FASTWALKERS: Space-Based UAP | Richard Dolan Show w/Darcy Weir

By | May 16, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This is a pre-recorded interview I did with filmmaker Darcy Weir on his latest film titled, “Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers.” I’ve interviewed Darcy several times and in fact he has interviewed me as well, including for this latest documentary. I really think Darcy has become one of the leading filmmakers in the UFO field, along with people like James Fox, Ron James, and a few others. 

This is especially true for space-based UFOs, a theme he has been focused on for a while. In the interview we discuss the events he covers in his film and we present a number of fascinating UFO images of various space missions from the 1970s to very recently. I think you will find this interesting. I sure did. Darcy is such a good guest. 

This will not become available until the show is live on Youtube at 8 pm Eastern Time. I hope you enjoy it. 

Do check out Darcy’s website at

Also … I have scheduled a members-0nly Part Two to be released on this site at 8:01 pm Eastern Time. That’s a shorter interview but you won’t want to miss it: we discuss astronaut secrets, namely those of the two most famous astronauts of all time, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. 



21 thoughts on “FASTWALKERS: Space-Based UAP | Richard Dolan Show w/Darcy Weir

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh yes. There is no question that numerous western soldiers have to be in Ukraine. Frankly, they need them to operated much of the equipment that was brought over there. Thanks for the link.


    This is very possibly a threat to your website. Do not leave this to others. Take a personal interest, lest hanky-panky occur again. It concerns WordPress sites and the WooCommerce module used for payments.

    Also, Mr. Darcy’s website is nothing but a grid of links to rent or buy his “suspense” “documentary”.

    The question comes to mind — will anything important be distributed through these choke-point corporate channels?

    Just the other day I was thinking to myself that one of the reasons I liked you was that you hadn’t let yourself be used lately to hawk yet another “UFO documentary that changes everything!”

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, look. I like and respect Darcy. The man is trying to sell his film. I don’t see a problem with him trying to do that. I thought the website he uses could be better but that’s not my business. I think he does good work and I like to support it. Sorry you disagree but am still glad you are here to voice your insights, which are many. Glad you are here.

  2. vespasian

    Hi Richard,
    I had sent you the info on Reiner Gamma. The crickets have been a gut wrenching disappointment; I guess I’ve hit a guardrail here. Best of luck I guess….limits will keep you from following the data wherever it might lead and thus a lack of knowledge.

  3. Ted2

    Very good discussion/interview. Some of those space videos have been around for quite a while and getting the background and explanation for them is valuable.

  4. Peter Squire

    Straight away after this superb interview I purchased the Darcy Weir film on Amazon Prime. Fantastic value at £7.99 for a two hour and nine minutes documentary video. Nice one Richard and nice one Darcy.

  5. Andromeda107

    Great interview. I have watched a few of Darcy Weir films,and I really enjoy them. I will definitely be watching his new film.

  6. D.A.


    You and Darcy brought up the NASA study. Let’s be honest, NASA’s UAP investigation team is nothing more than an all-inclusive dream team of worthless bureaucrats. And even if they did perform a serious investigation, there is no way that they would divulge anything that could open up NASA (or anyone else in the government) to any unwanted scrutiny and criticism (and potential lawsuits) about their ongoing role in the UFO cover-up.

    On that note, what was the original funding figure that was thrown out to the public with regards to the NASA study? I could be wrong, but I believe it was around $100,000.00, wasn’t it? If that is correct, then that should have been everyone’s first clue right there as to the validity of the study. People don’t realize just how little that amount of funding is with respect to any government program or study. I couldn’t even buy a new F150 Raptor for that amount of money. I, alone, was funded nearly half that amount just to do a small heat of combustion/formation study on a single explosive–and that doesn’t include the layer upon layer of bureaucrats above me who took their chop of the funding to pay for their non-existent contributions and overhead costs simply because they attended a meeting, signed off on a form, sent an email, or were just part of the organizational chain of command. Even $1,000,000.00 wouldn’t be enough to pay for a true UAP study, especially given the number of supposed “high-level” investigators” who have been supposedly “investigating” it for the past year or so. This is tantamount to Dr. Evil trying to hold the world ransom for one million dollars. Anyone who thinks this is going to be a serious study that gets to the “truth” behind the UAP phenomenon is simply delusional. Don’t be surprised however, if they just happen to make some small conciliatory remarks or gestures about the UAP/ET possibility just to keep the soft-disclosure door open, while keeping NASA’s own culpability in the decades-old UFO cover-up out of it.

    I think what Darcy, and/or even James Fox, needs to do is inject a little investigative journalism into their documentaries, starting with the thread (or rope) that connects a certain reality TV show and its lead character/investigator to the congressionally mandated UAP task force, and then follow where the subsequent threads lead, which no doubt spread out into a virtual web connecting the DIA, OUSD(I&S), AATIP, AAWSAP-BAASS, DoD, AOA, and NIDS, and possibly even NASA, DOE, and NORAD. Remember, the probability of a series of unlikely happenstance occurring by mere coincidence is inversely proportional to the number of unlikely happenstances associated with the coincidence. And the number of unlikely, and at first blush seemingly unrelated, coincidences surrounding the seminal events leading up to the current public UAP narrative seem to be increasing by the day.

    As you are painfully aware, I believe–based on a plethora of circumstantial evidence and documented fact–that the primary goal of the AOA’s plan was to gin up public interest and congressional concern in order to resurrect the defunct AAWSAP–BAASS SAP via congressional mandate–which worked spectacularly well. As we all know, in addition to studying UFO and other paranormal phenomena (in particular with respect to what NIDS documented at Skinwalker Ranch), AAWSAP–BAASS was investigating allegations into a deep-state UFO reverse engineering program within the IC–the very same deep-state program that ufology conspiracy theorists have been harping about (and have been vilified over) for decades; the very same deep-state UFO reverse engineering program that the Advanced Theoretical Physics (ATP) working group looked into in the early 1980’s; the very same deep-state UFO reverse engineering program that Bob Lazar claims to have worked for in the late 1980’s; the very same deep-state UFO reverse engineering program VADM Wilson was alleged to have partially uncovered in the late 1990’s…and the very same deep-state UFO reverse engineering program that AARO was congressionally mandated to investigate in 2023. Coincidence? There’s a lot of smoke here that I’m sure some enterprising investigative journalist could trace back to one pretty damn big fire. And let’s not forget that AARO’s congressional mandate to investigate allegations into a deep-state UFO program is not conjecture; it’s law.

    Now, I’ll throw some conjecture into this blender. I believe (as I know you believe) the card-carrying members of the AOA likely see their cause as a righteous one. I’ll even go so far as to say that some others within the shallow-state (SS) UFO cover-up faction within the MIC (DIA/OUSDI), who backed the AOA’s soft-disclosure effort, also see their role in creating the new UAP narrative as a righteous one. However, we know the IC spiderweb encompasses a lot more than just one faction of military intelligence, which muddies up the proverbial water considerably. With that said, I think there may be multiple IC camps within the SS UFO cover-up faction that have different agendas, and there may very well be a game of tug-of-war being played out behind the scenes between the different camps as we speak.

    All I can say is that someone is clearly trying to put the genie back in the bottle by minimizing the likelihood of ET, but at the same time prairie dogging it by not completely dismissing the ET hypothesis altogether. These are two completely different narratives that are at direct odds with one another, and yet they’re both being promoted at the same time, ironically enough, by the very same people who for years have been covering up the UFO phenomenon completely. Why?

    One could speculate that the SS faction of the MIC, or broader IC, must continue to play the ET card in order to keep public and congressional interest and concern alive. Without it , AARO would eventually die the same death as AAWSAP; however, if they were to keep dangling that ET carrot just far enough outside the reach of the public’s and congress’ outstretched arms, then they could keep funding the AARO in perpetuity, and no one else within the IC, whether they are part of the DS faction or part of another faction within the SS, can do a thing about it.

    On the other hand, one could speculate that if anyone in the SS faction had any kind of inkling whatsoever that indisputable evidence of ET might possibly disclose itself to the public in the not-too-distant future, and in a manner in which the government could not control the narrative or the subsequent fallout, whether the disclosure was ultimately due to our own technological advancements (e.g., AI, private space exploration, sensors, etc) or something else, then what better way to get ahead of it than by preparing the public for an entirely new reality by resetting the ET zeitgeist now–by stripping away the layers of UFO/ET stigma in a manner that does not implicate the government in past cover-ups about the ET reality?

    Just a thought. What say you?


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree with you about NASA and your other points, although there’s a lot for me to digest. Your last speculation seems on point to me also, that if they are expecting any real public breakthroughs in disclosure of unpleasant realities, that they will do everything possible to inoculate the public against any inappropriate government complicity. No question.

  7. Sally Watts

    I have commented also to Ross Coulthart on this: I have a print of a painting by JL Gerome called In the Desert. He lived 1824 to 1904 so a 19 century painter. It shows a man in Arab dress holding 2 greyhounds on leash and all are staring intently at something a way off in the desert. If you look carefully you see what they are staring at. It is to the extreme left about half way down the picture and is a silver grey sphere floating above the desert sands. I was taken aback when I realised this. Presumably the artist had seen such a sphere during his lifetime and wondered about it as we do.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I searched out the painting and see the greyhounds, but all the versions are tiny and I think the extreme left side is cut off. Do you have a link at all? I would like to see it if possible. Thanks.

  8. AbeFX

    Good that you are becoming aware of Blanchette’s work, it’s been quite fascinating. You could discuss him with Grant, who has interviewed him more than once. Also, maybe check out the forum for some links.

  9. D.A.


    As a followup to my last comment, which you responded to: I think everyone needs to really listen to what Darcy quoted Loeb as saying: “The DOD will never release what they really know about UFOs”. And “We need to look to the future”. I believe he saying in so many words that—like it or not—we are at “UFO baseline” right now, and anything substantive that comes out about UFOs from here on in will only be through the privatization of space exploration and the introduction of privatized space-based surveillance assets, which the government cannot control.

    Thanks to the efforts of the AOA, we got just about all we are ever going to get out of the government regarding anything substantive related to UFOs outside of an annual update of the number of military UAP incidents that they are investigating, coupled with an ambiguous video thrown in here and there—just enough to keep public and congressional interest and concern peaked enough to keep AARO funded. As previously discussed, the government will never own up to any past coverups, at least not in our lifetime.

    With that said, I suspect that if we ever start getting any substantive information about UFOs, it will occur only as soon as we start seeing the privatization of space exploration ramp up to the point that someone outside of government control has eyes on what’s behind the invisible curtain. And only at that point, will the government start divulging “some” of their own substantive information on UFOs (out of necessity), but as I mentioned above, the UFO baseline has already been established, so anything, prior to the establishment of AARO, wIll simply not exist, just like anything prior to the Tic Tac incident simply does not exist now.

    Just my humble opinion.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I think I agree with you. I am not expecting breakthroughs, not meaningful ones at any rate. I just posted an interview by Garry Nolan who once again expresses all kinds of optimism that I just don’t share.

  10. D.A.

    Oh… one more unrelated comment on my part.

    In one of your previous videos, I believe you made a comment about feeling bad for the Teixeira kid, who leaked the classified information, because of how he will be harshly treated by the government. You, or one of your other followers, may have made some subsequent follow up comments about this, but I have not heard them, so forgive me in advance if you’ve already addressed what I ‘m about say.

    With that said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that your initial comment about the incident disappointed me somewhat. If you haven’t thought about it more already, just think about the entirety of the situation in context to his age, his position, who he worked for, what was leaked, and the fact that he was already “warned” about leaking classified information. To be honest with you, that’s not how such things typically work in the military (at least not in the Army). From the get go, the whole thing smelled like a counter-Intelligence op to me. Do you think that this kid would have been kept in the position he was, and given access to the level classified information that he had access to, after he had already been caught divulging classified info? Doesn’t that smell a little fishy to you?

    I strongly suspect that the kid was in fact caught leaking classified information at some point—probably to his gamer friends about military hardware or something else—and was then essentially “recruited” by counter intelligence to “leak” what he was accused of leaking. I suspect he will get charged and convicted, but the punishment will be far less than what one would think someone should get for leaking top-level Pentagon information, especially information having such geopolitical ramifications. So don’t feel too sorry for the kid…not just yet anyway.

    Just my humble opinion. And again, I apologize if you already addressed this.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      From how it is shaping up, it looks like he was used by higher ups who are very unhappy with the current policy. He’s 21 years old. How much does he really know or understand? I suspect he’s a pawn, so yes I continue to sympathize with him. Perhaps one day we will have more data available.

  11. D.A.

    Just one more thing since we are on the topic: anyone in the government with a clearance, whether they are civilian or military, can be considered a “potential” counter-intelligence asset, who can be activated, or exploited, the moment that they have been approached by a potentially suspicious foreign national or representative of a foreign government (friend or adversary) demonstrating an unusual interest in classified type information; or the moment that they’ve been caught engaging in an activity that gives them access to foreign intelligence, or otherwise puts them in a position in which disinformation can be readily disseminated to a foreign government. I’m not saying that is what happened in this case, but it is certainly a very strong possibility.

    Again, just my humble opinion, so take it for what it is worth.


  12. D.A.


    A couple more points on the fast walker topic:

    1) Did Darcy ever address the 2021 SpaceX Crew Dragon fast walker? It made the news and was pasted all over the internet for about half a New York minute until it was usurped by breaking news on the latest status of Kim Kardashian’s implant leakage. Anyhow, the object or anomaly was captured in video footage taken of the rocket’s first stage during in-flight separation. Once again, NASA “sources” at the time dismissed it as ice from the rocket’s liquid oxygen. Maybe someone from NASA provided a more plausible explanation for it some time later, but if they did, I am unaware of it. There are several video clips of the incident on YouTube. The clip I looked at is in the 2:06 minute-long, April 27, Good Morning America news segment ( ). The part of the clip that puts the object in correct perspective starts at approximately 0:37 seconds into the video.

    Not long after the 0:38 second mark, you can clearly see what appears to be ice being shed from the separating rocket stages. The amorphous particles of ice are white—as expected from reflecting sunlight—and appear to be moving randomly with respect to relative speed and direction, but are nonetheless moving in lock step with the rocket’s movement—again as what would be expected from ice particles being shed off of a moving rocket (due to the conservation of momentum). After a moment the particles diminish in number, and then for the most part disappear altogether (again as expected because there is only so much frozen liquid oxygen present to create such an effect). A few seconds after most of the ice disappears, a solid, dark (non reflecting), spinning object with facets (clearly NOT ice) comes barreling in from stage right directly between the two rocket stages. There was nothing random about the movement of this object. It was moving fast, spinning, and appeared to have a distinctive shape. Moreover, if you look closely at around the 0:40 second mark—before the faceted object shoots between the rocket stages—another similar solid object can be seen in the background (lower part of the screen); it appears to be shooting up from the earth below and past the rocket (traveling in the same direction as the rocket). It quickly overtakes the rocket and then flies somewhere off screen in the same direction from which the second object, which is the star of the video, subsequently appears. Coincidence? That word seems to come up a lot, doesn’t it? Anyhow, one could easily speculate that these “two” objects were in fact one in the same object, and not two different objects—after all what is the probability that two different, but very similar, objects would appear at different times during the same event with the first object appearing to go off-screen in the exact same location from which the second object suddenly appears? My money is on the likelihood that it was one object, which flew up from behind the rocket and quickly overtook it as it veered off to the right (out of screen shot). It then made a hard right-hand turn in order to fly directly in between the two stages of the rocket as they were in the process of separating. This was no randomly moving piece of ice or rocket debris, and if the two anomalous objects seen in the video were in fact one in the same object, which I believe it was, then not only was it traveling at a ridiculous rate of speed (many times faster than the rocket), it made a DELIBERATE hard right turn WITHOUT SLOWING DOWN in order to shoot directly between two very close rocket stages WHILE they were in the process of separating mid flight at several THOUSAND miles per hour. That’s a pretty amazing feat for a random piece of space junk, don’t you think? Hell, it sometimes takes me two or three tries just to pull a car into a parking space, which is not moving at several thousand miles per hour. If you haven’t taken a look at this video in a while, I suggest looking at it again.

    2) Jimmy Blanchett may want to talk to Travis Taylor about bringing his antenna array to Skinwalker ranch to see if he could tap into that 1.6 GHz artifact that they keep coming across. He may also want to bring his device down to Fayetteville, NC. Regarding the potential of getting EM signals through a shielded enclosure, or faraday cage: assuming he was in fact able to truly produce such an effect, which was not the result of experimental error, or based on false conclusions, then he might want to bring his work to a university research physicist to explore the possibility that he may have created a form of quantum entanglement, or a quantum bridge, with a UAP anomaly. Of course, at this point the odds are his results were likely due to experimental error, or misinterpreting the data, or possibly even just wishful thinking, but you never know.

    3) People simply need to stop interviewing the likes of Shostak, Nye, and deGrasse Tyson—at best, they they are narrow-minded hacks, who have absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to the field of UFOs…nothing.

    4) Regarding Darcy’s comments on the law to protect whistle blowers—that law was part and parcel to AARO’s congressional mandate (Section 1673 of the 2023 NDAA) to investigate the alleged faction within the IC that is reverse engineering craft. It also added teeth to the recently revamped UAP reporting protocols implemented by the different military agencies.

    Everything Darcy had mentioned with respect to protecting whistle blowers to interviewing the likes of Salas, Jacobs, and likely others, is nothing but a continuation of the work that AAWSAP—BAASS was doing between 2008 and 2010. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Travis Taylor’s connection with the government didn’t just magically end after his stint overseeing the original UAP task force (the predecessor of AARO). In no small way exploiting the Skinwalker Ranch reality TV show was a brilliant move—right on par with the creation of the AOA. It even has its own built-in source of continued funding, which would do Harry Reed proud. All they needed was some kind of direct tie in with the government and AARO. If only I could think of one. Oh, right…I almost forgot. Hi Travis. Again, AARO was always about resurrecting the DIA’s AAWSAP program, and the work that AAWSAP—BAASS was doing with respect to investigating UAP and other paranormal phenomena at Skinwalker ranch, and elsewhere, as well as all other aspects related to UAP, including investigating military UAP incidents, and deep-state reverse engineering programs. It’s all interconnected. Sorry, Steve, it was never about public disclosure, per se—at least not to those not named Mellon or Elizondo. Disclosure was nothing more than a means to an end at this point in the game, which is now being strictly controlled to manage the narrative.

    5) Darcy seemed confused about the terms AATIP and AAWSAP. For the record, AATIP, which—as you know—stood for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identity Program, was not the same thing as AAWSAP, which stood for Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program. AATIP never really existed, at least not in any official sense. It was a pseudonym that Harry Reed created for AAWSAP when he was trying to get followup funding to maintain the program. Since AAWSAP was a SAP, he didn’t want to divulge its true identity to anyone, so he made up the name AATIP. With no intended disrespect to Keane or Blumenthal, the terms AATIP and AAWSAP had subsequently become confused in the NY article, which would have been fine since both terms referred to the same entity (AAWSAP); however, it ultimately ended up being attributed to, or being made synonymous with, Elizondo’s group within the OUSDI, which was separately tasked with investigating military UFO incidents—a function that has likely been in place since the late 1960’s. The reason why the Pentagon was able to justify (and/or defend) their original assertion that Elizondo was not the head of AATIP was simply because there was no such program as AATIP—on or off the books. On the other hand there absolutely was an AAWSAP, which was run by the DIA and headed (if one wants to use that term) by James Lacatski, who was the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for the BAASS contract. I sometimes wonder if Keane was purposely fed ambiguous information regarding AATIP and AAWSAP, if for no other reason than for plausible deniability at some point.

    Anyhow, I appreciate the fact that you so graciously humor me about my theories all the time, just don’t be too surprised that if one day you were to hear from another source that there just might be something to one or more of them.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I don’t recall Darcy mentioning the SpaceX fastwalker incident. I’ll see him in two weeks and hope to remember to ask him. Regarding your other remarks, I have to say I am truly impressed by your knowledge of the AATIP and AAWSAP programs, and much else connected to that. You are ahead of me in those details and I appreciate what you have to say. Thank you.

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