Skinwalker Ranch Secrets: Richard Dolan Interviews Travis Taylor

By | March 31, 2020

This was my live interview with Travis Taylor, Ph.D., an aerospace engineer, optical scientist, science fiction author, and star of National Geographic Channel’s Rocket City Rednecks. Nowadays Travis is the star of the new History Channel television show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Travis came to this subject pretty much as a skeptic on anything paranormal regarding the ranch, but he makes it clear during our interview that this is definitely no longer his position. There is something going on there, and in his view it appears to be intelligent and well beyond our all-too-human capabilities. 


8 thoughts on “Skinwalker Ranch Secrets: Richard Dolan Interviews Travis Taylor

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Worth checking out the interview below regarding Skinwalker ranch – Navajo Ranger accounts

  2. Scott Santa

    Absolute killer show! I have a ton of respect for Travis and stoked that he is part of this nex-gen team tackling the Skinwalker Ranch!

  3. Pyroxide_Martini

    I’ve been giving this some thought – what if the phenomena occurring at the Mesa is a result of a craft crashing there a long time ago. Whatever technology they utilised may have had unknowable effects on both the occupants and themselves. Perhaps they experience time differently? Perhaps they phase in and out of our realm? Perhaps the lights we see are them trying to find a way to repair their craft and get off planet? Their interactions with us, as confusing and unknowable for them as it is for us.
    The other phenomena people note may arise to a form of spatial distortion? A dire wolf wandering about could have simply slipped through time and back out of it. Just some random thoughts

  4. dpfister

    There was a point made that most scientists do not believe some or perhaps rather all the things that are going on at the ranch. Curious though if any of those scientists or experts have actually spent time on the ranch? Have they written anything if they have?

    At least the ‘hitch hiker’ did not mess with the video/audio portion of the interview….that would’ve been interesting.

    Interesting show, after watching the first episode, History Channel left you hanging.


    Thank you for pointing out the Navaho Ranger video, I saw it last year and forgot how to find it again…it drove me crazy!! Great minds right?
    I’m seeing something weird. Maybe Tracy can use her Canadian Superpowers to tell me the significance of this: Skinwalker ranch, Satan Butte and the Vatican advanced technology telescope are on the 4rth meridian. It’s the same Meridian that separates Saskatchewan and Alberta up in the great white north eh. I really dont think it has anything to do with anything. Just gets weirder the more I look into it. Anybody know if this has any significance? Maybe it’s not abnormal that things fall along straight lines. I dont know.
    – T Lamar

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