RD Chronicles: Davis-Wilson Notes, Part 2

By | September 16, 2021


This premiers later today. I thought in this one I discussed the details of the document but based on their title I am less certain. I still think that’s what I did here. We will find out soon enough! 


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  1. PressToDigitate

    You know, there is one great gaping hole in the failure to commingle ‘Ufology’ and ‘Conspiracy’. VADM Wilson left the DIA in July of 2002, and told you nothing of consequence when contacted in his retirement, and begged off the conversation. LGEN Michael Flynn took over as head of DIA almost exactly a decade later, in July of 2012. LGEN Flynn is readily available for interviews, goes on national speaking tours, and loathes Deep State corruption every bit as much as we do; he’s made a point of highlighting it after they tried to ruin his life. Flynn is deeply involved in the political fight *AGAINST* the encroaching technocratic tyranny, and no one in the resistance to totalitarianism doubts his sincerity in doing so. If a fraction of the effort spent within Ufology attacking and defending Davis’ account of his 25 year old Wilson meeting were instead spent meeting with LGEN Flynn now, in private, and getting down to brass tacks on the same issues Wilson was queried about by Mitchell, Greer, Miller and Davis, *We’d Know A Lot More About The Situation Than We Know Today.*

    The important thing about it all is, specifically, *WHICH* Contractor was it? Incidentally, the Aerospace Corporation is not “what became of TRW”. The Aerospace Corp. is a multi-billion dollar 501(c)3 “nonprofit”, originally created expressly to conduct work too secret/sensitive for commercial Contractors; probably by MJ-12 itself. Like Battelle Laboratories and RAND Corp, it is Spooksville, through and through. TRW (nee, “Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc.”) divested its Auto Parts division as TRW Automotive and various commercial industries to Goodrich Corp, while its federal Contracting operations were merged into Northrop-Grumman. By the same token, all of the legacy EG&G (Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc.), eventually became part of what is now AECOM.

    If Ufology and Conspiracy circles were more closely aligned, I would probably have pressed to learn a lot more, myself over the years. My best friend for several years, around the turn of the century, had an Aunt who was then President of the Aerospace Corporation. A Physics Professor, that was like a father to me, was a close friend of Dr. Col. Joe Angelo, another former Florida Tech professor, who was then the Chief Scientist of EG&G, whom I had talked with on several occasions spanning years, prior to his appointment by the company. If only I had known then what we know now. But, I will say this: *We All Suspected* – even then – that both organizations were heavily involved in ETUFO research business. In the late 1980s, in business meetings I had with Battelle, my associates and I all knew they were also a part of the UFO quagmire, though it went [almost] unsaid at the time. My point is that a *Far More Aggressive Ufology*, which better incorporated knowledge of the Conspiracy sector, would have provoked inquiry within industry, by a thousand people like me, *who were ‘just enough’ inside to learn something* that would have pried open a lot more information than it got by straining to shit loose Eight Seconds of grainy footage at the tail end of Emenegger’s film.

    From your evident anger and frustration with the Establishment in Tuesday night’s broadcast, I think you’re starting to ‘Get It’. Ufology has been playing the game they’ve wanted us to play for the last 50 years, and certainly since the 1990s. We know almost nothing more now than we did then, overall. Its been one polite “Great Beg” for those [traitorous – and, probably, ‘inhuman’ – criminal scumbags] on the Inside to kindly give us a peek under the tent, and drop a few crumbs of knowledge about “what’s really Out There”. Well, after 50 (80) years, they finally did just that on June 24th. Who among your peers is happy with that? No. It’s time to *Kick Down the Door*, starting, in part by dragging every one of those Contractors into federal court to answer for the fraudulent diversion of funds, and all of their cognizant officers into court – separately, *personally* – for subjecting the companies to such liability. And, while we’re at it, drag the Pentagon into court for *not even attempting* to defend thousands of Abductees, when and where we can *prove* they had the means – on alert even – to have had a good go at, it if they’d wanted to.

    Forget the ‘prickly’ Greenwald (see, I’m nice, I added the “ly”), and the feckless Admiral Wilson. Go to Florida and meet with General Flynn. Pitch him the way Greer did Wilson. Take Mellon along “riding shotgun” as your sidekick if necessary. Sell Flynn on Serving His Country One Last Time by telling you where the bodies are buried, and which skeletons are in what closets. He has no Clearances to protect at this point, no NDAs to honor. He isn’t making his money from consulting for any Pentagon contractors. Break Open the ETUFO Coverup, and you Break the Back of the Deep State. You know that. I know that. Former DIA Director LGEN Michael Flynn knows that, too.


      Perhaps there is a small hole in your approach as well.

      After all Wilson gained knowledge of hidden SAP completely by chance and if it hadn’t been for that chance encounter he would never had made enquires at the time and been given some very important clues about the power wielded by gatekeepers of these programs.

      What makes you think that 10 years later someone like Flynn would have had any special knowledge of hidden SAP or been given any access whatsoever?

      Do you really think that retired Flynn could be any more effective than Wilson had been in reaching the truth?

      It is clear that the gatekeepers are committed and determined to keep the lid on…year after year.

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