The Pentagon’s Latest Admission – Why Care

By | May 3, 2020

This was my livestream from Saturday, May 2, which is very similar to the article on this theme I wrote a few days earlier. However, there is a bit that I added here that was not in the original article. As far as I can tell, this is the latest version of the text that I used. Hope you enjoy. 


What an era we live in when the United States military releases official UFO videos and no one seems to care. After more than two years of having three military videos of UFO out there in the public for everyone to see, the Pentagon finally acknowledged them as legitimate and released their own copies to the world. 

In any other era, this would constitute a bombshell. You have to wonder why it isn’t; what’s the deal. Maybe it’s the Covid lockdown, you say. But that doesn’t cut it when you consider that we have been seeing some pretty strong confirmations of UFOs for a while now. Don’t forget that the New York Times – the ultimate voice of the establishment media – allowed an article to be published in December 2017 that shockingly supported the reality of something in our skies that no one knew how to explain, something encountered by the United States Navy which seemed easily able to outclass our best fighter interceptors. This wasn’t ancient history either but in post-911 America, when there weren’t supposed to be UFOs, so we were told for year after year. 

The stories – and eventually three videos – were all released via the efforts of the organization To the Stars Academy (TTSA). By the way as we have now learned, the videos were released because certain members of TTSA were able to get the videos cleared – or at least partially cleared – very quietly so as not to ring any alarm bells. In other words, had they been completely upfront that these were amazing UFO videos, it seems unlikely that the videos would have ever been released. But they clearly had a couple of friends in the right places who were able to make it happen. 

Immediately upon the release of these videos was some of the most unrelenting hostility you could imagine. Yes, there was some sympathetic coverage, that is true. But the push-back was strong. Some of it was predictable: skeptics who argued the videos had to be fake, or of infrared signals of commercial jets, or were just not interesting because they didn’t provide enough data to go along with the video so they could be anything. 

Of course, in order to make those arguments reasonable, the skeptics had to ignore or discount the ample testimony that went along with the videos. Most prominently people like Navy Commander David Fravor, who gave extensive detail about his encounter with the so-called Tic Tac UFO which not only totally outperformed his F/A-18 Super Hornet, but took off at a speed we can conservatively estimate at 10,000 mph. There is also the testimony of Chief Radar Specialist Kevin Day who managed the radar trackings of these many objects – yes there were many of them – that commonly performed maneuvers that would easily kill any human pilot. 

So yeah. Ignore these and other witnesses and you can keep your head in the sand. So that’s the skeptics. 

But the real shocker were the people who considered themselves “alternative” community researchers who were not UFO skeptics. You know, the people who aren’t on the corporate payroll and who claim to be independent. Some of these people immediately called the whole thing a CIA disinformation plot.

I have wondered about this. Was it the fear of being taken in by another leak that seemed like another Holy Grail that wouldn’t turn out to be true. After all, the UFO field has had a few of those. No one wants to look gullible, so there’s a kind of weird reflexive debunking attitude some people have who are probably just trying to look smart. So for them, TTSA’s videos and other claims were simply part of a CIA sponsored disinformation plan. 

So, disinformation to convince people UFOs were real. Sort of, but mainly it was disinformation to convince the world that UFOs were hostile. That would mean more money going to the military for protection against the aliens. They pointed to the fact that most of TTSA’s personnel have had direct ties to either the Pentagon, the CIA, military intelligence, or the defense contracting community. Now, that in and of itself should actually not mean a whole lot, although some people have made a huge deal out of this. The fact is that military people have complained about UFO secrecy for years. And so have people in the intelligence community. That’s an old story. But in the minds of some people it’s guilt by association – it’s like, forget the actual information they are providing, there must be an ulterior motive. 

Well, there was another criticism, which is that TTSA seemed to focus an awful lot on the potential threat of these objects. And it’s definitely true that several of their members talked up this angle from time to time. That seemed to be enough for the critics who argued that this is a military and intelligence community op designed to scare the public about UFOs and justify greater defense spending. I know…. you have to be a longtime member inside the bubble to actually believe this but such is the case with a number of people. Like … no one in the media or the general public was paying attention to any of this, you have to wonder how in god’s name they are going to scare up the public about aliens when no one is talking about it. Hardly anyone in the media, certainly no one in Congress, no one in any seat of power. There’s been no conversation about this, but still you have true fanatics convinced that this has been a CIA type of false flag disinformation campaign. 

Well first of all, UFOs or UAP could very well be a threat! I’ve studied countless military encounters with UFOs and while it’s not clear that we are under military attack, it is clear that sensitive airspace is being violated all the time by these objects. Now, some people might not care about that, but it’s not surprising that military people would. 

And of course, there are some folks in the UFO arena who have an ideological commitment to the idea that all the aliens here are benevolent and helpful and that the only dangerous folks are the U.S. military complex. When you hear these people it’s like listening to an adolescent who is convinced they’ve got the whole world figured out. Everything is in black and white. Everything is couched in terms of good vs. evil. No nuance, no room for argument or even discussion. To those people I just have to say, sorry kids, but the world is a bit more complicated than that. 

Now, the Pentagon and the CIA plot, and for that matter most of America’s national security apparatus has a history of pathologically lying to us. Of TTSA is a private organization. But the fact is that no matter who is doing the talking you still have to pay attention to the evidence. And the evidence has been pointing all this time to the fact that the Pentagon never wanted this information to come out at all. All of this was accomplished by the people in TTSA, that is, former intelligence and pentagon officials for the most part, who by all evidence have had to fight the bureaucracy or at best find some allies along the way. I have spoken to a number of people closely connected to the situation who have told me very plainly that TTSA has serious enemies within the Pentagon who have been trying to prevent UFO information from coming out. That has been the reality for the past two plus years. And what we are seeing in this latest Pentagon admission is most likely another round in the battle that is undoubtedly going on behind the scenes there. 

So there’s been all this noise since TTSA and the videos first made the scene at the end of 2017. And what we have seen is that slowly, the military – and mainly the Navy –has been making admission after admission that in any other time would have simply blown people away. They admitted to having encountered UFOs – which they politely call UAP – they admitted they were revising their protocols for when their personnel encounter these UFOs. All that was right out in the open.

And still critics refused to recognize what was right in front of their noses, that the U.S. military was slowly acknowledging the reality of genuine UFOs. 

Now it’s clear that the military has dragged its feet. It took until 2019 that they even acknowledged that the UFO videos were genuine although at the same time they claimed the videos were never supposed to have been cleared for release, as if that is a reason to criticize them. 

And there were still people who complained about this, as if how dare someone surreptitiously get these UFO videos released before the Navy properly cleared them, which of course would have been never. 

But now finally here we are in 2020 and the other shoe has dropped and the military has admitted that, yes, these are our videos and we can’t explain them and here they are. 

And yes, there has been some recent news coverage of this story in the controlled establishment media, a few articles, most of which were very brief, and none of which even made a bare bones attempt to draw the faintest conclusions. 

And again, when you recognize that these videos come with stories that are simply incredible, how many times are you going to pretend that these are Russian or Chinese technology? Or even U.S. classified platforms? Or that, we just don’t know what they are? 

In the first place, if you are going to pretend that these are secret projects, at least have a clue about what the technology might be that can accomplish such things. But mainly, what is lacking in all of these discussions is the long history of genuine, well-attested, and baffling UFO encounters. The story of the 2004 Tic Tac UFO encounter, or the 2015 encounters by the USS Roosevelt are well known now and quite amazing. But equally amazing are UFO encounters going back through the years of the last century; objects recorded at speeds in the multiple thousands of miles per hour, equally silent, equally maneuverable, equally as intelligent as the objects that have been more recently encountered. 

In other words, the U.S. military – and the militaries of other nations – have been dealing these objects for many years. This is nothing new. And there have been secrecy protocols to deal with them for many decades. There’s an outstanding argument that some of these have been recovered – and even a tacit acknowledgment that this has happened. 

We live in a world of enforced fictions. This is even beyond propaganda. There are stories – lies – that are promoted all the time, every day, and we are just supposed to swallow them. Whatever direction you look these days, there is another falsehood that you are expected to believe. Another lie. But the UFO lie has been going on for so long that people have just gotten used to the cognitive dissonance. At least that’s what I think. But the problem with any kind of secret that goes on beyond its realistic shelf life is that, well, it starts to go bad. You can’t actually keep a secret forever. It’s really hard. And the UFO secret is starting to go really bad and I think some people have realized this. We see a bureaucratic struggle taking place within certain military and government circles. That struggle will continue as long as this issue is not fully resolved and made public. 

We now need to move past the acknowledgement and start asking serious questions. And we need to incorporate all the history, not just the cherry picked accounts parcelled out by the military, the media, and TTSA itself. No more convenient fictions that “we don’t know what these things are.” That is a lie. Our military knows very well that they are encountering a technology that they did not make, that no human society has made. We don’t really understand the science, and we are outmatched by these beings – whatever they are. 

Doesn’t mean they’re here to eat us, it doesn’t mean they are our enemies. It doesn’t mean we have to panic. But it is serious, and those people who claim that they know that these visitors are peaceful are also blowing smoke up your behind. They don’t know any more than anyone else. The research is plain to see. We have recorded accounts of hundreds of provocative encounters between military pilots from around the world and these objects. And we simply don’t know the full history of these engagements. Because a lot remains hidden. What we do know is enough to cause concern for those people charged with defending our airspace. That alone should be enough of a reason for our entire society to take notice and start asking adult questions about what exactly is going on. 

We need to break this particular enforced fiction. This banal, insulting idea, that no one in the military or intelligence community knows what these UFOs are. Within the right circles of those who need to know, well, they know. They might think the argument for continuing the lies and secrecy is a good one. They probably do. But two things to that. First of all, the public has its own opinion on this and since we are paying the bills, it’s time we get some genuine input into this matter. Secondly, it doesn’t really matter what the secret keepers think is best. They can’t hold back the tide of history forever. Our world is in the midst of big changes, and I have a feeling the UFO secret will be one of them. 

Time for everyone to wake up to a new reality. We will have lots to discuss. 

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