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[Members] Richard Dolan Show Interview with Andrew Johnson featuring the work of Dr. Judy Wood. Part 2.

Here is the members-only second part of my fascinating split-screen Skype conversation with Andrew Johnson. Once again, for those who prefer only audio, I have included an audio-only version for you.   Some relevant links provided by Andrew: Andrew’s site: http://www.checktheevidence.com/ Dr Judy Wood’s site: http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/ Some evidence: http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/dustification/ http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/seismic/ Toasted cars gif: http://www.checktheevidence.com/911/Toasted%20Cars3.gif 9/11 Weather: http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/weather/ Documentaries:… Read More »

[Members] Richard Dolan Show Interview with Andrews Johnson, featuring the work of Dr. Judy Wood. Pt. 1

Greetings everyone. Some changes are happening to Richard Dolan Members, including to how Richard Dolan Shows are going to be posted from this point onward. I am still keeping a weekly two-hour format, but now only the first hour of each show will be readily available for the public, either through KGRA or my Youtube… Read More »