Tracey interviewed by Grant Cameron

By | May 1, 2018

A few weeks ago while we were at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Grant Cameron became completely charged up when he discovered that Tracey not only was an experiencer, not only a remote viewer, but had similar ideas about the significance of left vs. right brain style thinking as it applied to ufology, psi phenomena, and the entire spectrum of what we would call the paranormal. So they sat down for a very interesting interview, which was more of a conversation.

Grant’s assistant Desta Barnabe recorded the interview and I sat along the side, occasionally interjecting a thought or two. It was a great conversation, but I can tell you that Tracey has much, much more to say on these matters, and barely discussed her own fascinating experiences. So expect more of that when she and I do some interviews. It’s all coming up.

Meanwhile, here are Tracey and Grant, in three parts.

6 thoughts on “Tracey interviewed by Grant Cameron

  1. Shay

    Grant next to Richard is soooo smart and comes up with tid bits from 30 years ago.. Grant has been in this UFO world for sooo long and he has seen it all. Grant has so many interesting stories to tell and his knowledge in tbe field is amazing… and don’t give him any coffee!!

  2. Carolyn Padgett

    Oh my goodness what Tracey is talking about has been me my entire life. I’m 53 now and this is the first time I’ve every heard of this and I was so happy to hear this. I’m very right brain dominant. I’ve always been a very out-of-the-box child growing up, and I just saw things and learned things differently. Nobody ever understood why I couldn’t get mathematics like I was taught in school, but I loved geometry (shapes). I was called out of class to go work on the art/background for the school plays and I was called out to do tests at various times…I assumed everyone else was taking tests as well, but I had a room to myself too. The “new math” came out and it just was not clicking . I was advanced in other topics and always did great in school. I would get called up to the chalkboard to do a math problem and I would make the number 4 slightly different and my teacher came up and grabbed my hand and made me write it the way she thought it should look and she was very aggressive about it. I never forgot that. I’m expressive with my hands as I talk…drive my husband nuts haha. There was abuse in my life growing up because I was different I think. Father was not kind….I remember once he yelled at me..why couldn’t I be more like my cousin. My intuitive side kicked in as a child and then wide open as a teen.. I’ve had very interesting experiences regarding very vivid, detailed dreams with Extraterrestrials and waking up wondering why I would dream something like this. I knew things before they happened but nobody ever believed me even after they happened. I’ve tried to find books (tons of books) over the years trying to understand why I see things differently but they are only for sensitive people and not touching on topic. I’ve always been in the healing/healer field. Tried nursing but hate the politics involved in hospital setting. So I went alternative healing. This interview was so eye opening for me thank you so much Tracey and Richard.

  3. Carolyn Padgett

    A side note to my last message, there is so much more I can’t post on here about my experiences. There is one book that makes sense to me by Penney Peirce called Transparency Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity. She talks a lot about the brain and our consciousness and expanding it. It’s on amazon and highly recommend.

  4. Carolyn Padgett

    Hi Richard and Tracey, I keep coming back to this interview with Tracey and Grant Cameron because I’m still in awe that this topic came up. Have you ever seen the look of a person the time they ever been heard…really truly heard? I have and it’s amazing and that’s how I felt…I actually teared up. I love this site because there is proof such as this interview that confirms my experiences and I’m not alone. I have had other experiences but too long to post here. Maybe someday at a future conference on this topic I can speak more about it to like-minded people.

    Thank you,

  5. Erasmo Mora G

    From my own personal meditation experience, the ego or talking mind is more like a oily, irregular black spot floating in front of my mind. It is really, really hard to keep it at bay. I think though that good skepticism is healthy to also keep the BS at bay.

    If anyone is interested, I was looking at this paper for hemisphere specialization from [all places] the CIA website regarding the Monroe Institute:

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