Transcript of My Interview with Lue Elizondo

By | May 29, 2021

Hi Everyone,

The event last week on May 20 had lots for attendees to chew on. One for sure was my interview of Luis Elizondo. This was certainly a good interview — overall I was happy with the interaction I was able to elicit from Lue. To be fair, he generally gives very good interviews, but I do think there was more information provided in this one than in many (any?) others he has given. 

One of the participants in the event that day was Joe Murgia, who created a complete transcript of that interview. Not only that, but he provided excellent running commentary and additional research notes for anyone interested in following up. Well done, Joe. 

I encourage you to check out his treatment of the interview at his site.

Transcript & Commentary: Richard Dolan/Luis Elizondo Interview – Crash Retrievals, Men In Black and Serendipity



34 thoughts on “Transcript of My Interview with Lue Elizondo

  1. robert faria

    I just watched Dr Greer’s new film and I am stunned. I admit my knowledge pales next to Richards but it seems to me that Greer is either being forced to or for his own reasons is weaving a web of disinformation. He casualty burns other prominent authorities on the subject. It seemed an amateurish and a jumbled production has been put together here. Just too many contradictions. I’m interested in what others think.

    1. Lara Garner

      That is what I thought too when I watched Greer on this. He is very much into his own authority on the topic – and seems to want to be the definitive voice on the topic – if information is not coming from Greer – and heaven forbid it should not be exactly his party line – he will vehemently discount it. All these researchers, including Greer, should be grateful to Elizondo and DeLong, et al for putting themselves on the line to bring this topic out to the general public. Not EVERYTHING is s psy-op or a conspiracy.

    2. J-Rod

      @robert faria Is Greer’s new movie the CE5 one or has he made another documentary since then? If so What’s it called? Where can one see it?

  2. Ed Klatt

    Read the transcript and listened to UFO Joe’s commentary. He really has a gift for illuminating the salient points in the discussion. I have to hand it to Lue. He can bob and weave better than Muhammad Ali in his prime. But, I do appreciate the limitations imposed upon him by his security oath. In any event, I think the 6/25 DNI report is going to tell us a lot. If nothing else, it should eliminate the human made argument. It makes no sense anyway, no matter how you try to rationalize it.

    Also saw a recent Joe Rogan interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Tyson is still basically in denial, and seems to interpret the Princeton incident, radar tracking of the objects as some sort of equipment malfunction. His argument is essentially one made solely from authority and makes no sense, particularly since he is by no means a radar expert, and did not examine the actual data, or the radar equipment. I think post 6/25, a lot of these guys are going to have to find some new meds to keep their heads from spinning non stop. Should be very amusing, to say the least. I don’t really take Tyson too seriously in most cases. What he does is not really hard science anyway. He just popularizes a paradigm that in turn, financially supports him. That’s not science. It’s entertainment.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, the fact is that Neil deGrasse Tyson has never expressed any useful information about the UFO subject, despite the fact that he’s talked about it so many times. He’s basically not worth listening to.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I don’t happen to think Tyson is particularly brilliant and certainly not cutting edge thinker. He is also like a p.r. man for mainstream ‘astrophysics’.

    3. Mike Drake

      We have to bare with people like Tyson. The brookings institute study on disclosuare theorized that of all the cross-sections of the population which would be impacted by disclosure that “Scientists and Engineers” would be the most adversely affected, and therefor the most resistant to change.

  3. itsmeRitaC

    Well Richard, i looked over some of this and Joe seems like a diligent and sweet guy , i can tell by how he added things and little audio sections. 🙂 He may even be as adorable as the guy from Project Unity! 😉

    Anyway, i have to say that lou said a few things that , just when i want to respect his judgement,

    “That’s exactly what I fought on the battlefield, people trying to oppress other people’s free expression and thought. I won’t tolerate that in war and I damn sure won’t tolerate it within my government.”

    I have no idea what the hell he is talking about here. I truly don’t. And it isn’t the only place where he is still praising the war in Iraq and i am guessing Afghanistan. Of course, there may have been secret wars i am not privy to. But he keeps showing his true belief system. For me, rita, his view of reality and loyalty are quite contradictory to my own. I believe he also spoke of how the wars he fought have helped so many people.

    I think he lives on a different planet than i do. I will take ET anytime over these people. Sorry Richard, but . WOW.

    I know you are about the ‘facts’ and not the people who are giving them. But. A lot of insiders have been putting out facts about many geopolitical issues for decades, just going back twenty years, which, it so happens, is when lou was inside.

    I would like to ask him what he believes really happened to the football player who was killed in Afghanistan after speaking to Noam Chomsky. Pat Tillman. I would actually ask him that.

    Sorry, i am being critical here, Richard. And i am not even saying that lou is part of a psy op. That isn’t even my issue. I know my post shall not be well received by many here. 🙂

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Having read more, i think the part about drone tech vs non terrestrial is the first time i have gotten an explanation that makes sense to me, not being at all inclined in that direction as far as my knowledge base is concerned. 🙂

      And i really like something lou said, (i am stunned), about it possibly involve another reality that is superimposed on ours. I think he obviously has given this some deep thought.

      Also, the guys on the inside who seem to be blocking the data getting studied. Who knows, it could be private contract people who are working between gov’t and private. A whole other subset. Dan Sheehan, and i recommend his interview with Jimmy Church the other week, talks about agencies we never heard of who are above the intel agencies we would know. Like the ‘U.S. Geo-Spacial Intelligence Agency’. I think that was the name he gave for one of them. 🙂

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Oh, i just went back to it and see you got into ‘Collins Elite’ and lou is saying that these radical christians are involved on the inside. Well, i assumed that because if we recall W. Bush talked about the u.s. military being ‘Crusaders’ against Islam. And i believe it is no doubt about twenty percent of military brass, etc.

        Also, lou has way more faith in the american system than i do. He thinks that the ways ‘disclosure’ is going is the right way because it needs to be the president who will make the announcement. You gave a bit of a little talk on that when you lost lou’s feed. I also thought the individual law suits was interesting and that may mean that everyone will have to die out first. As well as anyone who was told anything about anything. Oyyyyyy.

        In the end, as always, i just need to trust my inner senses because if we don’t trust ourselves, and we are the one who decides what is truth, than we won’t ever trust our own discernment. If i found out this was part of an op, i wouldn’t be shocked. Lou is very good at caution and actually, he has good reason to not want anyone to get sued for destroying lives.

        Btw, lou could be part of something even larger than he realizes and is playing a part he isn’t totally aware of.

        I am not being at all snarky. I am sure lou knows this as well. Far better than i would.

      2. Richard Dolan Post author

        I am completely convinced, without getting definitive answers from any of these guys, that Lue Elizondo and his colleagues are convinced of some “beyond” aspect of this phenomenon. whether that means it’s interdimensional – whatever that even means – or extraterrestrial, they realize this intelligence is vastly out of our league. That appears to be their belief.

        1. Lara Garner

          This is why the Skinwalker Ranch investigations seems to me so important (and the several other locations in the world that have similar phenomena). There is physics at work that we cannot yet grasp. Some kind of interdimensionality seems to be a valid theory. Portals have been mentioned. Wormholes? What are the cow parts being used for? Food? Tissue materials for growing things? Where does all the blood go? This place is so fascinating – it seems to encompass much of the UAP phenomena. We (including scientists) need to think outside the box of our own limited cognition and senses to even get close to an idea of where we fit in in the universe.

    2. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh, Pat Tillman. Yes, very suspicious death for sure. Anyway, there’s no question that you and Lue Elizondo see the world very differently. I have no doubt that I see the world very differently from him in many ways, as well. But I gave up a long time ago expecting everyone to see the world the way that I do. And I’m certainly not of the opinion that my ideas about the world are infallible. I’ve been wrong many, many times in my life, often about important things. I assume I will continue to be wrong, simply because I’m a fallible human being. Same as Lue, and perhaps even the same as you! 🙂 Therefore when a guy like Lue comes forward with important information that might be able to advance our cause even a little bit, I prefer simply to focus on the relevant information at hand. After all, we could all spend the rest of our lives arguing, usually fruitlessly, over who has the moral high ground in this grand world of ideas.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        I agree with you here, Richard. However………….I honestly am not post modern, and i call where we are ‘post, post modern’ :-). So, i am against torture for example. It actually not only doesn’t work. It gives wrong answers as you know. I am not even taking a moral high ground view of how ‘wrong’ it is, however, I do stand on that being ultimately true. I won’t be changing my mind on this or certain other issues in the world that go beyond ‘politics’.

        And, btw, who says i am fallible!!! 🙂 🙂

        1. itsmeRitaC

          Question from Laura: I’m wondering if you have ever, or do you currently, have any contractual agreements with any aerospace industries or defense contractors such as the DOCPER?

          LE: Uh, Laura. (laughs) Great, question (laughs). Yeah, I’m not prepared right now to discuss any affiliation that I might have with the U.S. government. Not because of me, it’s out of respect for the government. I’ve often said, if you want to know if I have any affiliation with the government, ask the government. And yes, I know people have and yes, I know the government’s come back and said, “There’s nothing to see here, folks.” So, okay, if that’s their storyline, then that’s their storyline. But don’t be surprised if that storyline changes. I want to be very careful, I don’t want to put the government and any kind of bad spot so I’ll leave it at that. Great question. Obviously, you’ve done some homework but unfortunately, that’s a question that I’m going to abstain from, at least at least for this conversation.”

          Richard, i forgot i wanted to bring this one up. It seems that is quite a bit into the MIC arena? What am i missing here? Also, i find this problematic. That is all there is to it. I would like to know why you don’t think it is? Please.

          I also, in just reading further on there, find that lou changes quite quickly on a dime. He doesn’t think they should know ufo historical cases, etc, etc. In the next ten minutes, he is agreeing with you about how important it is for him and others in program to be getting all the background history on ufo. Again, i seem to be missing something here.

          Thank you Richard.

          1. Richard Dolan Post author

            It’s obvious to me that he doesn’t know UFO history very well, if at all. He’s never given me an indication that he knows anything substantial about it. So it seems to me that he does tend to bounce around when it comes to that question. My guess is that he KNOWS the phenomenon is real, based on 21st century data, and he may not care about the older history. I honestly don’t know his deeper thoughts on this.

  4. Harry Harris

    Thanks to Joe Murgia for creating this transcript. I was not able to join the virtual conference as was traveling much of the time thru the S. West with out internet connection. After reading the transcript with took a bit of time I have basically three comments.
    #1: Lue was basically doing his dog and pony show he has done for much of the past previous interviews. Not much new information was forthcoming during the RD interview part of the transcript, even though I think Richard tried his best without being rude etc.
    #2: The question “At what point will your concern for humanity override your loyalty to non-disclosure agreements?” was really shoved off into a kind of strange argument/response about trust in which Lue did not answer the question. He has become a ‘Pro’ at diverting questions to answers that do not actually answer the question raised but instead goes in a direction in which Lue seems to want. Would he not disclose the info he knows if he thought humanity was going to come to an end soon based on that information? Does he really trust the government/military to do the right thing in all cases? This leads me to my 3rd comment.
    #3: In regards to the question of is he currently employed by the government, military or some corporate entity, he firmly answers that he cannot answer that question. To me, that says most likely he is. Many have proposed in the past that Lue is still working in some capacity for the government or that he is part of some psy-ops etc. Like Richard I am not persuaded by the pys-ops idea, however to me Lue is acting more and more like a liaison between some entity in the government or military and the general public in possibly disclosing slowly information about the phenomenon, what ever it is. If you look at the time he left ATTIP, joined TTSA and now seems to be the main source of info in the MSM, it starts to make sense that he is part of a pipeline of sorts for some type of disclosure to the general public. TTSA may have been part of that and now has served its purpose. Now that Lue and Chris have left and some other developments the MSM have been somewhat awakened to the subject and where it is going.

    All in all it was a good interview and some great questions but almost all are still unanswered to the extend that many want.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The video portion of that is available only through purchase of the one-day event which is separate from membership to this site. However, it will eventually be available later this spring / summer. Meanwhile the transcript is available at UFO Joe, which I posted about recently.

  5. J-Rod

    I haven’t read the transcript but would like to share a thought(s). Lue’s an interesting concept. One part of me says, he’s a decorated military “treasure” with “Yes Sir’, “Yes Mam.” values and paid narrative driver by whom(what) ever. The other says he just might be on to something. Let’s entertain the scenario that Lue’s actually trying to bring about Disclosure…the big one. He needs , for the meantime, until he has the smoking gun evidence , to be very careful with what he says and to who. If he loses his clearance he’s buggered and so is the cause. All momentum will be lost and we’re back to square -1. I dunno. Good luck Loo-loo.

  6. Ron Holmes UK

    Richard, I know you will not agree with me on this – but I come here today as I always do: In good faith, and as someone who wants the truth, and who (sometimes) has an unusual/original take on things that could be useful.

    So, let us say I am the evil “Smoking Man” character from the X-Files in this scenario, secretly running the show. But no one is perfect and secrets always – eventually – find their way to the surface somehow. Being the wily, controlling, nefarious bastard I undoubtedly am after decades of doing what I do, I can see the truth coming too. So, what would I do?

    I would do whatever it took to maintain control.

    To my mind that would include (if you put it into military terms) sacrificing some of my previously hard-won territory in a tactical retreat, allowing me to regather my strength, establish a new base of power, and strike out again.

    Here is what I would do: I would release the truth myself, before the press finally stumble over the finish line – almost by accident at this point.

    Taking the lead this way would give me temporary control of the situation, but not nearly enough to do what I want to do. For that I need a great deal of power too.

    I would need to find someone to act as figurehead for me (because there is no way I would be willing to step out of the shadows.) I would need to utterly own them, holding enough dirt on them from the outset to be certain that they would never dare cross me. That would be critical, and as such it is also the main problem I face.

    Politicians are both largely unloved by the public, and inherently skilled at not leaving themselves exposed that way, those who do never gain any real power in the first place. Therefore, I would need to find someone with no power, and somehow promote them to a much higher position myself. Then I could have them lead my highly controlled and contained form of disclosure for me (please note lower case “d”.)

    Securing this candidate is my main problem, but I am the evil Smoking Man character here, so I have become very resourceful over the years. I know to focus my attention on my key objectives: 1) Regain full control, and 2) Ensure my Immunity from prosecution – because I know I would be tried and convicted of High Treason if the whole truth were to ever come out.

    They key to success would lie in the selection of the candidate, as they would need several quite specific traits:

    1) A near total unknown. Someone I know a great deal about though, personally – to ensure I have everything I need to pressure them right there in my pocket from the outset.

    2) An excellent communicator, someone who can easily swap between mediums at the drop of a hat, and who can sell the lie to a roomful of Congressmen or Senators without even skipping a beat.

    3) They would need to be of provably good character (at least outwardly) therefore someone in good standing. A Doctor, Police Officer or someone with former Military experience.

    4) They would need to be highly intelligent and well educated. A Mother or Father would also be of additional benefit, both in terms of my ability to control them (by threatening their family) and further reinforcing their standing with America’s still strong core of conservatively minded people.

    Once I have selected my candidate, I need to set about elevating them to a position of real power, and perhaps even more importantly, popular support – because at this stage I cannot have one without the other.

    I would start my evil plan by using them to publicly begin leaking the truth about UFO’s / UAP’s.
    Slowly, over some time, I would have them release a steady trickle of information to earn the trust of both the public and the press. Once they are sufficiently established, with TV interviewers openly fawning over them and thanking the for what they do, internet chatrooms and comments online heaping endless praise on them, even thanking them for their service to the American people, and the people of the whole world… Then and only then, would I press the button.

    I would have them announce that they are running for Congress.

    A few weeks into the campaign, and at my specific order, the candidate discloses – and history is changed.

    At that point, the rest is inevitable.

    My heroic, and now newly elected, Congressman or woman will settle into their new office knowing just as I do: the public will demand a Presidential run soon. Who could blame them? Who else could they trust to guide them through what would undoubtedly be many years of shocking revelations and hard-hitting truths, than the very person who broke the secrecy apart to begin with?

    It would be a total landslide.

    Then I, the evil Smoking Man, would have both total control of the situation, a guaranteed pardon should I ever need it, and a sitting President in my pocket…

    I may even switch to cigars for a while, just to celebrate.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Ron. I don’t have a problem with this analysis of yours at all. It could be exactly true. It could easily be that Mellon and Elizondo and the rest are being used to provide limited disclosure, a limited hangout. “The best way to share a secret is to pretend to share it.” That was Allen Dulles, I believe. My only point here remains that despite all that, the information itself that is being provided remains extremely important, and the the more information that is released, the greater potential for genuine disruption to the overall system. But yes, what we are seeing is definitely some sort of tactical retreat. Whether Elizondo and Co. are explicitly being used, or not, we are seeing a carefully structured tactical retreat. After all, the legacy media and Big Tech are fully onboard with the Deep/National Security State.

      1. Ron Holmes UK

        Thanks for reading my largely inane waffle, and for the intelligent and balanced response too Richard. You’re right, facts are facts, no matter where they come from and if indeed someone is doing anything close to what I’ve suggested – it would be a desperate and massively high-risk strategy. One missed step along the way and it would all come crashing down around them – science teaches us that complicated things tend to fail more often – you’ve just got to love the law of entropy sometimes I guess.

        By the way, did you see Lue on The Black Vault today? The gloves seem to have come off in a BIG way – I was genuinely taken aback at the force of his responses to what’s going on – he was very nearly ranting at one point. I know you must be frantically busy right now, but perhaps check it out for yourself if you get a moment. Personally I found it fascinating. Here’s the link

  7. CAW1706

    I see this UNSTANDING between the those who can respond and those who can not as a garden. Which plant will grow the most?

  8. iam080


    As a thought for June, given the growing public interest in the upcoming UAP TF report, perhaps you might wish to provide a brief up-to-date summary of UFOlogy for persons new to the subject. Eg- Intro 101 on modern UFOlogy
    A quick overview of the established landscape and who’s who of global figures in the UFO field.

    Something similar to this:
    “Who to Follow on the UFO / UAP Topic”

    Alternatively, you might guide a collation of personal introductions from the “who’s who” in your contact group.

    There will no doubt be many new public faces appearing in UFOlogy. Your guidance and insight toward who are the established quality researchers and sensible leaders in the field might be helpful for new discovers of the subject.

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