“I Have Seen the Bodies” Intelligent Disclosure

By | March 3, 2020


As a mini-announcement, you can now expect to see all of Tracey’s and my programs of Intelligent Disclosure here at this site as well as our Youtube Channel. There was really no reason I should not have been doing so in the past. Moving forward, they will all be posted here, too!


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  1. Kirsten RDMHost

    Thank you both for this great show, so much information! Mr. Stringfield certainly deserves quite a lot of credit for his courage back in the day.

    It’s so fun seeing all the book covers from various decades….kinda sheds light on the culture of the time

    Sooooo excited about the Kathleen Marden interview next Tuesday ! She is really doing some incredible work.

  2. PressToDigitate

    What caught my attention was the absence of “woo” in the reports of the vintage Ufologists, whose compiled accounts read as very sober, sensible and serious. I am NOT inclined to believe that they were all “just missing something” [about “Eighth-Density Interdimensionals from The Future, jumping through Portals from a Parallel Reality”, or something; etc.] It seems more rational to conclude that there is a qualitative change in the reports we’re getting these days, in the 21st Century, versus those in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

    Two logical possibilities present themselves: 1) The Aliens discovered (or, were told by HUMINT sources) that if they just used their innate abilities and psychotronic technology to *create* a lot of [illusory] “High Strangeness” surrounding their ‘ground operations’, they could obfuscate their activities, and delay – substantially – the credible, widespread recognition of their presence. Or, 2) All of the woo and High Strangeness is deliberate confabulation by (or reported by) inauthentic experiences/researchers, as part of ‘Psy-Ops’ disinformation operations organized to distract, disrupt and derail Ufology from actually progressing to a workable understanding of the situation. Such disinfo influence operations have extensive precedent within the US Intelligence Community, both domestically and internationally, since WWII, including within Ufology itself. Further, if “Majestic” can be infiltrated by ET hybrid/human operatives, so can the Ufology movement.

    However, these two explanations – both more probable than any of the woo actually being real – are not mutually exclusive. Yes, it is likely the Aliens learned to ‘get better at’ their covert operations here, over the span of decades and likely millions of individual Abductions. You would *expect* them to improve their methods of “camouflage” in that time, given the changes in *us* – Smartphones, etc. – over the last 60 years. But, also, Yes, it is likely that to protect and maintain popular ignorance of their operations, they would inject and foster the propagation of, wild diversionary tales – of the type which appear to fascinate Nick Redfern, Jacque Vallee, and, of late, Grant Cameron. If they have the psychic power and can pass for Humans “among us” – which no one seems to dispute – then those preoccupied with the woo need to ask themselves, “Why Wouldn’t They?”

  3. PressToDigitate

    PS. BTW: When you two hold up classic vintage UFO books like that, and review them as you do, the video begs for an “Add to Cart” button, or a QVC -style “Deal Countdown Timer” with a 1-800 number to “Order Now, Operators are Standing By!”.

    Has it occurred to you that you could generate a lot of ecommerce revenue on the side in book sales, by doing a monthly live QVC/HSN style show like that? While I’m sure you’ve got cases of books from Richard Dolan Press handy to ‘prime the pump’ with, what I’m suggesting is that people could send you their vintage UFO books (and memorabilia) for you to highlight, showcase and sell, “On Air”, *keeping a nice percentage* (say, 35% -50%) of each sale to further your work. People sometimes outgrow this hobby as their living circumstances change, or they have loved ones with collections they don’t want to keep. You could do a regular “Home Shopping” show to help people ‘find good homes’ for all their old classic Ufology (& Conspiracy) books (& Collectibles). It could have an Auction feature for rare and unusual items.

    Wouldn’t it be better for these rare, classic texts to stay “in the family” than to wind up in landfills? Once you put out the call (and it becomes known that you’re building such a marketplace), *you never know what might show up in your P.O. Box along these lines*. I think it could be a lot of fun for you two to do, it could generate more revenue than anything else, and I think you’d be riotously entertaining to watch, in doing it.

  4. David LoVecchio

    The thing that I don’t understand about a number of stories related by people who allegedly saw the bodies from various crashes is how they were shipped/handled. Some of the stories report the bodies as just being in crates or resting on top of dry ice. There appears to have been no concern regarding the possibility of exposure to alien bacteria which you would think would be a MAJOR concern to anyone involved in craft/occupant retrieval or cleanup.

  5. Lazy Mystic

    Thank you for including I.D. vids here — i confess i was late to understand you had a youtube show in addition to all the material in the Members site.
    Over time, my default was to not ever bother looking for I.D. because the amount of Member material offeted usually exceeds my free time & focus, so it was easier to ignore rumors of Intelligent Disclosure episodes than ever dig into youtube for even more material.
    Now that you are including it in the Members area, i will certainly more than likeky watch some I.D…. so, thank ♡ you.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I need to retroactively start getting the old ones up, but you can always go to the Youtube channel. Meanwhile, all new ones will be posted here right away!

  6. itsmeRitaC

    Someone i know mentioned ‘The Stand’ to me last week in reference to Coronavirus and i didn’t know that reference either. i will look it up. i know Stephen King wrote it and i am not a fan of his in particular.

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