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Welcome to the 5G Surveillance Future … Today!

This show will air live at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on my YouTube channel.  The link is now ready. This talk is similar to my recent Fireside Chat, but I have images and will be focusing on a few other things. I hope you like it! And I used Covid on the Thumbnail and not… Read More »

[Members] Answer Forum Feb. 24, 2019

Richard answers member questions. Rolland asks about Nazi technology and the “Walking Among Us” theme of Dr. David Jacobs. One thing Richard addresses: are “they” interested in our soon-to-arrive 5G AI civilization? Mark asks about Alien Viruses. have we been concerned with acquiring diseases from the aliens? Suzie asks: Will the commercial push into space… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap, Feb. 24, 2019

Another week filled with interesting ideas and research. This week, I had a lot to say about the significance of the papers acknowledged recently by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), something I discussed briefly last week in one of my posts. Here I had a bit more to say, in particular, the key role played… Read More »

[Members] The Truth About 5G and Beyond

One of our members sent us a link to this lecture by Dr. Graham Downing. It’s very informative and we recommend it. Downing is very much on the same page that Tracey and I are on with 5G, and he offered a good deal of new and useful information we didn’t have. After we watched… Read More »

[Members] David Jacobs’ Walking Among Us, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and more.

Every month, the Rochester UFO Meetup group gets together for discussion on anything and everything related to UFOs. The group started in 2008, over ten years ago, by Cookie Stringfellow (who also happens to be a member of this site). Cookie is a dear friend of mine, and indeed is well known around the U.S.… Read More »

[Members] 5G and Total Control. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Richard Dolan Show, Nov. 8, 2018.

  This is Part Two of my interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, available for members of richarddolanmembers.com. Here Catherine and I discuss the threat of 5G networks, the soon-to-be-pervasive technology that will transfer the massive amounts of data that will be required to enable the internet of things. There are more than health risks, which have… Read More »