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By | October 3, 2023


Hi Everyone, 

I initially planned to do a program tonight on a recent RAND report on UAP but will cover that here later this week. I decided to continue on the theme of UAP/UFO crash retrievals, since that was quite topical last week and I feel that this subject needs to be addressed very pointedly in our culture. So I did something new for tonight — I covered this story last week here on this site but have pulled in additional information and visuals hopefully to make things more compelling. 

It’s a shorter RDS than the typical, about 35 minutes. But I think it’s a good one. Would love to get your feedback. 

Show starts at 8 pm EDT, as always. 



22 thoughts on “UAP Crash Retrieval Stories to Make Your Skin Crawl | Richard Dolan Show

  1. JimmyBee

    Hi, Richard.

    Re: Why they crash when they get here.

    We don’t know how many “crashes” are actual crashes, ie, accidents.

    They could be vehicles on one-way missions. Think how many planets and moons we ourselves have deliberately abandoned space craft. This includes sucessful soft landings, accidental hard impacts and even intentional hard impact (crash) landings.

    Virtually (though not literally) all of our space craft that go to other worlds stay there when the mission is finished. A few actually crashed and some returned to Earth. But most are not meant to return.

    Also, we don’t know how long a UFO stays here.

    What if a standard unmanned saucer is simply a drone on a 100 year mission and after 100 years finally runs out of fuel and lands or crashes? Would that be considered a failure? Not in my opinion.

    At any rate, “why do they always crash” is not an issue to me, as I am not convinced that they all do crash.

    Great talk, see you next time!

  2. Joseph Cain

    Dear Mr Dolan in your opinion who would be the 3 -5 people today who are making the decisions regarding ufo’s or does it not work that way. Sincerely Joe Cain

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Regarding the “secrecy,” the policy, crash retrievals and the like, the truth is that I DON’T know who is running it. And I don’t believe I know a single researcher who really does.

  3. cosinaphile

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    this is not a repeat comment
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    thank you paul ….

  4. cosinaphile

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    much thanks plc in nyc.

  5. Jussteve81

    Hey everyone- just to let you all know, Leonard Stringfield’s UFO Crash Retrievals IS available, as Chapter Reports, which are 7 audiobooks in total. Each between 5-7 hours in length and very well narrated, all available on Audible for just a few dollars each. It’s such great material and so relevant with what we are witnessing through this “disclosure” that seems to be inching along here in the US.

  6. Headhunter01

    One of your best, Richard!
    Feisty, enthousiastic, powerful and confronting.
    Calling that spade a spade.
    All late Coltrane like…

    Team Giel – Vondelen

  7. itsmeRitaC

    I think i see something now. I am only ten minutes in though. You find that hearing the same information we have heard for the past thirty years or so makes these non sourced and non specific ‘news’ items seem more believable. And i feel the opposite way. I am waiting for something that i don’t know for three decades already. I mean, anyone can find all the information that has gone around the community so easily it takes about half an hour on a search. Or watching any of the ufo shows which are plentiful. That is a key to what i find very problematic in recent times. Again, Bob Lazar said far more than anyone else who is so on the ‘inside’.

    I also do believe that real bringers of truth are not classified to the nines. I know. It is me, radical rita. 🙂

    But i wonder what ufo folks like S. Basset are saying now about the house hearings they were positive were coming our way this fall. They were saying it in August.
    Thanks Richard

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well if you feel that strong corroboration makes prior claims — or current claims — less believable, then I don’t really know what to say, Rita! I you have a specific reason, I would like to hear it. But to me, corroboration sounds like a good thing, not a bad thing. Just my opinion.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Richard, i wouldn’t have the issue if there was any kind of detail or sourcing. But just saying what we have been talking about for years……………………I just don’t find that corroborates much of anything. But i understand of course, what you are saying here.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, it’s a very interesting clip for sure. I’ve heard this claim from him. Of course, it fits with a long long history of claims about this sort of thing. Not the EMP part but the general claim of military engagement against ET craft. Like him, I can’t confirm that part but personally I find it believable.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    One more for the road. I saw the part now where the ETs are floating in the aquariums. That was depicted in the movie ‘Independence Day’.

    But i wouldn’t say that these ‘whistleblowers’ and i know nothing specific at all about who they are or what they experienced, are saying the same things. 🙂 That is like saying i wrote a book title so it is the same as actually writing the book. At least for meritac!

    I also have a new metaphor regarding the ‘whistleblower’ term being thrown around so frequently by so many in this topic. If these guys are ‘whistleblowers’ than drag queens are women. 🙂

    I am not even going to mention what is unfolding in the middle east right now…….
    Thanks Richard!

  9. eil6446

    Hi Richard,
    I enjoyed this episode very much. I appreciated all of the thoughts you shared
    and while I wouldn’t dare get into what I’d like to add, as I always write too much,
    It was as usual thought provoking, keeping the interest alive.

    I would like to say something off topic, since you mentioned LMH ,
    I believe for the 2nd time in recent shows, I thought this would be a
    good place to say this.
    Your kind comments about Linda and the excellence of her work,
    shed more light on what a truly kind
    and thoughtful person you are. I saw LMH on another show,
    I won’t name the show. During the last part during Q and A the
    interviewer asked her a question about the present day quality
    of her work and if she still did the same careful vetting she was
    known to do in her earlier career. I am paraphrasing. The question
    alone was quite an insult and it quickly became obvious that she was
    upset and I am sure felt very insulted. I felt so bad for her, and wished
    in that moment that I could have told that person off. I
    don’t know if you saw the episode or not, but it really
    appeared as though she was hijacked and it was completely
    on purpose.
    So, thank you from myself and any other fans who saw that awful
    exchange, for your kind comments about her,! I would get
    too long winded here if I continue. You are a rare gem Mr. Dolan,
    we are all lucky to have you and LMH as our teachers, guides , researchers
    and so much more.

    Eileen F.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you very much, Eileen. That’s very kind of YOU to say such things. I am not aware of the interview with Linda that you mentioned, but my goodness that woman is a national (international) treasure. We are lucky to have her!

  10. eil6446

    Thank you for your kind reply. The fact that you didn’t see the show or hear
    about it speaks even more to your generosity. LMH IS a national treasure and I am surprised that the entire
    research community did not hear about it. Honestly, it could have been a repeat
    show, but I wouldn’t think the host would replay it. Of course she stood up for herself.
    But neither she nor anyone else who devoted their lives to
    bring out the truth deserves
    what was said. I had hoped for a few comments from her colleagues confirming for the haters her priceless contribution
    and very shortly after that you did just that on one of your shows. So…thank you
    again !

  11. Dianne Buxton

    More great info, thank you Richard. Magic Eyes Only Ryan Wood is listed on ebay for $539.00. Unfortunately I have to take a pass on it! Oh well.
    Years ago when Ingo’s Penetration was hard to find, it was listed on ebay for $600.00. It later came out as a free download – I forget where, of course. But I got that one.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh yes, those books are so hard to get. Good news: when I publish my analysis of Axelrod later this week, I will include the entire SEARCHABLE text of the Axelrod segment of the book. I don’t think it exists anywhere, but I was able to figure out how to export my Kindle version to a genuine PDF.


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