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The Impossible Depths of UFO Secrecy

Hi Everyone, I had a few other topics under consideration for this week’s Fireside Chat, but I decided to go with the tremendous discrepancy between our public discussion of UFOs and UFO secrecy and the REALITY of UFO secrecy. Below is an article version of the core of my presentation here, but the video portion… Read More »

ZODIAC: RD Interview with James Iandoli

I did this today on James’s Youtube channel, Engaging the Phenomenon. In truth, there was more that I could have said on Zodiac, at least in terms of identifying the person who wrote the Sedge Masters articles under the pseudonym “Greg Halifax.” However, I elected not to give up that person’s identity, since none of… Read More »

RDS Pt. 1. The Majestic Documents with Ryan Wood

In light of the recent Admiral Wilson leak, I thought it might be interesting to talk to Ryan Wood about ANOTHER important set of leaked (or disputed) documents. These of course are the Majestic documents, which he and his father Dr. Bob Wood have analyzed for many years, the results of which are available on… Read More »