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  1. jflieger

    About the magnetite and crystalline field in human brain that Richard and Tracy discussed, per Stringfield and the alien interview …I think this might be related to research on quantum biology–see the youtube video by Spark on new discoveries on quantum computing in birds (navigation) and leaves (photosyntheses)–I think this is related to ‘crystal’ vibrations (cell phones work with crystals, don’t they?) but I’m not sure. I wonder if anyone knows about this. Here’s one link…there are other videos on quantum biology on youtube…fascinating…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bgh118HTVg8

    Jerry F

  2. PressToDigitate

    We know that Fravor, et al were chasing “the Real Thing”. We know that Some, Most or All of the Crash Retrievals that Stringfield chronicled probably actually happened, even if there were no others we haven’t heard about that Majestic grabbed in secret (which seems unlikely; they surely kept at least a few totally under wraps that Ufology never got wind of). So, if They’re Real and They’re Here – not just 60 years ago, but here NOW, in our Skies and in our Space – and on our World, I find it all funnels through a logic filter:

    If they have come here, apparently in force, over a long period of time (whether decades or centuries or millennia is irrelevant), it demonstrates a goal-directed intentionality. They have endeavored to conceal those goals and intentions from Humanity-at-large, and, evidently, from Many, Most, or All of our official leaders, including our military. In Human(-esque) form, with powers of psychic suasion (and psychotronic technology), some number of (Tens/Hundreds of ) Thousands of their people have been operating among us, in support of their covert Agenda for at least 60 years, able to influence companies, disciplines, universities, industries and governments. The alternative is to believe that they are here ‘on vacation’, without purpose, and that their world (or multi-world) civilization has invested all the resources it has here, for no particular reason, other than to “Tag & Bag” some of the local apex fauna, for some zoological monitoring project. I don’t believe that; neither do you.

    If this Plandemic leaves 25,000,000 American Men between ages 20 and 60 Infertile, and 20% of them seek IVF to help their Women conceive – and, suppose half that number of Women also seek IVF with ‘donor’ sperm, to conceive without [the now superfluous] Male Partners, that would be 7,500,000 IVF “Reproductee-Opportunities” in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 (in the U.S. alone). For comparison, there are typically on the order of 75,000 IVF live births per year in the United States today. We know of something on the order of 7,500 Abductees in organized Ufology – since the Hill case, 60 years ago. Do you see where this leads?

    *WHATEVER* twiddling with the sperm or ova, or the fertilized embryo to get to a GMO [“Hybrid”] Container, and/or ‘Quantum Soul Implantation’ of the fetus *THEY DO*, this situation [of mass-market IVF] gets the whole tedious “Hybrid-making” process off of their ships and out of their way, and releases most of the labor, vehicles and other resources consumed by the effort – for other duties. It does this while escalating it by a factor of 1,000 or more. CAN they infiltrate (or organize) one of the [then] major IVF Providers, so as to be able to work their bio-[technology indistinguishable from] “magic” on the offspring of large numbers of [screened & found suitable] Human Host Parents?

    Richard, that’s a much easier bet than damn near any other hypothetical proposition ever put forward in Ufology. Its like asking whether or not interstellar, space-faring aliens could manage to competently organize a Dental Practice discretely – given, say, forty years and a trillion dollars to work on the problem. Why aren’t they still Crashing? Why did we stop Shooting Them Down 20 years ago? How about, Because they compromised and co-opted Magestic, and cemented a deal where this was to happen all along? But when the Globalists failed on NWO/OWG, they just went ahead with “Plan B” – or “Plan 9″, as it were, From Outer Space….”Agenda”, after all, also implies a Schedule Imperative.

  3. Carolyn3

    Good show,
    So my comment is possibly the Pentagon has released these video to DISTRACT from the virus issues?? But I mean can you really get distracted from the virus? WHY now all of sudden release this? I mean it’s BIG drip. like Tracey said maybe even more than that, Maybe a burst pipe? I think there is more to come. I’m glad it’s out but the timing is very suspicious.

    The insectoid thing is very interesting and more research for me adding to my pile.

    Lets not forget this statement by Wernher Von Braun to Carol Rosin.

    “And the funniest one of all, was against what he called aliens, extraterrestrials, that would be the final card. And over, and over, and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving his speeches for him, he would bring up that last card.

    ‘And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We’re going to have to build space based weapons against aliens,’ and all of it, he said, is a lie.”

    so is the Alien card getting ready to be pulled ?

  4. Greg

    Last night Laura Ingram interviewed Steven Greer concerning the “tic-tac” video of Navy jet fighters chasing a UFO. The interview was respectful, and apparently Ingram had interviewed Greer some years back on her radio show. Greer stated there were: 1) indeed alien UFOs; 2)also homegrown ones; and 3) also a cabal keeping advanced, beneficial technologies from the rest of us. Ingram let Greer make these points without being contradicted or ridiculed. This seems unprecedented in the mainstream , televised news media world, at least in the U.S. What do you think is going on?

    1. Richard Dolan

      I truly wonder if this is a Fox thing. After all, Tucker Carlson is the only other host I am aware of who actually is willing to delve into this matter. But honestly, I don’t know.

  5. MancDaz

    Great session again, loved it. Also History Channel scammed us as Skinwalkers wasn’t on last night, Returns on the 5th May.


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