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“Back To UFO School” with Richard Dolan – Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine

  Richard discusses the original authors and researchers in ufology in Shadows Of Your Mind Magazine, UK “BACK TO UFO SCHOOL (or: How To Do Proper UFO Research)” To download the full edition: CLICK HERE  “The great thing about taking a year or so off from producing this magazine was that it allowed us to… Read More »

[Members] The State of Ufology and The New Age

With the death of Stanton Friedman the other day, I’ve been thinking about what’s going on with ufology. Who is contributing to this field? It’s hard to say exactly where ufology is these days, in part because there are many quiet contributors. Many more than in earlier years because it’s simply so much easier to… Read More »

[Members] Controlled Disclosure & Rebranding UFOs (Text)

I’ve decided that, whenever feasible, I can post the text version of any video livestreams I create on Youtube or elsewhere. Often I like to write these out, so here is the text version of my Youtube video “Controlled Disclosure” from last week, April 6, 2019. Forgive the typos and glitches. I’ll go back soon… Read More »

[Members] Notes and Commentary on Jack Sarfatti’s Interview on UFO Physics

This interview provides some of the best discussion of UFO technology and physics I’ve ever heard. I’ve taken careful notes of it for my own benefit, but thought I would share them here for anyone else interested. I am sure many of you will be. This interview was actually recommended by one of the members… Read More »

Remembering my Father, Richard T. Dolan, 1939-2018

It’s with sadness that I report on the passing of my father, Richard T. Dolan, yesterday evening on December 2. He was 79 years old, just one month from turning 80. He lived a full life, filled with triumphs and disappointments, like most of us. His last few years saw declining health and ever-greater restrictions… Read More »

Breaking News on AATIP: Paul Dean Strikes Again!

I just received a message from friend and fellow researcher Paul Dean from Australia. If you don’t know, Paul is one of the world’s best UFO document researchers, as expert in filing FOIA requests as anyone out there. Moreover, he is a virtual encyclopedia when it comes to the arcane world of military acronyms, nomenclature,… Read More »

Thoughts on The Ruwa, Zimbabwe UFO Case

This weekend, Tracey and I hosted a small group of friends over at our humble abode. One of these people is Emily Trim, who was one of the children who attended Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe when a strange craft landed on school grounds in September 1994. Emily was just eight years old at the… Read More »

Russia Derangement Syndrome

  Since the summer of 2016, the United States has been progressively losing its mind over Russia. To many people under a constant media assault, the problem seems like it’s one thing – evil Russian intervention in western politics – but in fact, it’s something entirely different. Of course, that’s what happens with mental illness:… Read More »

The Pentagon and UFOs: Assessing the Revelations

by Richard Dolan On December 16, people interested in UFOs received an early Christmas surprise. The New York Times—a longtime leader in mainstream UFO debunking efforts—published two articles on the subject in one day. These were not the vacuous, snarky pieces that typically emanate from the newspaper that publishes “all the news fit to print.”… Read More »