The Aztec Crash Part Two

By | May 12, 2020

Greetings folks,

As you know Tuesday nights at 8pm EST is usually our Intelligent Disclosure Livestream on YouTube. Tonight we will be uploading Part 2 of the Aztec case with The Ramseys instead. Lots of great information in Part 2 of this deep dive into one of the best and most thoroughly researched crash retrieval cases other than Roswell. There will be a third part coming soon.

If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, Click here

Scott & Suzanne Ramsey


23 thoughts on “The Aztec Crash Part Two

    1. MoodyFox

      When do we get part 3 ? Also a while Richard mentioned a document he was gonna share eventually. I think he said it wasn’t anything earth shattering but I’m still curious.

  1. PressToDigitate

    Fantastic interview. The Ramsey’s need to be seen and heard a lot more in this field.

    Let’s hear this same level of detail on Cape Girardeau in an interview with Paul Blake Smith ( ), author of “MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell”. A few weeks ago on a UFO series on the Travel Channel, I just caught the tail end of you discussing a document you referred to as “the Roosevelt Memorandum”, but I missed the first part of the show and your discussion of it. But I believe that the pre-Truman, pre-Roswell period is critical to understanding more than Ufology does generally about the ETUFO presence. It helps frame just how and why the Pentagon slapped down the Roswell base’s “captured flying disc” announcement so hard and so fast, and how the debris extraction was so rapid, efficient, well organized, and so effectively concealed for so long. The only way they could have known to do so was if the Cape Girardeau crash had really happened previously (if not others). Along with the [possible] Nuremberg 1936, and the Italian 1930s crash which you found more plausible, Cape Girardeau has to be looked at as the predicate for Roswell. I find the story by the daughters of Cordell Hull’s preacher friend to be very interesting, although I suspect they got the date wrong and it was actually referring to Cape Girardeau wreckage/bodies in or after 1941, rather than 1938, as they tell it. Because of Dr. Vannevar Bush’s wartime role as the nation’s top scientific research administrator during WWII, and later role in MJ-12, I am very interested in his connection to wartime UFO matters, pre-Roswell. His prescient July 1945 article, “As We May Think”,
    which predates Roswell, strongly suggests, from today’s vantage point, an intimation of cybernetics beyond the scope of the times otherwise then at hand. Because of what we suspect unfolded subsequently, from Corso to ARPAnet, the pre-Roswell epoch in Ufology takes on heightened importance where Vannevar Bush (and John Von Neumann) are concerned.

    What do we know about U.S. military investigation of the Foo Fighters during WWII? On Monday, my replacement copy of “Above Top Secret” arrived, and, on Page 27, the first page of Chapter I, Good refers to Lt. Gen. Hugh Massy (Massey?) who apparently ran such an investigation in the UK. (My original copies of “ATS”, along with UFONSSv1 & v2 were lost in a move several years ago, and last week I ordered new ones; the UFONSS copies are both supposed to arrive Friday.) What I am keen to learn is how the early crash retrievals may have led to the first rudimentary *communications* with the ETUFO presence, via Dr. Donald Menzel, and the Radiotelescope at the Naval Research Laboratory in DC, which engaged in EME/Moonbounce research – and operations – into the 1960s.

    Great “deep dive” into Aztec. Can we do Cape Girardeau? – and, even if separately, the cybernetics angle?


      I fully agree with PresstoDigitate about the very high importance of Cape Girardeau in the history of Army-AF over-ups (LMH does too). I do not necessarily agree that for Roswell the Air Force effectively “slapped down the Roswell base’s “captured flying disc” announcement so hard and so fast, and how the debris extraction was so rapid, efficient, well organized”.

      It took several years to clean up all that debris at Roswell and this left a footprint of those involved who later talked quite a bit about the details of this operation. The way in which they went about quelling the media was quite crude and although it appeared to do the job initially it left lingering doubts for many years to come. Many mistakes were made with the handling of Roswell as pointed out in ‘Witness to Roswell’ that enabled Stanton and other previous authors to pry open the door to reveal the many inconsistencies and just blatant untruths that have been substituted as fact over the years. The newly formed Air Force, at that time, was only beginning to function as a working branch of government and its shortcomings showed at Roswell.

      The 1947 Roswell cover-up handling by early AF, however, paved the way for a much better implemented AF cover up of the 1948 AZTEC crash incident. The fact that this event was so thoroughly quashed in the media at the earliest stage showed a high level of cooperation between AF and J. Edgar Hoover & FBI and even some contrived local courtroom drama to make it look like Silas Newton and Leo GeBauer were both conmen, which they clearly were not.

      Enjoyed reading your comments and thank you for your insights on Cape Girardeau.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Oh, the Roswell Coverup wasn’t ‘perfect’, by any means, but it was orchestrated well enough to quell things at the time quite effectively – and for 30 years thereafter; even then, its been kept on the fringe another 40 years till this day. But its obvious that Roswell “Wasn’t their first Rodeo”.

        RICHARD: If the Cordell Hull story is real, it means that quite a few wartime lawmakers had to be initially ‘let in’ on the ETUFO presence. This suggests which other descendants might have family knowledge that Ufology hasn’t yet mined…

          1. mcwest50

            Care to comment on what element may have caused sickness while in the Aztec craft, and is that what ended the lives of the ET’s always looking for answers. And again Goode and Wilcox will have to eventually end the charade. It’s disheartening that they contrive to fuel there ambitions with someone else’s money. Keep up the good fight and Disclosure soon.


    So thankful that you have given the Ramsey’s some airplay on your show. What a great contribution they have made through their many years of research on ‘The Aztec UFO Incident’! History will not being forgotten or ignored thanks to their relentless efforts!

    Regarding your interest and desire to carry on with crash retrievals, I think you know that just saying this is not going to cut it. Let’s face it much of Len Stringfield’s life was spent culling information from sources that took him years of effort to get the level of trust needed to do so. Perhaps you should start with Jan Harzan of MUFON and explain to him why it is YOU who need to know the names of all Len’s contacts; not to divulge them, but to carry on this very important research.

    Regarding how to get those needed sources, Capt. David Capt. D. Schindele spent time at ‘missilieer’ and AFB base staff reunions in order to learn as much as he could about ICBM-UFO incidents in the US. He testified at one of the Washington press hearings about a 1966 Minuteman ICBM-UFO event, but the real gem of his book, ‘It Never Happened’ explains in great detail how a myriad of Air Force internal departments have been instrumental in constructing the most elaborate cover-up of ET crashes and military related UAP incidents in US history. Much of this was obtained through those precious missileer contacts. Perhaps you can read his book if you haven’t already. Tom DeLonge has done a similar effort recently to open his own door to the Truth.

    Lastly, Steely Dan’s music is so iconic and will stand the test of time because of the way they went about it in the studio. Walter Becker (may he RIP) and Donald Fagen were absolute perfectionists and session musicians like Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and others hated working for them because of the many demands placed on them to produce the best recordings possible. They would do 20 takes of the same guitar solo just to get the best version of it on tape….but the effort was worth it because those recordings are of truly impeccable quality! Len, Tom, Dan Schindlele, and the Ramsey’s being of this same mindset have all been able to accomplish a great deal in their field of study in the same way.

    Good luck Richard and I wish you all the best success in achieving your “crash” goals.

    1. Richard Dolan

      Thank you for this comment. I will need to follow up and learn about Capt. Schindele. And yes I want to go seriously into the crash retrieval phenomenon. I’ll do my best. There is talk of a UFO crash a few days ago in Rio de Janeiro. More on that hopefully soon. And yes, I adore Steely Dan and know exactly what you mean.

  3. Dennislogan.927

    This case has always fascinated me because of the 16 bodies. They didn’t look like the average gray, they looked more like human children. I’ve seen the picture from a passed scientist, large round eyes, bulbous head with crease down the middle of skull. Matter of fact I’ve seen a picture and a 16 mm film of one living et. Supposedly the EBE Linda speaks about. I believe they are the most important ET contact as they are pro human. I think they may come from star system that’s 39 LY from Earth. I forget the name of system at this time. I believe that these are the bodies that Gleason viewed.
    They scientists were limited inside the craft because of fear of negitive effects on the human body. Also, the craft was much lighter than expected.

  4. Lance Heidel

    Whatever happened to the forthcoming Part Three? I know it’s years later, but it would be well to hear it. Or, perhaps they could come back and update any news on the coming expanded edition of the book? It’s a long time coming.

    1. Richard Dolan

      Hi Lance. I am indeed working on it. In fact, I posted from research on it today. Some fascinating UFO sightings from 2007. Anyway, volume 3 and (most likely) volume 4 are definitely a ‘go.’

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