Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, & Remote Viewing | Interview with Tracey

By | August 6, 2022


Hi Everyone, 

Tracey recently did an interview with MUFON’s show, What’s Up, hosted by Katie Cook, Katie Paige, and Chris Deperno. With the kind permission of KGRAdb, which hosts the show, we are able to post it on our YouTube channel. I took the liberty of taking out the thirty minutes that preceded Tracey’s appearance. 

In this interview, Tracey and the hosts discuss remote viewing, meditation, lucid dreaming, alien abductions & trauma, left/right brain theories, the Monroe Institute, and also her personal encounters with a mysterious hooded being before wrapping it up with a description of her most extraordinary remote view.

It was a good interview, and personally I thought she discussed these topics really well. I always appreciate her ability to describe what it’s like to do a remote view.  Enjoy!


19 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming, Meditation, & Remote Viewing | Interview with Tracey

  1. Craig Champion

    Hi Tracey,

    Enjoyed your interview – excellent job of addressing and explaining some things that are inherently very difficult.

    My opinion: “Monkey-Mind” = Dukkha (grasping, clinging, addiction – or the low-level burn of psychopathology that plages 99.9% of the human race).😀

    Consciousness (vs., shall we say, “mind”) is the timeless awareness of the connectedness of all things, including other entities.

    Appreciate your exploration, Tracey into the degree to which abductees’ minds are perhaps manipulated, i.e., “they are here to help us,” etc.

    You’re absolutely right, Tracey – reality has little to do with our socially-conditioned minds; I applaud your efforts in getting others to awaken to this fact.👍

    1. Thomas Sinisi

      I ask a few questions. I asked hundreds of people – I do a few shows a week. Always talk to a person before I bring them on if I am or not. I ask a question which I think is the most important question.
      What is their definition of spiritual? I never heard anyone say anything that even sounded Vaguely important. Remote viewing is going against the most important spiritual law of this world. If one doesn’t know what that is it is the law of non-.interference. Then again how many people truly know what Karma is? Well I will tell you this aliens do not know it. I worked with abductees all my life . Only until they came out with the word experiencer did it become a good thing.

  2. MarkH

    Hi Tracey
    This was the best interview….. because of your responses. Thanks for sharing!
    Abductees – Have you ever made contact with Travis Waltons partner? They both suggest her unborn child was taken, but I don’t know if she is an abductee per see (or who she is) which makes it an interesting hitchhiker entanglement if she is not.
    Intuition – When did you first realise you had astute intuition, and whats your earliest memory of something you would call extraordinary? I can remember when I was about 6 that I knew things before they happened, like my dad bringing home things or seeing driving accidents before the event, It continues to this day, but I don’t talk about it because it’s too difficult to understand or explain. People wouldn’t believe me.
    Anyway, It was great listening the time went so fast, and it was all good; thanks again.
    Mark H

  3. Christina

    Tracey, you’re awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I love when you go into a subject this way, and have time to give proper answers and explanations…


  4. Clifford Ribaudo

    Great Tracey! So glad you and Richard are putting more of this type of stuff out there. It adds an important dimension to the entire subject of the phenomena and as it pertains to consciousness. From personal experience, I KNOW the two subjects are intimately related and one cannot understand many aspects of the UFO phenomena without also understanding various esoteric topics having to do with the esoteric or yogic understanding of the subtle energy bodies, the causal soul “body”, and the way all of it interacts with the perceiving human’s consciousness.

    The yogi comes to understand these “bodies” as concentric rings of increasingly subtler matter radiating out and beyond the physical body (the aura). One eventually comes to understand each of these “bodies” as a set of perceptive instruments for the registering of phenomena on their respective energetic “planes” and many of the yogic faculties or siddhis or various clairvoyant faculties are simply the learning to consciously use the subtle, corresponding organs of sight, smell, hearing or touch to perceive on the subtle plane corresponding to that subtle body. So for example, using the subtle organ of vision in the astral or emotional body to perceive a dead person visually who has left the physical body, but is still in their astral body. Or to use the same organ of perception to see what someone is daydreaming about and which is hovering around in their astral aura. Animals do this all the time and many of us do it unconsciously when we subtly pick up someones desires or wishes or angers or frustrations. The yogi simply learns to do it consciously.

    Also, I really appreciated your ethical approach to not wanting to have your developing psychic faculties be “used” by those with more nefarious motivations. Most yogis will never reveal how telepathic and or psychic they are for similar reasons and in the “upper echelons” of the “ethical” yogis, there IS a law of non-interference and a requirement to respect the privacy of another persons mental space. This is actually why most yogic teachers will NOT teach certain practices that can be misused until they are certain of the integrity and the motivations of the person they are Teaching. These yogis will only EVER use them on another to help or heal them.

    And in that last paragraph we have returned to an earlier question that came up here relative to the need for secrecy and which is employed by various mystery schools. That is precisely when and why they employ secrecy.

    And, you introduced me to the Monroe Institute which I had never heard of before this and spent some time listening to the interview of Monroe on their “About” page. Some of those sound techniques sound a bit like the telepathic training Dan Sherman mentioned in his book. Interesting.

  5. TomTort

    A very interesting interview! I found it very revealing yet, at times was very haunting and uncomfortable. I have had some experiences that reminded me of some forgettable things I would like erased from memory. However, one can’t hide from a reality of which most people couldn’t even imagine. I have been told by some excellent and qualified people that most people have no interest or understanding that the mind is so vastly unexplored yet capable of things beyond our wildest fantasy.
    Tracy made the comment that there are areas she does not want to explore. I agree completely! I believe our overall design is currently not evolved to handle some of the “stranger things” that awaits our full potential. We must acquaint ourselves in small steps so as not to be overwhelmed. Be that as it may, there are some realities I will not touch under any circumstances.
    Personally, I am willing to explore other galaxies and other possible life forms due only to my curiosity, but bumping into the “Boogyman” in another aspect of reality would be more than I care to experience in this lifetime.

  6. Clifford Ribaudo

    As you raised it during your talk, I am going to mention that you are right to avoid Skin Walker ranch or at least not psychically probe it. There are two things going on there:

    1) One is Alien
    2) The other (the Skin Walker Ghost element) is Atlantean Black magic used by the Indians to curse the property.

    The quote below is from a AE Powell’s Book (A Theosophist) titled the “Astral Double”. Powell was a VERY clairvoyant and advanced Western Yogi and wrote about all the subtle bodies. Note #6 in particular, relative to Skin Walker Ranch. You will find the other bits also interesting relative to some of the things you mentioned during this show.

    No. 6 shows exactly what some of the Ute Native American’s say is going on at Skin Walker Ranch (relative to the skin walker part) and which is that it is related to a black magic curse. Most likely the original Bruho is dead, but his astral shell is still running around and being used by some other malevolent entities to harass those attempting to study the place scientifically.

    No. 4 holds the clues to the Incubi/Succubi phenomena. I know more about this than I can write here. But they are used by Black Magician’s (which CAN include malevolent aliens that are expert on the astral plane) to obtain psychic substance which they use for their own malevolent purposes.

    From all the above, one can see the difficulty the many different stages and conditions of astral entities will present for someone who is able to perceive such, but who doesn’t yet have the understanding of the yogic and esoteric sciences to know what is being perceived. This is made all the more difficult in the west where our scientific paradigms regard such phenomena as “non-existent” or imaginary. This creates a difficult environment for the experiencer in that they can be ridiculed, ostracized, etc.

    It also indicates WHY the eastern Yogi’s tend to discourage people attempting to induce such experiences or develop the psychic faculties to register such without proper training. It is one thing if you are born with it, then you must learn to handle it and study the science of it, but it is far better not to go looking for it without proper study and training. 😉

    *** Quote From AE Powells Astral Double – Page 169 – 172 ***

    “3. The Shell – A shell is a man’s astral corpse in the later stages of its disintegration, every particle of mind having left it. It is consequently without any sort of consciousness or intelligence, and drifts passively about upon the astral currents. Even yet it may be galvanised for a few moments into a ghastly burlesque of life if it happens to come within reach of a medium’s aura. Under such circumstances it will still exactly resemble its departed personality in appearance and may even reproduce to some extent his familiar expressions or handwriting. It has also the quality of being still blindly responsive to such vibrations, usually of the lowest order, as were frequently set up in it during its last stage of existence as a shade.

    4. The Vitalised Shell.—This entity is not, strictly speaking, human: nevertheless, it is classified here because its outer vesture, the passive, senseless shell, was once an appanage of humanity. Such life, intelligence, desire, and will as it may possess are those of the artificial elemental (see page 45) animating it, this elemental being itself a creation of man’s evil thought. A vitalised shell is always malevolent: it is a true tempting demon, whose evil influence is limited only by the extent of its power. Like the shade, it is frequently used in Voodoo and Obeah forms of magic. It is referred to by some writers as an “elementary”.

    5. The Suicide and Victim of Sudden Death.—These have already been described in Chapter 15 on After-Death Life. It may be noted that this class, as well as Shades and Vitalised Shells, are what may be called minor vampires, because when they have an opportunity they prolong their existence by draining away the vitality from human beings whom they are able to influence.

    6. The Vampire and Werewolf.—These two classes are today extremely rare; examples are occasionally found, chiefly in countries where there is a considerable strain of Fourth Race blood, such as Russia or Hungary. (CR – 4th “Root Race” as explained in Theosophical works and which includes most “indigenous” peoples around the world)

    It is just possible for a man to live such a degraded, selfish and brutal life that the whole of the lower mind becomes immeshed in his desires and finally separates from the higher ego. This is possible only where every gleam of unselfishness or spirituality has been stifled, and where there is no redeeming feature whatever.

    Such a lost entity very soon after death finds himself unable to stay in the astral world, and is irresistibly drawn in full consciousness into “his own place”, the mysterious eighth sphere, there slowly to disintegrate after experiences best left un-described. If, however, he perishes by suicide or sudden death, he may under certain circumstances, especially if he knows something of black magic, hold himself back from that fate by the ghastly existence of a vampire.

    Since the eighth sphere cannot claim him until after the death of the body, he preserves it in a kind of cataleptic trance by transfusing into it blood drawn from other human beings by his semi-materialised astral body, thus postponing his final destiny by the commission of wholesale murder. The most effective remedy in such a case, as popular “superstition” rightly supposes, is to cremate the body, thus depriving the entity of his point d’appui.

    When the grave is opened, the body usually appears quite fresh and healthy, and the coffin is not unusually filled with blood. Cremation obviously makes this sort of vampirism impossible.

    The Werewolf can first manifest only during a man’s physical life, and it invariably implies some knowledge of magical arts – sufficient at any rate to enable him to project the astral body.

    When a perfectly cruel and brutal man does this, under certain circumstances the astral body may be seized upon by other astral entities and materialised, not into the human form, but into that of some wild animal, usually the wolf. In that condition it will range the surrounding country, killing other animals, and even human beings, thus satisfying not only its own craving for blood, but also that of the fiends who drive it on.

    In this case, as so often with ordinary materialisations, a wound inflicted upon the astral form will be reproduced upon the human physical body by the curious phenomenon of repercussion (see page 242). But after the death of the physical body, the astral body, which will probably continue to appear in the same form, will be less vulnerable.

    It will then, however, be also less dangerous, as unless it can find a suitable medium, it will be unable to materialise fully. In such manifestations, there is probably a great deal of the matter of the etheric double, and perhaps even some of liquid and gaseous constituents of the physical body, as in the case of some materialisations. In both cases this fluidic body seems able to pass to much greater distances from the physical than is otherwise possible, so far as is known, for a vehicle containing etheric matter.

    The manifestations of both vampires and werewolves are usually restricted to the immediate neighbourhood of their physical bodies.”

  7. jhjfbks

    Very nice interview…interesting and informative. Looking forward to your future analysis of mental abilities.

  8. SunPower

    Thank you for letting us see this wonderful interview, Tracey. There were some ideas expressed in there I have never considered before. I might have to watch some of the middle parts over again. -A

  9. Pyroxide_Martini

    Great interview and I found it rather synchronistic personally that you mentioned Remote Influencing as I mentioned this in a comment the other day myself.

    Assuming various letter agencies (and even more covert agencies) engage in such practices, I wonder where they source their talent from? Have they found that anyone can be trained (which I agree, for the most part, it is an innate skill that just needs exercising) and/or are they actively looking for “talent” outside their insular spheres in the same way football scouts search for talent? I’d be interested in that because like sports – the best players are those with natural talents that train hard.

    What are the upper limits of such abilities? From my own OBE and RV experiences its the general spontaneity and lack of control that got in the way but if you had proper training…

  10. elevator

    Interesting reading Tracey.

    To go off on a bit of a tangent. If you happen to see to my comment I’d enjoy hearing your input on my personal limited lucid dreaming experience. I’ve always had a fascination for lucid dreams since reading the book by Marquis de St. Denys in grad school fifty years ago. I’ve had a couple lucid dreams over the years, but always short in duration, as when I realized I was lucid I would wake up. In the last year or so I have had a renewed interest and began to read research on how to induce and prolong lucid dreams. I did have three lucid dreams since beginning to read about them more. I also began to create intent within myself to have them. Unfortunately, again they have lasted less than a minute. However, they are incredibly exhilarating. They instill an orgasmic tingling sensation in my (body) when they are coming on. I admit that a not small part of my original interest as a young man with a strong libido was the sexual aspect.
    I have stopped trying to induce them because I found that I had trouble falling asleep on nights when I just wanted to fall asleep normally after I had begun reading so much about the steps to successfully inducing them. Is this a common problem for people and how does one overcome it?

  11. JerseyGirl2008

    I really enjoyed this! Tracey is extraordinarily talented, but she’s also courageous for following her gifts and talents to the extent she has. So many of us don’t choose to do this and have regrets. Thank you, Tracey!

  12. Molly Fitzpatrick

    I love hearing about your experiences and insights, Tracey! Have you ever had a brain scan to see if you have an enlarged caudate-putamen? I know a lot of experiencers do– would be interesting to see if you fall into that category since you’ve been an experiencer your whole life!

  13. Steven Cole

    Loved this interview! Love this lady! You guys really are the royal couple of Ufology (Uapology?)! Concise, articulate and poignant and educational for any listeners new to the subject matter. Tracey’s influence on Richard’s work has really opened him up to a fuller understanding of the phenomenon in its entirety, and I can definitely see his influence in Tracey’s work now as well. I applaud her fearlessness in sharing her own experiences and the eloquence with which she does so- Tracey, you totally give “the woo” side of the phenomenon a great deal of credibility and integrity- and your research and work will surely have wide reaching, long lasting influence s this material edges it’s way further and further into the mainstream paradigm. Thanks as always for your fabulousness!

  14. T. J.

    Love hearing your stories it’s nice to have found a community of people with similar interests. I am very interested in UFOs but my experiences more align with yours Tracy.

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