BRAVO Tracey Garbutt Dolan! Headline Speaker of the VIRTUAL Tribe Event ​2020

By | August 17, 2020

The Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe Event 2020, is a networking event for professional metaphysicians and alternative practitioners. The event takes place once a year in August “in order to learn, share celebrate and partner in new ways to heal each other, our clients and the world!” It is, of course, an event that usually happens in person, in a beautiful environment, but this year was done digitally over Zoom this last weekend, August 15th and 16th. I attended the event along with several other RD members.

On Sunday afternoon Tracey was the headline speaker with a two hour comprehensive lecture on remote viewing. She started out by clarifying the differences between Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) and remote viewing (RV) as an often overused term, the history of remote viewing, our consciousness as “The Final Frontier”, her fascinating personal stories and much MUCH more! One comment in the chat from an audience member was: “That wasn’t a “talk” it was a full blown class! Wow!”

Other comments in the chat were: “AWESOME!!!!!”, “AMAZING!!!”, “BRILLIANT”, “Wonderful.”, “Thank you…so informative!!!” and “Incredible!!!!”

on their Facebook Page, Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe organizer & founder Deb Frueh wrote: “Tracey Garbutt Dolan blew me away with the implications of her travels through space/time.”


I watched Tracey’s talk with my husband, Kurt, and we were both completely absorbed and enthralled….so I want to say BRAVO Tracey, this was such a rich and informative experience and I know I can speak for all of us when I say that we SO look forward to your next event!

Kirsten B
RD Member Host

13 thoughts on “BRAVO Tracey Garbutt Dolan! Headline Speaker of the VIRTUAL Tribe Event ​2020

  1. Jay King

    So great to see some pics and hear some feedback from Tracey’s conference! We’ve been “missing” her on the site- congrats! Glad to see all that good energy went to such a wonderful event.

  2. PressToDigitate

    Congratulations, Tracey!
    It would be interesting if you held a Contest, for aspiring Remote Viewers, to view the [inevitable] First Public Landing event – that hasn’t happened yet. Put all the Entrants’ submissions, sealed in envelopes, into a Safe, and just wait for it to happen, and then see who came close to getting it right, with the most detail. Screen caps from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “Mars Attacks!” don’t count. It could be a fun competition to run and promote, and you could probably gather a trove of Prize material from numerous vendors in the Metaphysical/Paranormal/New Age arena, from books to CD/DVDs to crystals and jewelry, to all kinds of stuff. From the day those two Reports are delivered to the U.S. Senate next Spring, we might not have that long to wait. Predicting the Date could be part of it, or a second Contest. Perhaps that one should be a betting pool… 😉

  3. Carolyn3

    I have a AMAZING time at this event and it was my first time. I had a great time just listening and observing. Tracey’s presentation was just Awesome and enjoyed this thoroughly. I took notes, many notes. I understood the space/time experience Tracey spoke about. I have had this happen a few times.
    This whole experience was just FUN !!! I made new friends from all over and exchange emails with a few. I’d love to go to the in-person version next year. I think we can pull our travel trailer there and just have a great time. Hopefully they have a campground not too far away from the venue.

    1. Kirsten RDMHost Post author

      You are so welcome Richard! 🙂 It would be really FABULOUS if all the members could see it at some point.

  4. Christina

    Yay, well done Tracey!

    And if there’s any chance you can make it available to us I would be very grateful 🙂 I was rather annoyed I couldn’t attend the conference, and seeing the awesome feedback from Kirsten doesn’t make it easier 😉

    Take care x

  5. Don.B

    I’d definitely be interested in seeing/attending this lecture (or full blown class) if you can make it available for the members. That’d be awesome! 🖖😎👍

  6. jennymemon

    Well done Tracy, this is the type of event I would have loved to go to in person, I do hope that in the future we can.
    This is what its all about, all roads eventually lead to this type of subjects and information, but I think you already know this 🙂 XX


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