UAP Retrievals? Yes! | Richard Dolan Show w/Ryan Wood

By | January 30, 2024


Hi Everyone,

I just recorded an hour-long interview with my friend and colleague, Ryan Wood, who very recently re-released his classic book, Majic Eyes Only. This book undoubtedly constitutes the best single-volume history of UAP/UFO crash retrievals. He originally published it back around 2005, but at some point it went out of print and became virtually impossible to acquire. Fortunately, Ryan has not only republished the book, but he revised, updated, and expanded it. Originally including 74 potential UFO crash retrieval incidents, it’s now got (I believe) 104 such cases. 

Ryan will be the first to acknowledge that not all of these cases are a slam-dunk. But he’s done good research on all of them — and great research on a select number of them. To me, there is no question that this is a valuable resource for any student of the field. It’s one of those “must-have” UFO books. 

Here is the description I wrote of the interview for Youtube:

In this program, Richard is joined by the respected UFO researcher, Ryan Wood. The discussion primarily revolves around the re-release of Ryan’s groundbreaking book, “Magic Eyes Only”, which meticulously documents over 100 UAP/UFO crash incidents. Ryan provides an in-depth look into the contents of the book, shedding light on the compelling evidence of UAP/UFO crash retrievals. Richard and Ryan also explore the Majestic Documents, particularly the SOM 1-01 manual, which is believed to provide protocols for UFO crash retrievals. Ryan presents a compelling argument for the existence of UFO crash retrievals, backed by years of research and investigation.

Majic Eyes Only Book: Visit the Majestic Documents site: Read the SOM 1-01 Manual:

The program airs at the usual time, 8 pm EDT. It was good catching up with Ryan again. I hope you enjoy this. 



9 thoughts on “UAP Retrievals? Yes! | Richard Dolan Show w/Ryan Wood

  1. Bjofod

    Very good stuff again, the thrill never stop.

    May I suggest a book.

    The Man Who Mastered Gravity by Paul Schatzkin

    its about Thomas Townsend Brown and by that also Black Projects and Deep Cover Ups.

  2. Keiran

    Hello, Richard, great interview! I had only one question: Ryan kept talking about a type of matter that was equated to dark matter, but I could never understand what he was saying. Could you clarify?
    Regards, Daniel Thompson

  3. Ted2

    I still don’t believe that the MJ documents are entirely authentic. They don’t have good providence. Remember Doty’s comment about being told to return the original MJ documents to Shandera by his supervisors. There is nothing in the subject recovery manual that is sufficiently enlightening (e.g. containing actual photos of aliens or claiming that some UFOs are large internally than externally) to indicate that they couldn’t be fabricated by parities with a modicum of related knowledge obtained from actual technical work and reviews of existing UFO literature.

    Based upon their volume, I believe some government group was probably charged with creating these.


    Key Definitions: Limited Hangout

    A limited hangout is a propaganda technique of displaying a subset of the available information. It involves deliberately revealing some information to try to confuse and/or prevent discovery of other information.

    It misdirects an incautious audience, because information needs a context for correct interpretation. Subtly omitting information changes the interpretation of the surrounding information.


    We are now in a limited hangout by people who wish to re-write history, mostly by memory-holing it.

    In many ways, it’s almost Shakespearean theater. Drama, feelings, entertainment! “Contending forces and factions” who seem to work hand in glove with each other instead of actually disclosing anything and permitting contact.

    Many people in the perceived “good” camp are working behind the scenes to control any new tech for their own profit. They are NOT our friends, and I strongly think they are not really interested in telling us anything. Their actions speak louder than words.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Of course i agree with you AG. I have found it disconcertingly painful to watch unfold. But here we are. Late, late stage capitalism meets post, post modernism meets sci fi.
      Rita X

  5. Warwick Mccormick

    I’m putting this book in my list to buy, but curious why he would include cases with a low authenticity rating. Why not just write about the best cases?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good question. I will venture to say that even the sketchy ones are interesting to consider. Moreover, they aren’t necessarily false, just lacking enough data at the moment. I will add that I have a few similar uncertain USO cases I am including in my current book project. I think most of the cases are pretty good, but some are on the line — I’ve discarded many, don’t get me wrong. But a few, despite my uncertainty, still warrant consideration. That’s my view on it, at any rate.


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