RD UFO Chronicles: Shooting an ET in 1978

By | August 16, 2021

Hi Everyone,

This got posted yesterday and I am seeing it now. Sorry for the delay! This episode concerns what I believe to be a true story, of a military policeman shooting an alien being at Fort Dix, New Jersey on January 18, 1978. 

I wonder if I am the only UFO researcher who supports this story, well, other than George Filer, who is part of it. 



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  1. PressToDigitate

    Since Richard Doty would have been the NIDS Consultant they turned to, to interpret and evaluate the account, his rejection of it is unsurprising and not very convincing.

    Didn’t Clifford Stone have a similar incident at some point? Or was this the one he was involved in?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Clifford stated that in 1969 he actually allowed an ET to escape custody. As for Doty doing the NIDS analysis, this is something I did not know — if that were actually the case. After reading V4 of Vallee’s Forbidden Science, there was as I recall no mention of Doty at all in connection with NIDS. But of course Vallee didn’t mention the 1978 case either.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Just the other day we watched a report about Doty working for Bigelow on NIDS over an extended period of years. I forget the name or source of the video, but I believe it was George Knapp discussing it.


          I heard the very same but since Bigelow has many very lucrative contracts with government he may have some implied limits as to what he is able to report on or divulge. I believe the wall of secrecy remains high enough that it could affect the research & reports by NIDS team in some cases like this one. If true this was a major breach in the security perimeter for Fort Dix.

          Although Bigelow may wow reporters occasionally with general statements about ETs being real he’s still a businessman and would not want to draw the wrath of his most important client. Its also possible that Doty may be a contact that he has been asked to work with in order to avoid exposing too much.

          Regarding Doty, i believe that once you become an intelligence officer you don’t get to quit their club. Any consulting for Bigelow would have a dual purpose IMO.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i guess i need to pay more attention when viewing something like this. 🙂 I am almost through it and i heard you say that it was a hoax? I am confused.

    But i was thinking about good old R. Doty while watching. How can anyone know because whenever it is coming from military intel, etc, i have no reason to give them credibility to be honest. They seem to go to great lengths to muddy the waters from what i have gleaned. And i still say Doty can’t be the only one of the minions that was given that position.

    I will give unsolicited feedback here regarding the video. 😉 There are some distracting edits with generic still shots that don’t help the narrative, imo, but I like that there are bio shots of some of the people mentioned here.

    Oh, i saw the last few minutes now. I still find this confusing somehow. But i would totally believe that military people would shoot ET. My guess is that it was being kept captive and escaped. I am sure they are nice as can be to whomever they discover on their turf who looks too different from themselves. As usual, the intel people, etc, scare me far more than any ET.

  3. Bernard Pelletier

    Very well-made series and especially interesting case. I believe it is genuine , too. It’s included in Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only, but he gives it a rating of Medium-Low Level of Authenticity (20-40%), apparently based on the biased NIDS report. ”Jeffrey Morse” was a pseudonym.

  4. John Ramirez

    I believe that In 1978 any recovered craft indeed would have been shipped to the FTD aerial phenomenon office at WPAFB, whereas any biologic samples would have been shipped to Dugway Proving Ground, UT.

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