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ZODIAC: RD Interview with James Iandoli

I did this today on James’s Youtube channel, Engaging the Phenomenon. In truth, there was more that I could have said on Zodiac, at least in terms of identifying the person who wrote the Sedge Masters articles under the pseudonym “Greg Halifax.” However, I elected not to give up that person’s identity, since none of… Read More »

[RDM] What is Zodiac?

Hi Everyone, I followed up from yesterday’s audio podcast/article with some more thoughts that sprang from last week’s online event. This has to do with a question I asked Lue Elizondo, namely, had he ever heard of an organization called Zodiac? His answer was immediate and in the affirmative. Moreover, I had spoken with him… Read More »

[RDM] Implications of the Alien Presence and … Stay Free

Hi everyone, First of all, I finally figured out how to embed the videos in these posts again. Somehow, Youtube started doing something differently recently that made it difficult for me to do this here, but I think I figured it out so in the future we should be go to go.  I really believe… Read More »

[RDM] Global Revolution? 1848 Writ Large.

Greetings everyone. Lots to discuss this week.  Our fabulous Encounter Group on Zoom. My new book! My next book (V3)! Sedge Masters. Global Protests and … Revolution?  The Election Mess. So yes, that’s a lot. For those of you who wonder what I mean by 1848 in the title, that was a year of nearly… Read More »

[RDM] MJ … Zodiac? The Sedge Masters Story.

[NOTE: AUDIO VERSION OF THIS ARTICLE IS ABOVE] In June 2019, several important documents leaked from the estate of the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell to the rest of the world. Most famously are the notes written by Dr. Eric Davis in 2002 following his meeting with retired Admiral Thomas R. Wilson. Understandably, those notes dominated… Read More »