RDS Part 1. Interview with Clif High.

By | January 6, 2019


This was a bit controversial, I must say. Some people loved hearing this interview, others … not so much! It’s true Clif High makes predictions, and some have turned out very wrong, in my view. Still, he doesn’t use “psychic” methods so much as a linguistic system, and frankly I find it very interesting. In particular, I wanted to talk with Clif about the UFO/ET subject, in part because he is so very different. And whatever one thinks, his intellect and thoughtfulness is undeniable. I feel I learned a few things, or at least gained some new insights. And it was an engaging conversation. I’d do it again. Hope you enjoy.

7 thoughts on “RDS Part 1. Interview with Clif High.

  1. curtis kidwell

    Bravo Richard for being willing to have this type of interview. I very much appreciate your methodical evidence based workflow, but conversations like this are essential in our search for truth.

    God speed!

  2. Carolyn Padgett

    So far this is a interesting interview.
    I have to say there are similar descriptions of what Clif is saying in a book I read recently written by Whitley Strieber (his latest book) and Jeffrey Kripal called The Super natural: why the unexplained is real. In this book they talk about these little nome-looking beings that wear blue coveralls that many people have come in contact with. In one chappter Whitley talks about being taken to a place where he sees a dilapidated structure. It looked as thought the structure was just falling apart. He was taken inside where he went deeper into what looked like rock walls (like inside a mountain) and it got very tight for space the further he went in. Then he saw a TALL GRAY in front of him…he said it was much taller than him. The little nome beings were communicating to the Tall Gray(not verbally) and then the tall gray looked at him and he heard “He is not ready”. The next thing he knew he woke up sitting at his kitchen table at home. Whitely began to cry because he thought he was going to finally get the answers he needed to everything that had happened to him as described in his first book Communion.
    To me this sounded like what Clif was talking about regarding the nome beings he saw when he went over to the other side during his psychedelic trip. Seeing the nome beings on a shelf and the dilapidated structure and being told he should not go there. I wonder if they are same beings? Just a thought but it sounds very close.


  3. Carolyn Padgett

    TSA tracking people who may have been tagged by ET’s….just great new topic. I’ve thought about this regarding DNA sites such at 23andme and ancestry.com. I have done this through 23andme for my family research but they do test you for any health issues as well which I have not done. This is the HUGE thing now to get your DNA out there for “them”. It’s sold everywhere including pharmacy’s now.
    I despise the fact the 5G is being hidden from the public. Soooo distrubing on so many levels and nobody is saying a damn thing. This should be shouted from the roof tops and protest of this as in other countries.
    He was speaking about chaga and lions mane etc for cancer. I drink it everyday in combo nation and you can get it on amazon. It’s organic and I get it in the coffee form. The company is called Four Stigmatic. This stuff is great.

  4. Carolyn Padgett

    Word correction, Four Sigmatic not stigmatic. Also I just ordered a new brand by Thrive with the same ingredients and organic from amazon just for general health. While I’m not ill at all it’s nice to add this to my daily regimen of aging gracefully 🙂

  5. Miles Teves

    Yes!!! Utterly challenging, stimulating, and wonderful! Please ignore the angry, small-minded, materialists on Youtube. Scant little new or good comes out of their mind set. This is the stuff!! I hope you expand more in this direction in the future.

  6. Barbara Hamaker

    Richard, I Loved your interview with Clif High. He is truly fascinating and I absolutely loved his descriptions of the ‘roads less travelled’ he takes–and his references to Terrance McKenna’s experiences as well. Some bits were a little difficult to piece together (due to my own lack of knowledge) but in general I was right there with both of you throughout the interview. Wow. Terrific. Thank you so much for once again broadening my growing perspective of the universe(s) we live in.

  7. Jerry

    What a great conversation again. There were enough ways of thinking that are similar to mine and enough material to think about a bit more. In a recent conversation that Rupert Shelldrake had over at the ShatteredReality podcast, he proposed an interesting perspective on why people see the same or similar things when using a hallucinogenic substance. I won’t do any justice to his explanation, but from what I gathered he suggests that each substance has its fingerprint (morphogenetic fields) of specificities. So for example ayahuasca displays “a reality frame” through the imagery of the jungle, jaguar and the like. DMT does it through machine like elves. Sort along these lines. I find it interesting, not saying this is what it is.

    I assume Clif knows this and he talked about Germany as a short cut, but Germany did not exists in the time frame he spoke about. For most of that time period it was Frankenreich or the Frankish Empire.

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