Disclosure Witness: Don Phillips on UFO Crash Retrievals and Lockheed

By | April 30, 2021

I just received this link from our intrepid Kirsten Blackburn, who in turn received this link from (also) our own Lynda Thompson and Linda White. (Thank you, Ly/indas). Great interview from Steven Greer’s Youtube channel that’s been out for a number of years but worth posting here. Don Phillips worked as a contractor to Lockheed, the CIA, and the U.S. Air Force, and had a great deal to say about UFOs and the attempts to study and replicate the technology. It gets very on-point at around 14:57. 

A few points to start with: 

Lockheed was definitely involved in antigravity research.

There is a secret Air Force operated by an unnamed three-letter agency. 

The U.S. military did acquire alien craft, including at Roswell.

Lockheed “really did put [the technology] to work.”

He didn’t see any alien bodies, “but I certainly know some of the people who did.” 

And more. fascinating and relevant. 


41 thoughts on “Disclosure Witness: Don Phillips on UFO Crash Retrievals and Lockheed

  1. dodge

    Those team Greer interviews are really, really good. That one about the crash in Peru was astounding. Have heard since that the Corporal was not shooting straight however. Kid belongs in Hollywood if true.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      You are referring to John Weygandt? (I’m spelling his name from memory and may have gotten it slightly wrong.) If so, I’m curious what you have heard.

      1. RAJOD

        Is this part of the new Amazon Dr. Greer Video called
        Countdown to Disclosure: The Secret Technology Behind the Space Force

        I did not see all of it but Greer is taking a slant that Lockheed Martin made and built the Tic Tac UFO.
        Its a pay to see so not sure how many have actually rented it here.

        I find it a bit hard to swallow. Meaning I don’t quite believe it.

        Richard did a show on how the Tic Tac is nothing NEW. Are they saying we found a space ship at Roswell reverse engineered it and made a Tic Tac that has been flying since the 1950s? I don’t buy that.

        If it was ours why would they pester our own Navy, follow them to the Gulf War for weeks. Makes no sense. Makes more sense that its not from USA.

        They talk about a skin around the ship that reduces friction. Ok fine, but they fail to even remotely explain the propulsion and energy source. They fail to address the G forces or why the top speed is only 24,000 mph in air and 500 mph in water. It all sounds made up to me. They are just spouting BS without anything to back it up.

        I am all ears if you want to clarify this in a somewhat believable explanation. Is Dr. Greer just trying to be a contrarian? They say Aliens but I know better its really USA tech that they have had for 50 years.

        I don’t believe we had the computer technology to pull it off back then. Even if we knew exactly what was needed. Sort of like knowing how a Iphone has made but you lived in 1800. There is no infrastructural set up, you cant just buy chips from Intel or AMD as they don’t exist yet.

        He just adds confusion to an already confusing subject.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          I think Dr. Greer and others are off base regarding the Tic Tac. Certain Dr. Eric Davis disagrees with Greer. Personally, I do think we have some ADVANCED tech, but the Tic Tac as one of “ours” is a hard sell for me at this point.

  2. dodge

    Yes sir. Someone had said he had “personal issues” (forget what forum I came across that info) and concocted the whole deal. When you watch the video, he comes across as pretty believable to me. So many details with dates, names appointments etc. I certainly want to believe the guy. It dove tails with so many other things that have come to light. Its odd that he hasn’t resurfaced somewhere to discuss the event though. I hope he is OK.

  3. dodge

    Richard- I did some internet sleuthing and found the topic of the young Corporal. Turns out it was a FB thread:


    Its situations like this where a good, trained remote viewer might come in handy. RV is pretty out there…5 yrs ago I would have said thats demonic, have nothing to do with it. Times change. To the point where I trust little coming from MSM et. al., but this RV thing seems to work. How??? I have not idea. I know Mrs. Dolan has some experience here..maybe you could inlist her lol.

    I also just contacted the guy who claimed to know him via Facebook inquiry if he knew the current whereabouts of the marine.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Many thanks for looking into this. I see there’s a claim from someone who said he served with him in the Marines but that he never left American soil and is full of crap. Well, he sure gives a convincing performance on video, I will say that.

      1. dodge

        He was never a corporal either and the only place he ever went while in the corps was cherry point North Carolina I was stuck with him as a roommate when I finished my tour there
        You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages.
        Sat 7:02 PM
        You sent Yesterday at 7:02 PM
        Damn do you know where the guy is now?
        Sat 9:56 PM

        Silver sent Yesterday at 9:56 PM
        New Jersey last time I talked to him

        Richard-here is the fb messenger convo thread.
        Maybe the acuteness needs to be adjusted on my BS meter..lol KId came across as being completely believable.

  4. J-Rod

    We need another reboot of the original Press Club project. Whomever leads it is up for grabs. A collective would be great with old and new witnesses in front of a 2021 packed media. What are our chances? FA?

  5. PressToDigitate

    If some element of Lockheed (or any other Contractor) *were* building Flying Saucers with Alien technology, somewhere, what makes anyone believe that they’re building them for *our* military, rather than for the Aliens, themselves? Or building them with actually Human personnel, for that matter?

  6. Andromeda107

    Good interview by Greer, have to admit he has done some good work in this field, I just don’t agree with him about these beings being all about love and positivity and they are here to better humanity.

  7. mcwest50

    It seems those like him are coming forward to push the door open and let the facts and reality
    of their existence sink in. I do hope this trend continues. People like him coming forward. I
    don’t know how much will be revealed in June but maybe enough to get the public behind
    demanding full disclosure.


    Don Phillips also mentions the Native American Indian gate-keepers and possible connection to ‘star-people’ encounters. Many compelling books have been written about this connection as a reality but this is the first time I’ve heard of a government contractor talk directly about direct ET contact with Native Nations.

    Possible confirmation? Maybe, but not really clear if this is real or another way for military to obfuscate who and what are involved in these deep underground bases. Indian land is protected and separate from the rest of the country. Is this being exploited to keep the secret? Perhaps.

  9. Lauren2844

    This guy sounds like a 12 year old doing a oral report about a topic he knows only what he read from a couple books. Everything he talks about EVERYTHING he obviously got from the Corso book. He says.. “Um these beings when they crashed …crashed because um they crashed because of um our Rader um these things we kept from um the public” this guy is God awful. I can’t believe Greer fell for this nonsense. TOTAL BS. I could have used a couple buzz words and sounded more realistic than this fool.

    1. Warwick Mccormick

      I totally agree with your assessment. No single person could possibly have access to such a broad spectrum of classified information.

  10. iam080

    Richard, thanks for posting the interview with Don Phillips – a timely and relevant reminder which fits with The New Yorker article you also recently posted. An extract from The New Yorker article with former Senator Harry Reid:

    *“I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials… And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me… to take a look at it. But they wouldn’t give me the clearance.”* (Reid)

    You may also be aware of Luis Elizondo’s recent comments during his DossierX interview regarding pre-Roswell craft retrievals:

    *”There may be anecdotal info that indicates that perhaps the US gov was involved [before roswell] in purported recovery type activities.”* (Elizondo)

    UFOlogists might ask – given Mr Elizondo’s oft stated NDA constraints, why was he permitted, at this stage, to imply that pre-Roswell craft retrievals *may* have occurred?

    Presumably, members of Congress would have to be briefed upon such craft retrievals and consequently, any past financial commercial returns resulting from related reverse engineering activities.

    Additionally, if in 2019/2020, Dr Eric W. Davis participated in intelligence briefings to US Congress, these relating to “off-world” technology, then it might be reasonable to anticipate that during such classified discussions, Dr Davis also highlighted concerns (as allegedly relayed by Admiral Thomas Wilson) regarding a potential lack of government oversight.

    Allegedly, Admiral Wilson’s career was threatened by a cabal of powerful figures, who apparently were involved in a planet-wide corporate cover up and criminal obfuscation of public oversight of subverted ET technologies and related reverse engineering programs.

    Without effective transparency and demonstrated respect for the spirit of the law, there can be no public confidence of those vested private interests – corporate owners and majority shareholders – who may have financially benefited from technology commercialisation activities. This includes whether or not such privately attained wealth – potentially the fruit of a poisonous tree – was used to support the proper functioning of democracy or to corruptly undermine it.

    In general, given the growing extent of economic disparity across the USA and Western nations, with decades of increasing inequality and corporatisation of the planet, it is questionable as to which members of the public have benefitted the most from ET technology commercialisation activities. Realistically, is the takedown of a cabal a matter which the US Congress can effectively address?

    *What systemic changes within government are necessary to redress decades of potential corruption and criminal obfuscation wrt commercialising technologies inspired by ET artefacts?*

    Richard, you might also be aware of claims that ET’s have been able to penetrate the most secure facilities in the USA. For example, the report of a landed UFO, circa 1984, at Pease AFB, Strategic Air Command where a nuclear warhead was allegedly found disassembled within its New Hampshire bunker after only a short period of time.

    IF ET’s are able to perform such feats, penetrating the most secure US military facilities – then presumably they are also able to detect and retrieve advanced non-human hardware. Thus, IF ET technology has remained in human possession for decades and it has not been re-acquired by ET’s, then it is reasonable to ask –

    *i) in terms of pros / cons for ET, why would ET’s permit our species to study advanced non-human technologies and (if such study is permitted),*
    *ii) how would ET’s limit the impact of potential inter-human conflicts resulting from the presence and influence of such technologies?*

    Presumably, after one human group attains undeniable physical proof of ET visitation (technology, artefacts, organic bodies) then IF ET’s do not choose to re-acquire and suppress access to such advanced non-human knowledge, they might then become concerned with establishing an appropriate balance of covert and overt actions wrt public contact readiness.

    That is, IF ET’s elect not to suppress human access to non-human technologies, they may be interested in assessing the process by which human power groups eventually inform their populations of the presence of such ET visitors (and the technologies held in their earthly possession).

    In such case, it might be that ET’s wish to:
    – Optimise knowledge interchange by a combination of covert/ overt interactions. (Where, largely clandestine knowledge / information seeding potentially serves the purpose of accelerated species and societal transformation with minimised impact from an overt ET presence).
    – Avoid being the source of escalating conflict whereby hostile actions between human groups are triggered based upon suspicions that other human groups possess advanced ET technologies. (To facilitate knowledge interchange, yet to minimise conflict, a multitude of retrieved artefacts might *appear* to be the result of random, unintentional accident. This supposes a deliberate yet clandestine experiment by ET’s to monitor the impact of knowledge/ information seeding upon human populations, potentially in readiness for widespread public contact.)

    As a lesser intelligence learns so too does a higher intelligence learn, from observing the former’s progression and failure. Perhaps that is why advanced ET’s have, since the dawn of human civilisation, observed our species and our world.

    I posit the above because I have not come across any credible evidence in support of high energy beam weapon engagements which would be detectable through energetic backscatter, rock scaring, infrastructure damage and/or observed collateral debris arising out of conflict.

    In addition, I note the potential application of in-situ *prime editing* upon human neurology using a brain-altering combination of CRISPR + ZIKA-like viral gene therapy. This biotech capability would surely also be available to any advanced ET which has studied our biology. The fact that a highly contagious, neurologically diminishing virus has not transformed the majority of the population to ultra-compliant sheeple (within a matter of days/ weeks) suggests that NO “covert” ET invasion has taken place, since no such neurologically diminishing viral deployments, unleashed at global or national scale, are observed to date.

    Moreover, given the potential of advanced technologies which modify time and space to traverse the stars, I suggest that the concept of a benign hyper-intelligence having dominion across the entire universe should be reviewed. Were the antithesis to hold such dominion, that of a hostile overlord, we humans would likely not exist in our present sentient form.

    Richard, I hope that you can raise some of the above considerations during your upcoming May interview with Mr Elizondo.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This is a fascinating and deep series of comments. You can be assured that I will be thinking about this well in advance of my interview of Mr. Elizondo. And well beyond. You’ve given me and everyone here much to think about. Thank you.

      1. iam080

        You are welcome Richard. I have presented additional comments, which you may find insightful, on your forum.

        Perhaps, now in the 21st century, the entire concept of militarised secrecy can be revisited. If I may, I’d like to strongly suggest the nuclear historian, Alex Wellerstein, as a potential interviewee for your channel. I think that together, you could establish a great deal of common ground to the benefit of your audience.



      Regarding your statements :”The fact that a highly contagious, neurologically diminishing virus has not transformed the majority of the population to ultra-compliant sheeple (within a matter of days/ weeks) suggests that NO “covert” ET invasion has taken place, since no such neurologically diminishing viral deployments, unleashed at global or national scale, are observed to date.”

      There may be so many ways to a covert invasion that we Earthlings cannot possibly imagine them all let alone mastering the detection of them. A few could involve 1) human hybrids implantation and influence 2) Some type of mind-influence with CRISPR + ZIKA-like viral gene therapy but only on a selected few individuals in power positions (making detection very difficult) and 3) removal of individuals from this world though undetectable advanced technologies (ET craft or portals).

      The David Paulides 411 missing series could be indicating evidence of the latter where advanced German physicists, gifted biologists and even young university students are ‘removed’ in order to affect future world change to delay or prevent developments in certain science/tech that might prove to be undesirable to ET races. These events could also be reflective of ET competition among their own groups in their ultimate struggle to dominate the human race.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Cable tv is having a big influence on the population, that is for certain. 🙂

    3. iam080

      To expand upon my statement which: *suggests that NO “covert” ET invasion has taken place, since no such neurologically diminishing viral deployments, unleashed at global or national scale, are observed to date.*

      I believe that it is incumbent upon the proponents of a covert invasion scenario (which involves hostile ET’s oppressing, but not annihilating the global human population) to *adequately* explain the following.

      Why, for the past 70-80+ years, has an advanced hostile species (assumed to be so aware of human biology as to be capable of production of human hybrids or human-like replicas) strategically elected NOT to deploy a highly effective and efficient means of rapid population oppression, that of neutralising the bulk of humanity via virally loaded neurological diminishment?

      It is important to recognise that in the 1940’s and 1950’s, human technology was such that a covert ET program of “invasion” and “oppression” by genetic hybrids or human-like replicas or virally neuromorphed and compliant humans might have been difficult to detect – during that time period. Yet with each passing year, human medical technology has increased our biological anomaly detection capabilities.

      Now, in the 21st century, a multitude of sophisticated human medical equipment is arraigned around the planet – a network which is increasingly capable of detecting genetic anomalies (including those likely to be relevant to human-ET hybrids, or human-like replicas or virally neuromorphed compliant-humans). With each passing generation of human development, through each decade, the risk of detection (under a hostile ET invasion scenario) has been growing and subsequently, the window for ET’s to avoid detection has been rapidly closing.

      Since the 1940’s, the cost-benefit / risk-reward profile for a hostile ET invasion has been rapidly shifting, and the “payoff” quickly diminishing. Yet under the “covert” invasive oppression scenario, hostile ET’s have elected NOT to deploy advanced neutralising bio-tech at global scale during the pre-21st century period where humanity held NO effective defence against such bio-technologies. Yet, today, human bio-tech defence capabilities are improving every day. This translates to a higher ET invasion cost, today, with a reduced probability of success than yester year.

      Under such a scenario, why have covert ET oppressors delayed, for decades, biological occupation of the bulk of humanity?

      A covert oppression strategy relies upon a sufficiently high infiltration rate to achieve a critical mass capable of nullifying human defences prior to all-out detection and war. It should therefore be obvious that a covert invasion, ET oppressor scenario is time constrained. In the 21st century, it’s likely there are certain biological anomaly thresholds, above which, a too-large covert ET invasion would raise systemic medical alerts, triggering specific biological counter-measures to be deployed. Such counter-measures, for example, might include the commencement of a global bio-transformative program of defence which involves identification and targeting of genetic anomalies specific to human-hybrids and neuromorphed humans (again using viral gene engineering with CRISPER+ZIKA, this time engineered by “pure” humans to repel the “impure” human/ET’s).

      Logically, given the above, the most effective and efficient invasion rate for a hostile ET species is not a state of dormancy for decades, nor ultra-slow infiltration for decades, but an optimised rate of stealthy occupation across key sections of the population, followed by an even higher rate of replacement of the bulk of human civilisation. A globally neutralising, anonymous first-strike, highly contagious CRISPER+ZIKA virus which strips Humanity of it’s will to resist is a premium attack vector.

      Yet the optimal invasion rate is time constrained by the steady advance of human detection and increasing defence capabilities. Clearly, to date, there have been no zero-day OVERT invasions involving TOTAL annihilation or complete occupation of our species. There has also been no RAPID covert invasions involving TOTAL human population replacement, hybridisation or viral neuromorphing diminishment in a short time span – not 1 week, not 1 month, not 1 year. Also not for longer time spans, such as 1 decade, nor the past 7-8 decades. Yet a highly infectious, CRISPER+ZIKA gene modification virus could have neutralised in-situ most of the human population decades ago. The majority of the global human population has NOT been genetically transformed into compliant sheeple. Again, why NOT?

      As a measure of success, all TOTAL invasion scenarios, whether covert or overt type, based on observable civil data in society, can be assessed as either ineffective failures and/or simply not true, representing false human perception. This leaves PARTIAL covert invasion scenarios only. However, as above, the success of possible PARTIAL invasions can be assessed by the measure of infiltration effectiveness in both timescale and population number, that is, the rate of invasion and occupation/replacement.

      Whilst there are a range of “possible” covert oppression / invasion scenarios, which MAY have been taking place for the past 70-80+ years of established UFO activity, each scenario possesses a different probability of occurrence and also potentially a different probability of outcome. Yet the current ACTUAL effectiveness of each “possible” scenario can be measured against observable data.

      At most, one might suggest that a MINOR PARTIAL covert oppression and invasion scenario is currently underway, sub-optimally, since total occupation has not occurred, nor has significant MAJOR PARTIAL occupation been achieved in the past 70-80+ years. For all extents and purposes, the bulk of humanity remains predominantly human. But as human bio-tech capability is exponentially increasing in the 21st century, the chances of MINOR biological incursions being detected and subsequently repulsed by a CRISPER+ZIKA targeted defence increases.

      An inefficient, super-slow invasion seems a poor strategy for a hostile species to undertake. If such a MINOR PARTIAL invasion scenario is true, then any number of human civilian research facilities, within the next decade or two, may be capable of mounting a global CRISPER+ZIKA viral counter-strike against our “impure” hybrid oppressors. Human civilian scientists simply need to identify which “impure” hybrid human genes enable the evil ET’s to takeover the host. Are such genes part-Russian or part-Chinese too?

      When will the global bio-transform war, intended to neutralise perceived “impure” human enemies, begin? Surely, a first-strike viral deployment upon the globe will win the hostile race to end all races…? * IF * such a slow, covert invasion and oppression scenario is true.


        I would suggest that ET covert action is not slow, medium or fast. It is, above all else, PERPETUAL. Not to dominate but to nudge and influence humankind perhaps in many ways we really cannot fully understand. We may never be able to fully understand it or counter it. It will never be a complete takeover.

        The ET covert operation, if nothing else, has always managed to remain one step ahead of our civilization. They know our consciousness better then we do and can directly access parts of our brains that we cannot. By the time we adapt they have already read our intentions and have changed plans to compensate.

        Being thousands of years ahead and telepathic has its advantages. A telepathic race or hive mind, unlike humankind, has no secrets to encumber it or hold it back. They can most likely do whatever they want with us.

      2. iam080

        Individual human awareness, as a unique multi-faceted experience, may be simultaneously stimulated by a spectrum of con-structive and de-structive interactions. Subsequently, an individual’s perception and conscious engagement with the world is a reflective amalgam of his/her own unique state of mind. Consensus reality represents those group views which conform to common descriptions and shared understandings.

        By labelling complex human interactions with advanced non-human intelligences – using human / animalistic characteristics – individuals may simply be reflecting their own conscious biases of the phenomenon. UFOlogists using animalistic labels may not accurately reflect the nature of highly advanced beings, nor the functional history of their engagement with the species and ecosystems of this planet.

        I suggest it is wise to be cautious of language which dictates traits such as possessing aggressive territorial expansion (i.e “invasion”), dominating through strategic conflict (i.e. a co-ordinated “hostile” enemy engaged in a “war”), superior tactical posturing (the physical “threat” of a fight, rather than a flight response), systematic resource harvesting (i.e. material “predation”) and so on.

        The implications of the logic, above, are such that UFOlogists should beware assertions of a major covert “invasion” having taken place in the past 70-80+ years. I don’t think such an assertion holds true.

        Additionally, it is my opinion that one should be careful not to conflate “possible” scenarios with “probable” activity, nor with “actual” “real” events.

        In that regard, I suggest that it is false to presume, that after 70-80+ years of observational data, the private CABAL of powerful humans lack sufficient information on NHI / ET visitation patterns to be able to confirm the basic nature of their motivations and level of “hostility”.

        Finally, given decades of established disinformation, UFOlogists might ask- *what vested interests do present human power groups have in maintaining control over the status quo?*


          Our present day intelligence sources may be able to approximate a basic nature of ET motivation and level of hostility, however, a complete and total understanding of NHI intentions may be a tall order.

          For decades UFO researchers have remained stymied by this aspect of the topic and have recognized the high level of deception present with many ETs encounters. This undoubtedly adds to the challenge for UFO researchers and military intelligence analysts alike in obtaining the complete picture.

          The Gestalt or ‘whole’ of the UFO phenomenon may be much greater than the perceived sum of its parts.

        2. iam080

          Every day, we are all challenged to learn by introduction of novel thought and by variety of information.

          The incredible innovation of the last 70-80 years has been the rise of intelligent computation, enabling enhanced human understanding of our environment and our past/present/projected future interactions with it.

          Yet for (benign) hyper-intelligence(s), complete mastery of space-time alters the information processing equation. For such advanced entities, knowledge may have become universally non-locally entangled, irrespective of time or location. That is, hyper-intelligences may effectively possess the equivalent of “instantaneous” information (through the use of advanced time travel technologies). That, in my opinion, is the great revelation of the phenomenon.

          IF such hyper-intelligence(s), capable of controlling space-time, were expansionary and hostile then we humans likely would not be here. Period. The probability of past extinction of our form of intelligence would have been a near-certainty, 100%.

          It should be intuitively obvious that the first hyper-intelligence(s) to rise within the universe would be very unlikely to permit the galactic rise of aggressive expansionary intelligences from other worlds which may threaten their own domain. It is far more likely that such non-hostile hyper intelligence(s) would engage with less intelligences to acclimatise them and prepare them for eventual contact with overt interactions.

          Prior to formal, overt contact with a civilisation, it is likely that such hyper-intelligence(s) minimally interact with lifeforms to optimise / sustain local knowledge acquisition – as a primary function of advanced being. Also, where deemed necessary – that local species traits are minimally modified such that interstellar hostility risks are zeroed.

          Why minimal modification? A dead world is a dull world and lifeless uniformity is not knowledge enhancing. Variety is the spice of life, as the saying goes. In this digital age, people already recognise that data is the new gold of the 21st century. Perhaps at some far age in our future, all information shall be considered priceless.

          It’s possible that the process of learning may be similar (convergent?) with that employed by humans seeking to understand the dynamic complexities of our own environment. Here on Earth, human scientific knowledge, as embodied within our present level of engineering, already well understands that the act of measuring a quantum system influences that system.

          Thus, our scientists invest substantial effort in optimally acquiring knowledge through minimal levels of interference. Similarly so, for non-destructive testing of a material, or for monitoring the behaviour of complex biological systems in natural environments and so on. As a subtle influence, a chimp might be given a new tool to play with, such that humans can observe how that species processes information and learns about new constructs. Or scientists might choose to hide in a camouflaged box rather than use a noisy helicopter to observe a herd of wild Zebra – lest they spook the lot, potentially causing harm through inadvertent panic.

          The art of human intelligence gathering, itself, involves minimal engagement for an optimal level of information collection.

          It is not surprising that sustained local knowledge acquisition might involve, prior to overt contact with a civilisation, an optimised level of covert engagement with minimised interference.

          The inferences above can be tested. Our computation technology already enables highly sophisticated levels of analysis. A universal, top-down theoretic assessment of warp capable entities can be (and probably already has been) Monte Carlo game-theoried by the Powers-That-Be…

          And so, given my previous comments, our leaders may reasonably and analytically ask –

          (1) What happens when two hyper-intelligences meet?
          My thoughts: The logical outcome of two (effectively) immortal constructs – having knowledge acquisition as a primary function – is to engage with one another in a form of reproduction i.e. generating a coalesced civilisation which (eventually) replaces the two hyper-intelligences with one.

          For (effectively) immortal constructs processing time is a less relevant parameter than optimised results / output.

          (2) What happens when a hyper-intelligence meets a lesser intelligence?
          My thoughts: Given the goal of optimally, sustained local knowledge acquisition (which would include covert/overt interactions to reduce the threat potential of a less intelligent species), it’s logical that incubation would be facilitated until such point that sufficient acclimatisation enables (1) to occur at some far point in the future.

          (3) What happens after a hyper-intelligence has gained a near perfect comprehension of the construct which is this universe?
          My thoughts: Given ever greater infusion of a hyper-intelligence upon that construct, this universe, such intellect would likely, eventually seek to recreate it. At that point, the primary goal of knowledge acquisition transforms to knowledge creation, merging with the construct in order to recreate it, thereby continuing the process of learning amid infinite diversity.

  11. Kelley Meehan

    This was somewhat disconcerting to watch. The editing breaks jump into new topics without any introductory context. This detracts from the “Disclosure” aspect that should have been Greer’s purpose in presenting an interview like this. The implicit redactions in the interview make it much like reading a government document that has significant redactions. Not only does it not flow naturally but context must be inferred as each new topic is introduced. Nonetheless I think it is worth careful study because in many ways I think it is more revealing than Don Phillips or perhaps Greer himself intended.

    One of the things I found significant was the discussion of the Eisenhower meeting with extraterrestrials. When asked for permission to conduct “research,” Eisenhower allegedly asked how we could stop them. Eisenhower, who had spent his life in the military would never respond that way without being aware of some earlier confrontations. He would not simply convey weakness and awe at a meeting that involved negotiations critical to our national security. Even if Phillips was misinformed about the Eisenhower meeting, the fact that he found this episode credible suggests that he had an awareness, unstated in his redacted interview, that there was a history of aerial conflict involving US attempts to shoot down these UFO’s that preceded and formed a substantial basis for the alleged meeting to forge a settlement.

    Phillips freely admits that he has picked up much of what he knows, not from direct involvement but from being on the inside of the secrecy wall and picking things up from others. I think it is logical to believe that it was well known in his inner circle that UFO’s presented an actual threat based on bitter experience from a history of real conflict. This is not Steven Greer’s preferred narrative and that may explain some of the redactions.

    I have always taken the notion that no threat was involved in the early years as highly dubious. Depending on whether that perception began in 1947 or years earlier it could have provided a strong incentive for the scramble for German scientists in Project Paperclip, completely independent of the Soviet threat. A new threat from the air would have given the development of all forms of flight technology the highest priority, offensive and defensive.

    As I consider the subject of actual negotiations with aliens during the Eisenhower Administration, I am struck by the absence in the UFO literature of any significant speculation concerning similar meetings and contact with other world governments, particularly the Soviets. Both the US and the Soviets were, according to Phillips, forced to acknowledge a third presence in our airspace to avoid conflicts with each other. Why would the US be the only one to establish contact with that third force and make mutually beneficial agreements? This opens up a range of questions concerning competing technology transfers from possibly competing alien groups. By what criteria does our government define “unfriendly” aliens? Why are international tensions being ramped up right now under dubious pretexts? I know this is rambling but I wanted to lay it out. Thanks for posting this interview. It reinforces for me the large gaps we have in our knowledge.


      Regarding your statement ” This opens up a range of questions concerning competing technology transfers from possibly competing alien groups.”

      There have been literally decades for this situation to develop, the end results of which would make the subject of crash retrievals even more important to the future of our world. I could see this struggle meandering on its own twisted path between many Earthly nation states all vying to gain a potential advantage in intelligence gathering and projection of military power. Who knows, private industry may have the upper hand or at least have achieved equally footing as nation states for such coveted spoils of advanced technology! The ETs hold all the cards here.

      The recent leaning toward disclosure and ET encounters might mean that flow of ET technology is headed in the wrong direction for the USA, otherwise there would be no mention.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        “The recent leaning toward disclosure and ET encounters might mean that flow of ET technology is headed in the wrong direction for the USA, otherwise there would be no mention.” Now THAT’S an interesting thought. Something for me to ponder.


          This would put our leaders in a very tight spot. What to do…when you need the help of the very people you’ve mislead for 70 years.

  12. Harry Harris

    Listening and watching this testimony from Don Phillips, it kind of came across that he was covering to much territory that he said he knew about. Seems like he was trying to connect all of the dots of major questions regarding the subject matter. He was somewhat believable but then again do not know really anything about him except for this video. Would need to read or hear of more of his background and such before putting a lot of stock into some of the things he mentioned.

    1. OgronWaitress

      Agreed. And what of the many NDAs he’d be breaching by sharing this amount of info? What of the potential threat to his personal safety in speaking out? Something doesn’t quite add up here. I’d like to see the Behaviour Panel guys from Youtube take this testimony apart.

  13. itsmeRitaC

    I will read comments and often keep saying to myself, ET discussion in the end is one big Projective Test. How could it not be? Some people see enemies everywhere. I find that unfortunate, but it speaks to our culture. How could it not? I surely would not want to make a big appearance given that kind of mindset. 🙂


      Regarding your statement: “Some people see enemies everywhere. I find that unfortunate, but it speaks to our culture. How could it not?”

      It may not be so much our culture as it is a true reflection of the present day post-WWII National Security State structure that exists within our borders.

      I believe our culture is actually strongly bifurcated along these lines. There are many good citizens who strive for a peaceful world of tolerance for others. But if you look at the plethora of military intelligence agencies that have emerged, been developed and heavily funded over the past 75 years starting with the 1947 National Security Act, it might appear that tolerance and peace are not a central goal. Is this trend reflective of our entire culture…I would say no.

  14. Ted2

    Checks a lot of UFO supposed history boxes:
    Ancient aliens – check
    Crash retrievals (Roswell and others)- check
    President Eisenhower meeting with aliens – check
    Treaty with aliens – check
    Uhouse and Jarod (alien) – possible check
    Corso and technology transfer from alien craft – check
    Lockheed involvement with back-engineering – check
    Area 51 and others – check
    etc., etc. etc.
    Friendly aliens and not a lot of negatives like abductions though he states the treaty allows aliens to conduct “experiments” on earth. Sorry to come across so negatively, but either he validated much of our supposed history of UFOs or he is Richard Doty revisited.

  15. mcwest50

    I found that mention of Native American gate keepers and their connection with the star
    people which from what I’ve read the Navajo’s have a history with these Et’s. SkinWalker
    has a connection to the Navajo and Ute’s as there seems to be a portal there. Again he
    has mentioned Utah being a place with development of craft taking place. I believe they
    moved to that location as secrecy became problematic at 51 and S4. In my opinion the only
    group they are wanting secrecy from is the American public. Don also mentioned that
    the technology should have been brought to the surface to enhance this world not their
    interest, code for $$. China and Russia probably know whet we have and our capabilities.
    Thanks for the bullet points Ted2 it summarizes Don’s talk

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