Why NASA’s UAP Study Will Disappoint | The Richard Dolan Show

By | October 25, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I am redoing my Fireside Chat theme for tonight’s YouTube show, and by the way I truly appreciated your feedback on it — thank you. I have some additional thoughts I would like to add for the general public. 

I must say I am grateful for the opportunity to try out certain presentations for you here before they go anywhere else. 

Show starts at 8 p.m., Eastern time, as always! Hope to see you there!


5 thoughts on “Why NASA’s UAP Study Will Disappoint | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Craig Champion

    Thanks, Richard – appreciate your thorough rundown of the landscape surrounding NASA’s involvement.

    This will undoubtedly be, like the “testimony” rendered in the congressional hearings yet another whitewash. Only using unclassified information will certainly restrict the scope of any true investigation. Got it; one must ask, having this agency “involved” — WHY?? Is this the second, of a one-two punch indeed, after the recent congressional hearings that these UAP may be from a “foreign adversary,” in order to secure more funding? It certainly does add-up and I’m guessing that you’re correct.

    Great analysis, Richard – thanks!

  2. jhjfbks

    The academic heavy investigating group will never be able to find anything that would go against the opinions of the academic community…you can write their opinions right now…no investigation required. The government related members won’t give up there pensions to go against the current government opinion. As you point out…no atmospheric scientists nor psychological or medical expertise. Well, most of the paperbacks concerning previous investigations have sold well so someone will benefit.

      1. Thomas Sinisi

        Sadly when it comes to weapons they cannot talk about it. Do you have a clue to how much our Gov spends for the war-space program a year. Where does that money really come from?
        But the weapons they have now are so advanced and will not tell Russia or China what they are until after we have to use them. We are not testing a balloons. Then you never heard one thing what MJ 12 now 32 is doing. They have managed keep all truth out of the picture. If you pay any scientists enough money they can prove anything that you want. It was even when they put it in water. Then what they say is destroying the Ozone – is another lie.
        But the amount of ships flying over the planet is a hundred times more then the amount of satellites up there. Any one want a simple manual on How to see a UFO I will send it to you free.

  3. ColonelBleep


    Just a comment on astronomers and other scientists: the National Science Foundation controls funding and access to scientific facilities and after spending many years and a lot of money getting their degrees, most of them, with few exceptions, are prepared to jeopardize their professional reputation and hence, their positions and grant money by “going against the flow” and they know which side of the bread the butter is on and who spreads it. The NSF is in a position to control the narrative and set the parameters of any discussion about UFO/UAPs.


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