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S4-AREA 51 SECRETS EXPOSED: Recreating Bob Lazar’s Alien Tech Journey | The Richard Dolan Show

  [SHOW WILL BE AVAILABLE AT 8 PM EASTERN TIME] For tonight’s RDS, I have an unusual and very engaging interview with Luigi Vendittelli, who is someone Tracey and I have known for about seven years or so. Luigi is a successful entrepreneur and is extremely engaged in the subject of UFOs.  He is currently… Read More »

Area 51: Illusion vs. Reality

This is the video livestream (article version for members only is included in the previous post) on Area 51, which was the theme of Episode 3 of this season’s TV show, Project Blue Book. I like doing this series because it gives me the chance to give some historical perspective to what’s discussed in the… Read More »

[RDM] Area 51: Illusion vs. Reality – Article

I’m here to discuss the theme covered in the third episode of this year’s season of the TV show Project Blue Book. I enjoy doing this because it gives me an opportunity to follow along and speak factually about the things they cover in each episode. TV shows like this one, of course, are fictionalized… Read More »

Bad Ass Interview with Jim Goodall. Richard Dolan Show Part 1.

I just interviewed Jim Goodall yesterday and this is the first part of our fascinating talk. Jim has been in aviation for many years. He got to see the Blackbird back in 1964 and the F-117 extremely early on while out in Nevada with John Lear. He coauthored the first major book on the F-117… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap, Dec. 23, 2018

Oh, I should add that the video quality is marginally better than before. It should have been MUCH better. I have a new webcam which is a significant improvement over what I previously had. However, after recording this, I realized that I did not have the highest video settings enabled in my software. So it… Read More »

[Members] Grant Cameron Lecture. UFOs, Red Flags, and Area 51.

His basic argument is that Bob Lazar was essentially permitted to gain access to information, not all of which may have been accurate. After all, Lazar, intelligent though he obviously is, still did not have the credentials to gain a security clearance within a matter of weeks. How did Lazar receive his briefings, or get… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap. Nov 25, 2018

Greetings, and Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrated. For those outside of the U.S. (there are many of you at this site), I wish you my best wishes and hopes that you remember much to be grateful for. The celebration of Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that should be universal. For this week I… Read More »

[Members] PART TWO: Richard Dolan Interviews Jeremy Corbell on Bob Lazar Documentary (11/24/2018)

Very glad we did this second part of the interview. A number of key items came up for conversation: (1) the CURRENT interest shown by the U.S. government in Bob Lazar, (2) a long discussion of Element 115, including some very sensitive questions about Lazar’s relationship to it, (3) my very first meeting with Stanton Friedman… Read More »

Richard Dolan Interviews Jeremy Corbell on Bob Lazar Documentary (11/24/2018)

A google hangout with Jeremy Corbell, the filmmaker of the new documentary on Bob Lazar that will be available to the world on December 3 (live screening in Los Angeles) and then for everyone else on December 4. I’ve known Jeremy for a while now and strongly feel that the UFO field is lucky to have… Read More »