Aztec: Forgotten UFO Crash Retrieval

By | May 5, 2020

This is part one of what will be a three-part series with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, authors of The Aztec Incident. I had a couple of technical audio issues but for the most part it’s fairly easy to hear. These two know the Aztec case like no one else, and I enjoyed our time here. There is a great deal to unpack so I will simply leave you to this excellent conversation! 


14 thoughts on “Aztec: Forgotten UFO Crash Retrieval

  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard, enthralling interview.
    When will the next 3rd edition be out?
    Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey @ 22:40 mention an extremely thin-edged craft similar to the description Bob Lazar gives to one of the nine disks in the hanger at S4 in the Joe Rogan interview @ 36:15, I wonder if Bob was describing this one? (he said it had what seemed to be a holeshot in the rim) Perhaps George Knapp could get Bob to draw what he was describing for comparison, and ask if he noticed three bands of gold, that would be interesting.

    I think all the research paid off; they get to see a green fireball, and they gain the knowledge that the people who do the redacting are human and may miss things, that’s inspiring. On a downside, how many leads have not been undertaken because the records have been tampered with in such a subtle way as to discredit peoples recollection of events by merely saying they were elsewhere.

    I can’t wait for the next instalment.
    Thanks again, Richard. And thank you Scott and Suzanne Ramsey for all your hard work.

    1. MarkH

      Or if the Ramsey’s confirmed their Disc had a hole in the rim and the information they received was obtained before Bob ever mentioned the Disc had a hole, that would be very interesting. That would place the AZTEC Disc at S4, and it was shot down perhaps.

  2. Ed Coffman

    Richard, while listening to the Ramsey’s describe the Alien bodies, not to mention some of the anomalies the Ramsey’s found in the immediate area…my mind went immediately to the ultraterrestrial, or cryptoterrestrial hypothesis. Of course, these beings could be intrastellar or interstellar in nature. That said, we do know that the “4 corners” section of the U.S., where Aztec is located, has been the alleged location of underground bases where such “craft” could have originated. And the beings “piloting” them, therefore, could be ultraterrestrial or cryptoterrestrial in nature.

    Is this hypothesis the reason for the “attack” on Paul Bennewitz?

    And addressing something unrelated…is Karl Pflock part of a greater disinformation network within the field of Ufology? I believe the answer is yes, based on his close association/friendship with Jim Moseley. Pflock co-authored a book with Moseley as a matter of fact.

    Given the EXTENSIVE RESEARCH I’ve done on Moseley (with more research to come), I think Jim Moseley is an important a figure in Ufology in terms of disinformation, misinformation and “misdirection”, as anyone out there, past or present.

  3. PressToDigitate

    That’s a terrific interview; “mining the forgotten lore” like this is important; we can never know when some heretofore overlooked detail in one of these well-documented legacy accounts will point us to something we should be looking for in the present day – or someone.

    These two (several) crashes in the Southwest in a short period cannot be random ‘accidents’.

    If the Radar (Microwave) Theory of the UFO downings is correct, and the crashes/downings have ceased, it may indicate that an accord or ‘ceasefire’ of sorts (whether our fearless leaders *should* have ‘ceased fire’, or not, is another issue). It has been suggested that the ‘astronomically improbable’ sequential failures of the Shuttle, Titan, Delta, Atlas and Ariane in the late 1980s – along with Chernobyl – may have been a subtle ‘retaliation’ by the Aliens, for our employment of Directed Energy airspace defenses – which may have been escalated against them under Reagan.

    Perhaps no ‘ceasefire’ was reached that ended the crashes/downings; there is another perspective. It is quite possible that the “Weather Modification” and “Mass Mind Control” theories about HAARP are *misdirection*, and that it was actually built – in 1993 – to have the capacity to substantially ramp up a Microwave DEW Capability against ETUFO craft. (The HAARP beam can be ‘bounced’ around the world off the Ionosphere to great distances, at some precision, and wouldn’t affect anything not flying with electrogravitic propulsive fields.) Perhaps that was enough of a deterrent that the Aliens avoided whatever specific intrusive actions led to them being fired upon previously; or maybe it was enough to THEN bring them to an agreement – or perhaps they were downed over the ocean from then on.

    One thing an ‘Institute’ could do would be to form a working group of Ham Radio hobbyists and professional Electrical Engineers specializing in RF, to systematically go over the U.S Radiofrequency Spectrum Allocation Chart
    in minute detail. Even those in the field overlook all the rest of it that doesn’t apply to whatever tiny sliver of spectrum they’re working on. But, if some slice of Microwave frequencies are peculiarly useful in ‘Counter-Space’ defenses against Alien craft, *there will be changes in the regulatory allocation of those frequencies over time* that are untraceable to any legitimate commercial, scientific or military communications, Radar or other research purposes.


    Outstanding!!! It is like being a kid in a candy store.
    If you haven’t already, please see if you can possibly get the info on pre-ordering the new edition of the book; maybe even hook us Dolanites up with a discount…eh… eh…wink wink…nudge nudge.

  5. DrD

    Absolutely fascinating Richard. Every time I listen to a well researched presentation like this one, involving credible people and credible witnesses I am taught a lesson in human nature. Particularly, our capacity to to be deflected and influenced away from a pursuit of important information. The government has really had our number for years and may have understood us better than we think. But I guess the take away here is that eventually the truth or at least impactful knowledge will rise to the surface. I am watching very carefully how the recently disclosed UFO clips from the Pentagon are picked up by the public during the coronavirus pandemic. I mean when placed beside a global health crisis surely the fact that we are not alone in the universe is at best second page news right?

  6. Scott Santa

    Most excellent! I’ve BOTH of the Ramsey’s books and am really looking forward to what I heard from Scott is that there is another release in the works? These two, Scott and Suzanne just don’t and haven’t gotten the recognition for the superb and, dare I say it … out of this world work on bringing the Aztec case to life again – where it should have been in the first place, and deserves to be now. First rate Richard! I also commend you for not letting this case get lost once again.

  7. elevator

    Richard, were there any reports of any photos take. I know folks didn’t carry cameras back then, but it seems someone would have had one, or gotten one….maybe the police?

  8. elevator

    Were there any reports of photos taken. I know folks didn’t carry cameras much then, but maybe the police, or someone would have retrieved one. Seems strange.

  9. Bluewool

    Hi Richard, its taken me a while getting back to your members page!
    Have the Ramseys ever thought about using remote viewers or psychics to help in their investigations or is this seen as unscientific?
    Anything that provides a breakthrough should surely be welcomed?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      interesting question and I honestly don’t know what their attitude about that is. I don’t think they have, but I could be wrong. Next time I talk with them I will try to remember to ask that.

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