Live Lecture #3: Getting Inside the Cover-Up

By | January 11, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Dang, sorry I didn’t have this ready when I did it this morning. My only excuse is that this is running me slightly ragged! I barely had time to get to my desk to do this lecture this morning, much less promote it here, but I am sorry I didn’t get it in time. 

In any case, this lecture was adapted from one I gave about two years ago for one of our earlier special events. I still think it’s quite relevant and still barely discussed. That is, the corporate nature of the retrieval-replication program. By no means is this comprehensive, or even more than a bare skimming of the surface. Still, it’s something. Would like to know what your thoughts are on this. 

Tomorrow will be my final lecture in this series, and will be a ‘big picture” discussion. 


4 thoughts on “Live Lecture #3: Getting Inside the Cover-Up

  1. Bernard Pelletier

    Excellent look into crash retrievals. And I have the Stringfield books and the Ryan Wood book, and they are excellent. But there’s 1 point you made I would like to make clarifications about. The decision to go to war is made by politicians, not the people, so it’s a top down process, not a bottom up one, and usually men are forced to go to war under penalty of imprisonment. And wars are engineered, funded, and prolonged for profit by criminally insane, totalitarian plutocrats who value only money.

  2. Dan Jensen

    Dr. Robert wood and the 2 books he edited for William Tompkins. Is Tompkins to far out there to consider. Are not to far from it . Gary McKinnon and what he discovered hacking into the pentagon. Connect the dots. We are there.

  3. Dan Jensen

    Wow I didn’t need persuasion on believing David Grusch but reading his lawyer’s bio was an eye opener. Thanks for posting it and yes it should be mentioned.

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