philip J. Corso the credibility he deserves. I don’t think this is an unusual request considering the importance of the publication.
    Linda Moulton Howe has had interviews with him and I am certain she of all people realize there are obvious errors that need correcting. I wonder if you have ever discussed this with her and if there is a way to have this publication revisited and published as a definitive version.

  6. Lauren2844

    I feel bad for Richard.. I remember watching Edgar Mitchell talking to regular folk about UFO’S. The questions being asked of him were so childish and embarrassing. I basically feel the same here.. it’s like watching an expert being around absolute beginners. It’s gotta be tiring. That’s why I love seeing Dolan around other UFO experts like Grant Cameron just talking about stuff THAT INTERESTS THEM. That’s when I pick up the cool stuff that Interests me. That footage of Dolan and Grant in that hotel room while Tracey records is priceless. Cameron is hilarious. Totally nuts but in a good way. Hearing Cameron and Dolan talking UFO’S is magic. Two old school legends just finishing each other’s answers and hearing their theories. Richard never really likes to discuss his beliefs but Grant always gets him to talk. 😂

  7. Ed Claytor

    Enjoyed the panel video very much. I think more of these should be done. THe part where the talk went to what people think the alien agenda is reminds me of the old twilight show ” How to serve mankind”. Just hope in the real world case it doesn’t turn out to be a cookbook.

  8. PressToDigitate

    Why is everyone in Ufology – including this lot – always stepping on Eggshells around each other, to keep from noticing and dealing with obvious discontinuities in the accepted “storyline” and “Core Truths”? I thought Col. Corso wasn’t even going to be mentioned; he wasn’t on the subject of what *caused* the crashes, something on which he could be most authoritative, but only at the end, on the question of technology “Seeding” – and it was never made clear who believed that such “seeding” referred to ‘the Aliens seeding Us’ with technology, or ‘Majestic seeding Industry’ with it. Let’s Get Real: The two *dumbest* ideas in Ufology are that 1) Alien craft just ‘fall out of the sky’ (“like ours”) due to ‘shoddy workmanship’, ‘mechanical failure’ or ‘pilot error’; and, 2) Aliens would deliberately crash their scout craft *and personnel* in order to “Seed” the poor Earthlings with advanced technology. I can’t express the revulsion that such stupidity in this field elicits. First, When we have perhaps a dozen ex-military testimonies (incl. Corso’s) regarding Radar-derived Microwave Directed Energy Weapons as being what downed the crashed saucers – and Zero reports of Alien/Alien aerial combat to account for it – that case should be marked “CLOSED”; as in “We Shot Them Down”, Period. Second, Even disregarding the logistical madness of an Interstellar Expedition *throwing away* useful and scarce (and, perhaps even irreplaceable) utility vehicles from their outfitted complement thereof, and killing or risking capture of their Crew to “Gift” technology to an underdeveloped species (which they seem to avoid interacting with in any other favorable way) still fails the laugh test, given the complete uncertainty of the state of debris remnants following such a chaotic “Sudden Unplanned Disassembly Event” (as Musk calls rocket failures). This, of course, *still* neglects the presence of Alien Hybrid Operatives embedded within our Scientific, Academic, Military, Intelligence and Contractor establishment (from probably before Roswell, if not acquired by then via “Operation Paperclip”), who could easily – trivially – transfer, or “Seed” any such advanced technologies (or misdirection therefrom) at no loss of life or materiel to the ET Expedition, and without the associated scrutiny.

    Here we are, FOUR (4) MONTHS after our democratic process has been thwarted – openly flouted – by the Deep State in its ridiculous June 24th “evasion”, and Ufology – neither the ‘Old Guard’ nor the ‘Young Guns’ (let alone *BOTH*), have yet to issue a unified statement in response, condemning the continued Coverup, in the face of legal Congressional demands for ‘candor’ in such reporting. How dysfunctional is this field? In any other sector of Human endeavor, some leadership response would have been forthcoming, with its top people putting aside their petty squabbling over philosophy or detail or personality conflicts or egos in order to Speak With One Voice on matters existential to that sector’s interest. Why hasn’t it happened here? YOU, Richard, are the logical Leader to organize such a Joint Response. It remains a ‘missed opportunity’, the missing of which continues to relegate us all to “the dustbin of History”. When the SIX MONTH mark is reached – on Christmas Eve – will Ufology STILL be silent, moribund and catatonic in its answer to the UAPTF Report? Or, can you guys manage to give us some “pushback” for Christmas this year?

    I loved the nodding agreement you got from several of the panelists on the ‘radical’ notion that “Not All ETs May Be Friendly”, and that their interactions with Humans [incl mass kidnapping & rape] are not ‘benign’, *Even when welcomed by the victims on subsequent encounters*. Why isn’t what you said there *FRONT & CENTER* of the discussion in Ufology? Why are the Aliens writing the scripts for our discussions in this field, as voiced at Conferences, and most online material, when we (of all people) should know better? You, Angel Dolan, play the Harp; but the Sky Devils, as Charlie Daniels noted, play the Violin; and they’ve been playing us in Ufology like Violins for the entirety of the post-War period. Is it any wonder that our civilization is on track for BORG-like “Assimilation” over the next 10 years, into a pseudo-Corporate, cryptofascist, Alien-Controlled electronic “Hive Mind”, that Hollywood & Silicon Valley now dub “the Metaverse”? Feinberg, Brzezinski and others *told us this was coming* FIFTY (50) YEARS AGO, with the BCI expressly detailed (within 10 years of the invention of the microchip)!

    Is Cyrus Parsa the sanest thinker in this field? How is our exopolitical reality divorced from this enveloping technotyranny? Why must the two be forever “compartmentalized” in discussion? Its schizophrenic to keep parsing the two in isolation as ‘seemingly unrelated’, especially in light of Corso. What humongous “Brain Fart” convinced Ufology that such technological commerce between Industry & Aliens always went blindly through the Foreign Technology Desk? Or that it stopped in the 1960s after Corso retired? How can we recognize, on the one hand, that all of the “really secret truths” on ETUFO are squirreled away in Industry, without at least reconciling that with the contrived, inhuman aspects of the technological “vise” that Mankind now finds itself in – from Industry? Its as if the Aliens told Ike, “You can’t have Power or Propulsion, but we’ll teach you how to give every Earthling an exciting new ‘Wizard Brain Hat’ that will make them forget all their cares, and do whatever you want them to do…”

    1. J-Rod

      @PTD great post. You should join Richard on a show. What’s your take on why they’ve never retaliated after we shot them down? Surely there’s been many more shoot downs over the years. And I don’t think aliens would have any concept of kidnapping or rape. It’s a smorgasbord here and they know it.

  9. Michael Couto

    Civilizations visiting from space are abundant. We can see the advanced technology that exists just by how are own tech is developing. Things are coming to a head it seems.
    Let us in the loop ETs! I want the truth, the History, the real Science. All these unique baffling creatures of Earth, what is the Human story? Can we Star Trek among you? Are we just another baffling creature in an experiment? Can we evolve into kind souls and exist with purpose?
    Can we end the surfdom and sufferings, and live pure with responsibility?
    Let the new age commence, our world is a mess. That Rocky feller and friends has got us in a pickle.
    Help us help ourselves if you are not already. I strive to thrive with a peaceful flow.

    I just saw saucer shaped clouds with domes 1hr ago, those were my thoughts.

  10. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing Richard, really enjoyed listening to you guys,and I with you and Danny , I am not optimistic that there will any type of disclosure,not anytime soon..

  11. Harry Harris

    A really good panel and very interesting subject with multiple but sometimes varying opinions. Would like to view more of this as time goes on. Richards historical perspective and acuteness was evident and brought much of the subjects discussed in balance with the past which is definitely needed.

  12. SLICK

    Great panel I do agree that it is a flat fact that we have recovered alien tech and biology. All things considered i don’t think it can be credibly disputed! However! The statement in the Wilson memo about Abduction not being true may entirely be the truth! The facts and evidence surrounding abductions is dubious at best! I think there is a high likelihood that Betty and barney, Travis Walton, is pure fantasy!

    There is a huge difference between the question “do some aliens abduct people?” And ‘has anyone EVER been abducted by an alien?” In the End the evidence of abductions just isn’t as compelling. Crash retrievals offers hard physical evidence and although i haven’t held it in my hands i know there is a lot of it.

  13. SLICK

    Great panel I do agree that it is a flat fact that we have recovered alien tech and biology. All things considered i don’t think it can be credibly disputed! However! The statement in the Wilson memo about Abduction not being true may entirely be the truth! The facts and evidence surrounding abductions is dubious at best! I think there is a high likelihood that Betty and barney, Travis Walton, is pure fantasy!

    There is a huge difference between the question “do some aliens abduct people?” And ‘has anyone EVER been abducted by an alien?” In the End the evidence of abductions just isn’t as compelling. Crash retrievals offers hard physical evidence and although i haven’t held it in my hands i know there is a lot of it.

    I along with Richard are no doubt is finding the boyish exuberance of the young guns in this crowd who actually believe that real disclosure is inevitable subtlety humorous. Take a look around you! have you had your dangerous experimental concoction? or have you lost your job? has government lockdown bankrupted your business or are you getting paid to stay at home? have you been censored yet? and if your white have you acknowledged you privilege? Sorry boys Richard is right. Not only is our disclosure window closing but our freedom window is closing. And is you have taken one of the concoctions your like window may be closing as well. AND FAST!

    1. PressToDigitate

      There is nothing in the least “dubious” about the facts and evidence regarding Abductions. Multiple Alien Implant devices, surgically extracted from Abductees proved through ICP Mass Spectroscopy to be comprised of alloys with Isotopic Ratios not of this Earth. Isotopic Ratios are widely – “universally* – accepted in mainstream Planetary Science as unique cosmic “fingerprints”, used worldwide to confirm the identity of Meteorites and to determine their origin. There is no ambiguity, alternative explanation, or ‘escape clause’ in that Spectroscopy; it leaves ZERO question that offworld technology was implanted into Abductees, thus proving that such Abductions exist, and are performed by Extraterrestrial Aliens, period.

      These Implants are, by far and bar none, the *strongest* evidence that exists for the ETUFO presence, hands down. Lacking access to any proven Crash Debris (beyond “Art’s Parts”) they are also the only absolutely certain physical evidence on UFOs that isn’t controlled by the Aliens’ Vichy Collaborators in the global Deep State. If you want more proof of the ETUFO presence, then all we have to do is to yank 100 more such Implants out of Abductees, and the whole debate over Aliens will be *OVER WITH*.

  14. Ted2

    I worked at an aluminum smelter 50 years back. We were routinely producing electric-grade aluminum (99.5% + purity) in bulk quantities. As I remember, our new pots could often produce like 99.9%+ purity aluminum. You can now purchase 99.99% pure aluminum off the internet.

    Please let Mr. Landoli know his number 99% for special aluminum purity from the conventional purity aspect doesn’t mean it is special or from UFOs. There may be some unusual isotope(s) as has been found with other supposed UFO samples of elements. I think human chemistry is pretty spot-on as far as elements go. There are only so many types of those. For UFO materials (other than element 115), the meaningful findings could be extremely high purities, unusual alloys that aren’t used on earth (and whose purpose we can’t determine), isotopes of elements that don’t exist naturally on earth and materials that are treated elements, alloys or combinations of materials that we can’t practically make. Remember Scully’s “Behind the Flying Saucers” where he mentions an amorphous metal being identified as a UFO artifact. That was in 1951, at least a decade before such materials were produced. Memory metals were identified by Roswell residents in 1947. That was several decades before such materials were developed. In both those cases, did the UFO artifacts drive the science that eventually produced them?

  15. J-Rod

    I can’t understand why countries such as China and Russia, who are not “controlled” by the US, are unwilling to throw some form of Disclosure curveball . As if they’d be concerned about the US having a hissy fit.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      My best guess on this is that they themselves are also run by very conservative groups that don’t like the idea of radical change, at least changes they might not be able to control. Any form of UFO disclosure is likely to bring a certain amount of instability, quite likely a great amount of it. Even so, I do see them as potential wildcards in this drama.

  16. D.A.


    So far I’ve listened to only a portion of the panel because I got side tracked when you mentioned Elizondo’s interview on the Youtube channel, Theory of Everything. Is it just me, or did you also infer from Lois’ statements that there are alien artifacts on the moon? Also, he clearly alluded to the existence of an ultra deep state that is operating illegally outside elected official’s eyes and oversight, which is no big surprise in and of itself, but such a relatively high-level affirmation of it is. I also got the impression that there has been some major spillage between that deep state and other factions within the Pentagon (obviously post Adm Wilson), which I dare speculate may be behind the most recent spate of peripheral disclosure information, and Lous’ own meteoric rise within, and outside, the ufology community. What are your thoughts?


    PS: I still think a series of podcasts detailing Stringfield’s retrieval cases would be incredibly interesting, especially in light of what we know today. Maybe we could even play a game of connect the ET dots with some of the stuff he wrote about and what you and others have written about.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I just reviewed my notes from Elizondo’s interview. I vaguely recall he may have mentioned the Moon, but I did not include that in my notes, which is surprising because I have extensive notes from that interview. What I think I will do this week is to put together those notes with a link to his interview, giving my own assessment of the important things he said. Because there were quite a few of them. I think I would like to do that. And I also love the idea about a Stringfield series. I appreciate both of these excellent ideas.

  17. JurassicRanch47

    “Any form of government, not just Capitalism, is whatever the people who have all our money, drunk or sober, sane or insane, choose to do today.” – Kurt Vonnegut
    “(There exists)…a shadowy government with its own air force, its own navy, its own fundraising mechanisms, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” Sen. Daniel Inouye
    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance, and acknowledging no responsibility, to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul this unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics, is the first task of statesmanship.” – Theodore Roosevelt
    T.R. & Inouye were right, but how far did they get in fixing the problem? Vonnegut’s right. People confuse the real government, those whom actually make the big decisions, with those whom merely work for it; congressmen, presidents, generals, cabinet secretaries and bureaucrats. Sometimes, the spawn of Old Money will work in the State Department or Commerce, or possibly CIA. Wealthy young men need something to keep them appropriately occupied. At a particularly difficult juncture, Nelson Rockefeller made VP, but that was exceptional and carried blowback. The real government never stands for election. How common would that be? Why wouldn’t the guys with their own air force and navy and unlimited money back in the early ’80s have their own anti-gravity fleet by now? Some people think “we” have this technology and that it may be “ours.” The folks who own it feel strongly that it is theirs. This isn’t just about a great corporate income stream. This can make or break ruling families for decades and centuries into the future. This is far beyond even getting in on the ground floor for the founding of Byzantium or controlling the secret trade routes to the New World. They are putting together a global totalitarian merger with the other power structures, a trans-national corporate empire, with plans for going trans-planetary. This technology, zero point torroidal (“ball lightning”) energy generation and wireless transmission, combined with field propulsion and active camouflage (cloaking) are far beyond experimental stages. Mass production has been brought to bear on this. Fleets of field propulsion drones are up right now, and have been being deployed for years. Occasionally, one falls on the federal domain here and their security goons come looking for it. It became harder to ignore when they searched my place by helicopter on the chance that I had their gear. These heavily armed bastards would shoot you dead if they thought you had their stuff. Mark McClandish was right to be afraid of them. They’re dressed in the same black uniforms (when they choose to be) that S-4 security wears. These drones are more important in some ways than even the triangles, discs and giant boomerang shaped craft. They are putting in place a worldwide surveillance grid with these that won’t require satellite launches, and that can stay aloft indefinitely wherever they need them. They appear to have also have defensive capabilities, but they’re meant to watch us. Steve Barone has video of these on his YouTube channel from Nellis AFB & S-4 airspace. Nightly, by 3:00 am Utah time, there are more of these over the Kaibab, Paria and Kaiparowits plateaus than you can count. Video of them has been slowly coming in from LA, Mexico City, Montreal, Flagstaff, Salt Lake City, eastern Colorado and a lot of other places. They had two stuck on Navajo mountain one night. They’d dial the power up and the drones would glow like small suns, but they wouldn’t lift off. It went on for hours. If something goes down, they rush armed ground drews in, secure a perimeter, run off anyone else at gunpoint, throw a cable around the spherical drone and fly it out by helicopter after dark. The helicopters and search planes have cloaking to keep from drawing attention to the search. I’ve had them directly overhead at less than 100 feet and they were completely invisible. Global control requires global surveillance. We haven’t seen the real show yet. They’re just getting set up and are struggling not to show their hand.

  18. Bernard Pelletier

    Great discussion. And there are some points I’d like to make.

    Roswell and Aztec were never debunked. They were only taergets of debunking attempts (same thing for ”discredited”), which failed because they were proven to be real UFO-crash retrievals, but, of course, because of all the secrecy certain details remain obscur, but it’s almost certain 1 of the ufonauts at Roswell was alive and held captive for several years until he deceased.

    It may be possible for the US government to admit the reality of crash retrievals and abductions and say that it was previous generations of the bureaucracy that are responsible for the cover-up, not them, and that they of the previous generations are all deceased. But there’s more at stake than just protecting themselves from blame and prosecution, like the wealth and power of many of the people behind the cover-up.

    The question of UFOs ties into physics because of propulsion and the matter of the speed of light that skeptics claim can’t be surpassed so that ETs can’t come here in any practical way. But the speed of light as a universal limit is 1 of at least 2 absurdities in a disproven theory, the other absurdity being space-time curvature. What operates in the Universe is Lorentzian relativity and LeSagian gravity. Einsteinian relativity has passed several independent experiments corroborating most of its features and predictions, and GR, which is based on SR, has similarly passed several major experimental tests. But Einsteinians ignore the fact that space-time curvature is not possible, that the theory is contradicted by several other facts, and that Lorentz made the same predictions. So the same supporting claims can be made for LR (Lorentzian relativity), which is a modern updating of the Lorentz Ether Theory (LET), first published in 1904, a year before Einstein published SR. It is based on the relativity principle and the famous transformations named after Lorentz, thereby having the same mathematical form as SR. There are 2 important points to emphasize here. An effect explained by 2 or more theories cannot be claimed by any of them as irrefutable evidence of their validity. And an effect that has already been described cannot be subsequently claimed as the special performance of a later-developed theory, and the empirical support for the later-developed theory is in no way convincing.

    In SR, the Lorentz transformations apply to time, space, and mass. By contrast, in LR, they apply only to clocks, yard sticks or meter sticks, and momentum. This implies, for example, increasing the temperature slows a pendulum clock and increases its length, yet this does not mean that something happens to time or space. Only the attempted measures of time and space using the pendulum clock, but not time and space themselves, are affected by temperature. In a similar way, in LR, only the attempted measures of the dimensions of time, space, and mass are affected by speed, but not the dimensions themselves. Time and space are simply abstractions and cannot be changed by motion, potential, nor any material entity.

    In order to explain the speed of light being constant with respect to all observers, Einstein’s SR tampers with space and time, which is a crucial difference between it and Lorentzian relativity. In the latter, the rulers and clocks we use to measure distance and time are affected by motion through the ether (which was never debunked, contrary to what is claimed), whereas Einsteinian relativity claims that space and time themselves expand or contract, which is totally impossible because they have no physical properties because they are abstractions—they are not perceivable by the senses and therefore are not physical. Eleven independent experiments have tested and verified that the predicted “time dilation” effect occurs at least for atomic clocks, which do slow their rate with motion, but it has not been verified that anything happens to time itself (Van Flandern, 2003, in the MetaRes. Bull.). Yet it took only a decade or two before Einstein’s theory won general acceptance and supplanted Lorentz’s (because of the irrationality and incompetence of most scientists). Only an experiment demonstrating a real phenomenon propagating faster than light in forward time could decide between SR and LR. That matter has recently been resolved in favour of LR. The experimental evidence for this was presented by Van Flandern (who has brilliantly debunked the planetisimal hypothesis, which is completely contradicted by new exoplanetary discoveries) in 1998 in Physics Letters A and summarized in 2002 in Pushing Gravity.

    Van Flandern maintains superluminal speeds do not violate causality because the speed of light is not a universal limit. He points out a prop-plane pushes against the medium of the air, but a jet plane or rocket doesn’t, which is why they can go faster than sound, but a prop-plane can’t. The natural wave velocity of the air is the speed of sound, and the natural wave velocity of the light-carrying medium (LCM)(which is equivalent to the ether) is the speed of light. Gravity can propagate faster than light (some 20 bln. times faster) because it operates in a different medium from light. (Van Flandern, Dark Matter, Missing Planets, and New Comets, 1999, p. 41, 64, and 73). See also Physics Has Its Principles, etc. by Van Flandern, who addressed a Mufon gathering speaking of this very topic of gravity, but, unfortunately, was not a UFO believer.

    The propulsion system of UFOs is probably anti-gravity, as it explains all UFO behaviour, which apparently can cause superluminal speeds.

    All this is included in my book.

    There are in fact some 40 ideas in orthodox science which are proven wrong (and several others questionable), most of them in physics, including the Big Bang, the planetisimal hypothesis, plate tectonics, black holes, the gaseous sun, etc., etc. Scientists always discover innumerable contradictions that falsify their theories but stubbornly cling to them, resorting not only to mud slinging and repression but even fraud (like the black hole images). In other words, they demand empirical evidence but support it only when it agrees with the paradigm. Little wonder they are UFO skeptics. As Feyerabend said, science is like the medieval Church. The Big Bang, which is a particularly bizarre fantasy propped up by more bizarre fantasies, is especially in jeopardy because, altho a minority, there is a growing number of disgruntled scientists opposing it, and there continue to be discoveries that expose it as junk science.

    A part of the recent disclosure that is forgotten and overlooked is the DIA report in response to Anthony Bragaglia’s FIA request, which is more evidence that the US government has crashed saucers.

    And the more evidence comes out in favour of the UFO reality, the more skepticultists will shut their minds to it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Bernard, thank you for this discussion, which I must confess is rather out of my area of knowledge. But I did find it interesting — to the extent that I can follow it! I am sure others can comment more intelligently than I can.

      1. Bernard Pelletier

        No problema. I should maybe add that I have no formal training in physics, but my father was a physics professor at an engineering school in Montréal. He believed UFOs were of governmental manufacture, and some of them are.

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