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Interesting Article from George Knapp (Mysterywire.com)

Hi everyone, Journalist George Knapp just released a new article tonight detailing more information about recent U.S. Navy UFO encounters. Definitely worth reading.  Mystery Objects Remain Unidentified – Mystery Wire This article was just released so I am going to provide the link with minimal commentary. However, a few things are of immediate interest. First,… Read More »

More interesting MSM coverage of UFOs

It seems nearly every day something else drops in the mainstream media that offers reasoned belief in the existence of genuine UFOs. This piece is clearly done in coordination with the history channel’s show unidentified. Even so, the tone and information provided is noteworthy. https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/former-military-official-claims-that-our-technology-confirmed-existence-ufos-1680812 Just a few years ago, this type of coverage used… Read More »