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Something Big to be Released?

Hi everyone! Here for another hour-long weekly fireside chat podcast. I hope you enjoy these — I keep thinking, “a full hour! Will they want to listen for that long?” So please continue to provide your feedback on that matter. I know that many of you seem fine with it, but I still wonder if… Read More »

[RDM] Ours vs. Theirs. Michael Schratt on the Richard Dolan Show. Part 2 Exclusive Members Interview.

This is only about 30 minutes, but the candor and engagement makes this one of my favorite discussions. Michael and I really traded some opinions here and I think it was a very productive conversation.  The hint he dropped at the end was Howard Hughes. I couldn’t figure it out until after we stopped recording.… Read More »

UFO Contact Cases | Interview with Michael Schratt

Another great interview with Michael, complete with illustrations that bring these cases to life. This show will become available at 8 p.m., Tuesday May 26, when it also appears on Youtube.   I have a full second part of this interview for members only. Please give me until tomorrow to have that ready for you. It’s… Read More »

The Kingman UFO Crash & Recovery 1953 — Off the Cuff

I just returned from a quick trip to New York City where I sat down for an interview for the TV show UnXplained (hosted by William Shatner, and no I didn’t meet him!). They are having an upcoming show that features the Kingman UFO crash of 1953. I was glad to participate in this, because… Read More »

UFO Crash Retrievals. An Interview with Michael Schratt. The Richard Dolan Show.

It’s been a while, but here is a new Richard Dolan Show, and yet another in my ongoing series with military/UFO historian Michael Schratt. Once again, we had a fantastic conversation. Once again, he provided us with many beautiful rendered illustrations of the subject matter. This time of UFO crash retrieval accounts. Another can’t-miss.  

RDS w/Michael Schratt on Gravity Research. “THEY’VE ABSOLUTELY DONE IT.”

I brought Michael back for a second series of interviews. This new one is in two sections. The first section concerns a series of very interesting sightings of the so-called “Michelin Man” type of being. That is, beings who were apparently wearing Michelin Man suits of concentric tubes. Very interesting, very odd. Most of the… Read More »

[Members] RDS with Michael Schratt Pt. 2: Breathing Life into Forgotten UFO Cases

If anything, this interview exceeds the first one I did with Michael (which by the way, I did fix the audio glitch in Part 1 for those of you are interested). Here, Michael discusses a number of completely forgotten or even unknown UFO cases from the files of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO… Read More »

RDS Pt. 1. UFOs: Ours or Theirs? (w/Guest Michael Schratt)

I’ve known and admired Michael Schratt for many years, but this interview surpassed anything I had hoped for. Just a superb interview with a brilliant aerospace and UFO historian. Not only did Michael and I have an engaging discussion on the “Ours vs. Theirs” issue regarding UFOs, but he presented some of his incredible artwork… Read More »