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[RDM] Quick Conference Recap

A long but great weekend, I wanted first of all to thank all of you who attended the “Executive Briefing” event from yesterday, with a bit of spill-over into today as well. And while I didn’t mention our volunteers by name, let me please here thank our Member Hosts Kirsten, Mark H, Jay & Sherry,… Read More »


Join Richard Dolan for a 9-hour online conference on JUNE 6 featuring:  Robust HD streaming, Amazing audience participation and chat, and most importantly … Thought-provoking material that you need to know and is relevant for our time. For this event, Richard has prepared two brand-new, never-heard-before presentations and will sit with respected journalist Alejandro Rojas… Read More »

Liberal vs. Conservative Ufology

[RD NOTE: THIS VIDEO SEEMS TO BE TAKING A WHILE TO UPLOAD. DON’T WORRY — IT WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!]   Hi everyone, Couple of things in this podcast. First, a MUCH needed clarification for all those asking the same question: “what’s up with this Youtube Membership thingy?” As I explain in the recording, nothing… Read More »