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Talking about the TR3B | The Richard Dolan Show

[RD NOTE: This was going to go live last week but we gallantly recorded it the other day and will air it for Tuesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. I will just say this was a great conversation and I look forward to it airing] Hi Everyone, Darcy Weir is a filmmaker and friend… Read More »

[RDM Weekly Podcast] Privacy: Does the New Generation Care?

The theme connected to the title of this fireside chat actually doesn’t come up till toward the end, but I have a few things on the agenda for this members podcast. Mainly, I discuss the three interviews I’ve been dealing with for the past week, two of which uploaded and one which is not yet… Read More »

[RDM] Bad Ass Interview with Jim Goodall Part 2. Richard Dolan Show.

After our initial interview, Jim and I continued for nearly an hour and a half. He was engaging, interesting, and fun to talk to. As you can see, I kept the Skype split screen for this session so you could watch him, and you can see our interaction. I chided him in a friendly way… Read More »

Bad Ass Interview with Jim Goodall. Richard Dolan Show Part 1.

I just interviewed Jim Goodall yesterday and this is the first part of our fascinating talk. Jim has been in aviation for many years. He got to see the Blackbird back in 1964 and the F-117 extremely early on while out in Nevada with John Lear. He coauthored the first major book on the F-117… Read More »