7 thoughts on “Live Alien Interview? Intelligent Disclosure

  1. jimirod

    A couple of things I would have inquired was how do they mark time as we know it. It has to be unique to their species and unless they are part of an alliance the system similar in some ways to everyone who roams space.
    Aging parameters must be of interest to all sophisticated beings and should be discussed as well.

  2. Peter Squire

    I’ve asked Richard on various platforms about project Serpo. Didn’t they have a similar translation device crystal to communicate between the EBE’s and humans.

    OK I have added this as the above was entered halfway through your video. As regards project Serpo the further North you went on that planet it was cooler with vegetation on that planet, according to the exchange astronauts. It wasn’t a complete desert like planet.

  3. David Attardi

    Just as a goof, I pulled up the ” Skinny Bob – Alleged Alien Videos-Normal and Enhanced” and I compared it to the drawings. If you look at Mark 3:04 on the film, the right hand you see 4 fingers ( 3 and a sort of thumb ) and the middle 2 fingers are actually longer than the other two. I found it odd that this film was released and just let out there , no follow up, no money making or lecture circuit, just here ya go.. I am out of here…. Ivan

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