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  1. PressToDigitate

    As I commented on Kirsten’s notice of this one before it went out – to which you responded (Thank You!) – a Pre-Roswell Crash Retrieval accounts for a good deal in terms of where Vannevar Bush & John Von Neumann were going by the end of the War – and ruminating publicly on – as to Computers & Cybernetics. It also explains (once the Pentagon got its act together and realized that the had ‘Another One’) how well orchestrated the Roswell retrieval and coverup were conducted. But I’m curious as to why you dismissed Paul Blake Smith’s “MO41: The Bombshell Before Roswell” so lightly. At 332 pages, it seems the heftiest treatment of the event, with Dudding’s publication coming in at just 40 pages. I haven’t invested in either yet, but in the interview I saw with Smith, he didn’t seem that bad.

    As noted elsewhere, I believe that the Los Angeles incident, Cape Girardeau and the New Mexico/Arizona crashes may have left us focusing on the wrong things, if we want answers. Assuming that we’re not likely to get more pathology reports on the recovered bodies, or engineering data from the debris whisked off to Wright-Patt, I believe the more profitable course of study will be in the intertwined evolutions, deployments, *and suspensions* of technologies in ‘Computing’ and ‘Air Defense’, over the 25 year period from 1947 – 1972. In the history of 1950s/’60s Radar, EME/CEMR ‘Moonbounce’, Transistors/Semiconductors, Computer Networking, and Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile missile defense systems – particularly Nike-Ajax, Nike-Hercules, Nike-Zeus, BOMARC, Hawk, Genie and Falcon, and the SAGE and other control computers used with them, I believe we can learn *a lot more* than we have thus far regarding the ‘MJ-12’ era, from the creation of the USAF to the final Moon Landing. To consider the ‘Top Priority’ that the ETUFO problem was apparently given – “higher than the Hydrogen Bomb” – as a national security matter, it is incongruous to look at it in isolation from the otherwise then prevailing Air Defense installation and establishment of the period. Their public denials are hardly relevant, given that we already know ADC took the incursions seriously.

    What we have to ascertain is how, at the highest levels, the ETUFO problem impacted the design, deployment, operation, and – most importantly, the *cancellation* of – key elements of Air Defense infrastructure. The aborted Nike-Zeus/Nike-X and the A-12/YF-12 are [not alone as] case studies in profound Air Defense upgrades that were inexplicably ‘bureaucrashed’ by deliberate maneuvering within the Defense Department; where the official rationales given for their termination do not ‘hold water’ from a technical, strategic, tactical, budgetary or war-fighting perspective, even without the ETUFO problem, but *WITH IT* are positively ridiculous. A good deal of documentation is now available online regarding the history of CONUS Air Defense during that period, which wasn’t back when you wrote UFONSSv1.

    PERHAPS – and this is just a ‘wild supposition’ that I’ve pulled out of my nether regions: “MAYBE The Aliens Didn’t Want Us Shooting At Them With Nuclear Interceptors”. Awful danged funny how they got their wish, isn’t it?

    Oh, BTW: Tomorrow, July 19th is “Plumbbob Day”:

    1. PressToDigitate

      Happy Plumbbob Day!
      Some 3,000 of these nuclear-tipped Genie Air-to-Air interceptor missiles were deployed in the 1950s and remained in service until 1985. The video shows the only one ever fired; the only test of an air-to-air nuclear defensive weapon of any kind. How is it that Not One was ever used against UFOs in 18 years? Thousands more nuclear air defense warheads, in Nike, BOMARC, Hawk and Falcon missiles were also never employed against any “Advanced Aerial/Aviation/Aerospace Threats”. I find this extraordinarily strange. Something doesn’t add up.

      1. John_Bruno

        I had that thought myself.. Was/is it a treaty issue or is it the fact that the Genie could only achieve a speed of Mach 3.3 (Which is fast even by today’s standards) but just a tiny fraction of the speed required to catch one of these craft.. especially if as in the Nimitz encounters they seem to know what we are going to do before we do it. Great question PressToDigitate and one I would truly love to know the answer to as well!

        1. PressToDigitate

          In the first place, while this Anti-Aircraft warhead was only 1.5Kt, other Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile defense missiles of the era carried warheads up to 150Kt (for reference, Hiroshima was 15kt). You don’t have to be very close or accurate with something like that to vaporize, sterilize and EMP the hell out of something. So its mystifying as to why they were apparently *never* used in an attempted UFO intercept; its not like there are even examples of it having been tried and failing. Also, hypersonic speeds of *far* greater than Mach 3.3 have been achieved in missile experiments, so if that were the limiting factor on these weapons’ effectiveness and use, they could have designed faster ones for the purpose. Why didn’t they?

  2. Carolyn3

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve not seen this one before. Plus this is just nice for taking my mind off the covid mess. Just love a good Richard and Tracey conversation :).

  3. John_Bruno

    I think Richard is right about the “gauges, dials and switches” but we do not know what was actually seen and there could have been instrumentation that in that age may have been the only way to describe what was actually seen.
    I am however very interested in the “hieroglyphics” that have been described in many of these crash cases. The “Nazi Bell” was also purported to have these symbols on the outside of the device. I do not remember who coined the phrase “Self activating software” (I think it may have been LMH, so please correct me if that is incorrect), I do remember her doing a story on drone type craft (possibly ARV’s) that included some very clear and imho believable photo’s of these “drones” and they had hieroglyphic symbols as well. It would be great if you could share with us any info or impressions you might have on Self activating software.
    Love these clips! and as always thank you Richard and Tracey for guiding us to virtually endless entrances to rabbit holes to dive into. Much love and stay safe! #stormthestovepipes they can’t get us all 😄


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