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The Impossible Depths of UFO Secrecy

Hi Everyone, I had a few other topics under consideration for this week’s Fireside Chat, but I decided to go with the tremendous discrepancy between our public discussion of UFOs and UFO secrecy and the REALITY of UFO secrecy. Below is an article version of the core of my presentation here, but the video portion… Read More »

[Members] Richard & Grant (18 minute teaser)

Grant Cameron and I sat down again for another interesting conversation. The entire chat will be posted to Youtube in a few days, but this is a version that Tracey shot. It’s only partial, but it’s all we have at the moment so we thought we would give you an advance heads-up. Apologies for the… Read More »

[Members] Davis vs. Sarfatti. A Quick Take

This is truly off the cuff. I just got off the phone with Grant Cameron chatting with him about the ongoing argument/discussion between Dr. Jack Sarfatti and Dr. Eric Davis, over specifics relating to the “metamaterial” sample. You’ll have to forgive me for not being too technical here, but at least the audio clip is… Read More »