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The Aztec Crash Part Two

Greetings folks, As you know Tuesday nights at 8pm EST is usually our Intelligent Disclosure Livestream on YouTube. Tonight we will be uploading Part 2 of the Aztec case with The Ramseys instead. Lots of great information in Part 2 of this deep dive into one of the best and most thoroughly researched crash retrieval… Read More »

Aztec: Forgotten UFO Crash Retrieval

This is part one of what will be a three-part series with Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, authors of The Aztec Incident. I had a couple of technical audio issues but for the most part it’s fairly easy to hear. These two know the Aztec case like no one else, and I enjoyed our time here.… Read More »

Aztec UFO Crash: Yes, It Happened. Intelligent Disclosure.

We are going to try to get all these installments of Intelligent Disclosure on this site. Yes, they are freely available at our Youtube channel, but why not here as well? I really enjoyed this one with Tracey. We need to get the Ramseys for an interview.