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The Biggest Potential Development in the UAP Arena

Hi Everyone,  Decided to do another quick video for YT. It occurred to me that we are back in the era of the United States government essentially taking the lead on the matter of UFOs, now UAP. This was the case during the old Blue Book years, and overall the government successfully maintained strong narrative… Read More »

New History Channel Clip of Dolan, Vallee, & Paul Hynek

https://www.history.com/shows/project-blue-book/season-1/episode-1/project-blue-book-declassified-the-gorman-dogfight?playlist_slug=project-blue-book-season-1-declassified The History Channel created a nice clip of Jacques Vallee, Paul Hynek, and myself for the first episode of the Project Blue Book series. This is expanded from the previous one we uploaded here. The History Channel does include ads, so if you use an AdBlocker on your browser, you might find that you… Read More »