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By | November 1, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

I have a new interview scheduled for tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern with filmmaker Darcy Weir. I’ve known Darcy for many years now and he’s definitely become a leading filmmaker for the UFO field. This program will discuss his latest release (featured above), which deals with NASA’s early years and it’s many encounters with UAP/UFO phenomena through the late 1950s and most of the 1969s, to the conclusion of the Gemini program. I believe he is doing another documentary on the Apollo years. 

I think it’s good that some attention is being paid to NASA and its connection to UFOs, particularly now when it is sponsoring a UAP study project (which I discussed last week). We need to remind ourselves that NASA has encountered UFOs from the beginning of its existence and consistently pressured its astronauts and staff to remain silent about it. 

See you at 8 p.m.! 


3 thoughts on “Secret Space, The Early Years | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Dubh Sith

    This is a cool find. Thank you for sharing his work. I don’t find it surprising that NASA still has credibility with the public partly because of the “flat earth op,” which trained the public to think of those suspicious of NASA as ‘conspiracy nuts.’ However, this documentary is a little innuendo-ish, not the brutal scientific beatdowns that I know are out there (against NASA propaganda in general – not necessarily UFOs). Overall I’m a little disappointed in the stovepipping of the information about NASA to focus on the less obscure topic of UFOs instead of their general dismissal of a coherent rational reality all together. I have acquaintances who are connected to NASA whistleblowers (who still publish papers with their credentials,) but you’re my UFO guy.

    Don’t recall hearing your thoughts on Varginha…?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I should do a piece on Varghinha here. I have looked into it in the past and always come away thinking it was a legit UFO incident. I wrote briefly about it in 21st Century Mind. Yes it’s a good case I believe.

  2. Andromeda107

    I just finished watching the,”Secret Space Ufos documentary “, it was very well done, a bit if Nasa history , mixed in with ufo sightings , many sightings that I didn’t know about. I have always believed that Nasa was covering up ufo sightings out in space; I ‘am pretty sure they have some incredible footage of ufos on film ,which will never see the light of day,no doubt they have handed most of it over to the DOD. That’s why this so-called uap study that Nasa is doing is ridiculous , but I guess it makes sense that they would have to follow along with the Pentagon/DOD in doing a study of uaps , it would look weird if they didn’t, while the Pentagon/DOD is doing a study. Also like you stated Richard, they most likely they are hoping to get funding. I am surprised to see on that Neil Degrass Tyson name isn’t on the list of scientists/astrophysicist who are participating the study; he has been very out spoken against the idea that we are being visited. I think he believes that these objects are all terrestrial and can be easily explained away . He has stated that there is no proof of that uaps are of extraterrestrial origin. I would have thought that whoever picked these team of scientists would have jumped on the chance to bring on Neil Degrass Tyson since he so against the idea that et’s are coming here and have been here for some time. I want to say again, very good documentary produced by Darcy Weir ,and thanks for letting us know about it Richard.Now I am going to watch “Moment of Contact by James Fox.

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