Tracey interview on “Dark Window”

By | September 22, 2022

Hi everyone,

We’ve received the kind permission of Dark Window host Jim Mann and KGRA Radio to repost this interview on our YouTube Channel. 

We were proud that Tracey was Jim’s premier guest to kick off his new show, Dark Window. Jim is a longtime UFO researcher and former head of Phoenix MUFON. A great guy in every way and very knowledgable. Also a good friend to both of us. 

Tracey did this interview in August. She discussed techniques and practices of remote viewing, the phenomenon of “hooded beings,” and the UFO abduction phenomenon in general.

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Richard (and Tracey)

7 thoughts on “Tracey interview on “Dark Window”

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Great interview and you are spot on in terms of everyone has a “Woo” story – if not many. If you combined all the “woo” stories in the world, you’d probably start to actually get a better picture of reality but not only that, new areas of science to investigate.

    I could write a book with my “woo” stories alone and even then there are strange synchronistic moments in life or law of attraction, data grouping, whatever – for instance – the other day I was talking to a friend about ghost stories (our own accounts) and I suddenly lost all power to the house for 5 seconds – not completely abnormal – but I go back to my computer to work and a new tab is loading with a new website I didn’t enter so I kill the screen and it reverts back to my work chat and there typed in my dialogue box is “Helo” (misspelt) which I never typed. Occam’s razor… its a glitch or worse, a remote hack but… combine the timing of the conversation, the loss of power and some random “Hello” on your screen? otherworldly?

    Basically weird shit happens all the time – to everyone – it’s so normal that to not have it happen at least once in your life is probably abnormal.

  2. Lynn Ehrhart

    Tracey is always interesting to hear from. So many experiences in her muggle life as well as her soul life. Thank you, Tracey, for sharing with us.

  3. Kelly Marsden

    Great interview Tracey !!
    I have a question: At the Monroe Institute
    Do they teach any of the Late, Great Ingo
    Swann’s techniques for remote viewing ?

  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    Tracey, Relative to the Hooded being incident. They watch psychic types with strong minds who are probing into areas they don’t want uncovered. So, the question was at the time of seeing them, what was the documentary about and or what where you looking into or probing around that date (perhaps in the previous weeks)? As a meditator you will perhaps be familiar with the statement “Energy follows thought”. So, meditators who have developed a strong mind will reach the target or whatever they are thinking about with energy that the telepathically and psychically sensitive can pick up. You alerted them somehow with something you were engaged. The clue to the key as to what they are doing observing you lies in that.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    I watched the beginning here and needed to leave and of course, forgot to come back. 🙂 But i just want to say this. I think it is impossible not to like Tracy. She is just so sincere and kind and has a wonderful vibe.

  6. Bernard Pelletier

    I saw the interview already, and it was so interesting and fascinating, and I wish there were more of them. They didn’t even have time to mention her encounter with a man seemingly from another reality, which she spoke of in a video with her husband (I wonder who that could be, eh?). She has had many paranormal experiences, but most people don’t even have 1.

    I also saw her TED talk, which was very interesting, too. I didn’t know she had been a model, but that’s not surprising.

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