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More Confirmation of the Davis-Wilson Notes

https://youtu.be/K976ApC2erI   Really nice interview of Garry Nolan by Ross Coulthart. I think we can say that the public support for the authenticity of these notes makes the matter far beyond dispute. Not that we hadn’t already reached that point (at least in my opinion), but the number of people who have said “yes, it’s… Read More »

Important Interview: Garry Nolan on Tucker Carlson

https://youtu.be/u7cKhIJnTpo   Hi Everyone, Many thanks to Jay at Project Unity for getting hold of this and posting. (Note: you may want to watch this quickly before Fox tries to have it pulled for infringement).  This is a very engaging and eye-opening interview with Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford University. Many of you know that… Read More »