Breaking News On Crash Retrieval Testimony/Claims

By | June 5, 2023

Hi Everyone,

I am still here with Tracey at Contact in the Desert and am about to give my final presentation of the long weekend. This morning I read and studied the latest article from Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal. This was not published in the New York Time but instead in the Debrief. 

The link for the article is here

There is a lot to process in there and I will be giving a breakdown certainly by tomorrow. Very likely for a Youtube channel video which of course will be available here, too. 

Off the top of my head, I will say that the new whistleblower (and that is how the article describes him) is a legitimate Pentagon insider with prior experience on the UAP task force. He has stated that there absolutely is overwhelming evidence of the acquisition of “exotic” tech and the illegal withholding of that evidence from Congress. Much more. I will be discuss it at length very soon. 


25 thoughts on “Breaking News On Crash Retrieval Testimony/Claims

  1. MarkH

    Go, Ross Coulthart! The Debrief, Leslie and Ralf and NewsNation.
    Disclosure may mean the death of mainstream media, or it will demonstrate how much closer to 1984 we have moved. That death knell sound is to alert people to continuing Government coverup. Dave Grusch is just the tip of the iceberg of people about to come forward. Throw out Kirkpatric, who has lied and prosecute him. And thank you, David Grusch. They all need to watch their backs.
    I can’t wait to hear what Daniel Ellsburg has to say.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    I am just about checked out of all of this. My science/tech pal who is ufo interested and open couldn’t bother to read it all because there is no way to know what is real and it is so much about military/spooks praising other of the same. I find it more tedious than anything i can imagine. But no one hears any of this outside the ‘community’ echo chamber anyway. Sorry. I know my opinion is irrelevant but i am definitely going to do a piece on my take on all of this and send it to certain sites that i believe will publish it. I see how , just as the DNC has become so much part of the same deep state, seemlessly, so has the ufo topic and the community, imo, remind me of the Democrats i talk to and the pundits who promote the agenda.

    By the way, Ross Coulthart, on a podcast posted in forum today, began with insulting Snowden. For what reason? Because this inside DOD man with the background that makes me ill when i read what he was involved with, is ‘whistleblowing’ with the approval of the DOD. He thinks Snowden is a “law breaker” so he is not good.

    I know that the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ have been bastardized on these sites and nothing is said about it. Now are we going to do that with the term ‘whistle blower’? Seriously? I have seen it going on for a while now and i don’t see anyone attempting to even maybe be instructive. Just to try to keep people from becoming more and more …………………………..uninformed. And whistle blower is not the same as a leaker. But it isn’t even leaking when it is officially sanctioned and none of these people are fleeing the country because the state is after them.

    Sorry, i am pretty much done, as i said. I feel like i am amongst the MIC. But i guess if UAP is referenced, then the MIC is our friend? That is what i see over and over again and i find it ……………I don’t want to say it here.

    Apologies but i guess this is the end of the road for good old me. I have watched for five years now and this is what i would have expected. It is as obvious to me as the Russia/Ukraine propaganda mills. Same people different area.

    Thanks Richard. This actually isn’t even directed at you personally. It is the entire arena and the spin is deep. And i guess the axis of evil countries are not supposed to know that u.s. has this stuff? They don’t have access to this article or twitter, LOL. I am sure it is all for me the citizen who happens to follow this topic and no one else. I mean, i don’t have words for that kind of myopic perspective. I just don’t want to hear how the Dems are so enmeshed with these same agencies and that is so horrible. Not from the uap community that is. They need to look in the mirror.

      1. Bernard Buckley

        I’m 75, prior military, prior intel affiliations, retired law enforcenent etc. I believe this crash retrieval story goes much deeper and is not what it appears. Many Intel people and others, get used without their knowledge in psy-ops. Although the basic story is most likely true, the big picture has yet to unfold.
        The New World Order is being now seen for what they are. Plan B, well thats where Project Moonbeam comes in. Short story is, another ploy, based upon facts, that will be used for their Central Control. It’s very complicated. Thanks Richard.

  3. Craig Champion

    Wow – this is quite a pleasant surprise! This is an out-in-the-open Davis/Wilson-type admission. Maybe John Ramirez knew something after all.

    The article certainly underscores that which we’ve thought for a long, long time. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how Grusch’s complaint is treated. Seems like legitimate information, with multiple sources like Jonathan Grey corroborating what Grusch has stated. Alternately, one might wonder whether there is possibly some degree of overarching coordination of this information going-on. Is this is perhaps further evidence of a faction operating from within, in this case with Chis Mellon once again working with Leslie and Ralph in order to get the word out.

    Interesting that this comes on the heels of Dr. Nolan’s recent statements. I’m sure the cold water walk-back will be on its way soon. Hey, we can look forward to what Ronald Moultrie and Sean Kirkpatrick will now have to say!😆

    Thanks, Richard – looking forward to your analysis!

  4. intranuclear

    Thanks Richard,

    So it appears what Steven Greer is preparing for June 12th is going to be quite a show.
    This article demonstrates that, at least I now believe.
    Also Ramirez’s statements of late that disclosure is really happening this year may in fact be real.
    Ultimately, until people like Kirkpatrick are willing to retract their moronic statements, such as “…there is no evidence that any of the case represent an extraterrestrial origin…” or something like that are going to be revisited.

    This time, I think I am holding my breath. Maybe having waited 50+ years might have been worth it.
    We’ll see.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I’ll say this … I spoke with Ramirez at the conference this week. I was very wary of him. Just a spidey sense, perhaps. But it is clear he knows a lot. We shall see.


        Wary of Ramirez? New batteries in the spidey sense? Start pointing it at all the rest of the disclosure crew. Lue NEVER had to answer ANY tough questions because everyone was so star-struck to be talking to THE MAN, and of course no one wanted to lose access by asking embarrassing questions. The Lue and Leslie crew has NEVER sat down and answered hard questions, only delivered a veiled threat narrative, with some new agey stuff thrown in from time to time to satisfy people who aren’t “nuts-and-bolts.”

        This new guy is another “guy who’s done it all”– been a top guy in America’s Secret Police, been a guy who volunteered to go steal resources from little brown people and kill them in wars based on transparent lies.

        How are we to trust someone about UFOs if he can’t see the truth of America’s wars? If he’s so upright and moral, why wasn’t he a WAR whistleblower?

        It’s like you’ll let anybody deliver pizza to your house, even convicted poisoners, and go, “Yay! Pizza!”

  5. elevator

    This guy could be a game changer, but we need more corroboration of his claims made public. It appears some other credible people are stepping up and supporting his story. It is evident congress has more evidence than they have shared with the public. They have heard from other whistleblowers and viewed videos that are much more convincing that what was released in 2017. It’s time for a big push by all who want to see transparency regarding all that is known about this phenomenon. I’ll be 75 in a couple weeks and dammit I want to know the truth, for my own illumination, but also to tell all my friends, who made fun of my views on the topic, I f…ing told you so.

    I saw a pretty good report on this from a news source this evening. Not a major media outlet. It will be interesting to see the media followup.


      Part of the timing of the Grusch release is to overshadow the last coffin nail of Lue’s Lies. That very tall Josh Semeter(?) fellow on the NASA panel last week knew more about the readouts on the “go fast” video, did some basic math, and showed that the UFO we were all led to believe was outrunning a Navy jet was only going 40 mph, the wind speed at that altitude. Lue, Leslie and the rest of that crew MUST have known. Their only defense could be “Even though we were in charge of this area of the Op, we’re so dumb we never should have been hired as secret police and reporters.”

      If Richard and friends never mention this, if they allow the Grusch thing to overshadow this, if they continue to be cheerleaders without any real challenging of the messengers as they have been for 6 years, well, I may begin to have my doubts about some of them.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I agree. Things are moving very fast and I do think it’s a good idea to slow down, do a careful assessment, and ask some questions about what our actual evidence is … I am talking about the evidence as provided by the “faction”, eg Kean/Blumenthal, Fravor, etc, Grush, Lue, and all. The Tic Tac event has become a very important case with many witnesses on the record about it. But those videos … are they really indicative of anomalous phenomena? And what if they are not? Why were they brought out? I don’t want to take a definite position just yet. I have to admit that BIG and FAST news pieces of any type are usually things we need to be very careful of. Let’s keep this conversation going.

  6. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing this incredible article,I have read it multiple times. Richard I am looking forward to your thoughts on this news. What really caught my attention was the part where former officials reported to Congress that a craft was abandoned then recovered, I am assuming recovered by the Air force; I would love to know where that took place.

  7. D.A.


    What was Shostak’s response to this little nugget? I’d also wouldn’t mind hearing what Scott Kelley, deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye (the wannabe science guy) have to say about this as well. Has Bob Lazar been vindicated yet?

    And if I hear one more ultracrepidarian apply Carl Sagan’s statement that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence incorrectly one more time in order to tout their skepticism as if it was somehow indicative of their higher level of intellect on such matters, like the lead scientific bureaucrat on the NASA UAP panel did last week, I will puke. The only reason why the NASA panel, the original UAP task force, the UAP hearings, AARO, and Section 1673 of the 2023 NDAA, exist today is due to the fact that an inordinate amount of EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE has in fact been brought, not only to the light of day by Keane and Blumenthal, but right to the doorstep of Congress. Someone needs to sit all of these self-righteous, sanctimonious, self-proclaimed geniuses down and explain to them the difference between evidence and proof. Better yet, have Bob Lazar do it.

    Furthermore, these people constantly hide behind the convenient excuse of needing data. As we know quite well from the AAWSAP–BAASS and NIDS studies of Skinwalker ranch, obtaining repeatable, quantifiable, data on a conscious, ultra-intelligent, phenomenon that does not want to be discovered is quite difficult, if not virtually impossible to do. A duck with one eye has a better chance of seeing a hunter concealed behind a blind than we have of gathering quantifiable data on UFO’s–outside of actually possessing absolute proof in the form of bodies and/or craft, which apparently the government has, but the public will never see. We need an official confirmation of the whistle blower’s assertions. Ironically, visual observations by highly qualified people, which are backed up by documented radar, video, IR, and likely other types of qualitative and quantitative surveillance data, are not considered “valid” data by the self-proclaimed intellectually elite. Oh…well. Baby steps, I guess.

    I will end with this: if you were able to go back in time 10 years, and told yourself that we would be having this very conversation in 2023, would you believe yourself?


  8. D.A.


    One more thing regarding this article, we are all truly indebted to the AOA. They have accomplished something no one else has ever been able to do. Their plan was as brilliant in its design as it was in its execution. The deep-state IC faction never even knew what hit them.



    Ms. Kean is connected with the 9/11 cover up. You have to know that. She’s part of the Op. So here’s the kickoff to… how many MORE years of delay and obfuscation ?? There were really no excuses for that, so now we need a new rollout so people will stay tuned for however long it takes for the oligarchs to steal everything connected with the program that might be put into civilian hands.

    The timing, of course, is suspect, as is anything these people do. It will overshadow the final destruction of the Lue Elizondo narrative — “Go Fast” was only traveling at the wind speed of that altitude, 40 mph. They must have known. They purposely gave us a bogus video that would reveal NOTHING.

    This is also timed to steal Dr. Greer’s thunder coming up on the 12th at the National Press Club. BTW, I’m no Greer fan, so choke that accusation back in your throat. However you feel about the controversial Dr. Greer, this is a crystal-clear attempt by the OP to take back control of the narrative and move it in a direction THEY want.

    Let’s not turn into excited children the way we did in 2017 when Leslie Kean hoodwinked us. If your IQ is above room temperature you have probably already figured out that Grusch’s “disclosure” isn’t for us. You’ve probably already figured out that this is just the latest in Ufology’s version of Q-Anon. “Secret heroes in the government are coming to save us and defeat the bad guys!”

    Or maybe not.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I agree AG. And this man didn’t even see anything himself. It is more about unnamed sources whom he spoke with. And he also just happens to leave the DOD like in April and i predict he will be working for one of the weapons makers within the next year. But that is me for ya. This does keep the uap business going though. I have decided to be amused as i watch. I had to work through my sadness and knowing that those in the ‘community’ who get excited show an amazing suspension of disbelief. But many may not even have to do that.

      I think the biggest group of folks who have high regard for intel agents and DOD and i don’t even know all the titles i have seen attached to these guys………………………..Their version of a person of character sure is not connected to my own in any way. Anyway, the ‘community’ is their actual fan club. I am just smiling now.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        I agree that we need to see what if any evidence comes forth as a result of this. He’s been saying things that the UFO community, including myself, has been saying for a while, but is it true and if so it’s getting high time to see some results.

  10. Andromeda107

    I have watched the small interview clips David Grush has done, everything he has said is intriguing ,but he doesn’t have any proof. He hasn’t even seen anything for himself . I am not saying he isn’t being truthful, he just doesn’t have any proof to share.He has been given all his information from other officers who have worked on programs. The documents that he stated he had in his possession was turned over to Congress. And he stated he couldn’t share them with public because of National Security. I am just unsure what to make of David Grush comments, but at the same time I haven’t seen the full interview Ross did with him.

  11. Lauren2844

    We lived long enough for actual Disclosure!! If only Stanton was here!!! He definitely helped get us here. As did you Richard.. i would love to see Neil debunker Tyson, and that other fraud that was always on Rogan’s show Michael Shermer a paid shill face right now.. Being Right never Tasted So SWEET.

  12. Lazy Mystic

    “Dr.” Steven Greer* is hosting a press conference @
    National Press Club June 12, @ 2p.m. …
    please also watch this, and dissect it with us afterward, thank you.

    *Yes, i am among probably a majority of the Members here holding many concerns about Mr. Greer’s personality, some of his unsubstantiated claims, and his distasteful penchant for narcissistically wrapping the UFO story around his ‘Special’ personhood at the center of it all (i.e. he’s culty), BUT on the other hand he has
    HAS been consistently pushing for Disclosure for a long time… so we can sift through his complexity for the worthwhile nuggets, eh?

  13. Stephen Elliott

    This case seems like there may be a big break but I am afraid the government will continue to be dodgy and deny.

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