Roswell, What Actually Happened — Video Livestream

By | February 8, 2020

The text version of this piece is in a separate post for members only. This post is for everyone. Tracey asked me to add a hearty thanks to all members of this site who were in the chat room when I gave this presentation on Youtube. I’m sure you realize I can’t follow any of that while I am doing my thing, but I also very much appreciate all of you who showed up for support. It means a lot. 

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this video. One day I’ll get a team to produce these at a higher level, with nice graphics and so forth. But here, I’m just talking to the camera. I tried to make it interesting. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Roswell, What Actually Happened — Video Livestream

  1. whatif

    Hi Richard. Nice post! Excellent style, you are gifted. You surfaced a lot of what I consider key information many others in the field gloss over e.g., 0.75 mile debris field, the gouge, etc. Your 49 minute effortless montage is, frankly, the best Roswell coverage I have seen.

    Also, your geopolitical assessment of the pandemic, if you have one, would be much appreciated if you feel comfortable weaving that into a post.

    Thanks again.

  2. J-Rod

    Can never get enough about Roswell. I feel it’s the key to everything. Interesting to see some of the chat comments saying that Roswell’s “old news ” and that we should forget about it. How utterly stupid. If we applied that mentality to every case then as time passes, we’ll be in the same thought- boat. That’s exactly what powers want us to do; forget about things. Hope there’s another episode on this topic. Well done.

  3. jennymemon

    Hi Richard, really enjoyed this broadcast. There were things i had not heard before about Roswell, it still remains for me the most compelling of all the UFO reports. It is such a shame that so many of the actual eye witnesses would have died now, how convenient for the power brokers! You laid it out for us in words we can understand, instead of the word soups we sometimes get from elsewhere. I have to say the highlight for me was the officials telling that politician to ‘go shit in your hat’, i am sorry but that is just too funny, its just my juvenile sense of humour i cant help it!
    I really hope one day we will all get the honest truth about Roswell, from the people who have been guarding the secret so very well. Cheers for now x


    Top notch stuff!!! I was hoping you would do this. The waters were muddied so expertly that I had a pretty fuzzy picture of Roswell. My favorite is the top secret crash test dummy’s. Almost as precious as the look on Jesse Marcels face in that picture (holding the balloon parts)🙄. Roswell can get exhausting though it is essential if you want to understand the history that has brought us to where we are present day.
    See you next time.
    – T LaMar

  5. Salsafreak

    Wouldn’t it be horrible if in the year 2047, that we will say, “It’s been 100 years, and our government has yet to admit that Roswell actually happened, while our yellow gas-guzzling school buses and automobiles, still look the same as they’ve ALWAYS looked since the early 70’s…”

    just sayin.

    – Disgusted with our government.

  6. SundownJim

    I heard someone one on YouTube say, “Roswell is the most thoroughly researched and most thoroughly debunked UFO case in history.” I don’t think so. Thank you, Richard.

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